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An Open Letter to Tommy Sotomayor

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Me and my Beautiful,Brilliant, Talented Afro-Cuban Wife

Message to a Black Self-Hatin Troll


YO Uncle Tom!!!!

Instead of putting your mental illness on public display for the world to see, why don’t you seek professional help? I suspect that your problem comes from the fact that you are the product of a racist Hispanic culture that prizes whites, mestizos and mulattoes, and despises black skin, nappy hair and West African features in general. So It is not hard to imagine the misery a little frog faced black runt like you must have suffered!
But from the constant attacks you level against black women on your You Tube Channel SotomayorTV.Com, you obviously have a big problem with our Sistas! From your persistent whining it is all too obvious that your hostility results from the fact that you have been a dismal failure in your attempts to court and win their affections. Alas, if you can’t get a fine educated black woman HERE IN THE USA, which you obviously can’t, it is not because you are black and African looking: It is because you are an ignorant, nauseating, self-hating Pooty-Pop who does not LOVE HIMSELF!
What you evidently don’t understand is that you constantly reveal how fucked up you are in your public behavior! And this is what you project to women. I can say this with confidence because I know where-of I speak. In other words I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two! I beseech you to please seek treatment my brother cause you are a sick Mofo, and one need not be a mental health professional to recognize it!
You have a twisted view of women, especially the marvelous women of your own race. I have been around the world and spoke to everybody twice! I am an Old School Player and Master Cocksman; a Cosmopolite who have enjoyed the love of beautiful brilliant gifted women of all nations. Having been mostly single until my mid thirties, my life as a ladies man has been spectacular; even by the exaggerated standards of a romance novel. The Spanish Mami’s – who range from light/bright/damned near white; to deep ebony black – called me “Chocolate Caliente!” The British West Indian Ladies called me “Sugarcane” – Those really in the know called me “Guyana Cane,” because they say Guyana grows the biggest, hardest and sweetest cane! The women of the French Antilles called me “Bon Bon.”  All the rest called me simply “SWEETS”! 
I have lived a life with the ladies that a homely little troll like you cannot even imagine, with your deeply embedded inferiority complex.  There were white women who loved to wash my dirty drawers and shine my shoes that were so fine, pootbutts like Dirty Donnie Chump – the Quintessential Trick – would pay them to piss on him like the Russian girls…and a pitiful little punk and mental midget like you couldn’t convince them to spit on you for a King’s ransom! However, most of the beautiful, talented, brilliant sensual, women I have known – as lovers and friends – have been BLACK WOMEN!!!!

Check This Out Chump!

An Art Photographer
A Trini Lawyer who loves to Play Mass   

A Latina Businesswoman

A Brilliant African Doctor

The Puerto Rican Dancer who Introduced me to the Conga Drums
Artist, Educator and Fashion Designer

A Mathematics Professor

A Great Artist

A Black and Tan Fantasy!

I’ve had a Grand Time with the Colored Ladies…
These photographs span fifty years of my life. I was 23 when the first picture was taken and I was around 71 when the last photos were shot.  They speak for themselves regarding the variety of beautiful accomplished women that were ever present in my life as friends, wives, lovers and colleagues.   As all with eyes can see: I am very much a Black man.  Hence I find your weeping about the trials of being a black man Tom, especially in your relations with black women, bizarre. I am convinced that your problem resides with the man in the mirror.  Think about it my troubled young Brother.
I would, however, like to offer further evidence to support my claims regarding the uniqueness of lack women. According to the American Council of Higher Education, lack women are the most educated demographic in the United States! And their intellectual brilliance, although often stifled by racism and sexism, still managed to shine through the haze of bullshit. Watch the movie “Hidden Figures,” based on real life characters. The story of the American Space Program would have been qualitatively different had it not been for them.
Somehow, in all of your silly vicious put downs of black women, you have overlooked their history of heroism and fidelity to black males even when we were at our lowest point in the world! I adore and revere the black women who have shaped my life; my greatest teachers have been black women.  I have been nurtured and doted over by them all of my life. 
So you Tom are both a mystery and an embarrassment to me. You are what my grandfather used to call “Breath and britches posing as a man!”  I wonder what your mother, grandmother, sisters, aunts and girl cousins think of you? Do you ever even consider how the horrid things you say about black ladies affects them?   Listening to you deride and defame black women I get the impression that you hate them…which I suspect is a tragic projection of your own self-loathing.


As regards our sister’s beauty, I have attached two poignant photo-essays that I compiled as a homage to the beauty of BLACK WOMEN IN AFRICA AND THE AMERICAS! I challenge you, Pootbutt Tom, to put together a photo-essay of the alabaster or Asian babes you shamelessly and slavishly worship, that can compare to these stunning Black, Brown and Beige Sophisticated Ladies.

These black magic women served as the inspiration for the great Duke Ellington’s compositions by those names. Duke celebrated in elegant song the grace and beauty you cannot see…. because your empty head is buried too far up yo silly ass! If you take issue with me, then introduce your own photo-essay! I double dare you little boogabear looking Troll! In the meantime, here are my photo-essays. See:


I have chosen not to repeat the putrid pathological slanders against black women by Tom.  Anyone one who is interested in the mindless blather of this cretin can check him out on his You Tube channel. To see what a sick MOFO he is, check him out before he got bold enough to reveal his identity.  See,

Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
The Yule Tide Season
December 20, 2018