Donnie Dimwit and the Indians!

It was like a bad Comedy Skit

Navajo War Heroes Insulted by Draft Dodging Coward!

Recently Donald J. Trump held a White House ceremony honoring Native American “code speakers,” world war II heroes that helped this nation win the War against the formidable “Empire of the Rising Sun,” because they conveyed messages in their native language and Japanese intelligence could not translate them. According to military leaders, these soldier- were a critical secret weapon in the American war effort. These men are genuine American heroes, and it is a stain upon the character of the US that they should have been used as props for Trump’s petty political attacks against a sitting US Senator.  When Trump turned to the Indian honorees after insulting Senator Warren while offering silly compliments to them…he was greeted with silence and the coldest stone-faced stare I have ever seen from a living person.

Alas the pompous, narcissistic, abysmally ignorant, racist, compulsive liar that presently stinks up the White House and debases his office on a daily basis – White trash with money largely elected by white trash without money who see in him the personification of their most cherished values – failed to see that he was also insulting the Navajo veterans when called Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas.” Implying that she is that she is a liar when she claims her Native American heritage.

But since Trump has been flagged over 200 times for lying by Washington Post fact checkers, everything he claims should be viewed with a jaundiced eye as a matter of course.  Hence, I decided to investigate the Republican charge that Senator Warren – one of the finest minds in the US Senate and a leading advocate for the poor and powerless – lives in a five million dollar “mansion” and faked a Native American heritage to get a professorship at Harvard Law School.

The facts show that there is no truth to these claims. Senator Warren bases her kinship to the Cherokee nation on stories her mother told her.  And given the tragic history of Native Americans that oral tradition, based on family lore passed down over generations, is often the only way they have been able to maintain their identity and trace kinship ties.  Hence attacks upon the Senator’s veracity questions her character and impugns her integrity despite the absence of any evidence upon which to base their slanderous claims. This begs the question: Why do Republicans, from the top down, persists in reciting these charges as if they were Gospel?

This is especially troubling when the truth is so readily at hand; it is a special species of hubris that was first expressed in Trump’s claim: “I could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and get away with it!”  The latest expression of this brazen hubris is Devious Donnie’s apparent belief that he can just straight up lie to his acolytes with no shame in his game and get away with it….and so far so good.

When Newsweek, one of our great journalistic enterprises employing some of the best journalist in the world, looked into the “mansion” claim they concluded:

“Public real estate records suggest Warren’s house is not by any means what one might imagine a mansion to be, boasting a modest four bedrooms and three to three-and-a-half baths. Warren’s home last sold in 1995 for less than $500,000, and market estimates currently vary quite a bit for its potential resale value.”

From the Right-Wing Propaganda Machine
Appealing to the worst in White America

The charge that Senator Warren got her job at Harvard unfairly by claiming a bogus Native American heritage, also crumbles under the slightest scrutiny. Based on documents examined by the Boston Globe, Senator Warren wrote “No” when she was asked if she wanted to be considered for a program for minority students on her admissions application at Rutgers University.  And when she was asked her racial identity while applying for a job at the University of Texas, Warren described herself as “White!”

Furthermore, Charles Fried, who was chairman of the committee that recommended the appointment of Elizabeth Warren to the Harvard Law Faculty during 1995, told the Boston Herald that Senator Warren’s ethnic identity was not a factor.  “It simply played no role in the appointments process.  It was not mentioned.”  In a separate interview Fried, who was a solicitor General under Ronald Reagan, says “I can state categorically that the subject of her Native American ancestry never once was mentioned.”

Furthermore, Warren said that she did not apply for the job at Harvard Law, she was recruited.  Anybody who knows anything about the academic marketplace know that’s how it happens at the top.  All the evidence shows that the charges against Senator Warren are slanderous lies knowingly repeated ad nauseum as Republican talking points. With an air of disappointment and surprise, the Senator told MSNBC:

“This was supposed to be an event to honor heroes, people who put it all on the line for our country, and people who because of their incredible work saved the lives of countless Americans and our allies.  It is deeply unfortunate that the President of the United States cannot even make it through a ceremony honoring these heroes without having to throw out a racial slur.”

Native American groups and scholars have been quick to offer protests over Trump’s ignorant slurring of Native American Indians by calling Senator Warren Pocahontas, a figure which many Native Americans consider a symbol of contempt for their people and culture.   And they have no doubt that Donald Trump intends it as such.  Geographer Andrew Curley, a citizen of the Navajo Nation and postdoctoral fellow at the University of North Carolina, who specializes in the study of “Indigenous Sovereignty,” aka the independence of Indian nations in relations with the US government, was candid in his views regarding Trump and Native Americans.

