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The Bunko Artist and the Soft Porn Model

 An American Dilemma

The great theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, once observed “God does not shoot dice with the world.”  Well, that may be true of God but it is certainly not the case with Americans, at least the millions who voted to place Donald J. Trump in charge of the US nuclear arsenal and give him the launch codes.  This means that as I write a delusional megalomaniac with anger issues and the temperament of a pre-adolescent can literally give a command that could unleash forces that would destroy the world in half an hour from now! As totally bizarre and unbelievable as it sounds: this is a simple and literal truth.

The obvious question all who have read thus far in my essay must be asking is: How did humanity come to such a tragic state of affairs?  The simple answer is the ignorance, apathy and amoral opportunism of a majority of the American electorate.  It is a predicament that Thomas Jefferson, arguably the wisest and most thoughtful of the “Founding Fathers” of the United States of America, worried about and issued in a dire warning at the birth of the nation. “A popular Democracy cannot work with an ignorant electorate,” he warned, “because they will elect and return the worse people to power.”

Yet considering that this warning was issued in the 18th century, a time when electricity or the internal combustion engine had not been invented, whatever horrors Jefferson might have imagined is inconsequential compared to the catastrophe that the ignorance of the American electorate has placed this nation, and all life on this planet.  Had Jefferson been able to conceive of a time when Americans would possess the power to destroy our world, I am certain that he would have demanded far more stringent qualifications for the right to vote….and especially in order to run for President

I have employed the hindsight provided by historical perspective because it shines a revealing light on some fundamental flaws in the US system of governance by popular democracy, and suggest some unpleasant truths about what must be done to correct it…lest we are all doomed.  It’s just a matter of time…and time is running out!   Alas, it is no exaggeration to declare that the whole-world is in a state of emergency.

Of the three failings that led to the election of Donald Trump – a man who by any objective measure is unfit for the job and thereby poses a grave danger to the world – the mass ignorance that has rendered the American democratic process for selecting our top leaders dysfunctional, is the easiest to remedy.  That can be solved by restoring serious Civics courses to the core public school curriculum and qualitatively raising the standards by which US citizens qualify to vote.

This can be accomplished by appointing a bi-partisan committee of political scientists and historians – equally composed of Republicans and Democrats – who will be tasked with composing a basic Civics test that will tell the Board of elections whether potential voters understand enough about the basic structure and function of American political institutions, as well as the ideology and principles of American democracy which gives them legitimacy, to cast an informed vote.  It could be based on the standard examination given to immigrants who apply for US citizenship.  Those who fail to achieve a certain score on this test will lose their right to vote.

This will be easy enough to achieve.  We can set up a website where citizens can get the necessary information to study for the test, and they can be administered at polling places and local school houses. Much like the classes people who are seeking to become new Americans attend in order to prepare for the test they must pass before being allowed to take the oath of Citizenship.  Whatever expenses are accrued from this process is a small price to pay to salvage our democracy, which at presently dangerously dysfunctional. A far more complex version of this test should be administered to any candidate who seeks to run for President, along with rigorous psychiatric examinations to test their mental fitness to hold such a pressure filled office that demand the ability to make timely and sober decisions about complex and dangerous matters.  It is safe to say that Donald Trump would never have passed such a rigorous test.

We should also adopt some of the practices of other advanced nations that limit both the time of political campaigns and the amount of money that can be spent on them.  The emphasis should be on the candidate’s positions, not the amount of money they can spend on political advertisements; which research shows often reaches the point of diminishing returns as these ads began to confuse more than they enlighten, producing more heat than light.

However, the problem of apathy i.e. a disinterest in politics, is much more difficult to address.  But since these people will have no effect on the process they are of no consequence to the outcome.  If they cannot understand that politics is the process by which relationships of power are created and distributed, and that power is the ability to do what you want, when you want, and to get the most and the best of whatever there is to get, then they are too ignorant to exercise the vote anyway. And although bitter experience may not be the best teacher, it could well be the only effective tutor for such lost souls. They will eventually learn from the trial, tribulations and cruel vicissitudes of life that Aristotle was right: Unless one is a God or a beast their life’s chances will be determined by politics!

