Rush Limbaugh on Stormy Daniels

There’s no Shame in this Girl’s Game

“She Didn’t Make Me Horny!”

Rush and his Boo

While surfing through the wonderful world of You Tube in search of interviews with Stormy Daniels, a red-hot mama and shameless hussy who may yet cause Dirty Donald’s presidency to crumble, I stumbled upon a segment of the Rush Limbaugh show titled “What I think of Stormy Daniels.   While I have long since turned a deaf ear to Rush’s rants, cause its usually SOS i.e. same old shit, I though it might be amusing to hear what the star talking head on “Trump News” had to say. 

From the outset he tells us that Stormy didn’t make him horny.  I was taken back and thought it a strange confession; especially since Rush strikes me as the kind of lecherous old horn dog that would to bang a bear if he could get it up, they bound her claws, muzzled her mouth and somebody held her head.  Alas, knowing the Rotund Rush  is a forked tongued charlatan, whom every woman I know considers an unappetizing tub of lard, I seriously doubted that he would kick stormy out of the bed.

Rush’s confession made me wonder what his wife looked like, so I googled her.  The first thing that caught my eye was an article titled Rush Limbaugh: Sick Secrets Of $470 Million Divorce: Wife’s keeping a stable of studs!”  And it was published in his President’s favorite newspaper, the National Enquirer, a scurrilous scandal sheet Trump once publicly inquired in wonder as to why they had not won a Pulitzer Prize.  Dumb Donnie was sure it was the result of a conspiracy among the purveyors of “fake News” like the “failing” New York Times and the Washington Post.

Normally I avoid exposing myself to the Enquirer; not because it isn’t sometimes amusing, an entertaining break from contemplating unpleasant realities, it’s just that I have better employment for my time trying to keep up with the hurly burley cascade of events and write thoughtful erudite commentary on the most important them.  But after hearing Rush trash the journalistic integrity of US News and World Report, by referring to the publication as a “failing” outfit that published “fake news,” I figured that publications like the Enquirer would down with him, they had his back.  Not so!

With such a provocative headline I couldn’t resist perusing the article, and I confess that I am always down to hear some dirt on Rushbo because he is such a dirty MOFO and soulless fraud.  So, I dived into the risqué expose and I was not disappointed.  The Enquirer claims “Rush Limbaugh’s fourth wife is cheating on him with hunky young athletes and setting the stage for a big bucks divorce that could humiliate the right-wing Icon.” The Enquirer claims that family members told them that “Kathryn – a 40 year old blond stunner – is two timing the media motormouth with a married man…She’s taken Rush’s plane to meet men – and even cheated while visiting her cancer stricken dad in Massachusetts.”  

The article goes on in that fashion, painting Rush as a fat tired old man that can’t satisfy the voracious sexual appetite of his hot young wife, who was always in it for the money, just like people say about Melania.  Although how much Rush and Donnie’s wives have in common is open to question, the fact that Rush and Donnie share the same “Trick” mentality is obvious. Both of these men rely on money and status to attract women.  As several of the women who had affairs with Trump testified, Doophus Donald offered them cash after a roll in the hay, which confused and angered them because of what it implied regarding his view of them.

Rush Limbaugh may be nauseating but he ain’t stupid, he knows the only way he is gonna cop a lay is to pay for it.  And it is widely rumored about that Rush was in such a hurry to hook this hottie and fetter her freedom her with the manacles of matrimony that he married her without a prenup!  Say what?

Whether any of this is true or not alas, it serves Rush’s rotund rump right, for he has been a champion of fake news.  If it is true, so much the better, perhaps the wily wife will take the boisterous, bumptious, belligerent blowhard to the cleaners; which is a good place for a down and dirty dog.  Alas, viewed from this perspective, Rush’s unsolicited confession that he didn’t get it up, remaining cool calm and collected while watching Stormy on 60 minutes, takes on a different dimension.

Since the program was not about whether Stormy made Rush horny, but whether she banged The Donald, methinks the bodacious buffoon doth protests too loudly.  The question, where rush is concerned, is whether his hot wife makes him horny and can he rise to the occasion when called upon.  A custom document from a recent trip to the Dominican  Republic shows that Rush had a generous supply of Viagra, but his wife was not a part of his all-male travelling party.* And since it is rumored abroad that randy young Cocksmen have “leapt betwixt his sheets and is doing his office,” as Iyago was told about lusty Moor Othello, Rushbo should spend all his spare time watching over his own yard.  And since wifey is rumored to have a yen for athletes, there is always the chance there is a lusty generously endowed blackamoor hiding in the woodpile!

Since Rush’s penis envy for black athletes is well known, he shares the agony of Iyago who confessed: “The very thought of which is maddening.”   As for Stormy’s credibility, which Rush has trashed, the tawdry tales she told about Dirty Donald’s deeds comes across as far more credible than Rush’s claim that she doesn’t make him horny.  If I was a bettin man, enticed by games of chance, I’d bet my bottom dollar Rush would pay for Stormy to rain golden showers upon his bulbous hog head faster than Hopalong Cassidy could draw his guns.

** The custom’s Document
Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York

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