The Biggest Fight of his Life!

           The Mittster doing his thing

 Mitt Bullies Barack in Prime Time

Listening to the pundits talk after the Presidential debate, the thoughtful observer cannot help feeling that their comments seem more appropriate to a sporting event or theatrical production.  All the talk was about Mitt’s performance; whether what he was saying is true seemed of no matter.  It was as if veracity was elbowed aside in favor of theatricality.  Mitt was amped like a Heavy Metal rocker and the pundits squealed like teenage girls.

But despite his aggressive and flamboyant presentation, Romney’s arguments followed his basic formula: tell outrageous lies if they support your position and insist they are true even when confronted with the facts. And like Mr. Chameleon, the old time radio sleuth who adopted many disguises,  Mitt dons the proper costume to convey the identity he has assumed at the moment. As always they counted on the ignorance of the electorate.

Yet there was an air of desperation about Romney’s attacks that reminds me of a story about a hound and a hare.  When the hound was chastised by his master for allowing the hare to outrun him and get away, the hound pointed out that he was just running for his lunch…the rabbit was running for his life!  It would have been curtains for Mittens if he had gotten creamed last night; he was literally fighting for his political life.

Mitt was simpatico with the wag who observed: “You can never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”  So he bombarded us with figures, often without the proper context, knowing that the average listener would have no idea as to their accuracy.  He also knew it would give him an air of authority. Last night Mitt was part Mormon Bishop, part corporate salesman and shameless prevaricator.

In essence it was a debate between two smart Harvard educated lawyers that concentrated in different areas of the law.  Mitt studied the law to make money; Barack studied the law to make a better world.  Everybody was watching and waiting with bated breath and great expectations. There was much speculation before the debate commenced about which Romney would show up.

President Obama began the debate with his usual eloquence and mellow effervescence…easy like Sunday morning.  But Mitt came ready to rumble and jumped on the president the way Sugar Ray Leonard jumped on Wilfredo Benetez when he challenged him for his undisputed World Welter-Weight crown.

Having won the world title at 17, an unprecedented event in the history of the game, and being undefeated in the ring, Benetez entered the fight over confident of victory and got surprised by Sugar. Benetez lost the bout but was more surprised than injured by the encounter. If I wanted to sum up last night’s debate in pugilistic metaphors Leonard v. Benetez would be perfect.

     Leonard vs Benetez

Overconfidence is an invitation to disaster

However there are some critical differences: Unlike Romney, Benetez was for real.  But he only got a one shot deal; Leonard wisely never gave him a rematch.  But Mitt has got to get up on the podium with Barack two more times.  I am certain that the rematch will be a blood bath and Chilly B. will murder the bum!

The president squandered several opportunities for a knockout.  All boxers know that when a fighter gets too hyped in the ring they make mistakes.  Hence an aggressive opponent swinging wildly makes mistakes that leave them open to counterattack.  Two examples will suffice.  When Mitt said he had the wrong accountant because he never got a tax break for moving jobs overseas and his outrage at the fact that President invested 90 billion dollars in green energy projects.

The first statement supplied an ideal opening for the president to attack Mitt on his bizarre tax history, and the second statement provided the opportunity for the President to discuss his revolutionary program to produce a clean energy source that will finally take the US off of fossil fuels forever.  This was money well spent!

Inexplicably, Barack played past both opportunities to score a knockout. Hence if Mitt won the debate, as much of the commentariat apparently believes, it was a triumph of style over substance. Thus  the soaring cheers are much ado about nothing.  I predict the rematch will be Louis Schmeling all over again.  The Chi Town Kid by a knock out!  Remember, you heard it here first.


This is how I see the rematch 



Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
Septamber 4, 2012

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