The Ref Was Right to Stop This Fight!

Conor was Defenseless

McGregor was in the Same Position as Kid Paret

All the Morons who say the referee should not have intervened to stop the Welter-Weight bout between Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor in Vegas need a reality check about what can happen in a boxing ring when a fighter’s head becomes a punching bag for a world champion boxer. Nothing is more annoying to this writer, and avid boxing fan, than listening to the armchair tough guys who argue that the Referee stopped the fight too soon on Saturday.

And why do they say this? Well they point out that Conor feels that he still had a chance to win it! Duh?  Conor had caught so may of Floyd’s straight right hands upside his dome he didn’t even know where tha fuck he was! Consequently he was unable to defend himself against Floyd’s flurry of power punches…Conor had become little more than a punching bag.  Virtually all fighters who are on their feet feel that they can continue the fight; no referee who is worth a shit will listen to them!

The Referee is the more objective observer of the action in the ring and has a trained eye for signs that a fighter is in trouble and no longer able to mount a defense. Furthermore, the referee in this fight is in the Boxing Hall of Fame! Aside from the verbosity of these armchair tough guys, who have identified their own sense of manhood with the exploits of these heroic ring warriors to an unhealthy degree, they are actually willing to risk permanent injury or the death of the fighter on the odds that they can still win.  The cling to this position even after it becomes obvious that the fighter has too chances at victory: Slim and None!

I think that’s some really sick stuff! Boxing at its best is a thing of manly beauty. It requires strength, courage, exquisite cardio-vascular conditioning, and the smarts to think in terms of strategy and tactics…plus the judgement to be able to distinguish between the two and understand their application to the fight. Which requires the victorious fighter to be swift on the cap!
However, amidst the excitement and confusion of this martial drama the referee has a clear purpose: To prevent chaos by policing the contest and making sure the fighters obey the rules… which, after all, are designed for their safety!  Preventing serious injuries and death in the ring is their paramount objective!! Hence for a bunch of poot-butt cream puffs in the peanut gallery to argue that the Ref should have stood idly by while Mayweather administered overhand rights and left hooks to Conor’s head at will is some real callous bullshit.

A lotta these guys would bitch-up and break down faster than Hop-along Cassidy could draw his guns if you smacked them in the face! Yet they are anxious to see two prize fighters fight to the death for their amusement. That is beyond shameful….it is sinful. Although I am an atheist I recognize sinful behavior when I see it, and if goading men to bloody murder for your amusement ain’t a sin…then there is no such thing. These MOFOs should have been around during the days of the Circus Maximus in ancient Rome.

Connor was Clearly in Danger of Serious Injury

There was No Coming Back from This!

However, those who wanted the fight to continue will argue that Conor is a really tough guy and was in no danger of injury or death had he fought on.   Alas, either these people know little of boxing history or they are suffering from willful amnesia.  Yet those of us who were boxing fans in 1961, remember all too well witnessing a slaughter in the boxing ring live on television!

It is impossible for those who saw it to ever forget when Emile Griffith, a five time World Middle-Weight Champion, who was a deeply closeted gay man, beat his Cuban challenger Benny “Kid” Paret to death! It was a grudge match provoked by the fact during the weigh-in Paret – a colorful fighter who used to dance the Mambo in the ring before a match, much like the NFL receiver Victor Cruz does after scoring a touchdown – had shouted “COCK SUCKER!”

In effect, Paret outed Emile and insulted him before all the fight crowd and the press, because he was saying Emile wasn’t a man and he would pay for that indiscretion with his life, when Emile decided to show The Kid who the REAL FAGGOT WAS!  Here is the actual video of that slaughter! I watched this execution in real time.   And I say to the doubting Thomas’ who are second guessing the decision of the ref to stop the fight, parroting Conor’s self-serving excuse that he should have been allowed to continue because he was still on his feet, to Please note that BENNY “KID” PARET WAS STANDING UP TOO!


Witness the Ring Death of Benny “Kid” Paret – 1961

Last Round of Mayweather v McGregor


Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
August 30, 2017

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