On Sandy’s Path of Destruction

A Silent Madonna Stands Amidst the Destruction

 A Natural Phenomenon or Divine Intervention?

Hurricane Sandy was a storm of biblical proportions.  Her powerful winds spread out over hundreds of miles wreaking havoc everywhere she touched.  Rain, floods, fires, pestilence, blizzards and deaths followed in her wake.  I have survived six hurricanes during the course of my life: five on land and one at sea.  But my experience with Sandy was unique.

Before Sandy struck it was always the destructive power of raging waters that terrified me, but this time it was the howling winds that worried me as I hunkered down in my high rise apartment atop Harlem’s Sugar Hill, far above the floods, where I sat awake all night watching the large bay windows bend back and forth threatening to break and blow all of my books and papers away, destroying documents and rare books more valuable to me than gold.  All that stood between me and disaster was some panes of glass.

It was a strange storm; the wind never reached a hundred miles an hour and was downgraded to slightly above a tropical storm by the time it reached New York.  Growing up in Florida where there were tropical storms every year, a legit hurricane had to have winds of a hundred miles or more.  Sandy’s winds never exceeded 85 miles, but the extent of the destruction she wrought was astonishing.

The Turbulent Waters Ran Ships a Ground

 And smashed violently into the Shores  
Leaving a Trail of Destruction


 Bewildered Citizens Trucking Through the Devastation

Washed Away

Watching your Dreams Sink

While I am perfectly content with the explanation that atmospheric forces came  together in a rare combination and caused this storm’s destructiveness, offered by Dr. Mishu Kaku and other scientist, there are others who offer a different explanation of for the unique destructiveness of this storm.

Among some evangelical Christians, the ones like my cousin Pookie, who read the bible differently from the so-called “Christian Right” and Tea Party Zealots, Sandy is God’s way of intervening in the elections; a warning to this nation not to elect a heretic who is a Bishop in a renegade cult that preaches false doctrines and prefers the Book of Mormon to the Holy Bible.   A man who genuflects before Mammon and exalts the rule of gold over the Golden Rule.

They say if we place such a man and his minions at the levers of power in the world’s mightiest nation, casting out a man who is not only a real Christian, too legit to quit, trying his best to carry out Jesus’ command to feed the hungry and heal the sick, God will inflict this nation with plagues, storms, famine, trials and troubles.  The say first it was Katrina and now Sandy; ominous signs from the almighty to change our ways before he ends our days!

They say that Barack’s spiritual guide, the righteous prophet and patriot “Jeremiah The Right,” tried to warn this nation we are inviting damnation; just like the prophets of Old Testament fame, but he was buked and scorned.  The princes and powers called him everything but a child of God!

Nebbacunezza and Pharaoh had nothing on the arrogant rulers of this land. The say the proof of their truth is that a latter day Saul has arisen to testify in behalf of the President, much to the chagrin of his privileged Republican class. Alas, like Saul on the Road to Damascus,  New Jersey governor Chris Christy’s encounter with Sandy caused him to see the light, and now he is singing the President’s praises like Caruso.

When asked by FOX News if he would be touring the hurricane ravaged areas of his state with Mitt Romney, the plain spoken Governor greeted the question with contempt; dismissing them with the comment that he didn’t give a damn about politics just now because he had far bigger fish to fry.  He would be touting with the President and told the Republican shills at FOX that if they thought he would conduct a photo-op for Romney, “you don’t know me at all!”

Hence while Romney runs around trying to look relevant by collecting canned food for Sandy’s victims, when the Red Cross says what they really need is money, Barack is exercising the power of his office to make things happen.   Hence the President is looking presidential while Mitt comes across as an opportunistic buffoon!

The deeply religious folks I’ve talked to believe that God sent Sandy to provide just such an opportunity to show that he is the best caretaker for the nation, and the people will reject Romney next Tuesday.  We shall soon see.  If I were a religious man I’d have no trouble envisioning the hand of God in this…since I already believe Barack is the savior of America from the evil folly of the Grand Obstructionist Party.

Chilly B to the Rescue!

Help is on the way
A Warning to the Money Lenders?


 “Quit yo evil ways or God almighty will end yo days!”


 Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

October 31, 2012

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