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 Another Nihilistic Sociopath Bites the Dust

There are some guys, mostly young blacks and Hispanics, who are so screwed up with personal problems, head problems, that fame and fortune can’t save them.  Aaron Hernandez, an All-Pro tight end with the New England Patriots, one of the most successful franchises in professional football, is a dramatic case in point.

At a time when young people with degrees in law and engineering can’t buy a job in today’s economy, Hernandez was living his dream in a fabulous mansion, had just signed a 40 million contract, and was about to have a banner year as the team would be forced to rely on him more because the great Gronkowski, the Patriots other star tight end, has undergone a back operation and would not be at his best.

At a time of gloom and doom for many fine young people who have done all the right things but still can’t realize their dreams, everything was coming up roses for Aaron Hernandez, a handsome, hunky, 23 year old multimillionaire on the way to superstardom and even more millions!  Alas, in a flash…he fucked it all up!  And behind some really dumb shit too!

Hernandez is charged with First Degree Murder and several gun violations.  Although the details that support his murder indictment are still emerging; the DA has a strong circumstantial case that convinced the Judge, a white female, who said she could not take the responsibility of allowing him back on the streets…because if any significant part of the District Attorney’s narrative is true this guy is a clear and present menace to society.  Hernandez sounds like a really treacherous dude who might do no telling what.

He is charged with having executed an Afro-American semi-pro football player with the Boston Bandits named Odin Lloyd, in league with two accomplices: Carlos Ortiz and Wallace.  The police believe that these three might also have committed a double homicide in Boston during 2012, and it was Olin Lloyd’s knowledge of these murders that led to his execution.  Since all three men will be facing life in prison without possibility of parole, the DA is counting on them squealing on each other to get a better deal…one may even turn state witness and sing like a canary!

All of this increases the chances that Aaron Hernandez will be convicted of murder.  The whole thing sounds like a poorly imagined action movie…as fiction it would be a flop because it would be impossible to convince many people that somebody who was young, rich and successful would behave like Hernandez.

It just doesn’t make any sense and calla our attention to the fact that there are some lost and twisted young men out here who are coldblooded enough to murder somebody for kicks!   These play play gangstas have made gangsterism a life style; they are so misguided they believe real gangsters act this way.  But the Italian mob, which they all so admire,  are businessmen who only engage in murder when big money is involved: not just for the fun of it.

As I write Hernandez is spending the first night away from his 7000 square foot mansion, because when the judge denied bail he was cuffed and taken straight away to prison by a posse of heavily armed policemen who would brook not the slightest resistance.  I studied his face as the judge explained why she would not set bail at any price, explaining that she could not trust him to honor the bail agreement because he had violated the laws of society so badly that the rulings of her court would not deter him.

I wondered what he was thinking as he arrived at the little bare cell, which he will share with another prisoner in the ominous looking maximum security prison. It could well be his home for the rest of his life!  We were taken on a television tour of this grim facility by a crime reporter who told us how the inmates – thieves, rapist, murders or worse – were shouting “touchdown Patriots” as Hernandez was being escorted to his cell.

Tupac: Avatar of Thug Life


Dead Before 30: Hernandez’ Role Model?

Has it dawned upon him yet that real life is not like a rap record, where the gangstas always gets the girl, is respected “as a man” in the “streets,” shoots people here and there while living life like a continuous party?  Aaron Hernandez is another casualty arising from the fact that he didn’t have the benefit of a wise father around.  I’m told his father died when he was 16, which makes him 13 years older than I was when my father died.

I mention this in order to point out that I was blessed with an unusually bright an able mother, and a fabulous family in which there were many fine male role models – an embarrassment of riches compared to many Afro-American youths today.  I suspect things were somewhat different for Hernandez.  There may have been male role models in his life but they must have been far different from the men in mine. Of course  I am advancing this suspicion without knowing all the facts; I am speculating based upon the descriptions of Hernandez’ behavior that I have heard from the police reports.

For instance the hyper-masculine tough guy with the hair trigger temper, ready to resort to violence from even trivial insult, is clearly present in Hernandez’ character.  How else can we explain why a young man who is making millions legitimately, doing something he loves, is acting like a Mafia Capo?  I believe he has been listening to too many gangsta Rap records; it wouldn’t surprise me to discover that he is a Tupac freak…because he has certainly been trying his best to live the “Thug Life” Tupac Celebrated.

And like Tupac, who was shot dead riding with Shug Night – a 300 pound gangsta /Hip Hop mogul and former college football player who lined up on the other side of the ball – Thug Life may also spell the end for Hernandez.  The reason boys need strong smart fathers is so that they will have somebody to tell them that living a thug’s life will land you in jail or the cemetery.  Tupac is in the cemetery and Aaron Hernandez is in jail…quite possibly for life!

He Went From This

Aaron Hernandez II

 A Multi-Millionaire Football Star

To This!

Aaron Hernandez III Prisoner

Shackled for Life? 



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