Barack Obama is Re-elected!

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 A Weary World Rejoices

As the foreign press reports on reactions to the American election abroad tell us, people everywhere were holding “watch parties,” anxiously awaiting the outcome. From Moscow and Peking, to Paris, Kenya, Kabul, Caracas, Berlin and elsewhere; people anxiously awaited the results of the Presidential election with bated breath.  When the news hit the wires that Obama had been reelected spirits danced all over the planet, in anticipation of better days for the nations of the world.

But this should come as no surprise to those who have been paying attention to the President’s foreign policy.  Despite persistent attempts by the left to paint President Obama as a warmonger expanding the American empire, President Chavez of Venezuela, the most powerful leftist leader in Latin America, rooted for his victory.  Just one more indication of how delusional the American left is just now.

The Left Wing Parisian tabloid, “Liberation” ran a portrait of President Obama with the giant headline “Yes!”  And bloggers at the “Guardian,” a distinguished left leaning London Newspaper with a world-wide readership that I once regularly wrote for, observed with characteristic British irony: “The London Olympics went rather better than Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.”  It was their opportunity to pay the Mittster back for his ill-considered criticism of the London Olympics during Romney’s disastrous journey to Britain during the Olympic Games.

Corriere della Sera, an important Italian not only applauded the President’s victory but praised the expertise of his campaign team. “a team of professionals who made extensive use of ‘big data’ technology, along with extraordinary support for the president from music and film stars, a very effective Bill Clinton, and Michelle Obama, who carried on a parallel campaign in support of her husband as no first lady has done before.”

Russia’s authoritative paper Izvestia,  was cool to the outcome of but did note that  Barack was “more conciliatory” than Romney toward Russia.  However the article also featured a quote fom the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs committee in Parliament Alexi Pushov who called Barack’s Russian policy “tactless” and challenged him  to give the Russian government   “a signal of readiness to build a constructive personal relationship” with President Vladimir Putin.

The Sydney Morning Herald of Australia hailed the victory, and Daniel Filton, a senior foreign correspondent noted:  “BREATHE a sigh of relief, Australia—had Mitt Romney won the day, it would have made for an ugly time with our big alliance partner. Barack Obama, by contrast, will now be judged in his second term on a pledge to ‘pivot’ America’s attention to this neighborhood.”  Filton also noted that Obama’s economic policies were favored by the Aussies’  Treasurer Wayne Swan, who called the Tea Party Republicans in congress “Cranks and crazies!”

Press coverage in Japan was favorable to the election’s outcome and a senior foreign policy official was quoted as saying: “Japan welcomes the continuation of the U.S. basic policy that focuses on Asia.”  The South Korean Yohap News Service noted: “Relations between the U.S. and South Korea “have been arguably at their best state in nearly a decade.”

And while German’s Bild-Zeitung featured an English head line : “Yes he can again,” India’s Financial Times agonized over the fate of outsourcing by American corporations to India.  But this was the rare exception…which proves the rule.  In general the News of President Obama’s reelection inspired jubilation everywhere.

And not least of all at the rousing party thrown by State Senator Bill Perkins, at the Adam Clayton Powell office building in Harlem, where a packed house watched the results on a giant screen.  When the President’s victory was announced at a little past 11 oclock, the live band struck up “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now,” and everybody got up and boogied down!

Lady In Red

One of many Obama Suporters at Senator Perkin’s Party


 Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

November 7, 2012

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