Alas, the most dangerous condition as well as the most difficult to remedy is the amoral opportunist, because such people are prone to making Faustian Bargains – deals with the Devil i.e. compromises with transparent evil in order to achieve wealth and power.  In America today there is a leadership in the Republican Party that is neither ignorant nor apathetic, they know well the evil they doeth and they are busy as beavers!   They have concocted a calculus for victory that factors in the ignorance and moral turpitude of their constituents.   Hence, they stand idly by applauding the outrages of Donald Trump like carnival acts holding their noses and kissing pigs while playing to the cheap seats.

These soulless charlatans are reactionary tribalist that have placed the fate of their party over the fate of the nation.  This is a dangerous game when practiced in banana republics, it could result in catastrophe when it is practiced by leaders of the most complex modern society in history.  Especially when it results in placing a man in who has been officially diagnosed by thousands of professional psychiatrists and psychologist as suffering from “Malignant Narcissism” and “paranoia,” in charge of doomsday weapons that can destroy the world!  The princes and powers of the Republican Party has heard this frightening diagnosis, but in their arrogance and hubris they believe they can control “The Donald.”

Perhaps these shallow bean counters, horse traders, charlatans and scoundrels believe that they can control this guy because they can impeach him if worse comes to worse.  They are too ignorant of history to be cautioned by the fact that the last man to become head of a modern nation with this psychiatric profile was Adolph Hitler.  His actions led to a global conflagration that resulted in 50 million deaths.  And the sensible sober leaders of Germany thought they could control him too, when they helped him come to power.

German elites who scorned and mocked Hitler as “the Austrian corporal” and routinely referred to him as “swine” behind his back, enthusiastically cast the Nazi Salute with gusto in public.   These highly educated actors engaged in what proved to be a deadly duplicity because they recognized that Hitler’s mass appeal could help them defeat the Communists and socialists.   Since they embraced the evil Nazi regime there can be no pretense that their opposition to the communists was to defend and preserve democracy; the way the Republican elites who find Trump repugnant and routinely described him as “an amoral con man” during the election campaign, now adopt a permanent lips to posterior posture towards the previously vilified charlatan.  The recent cabinet meeting that we witnessed on television could compete with any Nazi cabinet meeting for fawning slavishness before the great leader!

Here we see the awful truth of Harvard philosopher George Santayana’s axion: “Those who refuse to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat its mistakes!”  Alas, I find myself returning to this prescient warnings often these days…the tenor of the times demands it.  For this is an occasion for sober and candid analysis of the objective facts.  To the untutored mob, morally and psychologically twisted from genuflecting before the twin evils of racism and sexism, Trump is a heroic savior, while Barack and Hillary – the true friends of the working class with decades of yeoman work on their behalf – are viewed as enemies to be despised.

Karl Marx and Lenin would be baffled by this strange political pathology. For in Marx’s magisterial, insightful and original critique of capitalism it was the working class – the proletariat – whose historically appointed role was to lead the struggle to reform or abolish the capitalist exploitation of labor which was a necessary condition to perpetually increase their profits.

Confused White Workers for Trump

There was a time when this conflict between the class interests of labor and capital was understood by working people.  Now it is mostly the rich who understand that class conflict is real and are actively waging class warfare against the working class and the poor.  The main reason why class consciousness has declined so dramatically among workers is the destruction of union power as a result of the adoption of “right to work” laws in poor backward southern states. This is a reactionary region of the country where the organization of labor has been a dangerous and risky business historically, and explains why so many working-class whites ignorantly support Trump when everything in his personal history suggests that he cares nothing for their issues.

The confusion of working class whites is self-evident in their choice of a morally deformed, gluttonous billionaire who promises pie in the sky solutions to their problems of chronic unemployment due to structural changes in the US economy.  A pathological liar and con man, Trump has no qualms about telling these disillusioned workers that he will bring back millions of jobs in manufacturing and coal mining.  Yet the fact is that the whole world is moving on from using coal for economic and environmental reasons, and mass production manufacturing is being taken over by robotization.  Since Trump’s experience in business has been as a real estate huckster who builds luxury hotels and apartment buildings, golf courses and casinos, he knows next to nothing about how business is conducted in the industrial sector….and does not appear to be doing the kind of study that would bring him up to snuff.