Dr. Curley said in a Newsweek interview: “Pocahontas is used as a racial slur in the United States all the time.  I grew up with these kinds of remarks.  It’s not the name itself but the way it’s used.  Trump is using it to attack Senator Warren and belittle Native Americans at the same time.   I take it as a personal insult.”  Curley says he considers the name in the same category of insult as the Washington football team’s use of the name “Redskins.”

Dr. Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz, Professor Emeritus, at California State University, has written that the Pocahontas story “borders on child pornography, given that the historical Pocahontas was a child when she met John Smith” in her 2016 book, “All the Real Indians Died Off: And 20 Other Myths about Native Americans.”   And as I write Russell Begaye, President of the Navajo Nation, who was in attendance at the ceremony honoring the ‘Code talkers,” is speaking on this question on MSNBC and he says Trump’s name calling marred the occasion.

Begaye issued a statement that said in part: “In this day and age, all tribal nations still battle insensitive references to our people. The prejudice that Native American people face is an unfortunate historical legacy,” When asked about the president’s objective in hurling a racist slur at Senator Warren during the ceremony, Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee responded with the same old BS: “What most people find offensive is Senator Warren lying about her heritage to advance her career.”

The fact that this is an easily disproven lie, yet the President’s spokesperson declares it as truth before the world, suggests that Joseph Goebbels’ strategy of the “Big Lie” has been fully adopted by the Trump administration; especially when viewed in light of Devious Donnie’s constant attacks on the free press. Yet this not the first time Dumb Donald has challenged the authenticity of Native Americans identity.

Dirty Donnie once went to court in New York in an attempt to discredit a group of Indians because he coveted their right to open gambling casinos on their reservations, while gambling remained illegal in New York City. In May 4, 1993 New York Times article, we are told: “Donald J. Trump, who owns three casinos in Atlantic City, has sued the Federal Government, maintaining that allowing Indian tribes to open casinos discriminates against him.”  Trump even went so far as to publicly declare “They don’t look like Indians to me!”  As if he had a clue.  The NYT article closes with a quote the sums up DD’s vicious racist avarice succinctly:

In an interview with The Associated Press, George Schneider, a lawyer representing 2,000 Ramapoughs in northern New Jersey and New York, said of Mr. Trump: “This guy is unbelievable. His father hands him a multimillion-dollar empire. The Native American Indians are lucky if they can give their children food, clothing and a roof over their head.”


However, the most egregious offense the honorees endured at this ceremony honoring Native American heroes for their courageous and invaluable service in the US Marine Corps, was the fact that it was staged right in front of a portrait of Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States who held captive black people as slaves, and was one of the most notorious Indian killers in US history!  In the revelatory text “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee,” which is based on the US government’s stenographic records of negotiations with Native American leaders and documents white American treachery, Jackson is referred to as “Sharp Knife” by the Indians, while he is celebrated by white Americans as “The Great Democratizer,” a champion of the common man.

Nothing demonstrates the vast difference in the competing narratives through which white and non-white Americans view US history than the way Andrew Jackson is remembered.  Black people see him as a cruel racist and native American commentators have described him as a genocidal killer.  Jackson first revealed his murderous proclivities when he was ordered to seize Creek and Cherokee lands by President Thomas Jefferson – a Virginia slave holder who personifies the Schizoid national character resulting from the contradiction between America’s boisterous celebration of individual liberty and equality, and the oppressive murderous polices the European settler/colonialists practiced against Africans and Indians.

General Jackson ordered his soldiers to kill Indian men, women and children in an attempt to exterminate them.  In the process he stole 23 million acres of Creek land in southeastern Georgia and central Alabama on behalf of the US government, upon which white settlers established slave plantations employing African labor.  And when he became President, Jackson signed the “Indian Removal Act” on May 28, 1830.

This law required the remaining Indian tribes which had not been decimated by the violence of white settlers to relocate west of the Mississippi River.  Those who refused to leave their homes such as the Cherokee, were forcibly removed by the US military on a forced march that has become know to history as the notorious “Trail of Tears.” Several thousand Cherokees died on this horrendous trek, but it is a largely forgotten incident in the official American Saga.  It is instructive that “Old Hickory” is Donnie Dimwit’s Hero!

Old Sharp Knife

Mass Murderer!

That’s why some observers think the ceremony honoring Native American military heroes was purposely staged with the portrait of Jackson “The Indian Killer” prominently displayed in the background. I disagree, I don’t think DD had a clue.  I agree with the long-time Republican pundit George Will, who observed: “The problem with Donald Trump is that he doesn’t know what it is to know something.”  Hence, I believe that Donnie Dimwit is a buffoon, charlatan and know nothing, and his latest disgrace of his office is due as much to stupidity as venality, since he routinely displays generous portions of both.



Playthell G. Benjamin
Commentaries On The Times
Harlem, New York
December, 2017

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