Donnie Dimwit in Dogpatch USA!

The Adoration of Trumpanzees


Did yall see the city slicker from New Yawk in Applachia last night playing the hicks in the sticks as if they were fiddles at the “Grand Ol Oprey?” The occasion was an announcement by the Governor of West Virginia that he was switching party affliation from Democrat to Republican.  This move could be his undoing, after Trump is driven from office in disgrace.

The speech Donnie Dimwit  gave was an embarrassing rehash of his campaign trail bunko; he sounded like a corny broken record stuck on stupid.  As the prosecutors in Washington and New York tighten the noose around his neck he fled to the only place he is sure to find some love these days: The backwoods wilderness of Applachia where the peckerwood yahoos dwell in a fog of ignorance.

As I scanned the faces in the scraggly snaggle-toothed crowd, many of whom had never visited a dentist before Obamacare, they seemed oddly familiar. I thought I saw “Ma and Pa Kettle,” “Barnie Google,” “Lil Abner,” “Moonbeam McSwine,” “Daisy May,” “The Duck Dynasty,” “The Dukes of Hazard,” “Andy Griffin,” the “Hee Haw” crowd, and the “Beverly Hillbillies.” I swear it looked like they were all there!

Somehow the Republicans think they can use these unemployed coal miners, out of work moonshiners, and scatter brained trailer trash to rag on us educated big city folks. Just cause we read books and newspapers, attend art shows and theaters, and can actually tell “real” from “fake news” we are to be treated like child molestors. Spurred on by dirty devious decievers like Donnie they are encouraged to denounce, and try and shame us, for being “elitetist.”

Fired Up Trumpanzees!

Crazy, Clueless, Crackers!

Well I don’t go for that okey doke, so I’ma just keep it real. I am happy as a bum in the Waldof to be living on Sugar Hill in Manhattan awash in books, with a commanding view of the New York manscape, listening to NPR, the BBC, WBAI, MSNBC, et al while reading the august New York Times trying to get smarter.!

I am estatic at being able to order food and wine from fabulous resturants and wineries, have it delivered to my door, and savor these delicacies while listening to marvelous solo piano performances by McCoy Tyner Valadimir Horowitz, Dorothy Donnegan, Chucho Valdez, Alicia de la Rocha, Herbie Hancock, Andre Watts, Mary Lou Williams, Art Tatum, et al.
And although an ignorant philistine like Donnie Dimwit can quicken the pulse and conjure rebel yells from the Hill billies because he comes across as being fully as dumb as them, and Trumpanzee surrogates like that muddled headed Miller guy tries to make “Cosmopolitan” sound like a dirty word….I GLORY IN BEING A COSMOPOLITE….A MAN OF THE WORLD!!!!
That’s because unlike narrow minded white trash – with or without money – I was cultivated to be a cosmopolite early on in life. You see, I attended a highschool whose Curriculum and philosophy and been shaped by the brilliant multi-talented James Weldon Johnson – the quintessential cosmopolite, who said the objective of his educational program was “to produce cosmopolites.” He and his brother J. Rosamond Johnson, penned the eight stanza art song “Lift Every Voice and Sing” as the class song for the first black high school class to graduate in Florida in 1901.  This genuine American Lieder that became famous as “The Negro National Anthem, was sung at all important black community events instead of the “Star Spangled Banner” – that white war song passionately sung by slave masters and every variety of white racist!

I grew up in a all black community in Florida where the standards were set by the “Talented Tenth” that class Dr, WEB Dubois had called into existence in his famous 1903 essay “Of Mr, Booker T. Washington and Others.” Here, and in other essays in the classic anthology, “The Souls Of Black Folk,” Dr. Dubois offers a penetrating analysis of what an education should consist of, and the need to have no limits on our aspirations, encouraging us to shoot for the stars, or “jump at de sun,” as the brilliant writer/anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston said her mother advised her when she left the little town of Eatonville Florida heading for Harlem.

James Weldon Johnson

A 20th Century American Reniassance Man
WEB DuBois

The most broadly learned Visionary American of the 20th Century

The idea that one should set their sights high, and our reach should exceed our grasp, was distilled in a little ditty we used to recite: “Aim for the top/shoot yo best shot/and like Mellin told Snellin/ain’t no tellin!” This kind of foresight was conspiculously absent in the po dumb rednecks that populated the white working class community. Only the white eliete held such values, a class whom the rednecks had far less interaction with than many working class blacks because the blacks were domestic workers in their mansions and thus observed them in their most intimate moments and poor whites never got beyond the back porch!

As the great southern writer Albert Murray points out in classic books like “The Omni-Americans,” and “South to a Very Old Place,” this close relationship to the white southern elite allowed Afro-Americans to select the best that this class had to offer,while seeing them with all their imperfections and vulnerabilities. They had their eyes on Mighty Whitey, saw him for what he was, and rejected those things that were obvious flaws in their character. While looking upon the po often illiterate crackers as white trash just like the white elite saw them! Murray also pointed out that poor working class blacks had access to the black bourgeosise because of racial segregation by law,” and he called this unintended consequence “antoganistic cooperation,” because this racist system forged a community of interests that would not have existed in a racialy open society such as we have today.

Hence while I am a compulsive pedagogue who is genetically predisposed to fighting ignorance wherever I encounter it, Donald J. Trump appears to be the foremost heir to  Sarah Palin’s contribution to American politics: MAKING IGNORANCE FASHIONABLE!!!! I refuse to me intimidated by the untutored mob, the collossal Ignorami, who has the unmitigated call to gall themselves “the real Americans!” If that were true the world would be talking about “Yankee Know-Nothing” rather than “Yankee Know How!”

An Afro-American Cosmopolite

They can all can kiss my arrogant, intelligent, Black ELITIST ass!!!! Beginning with Donnie Dimwit!!!! And as far as the supposed virtues of life in Rural and small town America, well I would rather be a fire hydrant in Manhattan and get pissed on by dogs every day that a king in a castle in WEST VIRGINIA!!!!!!   And the truth be told… would that lying ass Trump: he is just scared to come home because he knows we despise him and he would be met with angry crowds telling his so!

The Classic Demagouge!

Watch Trump Bamboozling the Yahoos



Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
August 5, 2017

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