While there are benevolent billionaires with true concerns for the public welfare – Warren Buffett Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Mike Bloomberg, George Soros, Facebook founder Steve Zuckerberg et al – Trump is the worst representative of this class who has no record of charitable giving that any investigator has been able to find…and there have been some serious attempts.  Yet when we consider the self-centered, selfish, greedy character of Donald Trump his lack of charity should surprise no one, for he is a megalomaniacal socio-path who has spent his entire life devoted to self-aggrandizement.

Alas, due to an accident of history driven by the untutored mob – the majority of whom have completely sacrificed reason to irrational passions, fired by resentments over the declining significance of whiteness – as well as a Coon Platoon composed of rich opportunistic, politically backward Negros like Jim Brown, Shakeel O’ Neil, “Uncle Ben” Carson, Fifty Cents and that punch-drunk cuckold Mike Tyson – Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States. It is proving to be a historic blunder with catastrophic consequence… and the world will be lucky to survive it!

Whereas the US Presidency, with all the vast powers that attend this high office would ideally be best served by a person of intelligence and sound character, although short of perfection, Trump has neither.   He has the morals of a gutter snipe, the ethics of a pirate, and the cultural taste of a semi-literate bunko artist.  Trump has debased the standards we had come to expect of the President in the 20th century, and he is such an embarrassment that important America institutions feel compelled to publicly apologize for his remarks after inviting him to speak.

Alas, within the last week both the Boy Scouts of America and police departments across the nation have had to disassociate themselves from Donnie Dimwit’s vulgar and thoughtless remarks.  He bombarded the boys with putrid rhetoric about his political opponents, when he should have been presenting an inspirational speech centered around the Scouts and their dreams for the future.  And he actually encouraged the nation’s policeman to brutalize suspects in their custody, as if he wanted them to behave like an American Gestapo!

Given the nationwide incidence of police murdering unarmed black men, the President should have been stressing the rights of citizens and reminding cops that their role is to “protect and serve” the people who pay their salary and whose rights are protected by the US Constitution.  Yet all of this pales into insignificance when compared to Trump’s decision to take the US out of the Paris Climate accord, a depraved action that could cause the death of millions in the future; including his grandchildren.  However, Trumps erratic and irrational amoral behavior can only be fully understood when viewed from the perspective of the Psychiatrists. (for a discussion of this see “Drumpft and Herr Hitler: Birds of a Feather?” on this blog)

Trump’s Remarks Gives License to Racist like This!

Stupid White Trash Suffering from Black Penis Envy

Trump’s off the cuff crazy call for the expulsion of transgendered soldiers from the military has been soundly rebuked by 56 retired generals who has denounced Trump’s order as a threat to the mission of the US military in a signed letter.  They consider Trump’s call a slander against soldiers honorably serving this nation who are willing to lay down their lives for this nation…something Donald J. Trump, a shameless draft dodger, has never been willing to do.  Among the myriad outrages of this “insane clown president,” as journalist Matt Taibbi has accurately labeled Donnie Dimwit, this attack on transgendered soldiers ranks right near the top!

Hence when his enablers say, “let Trump be Trump,” it is this kind of odious behavior they are referring to. Yet the transparent embarrassing truth is inescapable: Trump is the personification of “white trash!”  He is distinguished from others of his ilk only by the fact that he is wealthy i.e. white trash with money!  Alas, this is about character not cash. The Donald, who formerly lived in a gaudy gilded penthouse in a marble tower situated in mid-Manhattan – the kind of obscene opulence that empty people need to feel real – has such crass, ostentatious. tawdry taste, that he has called the White House, the Peoples House taxpayers provide for our President: “A real dump!”

Since Trump is under investigation by the House and Senate for collusion with Russian intelligence agents who helped him win the presidential election, along with criminal investigations conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, it remains to be seen how long the cowardly Republican Congress will allow this white trash to stink up the White House!

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Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
August 3 2017

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