The Brightest Smile in Town!  

 Charmed by a Real Smoothie Melania is all Smiles

 Yo Doophus Donald!  This is How You Do It!

When I first peeped that beaming mega-watt smile spreading across Melania’s face as she chatted up Barack Obama at the last rites for the former First Lady Barbara Bush, two thoughts immediately came to mind.  First, there is the strange realization that she smiled a brighter smile at a funeral in the company of Barack Obama than she manages to muster at parties with the orange ogre to whom she is married.

Realizing that bizarre fact conjured up a scene from Shakespeare’s Othello, when the beautiful white Desdemona gazes upon “Noble” black Othello and opines: “Would that God had made me such a man.”   If I could read her mind I’d bet my bottom dollar that this is what Melania was thinking!

How could it be otherwise, human nature being what it is.  After all, this is not the first time we have witnessed Melania in the presence of Barack. Remember the first time “The Donald” and Melania visited the White House during the transition period?  Remember how Dirty Donald walked of and left Melania – the mark of  man who prefers to buy pussy…fuck em and forget em! – as she was was getting out of the limo bearing a gift for the Obama’s.  Barack graciously descended the stairs, took Melania by the arm, gave her a warm kiss, and escorted her into the White House on his arm while the self-absorbed narcissist she married never even looked back to see how she was faring.

 The Odd Woman Out?

 The World witnessed  what life is like with a narcissist
 A Black Knight to the Rescue
 Wonder what Barack is Telling her?

When the picture of a brightly smiling Melania hit the internet on Twitter – Doophus Donnie’s favorite forum – the Tweeting Twit in the Oval Office greeted it with silence. But it is of no matter, because a picture is worth a thousand words and the pictures posted here tell us everything that need be said on the question at hand.  Perhaps this explains why the blabbermouth joker in the white House, who has something to Tweet about everything else, has been so quiet you could hear a snake pissing in the wind. Not so of others in Twitter World, which has been abuzz with comments that are distinguished by their candor.  A succinct sampling will suffice. The following remarks are representative.

Jennifer Fojas @jenlowfo

That’s the happiest I’ve ever seen her!

Jennifer Piotti


She must love sitting with a real president!



What it looks like to be next to a real man, you get smiles & all.

Thom Rutledge


And she’s smiling. You don’t see that when she is with President what’s his name?


Susan Troxell

FollowFollow @susanktroxell


Replying to @crazymary1964 @andylassner @POTUS

I will NEVER forget this ‘small’ event. Her face after this encounter. HIS face after this encounter. Spoke volumes to me. He’s an abuser – always has been, always will be. He should be sitting in a locked room all by himself, with no contact with other humans.

 Audrey Regan


Obama doing his best to make Melania feel comfortable. That’s all this is. Melania must be very grateful to be seated beside him.


BACKUPYOUCREEP‏ @EmaCornaCopia Apr 21

 Givin her his dignity, grace and style# POTUS

Persistently Uppity


Donald was standing at the back of the line when they handed out dignity, grace and style. And they ran out before he finally made it up to the front.

Add “make Melania smile” to the long list of things Obama can do that Trump can’t.

Where is the Love?
What’s Love got to do with it?


Aquarius Solrac


Dear @realDonaldTrump, why can’t you make #Melania smile the way #BarackObama does? Maybe it’s your micro-penis.

Although it is seldom discussed in the media in deference to the First Lady, not wanting to add to her persistent humilation by her husband, Melania’s sadness has not gone un-noticed.  In an article titled “Inside the Trump Marriage, published in the May 2017 issue of Vanity Fair, writer Evgenia Peretz observes:“Traditionally, presidents have at least made a show of having healthy, happy marriages. Even the Clintons, despite marital troubles, appeared to have moments of genuine affection, humor, and bonding.”

Ms. Peretz  went on to observe that  during Innugaration Day  the truth about the Trump’s relationship was put on public display.  “But from almost the first moments of Inauguration Day, during the ceremonial arrival at the White House, it seemed something was amiss with the Trumps…During Franklin Graham’s blessing, Donald turned around to look at Melania. She smiled momentarily. But once his back was turned, her face fell into a miserable frown. Later that night, as the president and First Lady had their “first dance,” twice over, to “My Way,” she was often stiff and pulling away from his face.”

The article notes that the shock and outrage many women felt as they watched this sad spectacle on television sparked them to hold up signs during the “Women’s Demonstration” against Trump that shouted “Free Melania!”  The sadness experienced by Melania due to Dirty Donald’s boorish / whorish behavior is graphically expressed in poignant pictures that captured the moment.

Pissed at the New Prez!

Was it Something Dastardly Don Did?

This is what Real Love Looks Like!

All  Smiles…


Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
April 24, 2018 

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