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   The other day I was on my way to the Magic Johnson Theater to check out Miles Ahead – Don Cheedle’s bio-pic on the brilliant enigmatic trumpeter and musical innovator Miles Davis – when I ran into my man Shoobie Doo.  “Yo Man whassup?” he hollered.  “You been watching that Dude Trump? Damn if he ain’t the best Bunko artist I ever seen at playing the long range con.  That boy’s better than ‘Christ Man’ and he convinced people he was Jesus Christ done come back from da grave!”   Well as the saying goes “game recognizes game” so I’m taking Shoobie’s word for it, because back in the day Shoobie had been a quite successful con man.

Whatever one make think of Senator Marco Rubio, and in the case of this writer not much, he was certainly right in his assessment of Trump as a “con man.”  This characterization was never clearer than in the presentation of his speech on Foreign policy, a subject Trump knows as much about as a Chimp knows about playing Bach’s Goldberg Variations. After watching his presentation I wrote my initial response in a Facebook post:

“It is incoherent mumbo jumbo, pompous drivel written by right wing paranoids with a strong smattering of Trump’s own confused ideas about the world. It is extreme “AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALIST” prattle

Watching Trump’s demeanor while delivering the speech he reminded me of a man who has to go to the bathroom but is forced to hold his water.  He looked very uptight and uncomfortable as he read his remarks from two teleprompters, which had been installed on both sides of the podium so that he could see the script when looking in either direction.  “He is reading off a teleprompter and sounds mechanical,” I wrote,  “rehearsed and phony, but it at least kept him for plunging over a cliff.”  His advisors, invisible men tho they are, were not about to let Trump go public with his foreign policy views without a script.

Unfortunately for Trump, despite his success as a television show host, he is not Ronald Reagan – although he seizes every opportunity to identify with him.  Hence, unlike Reagan, a trained actor who could read seamlessly from a teleprompter and was convincing notwithstanding the fact that, like Trump, he was also clueless about the complexities of foreign policy.

Hence whereas Reagan looked like he knew what he was talking about on the podium and was comfortable doing it, Trump was stiff as a stuffed squirrel and spouted the words of his speechwriter like a ventriloquist’s dummy.  He looked like “Chucky” the blond killer dummy from the hit movie “Magic”.  And he sounded like he would be just as dangerous in the Oval Office.




Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump speaks at his South Carolina campaign kickoff rally in Bluffton, S.C., Tuesday, July 21, 2015. (AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton)

Two Dangerous Dummys!

Beyond the bluster and histrionics which Trump mistakenly thinks gives him and air of authority, it is obvious to the informed observer that he is about as deep as a dry creek bed during a drought.  It is impossible to disguise the fact that Trump is a light-weight bunko artist who is abysmally ignorant of history and politics.  This is no secret to anyone who has read the transcripts of Trump’s interrogation by the Editorial Board of the august Washington Post, or seen the video on You Tube where two sharp journalists dissect his answers to questions the editors put to him.

It is impossible to conclude after hearing this that Donald Trump is even minimally qualified to be President of the United States.  For it is all too obvious that he knows next to nothing about the problems a US president must address.  After listening to the speech I wondered if it was actually as bad as I thought; or was I somewhat biased by the fact that I was convinced before hand that Trump is a megalomaniacal ass who is embarrasingly ignorant of political science.

I was reassured of my objectivity when I heard his fellow Republican, Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina, conclude: “It makes no sense!”  And my conviction was strenghtend when Senator Graham’s conclusion was co-signed by  Professor Tom Nichols of the  Naval War College, one of the nations’ most eliete national security institutions.

“I found nothing…just a speech that was intellectual chaos.” Says Nichols, a professor of International Relations.  “I believe that he has gotten further down the road than he or his advisors expected, and they decided that he had to give     I seriously doubt that Trump can find any of those countries on a map…or even care about them.  The speech sounded like they just cut up articles from conservative journals and newspapers, threw them in a hat and shook them up, then pasted them together in a speech.  I don’t believe that Trump even understood half the things he was talking about!”

Sounds to me like the textbook definition of a Con Man, a half-assed bunko artist trying to play the long range con but is not quite slick enough to keep the wise guys from peepin his hole card.   If it walks like a weasel……

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Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
May 1, 2016

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