What the Obama Victory Means

Thanking Supporters for a Job Well Done

 Political Science + Organization + Candidate = VICTORY!

It isenough to witness the stunned looks and listen to the silly excuses offered by Republican strategists, and their media shills, attempt to explain why the Grand Obstructionist party crashed and burned at the polls to understand that they were caught off guard by the President’s smashing victory.

Viewing the smug statements of confidence offered by Fox’s favorite presidential soothsayers Dirty Dick Morris, and that prissy know-it-all George Will – who always reminds me of “Jughead” from the old “Archie” comics – they appear totally out of touch with the new political reality in the US.

Hence when Nate Silver, the real numbers crunching wizard at the New York Times, gave President Obama an 85% chance of reelection and predicted that he would win with over 300 votes in the Electoral College, he was greeted with boisterous chorus of angry invective and contemptuous ridicule by Mitt Romney’s supporters.  However as I write Silver is looking like a 21st century Nostradamus, except there is no mystery to his method of predicting the future.

While soothsayers of the past relied on incomprehensible Mumbo Jumbo – i.e. unseen supernatural forces – Nate Silver employs the scientific method. Fortunetellers rely on magic and scientists rely on math.  And it is clear that President Obama’s campaign strategist, the much maligned “Chicago Gang,” were relying on the same mathematics Silver was using in his calculus.

Although Silver was sitting in his cubical at the New York Times feeding massive amounts of data into his computers, analyzing it with an alogrithm of his invention, and the Obama campaign operatives were receiving their data from the reporting of on-the-ground organizers, after running 60, 000 computer simulations of likely voter behavior in specific districts nationwide, they arrived at the same conclusions about the outcome of the election with amazing accuracy.

Although the Obama strategists never spoke with the quantitative specificity of Mr. Silver, there was a quiet confidence in their manner graced by the sly smiles of those who know something that the rest of us don’t – especially their adversaries.  While the Romney campaign relied on propaganda based on blatant lies, bombarding the public with cleverly crafted messages by hot shot “Madison Avenue Mad Men” convinced they could sell ice cubes to Eskimos, Barack stood fast in his belief that integrity matters and the truth will out.  Because God don’t like ugly!

The Romney campaign, directed by haughty plutocrats and their lackeys at FOX TV, operated on circus promoter P.T. Barnum’s apocryphal axiom: “You can never go broke underestimating the taste and intelligence of the American public…and there’s a sucker born every minute.”

They also agreed with H. L. Menchen, a distinguished Dean of American letters who coined the term “Boobus Americanus,” which characterized a unique species of mass American ignoramus.  But Barack Obama maintained confidence in the basic wisdom of the American people, and held fast to his conviction that you can’t fool all the people all the time.

Viewed from the irrefutable perspective of history, Chilly B. Knowledge, the amazing Chi-Town Kid, was right.   That’s why he and Michelle are cribbin in the White House, while Mitt the Twit and the saditty Miss Ann are in the outhouse!

While the sophistication of their research, media propaganda and organizational capabilities were the vehicles that transported them to victory, in the end I believe the character and quality of their product won the day for the Democratic Party.  Barack’s honesty and personal integrity served to magnify Mitt’s smarmy moral relativism and avaricious character – his Cayman Island bank accounts and clandestine tax avoidance schemes that may yet prove criminal.

Alas, Mitt’s dramatic character deficits, when compared to Barack’s quiet virtues, proved far too formidable to overcome even with hundreds of millions of dollars invested in slick advertising.  The public just didn’t buy it!


Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

November 8, 2012

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