From the White House to the Out House!

General Michael Flynn

On the Strange Fall of Mad Mike

The more fake President Trump tries to explain why he kicked his National Security Advisor to the curb the more confused the situation becomes. Like much of what the whacko in the White House, The Great Prevaricator, says it makes no sense and displays a flagrant disregard, if not outright hostility to verifiable facts.  At his news conference yesterday – a bizarre affair that left most who witnessed it befuddled and one Senator described as “a voice from a parallel universe” – The Donald told us “the leaks were true” but “the news was fake.” Alas, these paradoxical statements are common fare in the public pronouncements of the newly elected US President.

Trump also told us that the General – who was once a star in the military intelligence community as Head of the Defense Intelligence Agency – had done nothing wrong, except lie to Vice President Pence about his conversation with the Russian Ambassador, during the interim period between the election and inauguration of Trump.  The controversy arose because of the allegation – now verified by the FBI – that Flynn had discussed the Sanctions placed on Russia by President Obama as punishment for interfering in the recently concluded US presidential election.

President Obama imposed the economic sanctions after all 17 US intelligence agencies reported that the Russians had covertly intervened in the US election for the express purpose of crippling the campaign of Hillary Clinton and aiding the victory of Donald Trump.  The scandal here lay in the charge that Flynn offered assurances to the Russian government that once Trump took office he would scrap Obama’s sanctions, and that explains why Putin did not respond forcefully to the announcement of the US sanctions.

If that is true, then Flynn has not only violated long standing protocols regarding deference to the sitting president – i.e. we can only have one President at a time – but when Flynn denied having such a conversation with the Russian Ambassador, Sergey Kasleyev, to FBI interrogators he committee a felony! So what began as an embarrassment to the Trump Administration when Vice President Pence went on major television news shows and repeated the National Security Advisor’s denials and then Flynn later admitted that he was lying, has become a serious criminal matter after it was revealed that he also lied to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

If routine legal proceedings obtain Flynn will soon be indicted, its automatic. However, the charge must be brought by the Department of Justice, and given their contempt for laws they don’t like it remains to be seen if he is charged.   Trump’s position on this imbroglio stretches the boundaries of credibility.  For instance, he tells us that although he didn’t order Flynn to contact the Russians, he would have had Flynn mentioned it to him.

If this is true, that lying to the Vice President is Flynn’s only transgression, and that otherwise he is a “good man,” the obvious question is why did Trump fire him?  This issue takes on additional mystery when we discover that others in the White House, including Presidential Advisor Steve Bannon and the President himself both knew that Flynn was lying for three weeks but it only became an issue when the story was leaked to the Washington Post and the New York Times?  And the whole affair became an unfathomable enigma when Trump blamed the entire affair on the “fake news” promulgated by a hostile dishonest press.

Witnessing the President spouting this gibberish brought to mind the observations of Colin Powell – who has served as Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, National Security Advisor and Secretary of State – who said during the campaign “Donald Trump is a national disgrace…who talks to us as if he thinks we are fools!”  My feelings exactly.  The real question regarding former General Flynn is why was he chosen for such a vitally important position?

Given his personal history he should have been no-where near the Oval Office, let alone the top advisor to Donald Trump on the ways of the world. This is especially alarming when we consider the fact that Trump’s head is a blank slate when it comes to real knowledge of political affairs, foreign or domestic, and therefore in a real sense personal is policy.

Hence we have a guy who had unlimited access to the ear of the most powerful man on the planet who has publicly proclaimed that “Islam is not a religion it’s a political ideology” and it is “rational to fear Muslims.”  This kind of thinking will turn what is a regional fight with Arab Jihadists into a world-wide struggle against a billion Muslims of all nationalities.  This is the apocalyptic vision of the world promulgated by Harvard political scientist Samuel P. Huntington in his “Clash of Civilizations” thesis.

This is a view of the world that has been opposed by knowledgeable foreign policy wonks from Washington to Tel Aviv, both the analyst in the CIA and their counterparts in the Israeli Mossad.  This is why in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attack by Islamic Jihadists on Washington, President Bush visited a mosque and made it clear that our enemy was not the religion of Islam, which he pointed out means “peace.” Then Bush clearly identified our enemies as a rebel sect that had appropriated and distorted Islam for their own nefarious purposes. This attitude is just the opposite of those that want to start a war with entire the Islamic world like Flynn.

Yet even if Flynn didn’t hold these reckless and dangerous attitudes toward the Islamic world, his unhinged behavior and penchant for embracing outrageous conspiracy theories are reason enough to disqualify him for a vital position in the US government such as “National Security Advisor.” A cursory examination of conspiracy theories promoted by Flynn, based on a search of his Twitter account conducted by Politico, reveals that he tweeted accusations that Hillary Clinton was involved with a Satan worshipping child sex trafficking ring, run out of a Pizza Parlor in Washington D.C.

This outrageous lie provoked a shooting by an armed right-wing fanatic who said he was trying to rescue the imprisoned children in the basement!  Flynn also claimed that Hillary was involved in a secret war against the Catholic Church.  And President Obama was an undercover Muslim who secretly laundered money for the Islamic Jihadist. Flynn promoted the rumor that Hillary’s campaign manager participated in underground occult ritual where human bodily fluids were consumed!  And there was more, just as outrageous and just as crazy.

Yet this is the guy whom Donald Trump appointed as his most important advisor on how he should view critical events in the world, and even after firing him in less than a month, insists that he is a “good man” that was destroyed by a lying press spreading “fake news” about him.  Alas, this is not the first time Flynn was fired from a highly placed intelligence job by a US President, he was also fired from his previous position as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency for insubordination by President Obama.

On this occasion he got into trouble by contradicting the official position of the Obama Administration on the state of the US war effort against the Islamic jihadist. And several former military colleagues, who hold Flynn in high regard as an intelligence strategist, say his bitter resentment about being fired explains his hostility toward Hillary Clinton, and embrace of Donald Trump.

In a wide ranging, well informed and insightful article on what motivates the retired general – “How Mike Flynn Became America’s Angriest General” – published by Politico (10/16/2016) and written by James Kitfield, a Senior Fellow at the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress, and a seasoned reporter on foreign policy and national security matters, we are told:

“Those who’ve known Flynn for years wonder how a kid from an Irish Catholic family of blue-collar Democrats who went on to be a dedicated, much-admired soldier ended up being a top national-security adviser to a man widely viewed as a demagogue, friendly to Russia and widely seen as ignorant of foreign policy. They worry that in his political naivete and innate loyalty Flynn is being used—and will be branded as a radical himself. And some of them are concerned that Flynn, who believes he was pressed into early retirement for appearing to question the Obama administration’s public narrative that Al Qaeda was close to defeat, is being handed a national stage to play out his personal frustrations.”

This explains Flynn’s bizarre behavior in spreading insane in the brain nonsense about his former colleague Hillary Clinton running a child sex ring and leading the chant “Lock her up!” calling for her arrest at a Trump campaign rally; referring to President Obama as “weak and spineless;” while characterizing his leadership as “fumbling indecisiveness.”

It is this raging bitterness that sparked his embrace of Trump, and fueled his determination to undo Obama’s legacy that led Flynn to call the Russian Ambassador and diss the sitting President by telling him not to worry, because dat coon will soon be out the door and his sanctions are going with him!  Hence it is reasonable to conclude that Flynn’s loose lips sank his ship….again!


Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
February 20, 2016

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