Tajh Boyd: The Next Tom Brady?

Tajh Boyd !!

The all Tim Passing Leader in the ACC

 Is the Smart Money about to hit the Canvas….Again?

I continue to be amused by the all-knowing commentary of the football “experts” when they project where a particular player should go in the draft, and the smugness with which they make their pronouncements.  The careers of scouts, coaches and General Managers have been buoyed to great heights by such predictions and the decisions they make based on them…and they have also crashed and burned. This is because in spite of their computers, which can analyze a veritable mountain of information, there are intangible factors that don’t show up in the computer generated numbers or in the sight of scouts whose eye witness accounts of a player’s performance is impaired by such “objective data”.

Mis-judgment of a player’s potential employing these methods are so numerous, and dramatic, it would require a sizeable essay to do the subject any justice.  Hence I shall cite just a few cases that will leave no doubt as to the massive failures of this approach to predicting a players potential to succeed in the NFL.  The wise guys who pick the players in the NFL overlooked Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Walter “Sweetness” Peyton, Russell Wilson, Emmitt Smith, Tom Brady, Everson Walls, et al.  Every one of these guys have won at least one Super Bowl, and all but one is in the National Football League’s Hall of Fame!

It would seem that this experience would be humbling for those who are the deciders in professional football.  Alas that is not the case; for they seem as smug and certain of their choices as ever.  Of course smugness and self-certainty is a vice not entirely confined to this group…the present writer must constantly struggle against succumbing to its powerful lure, especially since I not only have an impressive record of prognostications, and I get such a bang out of seeing the wise guys go wrong.  I sometimes suspect it is a perverse pleasure, something akin to dancing on an adversary’s grave, yet I can’t help it: I’m funny that way.

Although most of my prescient predictions are in the political arena – see “The Prophetic Commentary on Iraq, posted on this blog. The accuracy of this prediction is such that Nostradamus might wish to claim it – I nevertheless have had some impressive calls regarding football games too.  The latest example were my Super Bowl predictions.  See “Dangerous!” on this blog.  Yet because human potential remains a cosmic mystery, I cannot claim with certainty that my predictions about the outcome of football games are reliable enough to bet my money, nor anybody else’s, on the outcome.

Nevertheless, it is quite literally true that I have gone against the conventional wisdom and more often than not was proven right by subsequent events.  Which, at the risk of being accused of braggadocio, I remind the reader is the essence of prophesy. In fact, in a truer world, I would by now be routinely addressed by supplicants with bowed heads as “Playthell the Prophet.”

Alas, the course crowd upon whom I bestow my prescient prognostications, untutored and ungrateful mob that they are, gleefully take their place in the forefront of the malicious wags who take perverse pleasure in denying me this universal honorific.   But that shall not retrain me from venturing a prediction about the future of Tajh Boyd as he ascends from the college rank to the National Football League.

As I listen to the chatter from the football wise guys they are singing the same old tunes…it’s SOS, same old shit we heard about Russell Wilson and Colin Kapernick and Cam Newton.   He can’t pass from the pocket; he runs around too much; he can’t make the secondary and tertiary reads when throwing the ball down the field: yahda, yahda, yahda.  Yet Cam Newton broke all quarterback passing records for rookies racking up 4, 000 yards, and just two years later he won his division and played in the AFC Championship game…against Colin Kapernick, who took his team to the Super Bowl in his second year in the NFL, after only eight games as a starting quarterback!    He would have won it except for a badly blown call by the referee.

And Russell Wilson, who not only runs around all the time but we were assured is way too short to make it in the big league. The scouts thought so little of him coming out of college he was drafted in the third round and expected to amount to little more than a practice squad player.  But he stole the starting job from Matt Flynn, a newly acquired 10 million dollar man during practice sessions, went on to tie Peyton Manning’s all time rookie passing record, with far less interceptions, and took the Seattle Seahawks to the playoffs for the first time within the memory of many fans.  By the end of his second season he had compiled the best winning record of any quarterback in NFL history in their first two years.  He won throughout the playoffs and ended up playing in the Super Bowl  and winning just a few weeks ago!

Wilson was facing the magnificent Peyton Manning, a sure shot first ballot Hall of Famer, who had just completed the greatest regular football season the history of the NFL.   By the standards of the football gurus Peyton was designed by the gridiron Gods to play quarterback: a 6” 5’ pocket passer with a cannon arm that could throw all of the various passes with perfection.  And he had a platoon of great receivers to catch them.

Russell Wilson was given no chance at victory; he would be lucky to escape with some semblance of self-respect the wise guys chanted, echoing each other like a Greek chorus.  Well, employing a marvelous combination of magic and art Wilson wiped Peyton out in one of the worst ass whuppings in the history of the Super Bowl!

Like the bumblebee, which according to the engineer’s calculations cannot fly due to the size of his wings in relation to his body, but in his ignorance flies anyway, cool hand Russ took the field and blew the God’s quarterback away!  He walked away holding the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy held aloft in the victors pose…just like I said he would!

Yet as the NFL draft approaches the know-it-all football “experts” are spouting that same tired ass yang again! I am astonished that these guys just don’t get it; they are so fixated on the stiff, stand in the pocket i.e. “white” quarterback style they even deny the hard evidence that’s right before their eyes.  The kind of stuff they would usually bet the ranch on.

For instance, Tajh Boyd’s measurable assets are off the charts.  He is 6” 1’, 222 pounds and runs a 4: 54 in the forty yard dash.  He is a crafty runner with the power to break tackles.  And he has a great passing arm.  He is first in the history of the distinguished Clemson football programs history in passing yards.  First in passing efficiency, first in passing touchdowns, first in passing completions, first in completion percentage, first in 300 yard passing games, first in total offensive yards – due to his great running ability – first in consecutive starts and snaps taken by a quarterback – due to his powerful physique and great durability – first in top 25 wins by a starting college quarterback and he is first for all time in touchdown passes and total touchdowns – passing and running – in the ACC conference!

Simply the Best!

tajh boyd clemson

A True Dual Threat!

By all objective measures Tajh Boyd is a great quarterback; yet the wise guys are telling us that he may go as low as the fifth round and list ten quarterbacks that stand a chance of being selected before him.  Well, Tom Brady – whose record makes him arguably the best quarterback ever to play professional football – went in the seventh round and there were quite a few palookas selected before him, none of whose names I can now recall.

In fact, unlike Boyd, Brady didn’t get a chance to start in college until his senior year at Michigan, and then only because the starting quarterback opted for a baseball career and quit the team.  However he made it to a bowl game and won an impressive victory over the perennial football powerhouse LSU.  That should have told the scouts something about his potential on the next level…but, alas, there is none so blind as those who refuse to see.

Brady was selected by New England because he was still hanging around and they thought he might develop into a descent back up player after an extended stint on the practice squad. He began as a third string quarterback and only got a chance to play because the starter and his back-up got hurt.  Tom Brady came off the bench and never lost a game for the rest of the season…including the Super Bowl!

There are many scouts, coaches, general managers, owners and bookies still scratching their heads and wondering how they blew it; how could they have slept on Brady?  And I predict that when they finally pull their heads outta their asses a few years from now and recognize that Tajh Boyd is better than Terry Bridgewater and the much hyped “Johnny Football – a black quaterback with a white style and a white boy with a black style – they are going to be asking the same question about Tajh …unless they read this essay and come to their senses!!!

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Tom Brady

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The Elusive Colin Kapernick

Colin Kapernick

Exposing the Folly of the Wise Guys!

Cool Hand Russ




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February 19, 2014

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