Hands Off Venezuela!

Abrams and Pompeo: Hovering War Hawks

Is the US Engineering a Coup in Venezuela?

From the moment I heard that John Bolton was chosen as Trump’s National Security Advisor, I knew it was just a matter of time before the US would be involved in promoting armed conflict in foreign countries who chose a path of development, or foreign policy, that was not aligned with American foreign policy or perceived economic interests; the extent to which they allow private American corporations to dominate their economies.

The covert operation now underway in Venezuela is a classic case in point; there the largest oil pool in the world had come under government control through nationalization. And what is worse, the government was headed by Hugo Rafael Chavez, an Afro-Indian who was the youngest and first person of his racial background to become President of Venezuela, in which, like all the nations of Latin America, wealth and power was monopolized by a white oligarchy who proudly claimed descent from the Spanish Conquistadors.

Furthermore, the oil wealth of the nation was heavily invested in eradicating poverty; providing health care and educational opportunities to the lower classes; the people from whom Chavez came, which is why they loved him. Despite the hatred spewed against him by the oligarchs and the privileged affluent classes egged on by the US elite, Chavez was viewed as a genuine national hero by the poor and working classes of Venezuela, and also supported by radical intellectuals intent upon creating a more just and equitable society.

Yet the newspapers and broadcasters, which were owned by the oligarchs, conducted a vicious unceasing campaign against the progressive Chavez government which included scurrilous character assassination, and even hints that an actual assassination would be welcomed. No wonder he rightly saw them as the enemy of the people. It is the ultimate irony that Donald Trump, a pugnacious ignoramus and compulsive liar who has labeled the US press “enemies of the people” for simply reporting the facts about him; fulfilling their role as watchdogs over those elected to govern as mandated by the US Constitution, now defends the “free press” of Venezuela!

This campaign of disinformation and calculated lies against the Venezuelan government under Chavez was often echoed in the US corporate media, whose owners identify with the wealthy class in that country, and in the rhetoric of US politicians of both parties. When Chavez died of cancer and his close comrade Muduro took over the reins of government with a firm commitment to continue Chavez’s program, this hysterical propaganda campaign has systematically escalated to create a smoke screen behind which Mike Pompeo could appoint the old neo-con war hawk Elliot Abrams to manage American policy toward that beleaguered nation.

Abrams is a war criminal; he is responsible for the deaths of many thousands of innocent people in Latin America due to his involvement with the murderous Contras in Nicaragua; the death squads of El Salvador; and his support of the genocidal regime of military dictator Rios Mott in Guatemala – who was later convicted of genocide against the indigenous population. The only reason that Abrams was not convicted as an accomplice to this and other crimes against humanity is because he was an official of the American government, and the USA ignores the International Criminal Court when it is not in their interests to uphold the ICC’s judgements.

One need only look at the track record of the neo-cons during their ascendancy under the Administration of George W. Bush, and it is easy to recognize the danger they pose to pursuing a peaceful US foreign policy today. Right-wing Neo-con policy wonks from the Project for a New American Century such as Bill Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, John Bolton and their sponsor “Dirty Dick” Cheney led us into the disastrous Iraq War against the protest of seasoned intelligence officers, scholars on the region, and concerned American citizens opposed to interventionist foreign wars – especially wars of choice against weaker nations that pose no danger to the USA like Iraq and Venezuela.

A deep thinking cosmopolite of humane vision, President Barack Obama pursued a different foreign policy; one that sought to empower international organizations such as the United Nations, and the Organization of American States. He also worked to build important international treaty alliances such as the Paris Accord on Climate Change. And he favored support for popular democratic forces against authoritarian leaders, especially in the Middle East during the “Arab Spring.” He also signed a major nuclear arms treaty with Russia to reduce nuclear stock piles, and opposed the development of new weapons; for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Alas, the Trump Administration has reversed that trend.

John Bolton, a pugnacous pootbutt nerd who always looks like his is still mad because the tough guns ate his lunch as a kid, is an unreconstructed neo-con hawk who is still committed to the PNAC vision of a unipolar world where the US is the only super-power and thus can impose its will upon the world with military might: A Pax Americana. Mike Pompeo is the point man for this retrograde policy, we saw this in his statements during his recent trip to the Middle East, especially his visit to Egypt, which was in sharp contrast to Barack Obama’s humane and visionary speech when he visited Egypt on his first trip to the Middle East early in his presidency. (See: “Of All the Places in the Muslim World Why Egypt?” at https://commentariesonthetimes.me/2009/09/17/of-all-the-places-in-the-muslim-world/

I warned that this guy was a dangerous snake when Dastardly Donald first appointed him Secretary Of State – See Vote No for Pompeo at https://commentariesonthetimes.me/2018/04/13/vote-no-on-pompeo/. And Pompeo’s appointment of Elliot Abrams to run the State Department’s Venezuala Desk leaves no doubt about the return to an aggressive gun boat diplomacy in Latin America. Abrams first appears on the scene as an important player in US relations with Central American nations during the Reagan Administration when he organized illegal covert financing for the murderous right-wing Somosistas, aka “Contra’s” in violation of the Boland Amendment during the 1980’s.

This Amendment was a rider attached to the House approriations Bill of 1982, and specifically prohibited any American funding to forces attempting to overthrow the Sandinista government of Nicaragua. It was named for it’s author Congressman Edward Boland, a Democrat from Massachusetts, and it passed the House 411-0! Abrams would later plead guilty to lying to Congress twice about his role in the Contra affair, but was spared jail time by virtue of a pardon by President George H. W. Bush – and old CIA spook.

Nothing gives us a better measure of the moral character of the man than Abrams’ response to the report of the United Nations Truth Commission on El Salvador. After examining 22, 000 war crimes committed by right-wing “death squads” during the 12 year Civil War between the traditionally white oligarchy and the impoverished Afro-Indio masses – in which Catholic Arch-Bishop Romero was murdered at the alter of the national cathedral while conducting mass – the Truth Commission concluded that 85% of the crimes were committed by right-wing forces funded by the Reagan Administration, a policy which Abrams played an important role in formulating. When the UN report was released Abrams was the US Assistant Secretary Of State for Human Rights, and his response was “The administration’s record on El Salvador is one of fabulous achievement.” Obviously, there is no shame in this murderous clown’s game!

Alas, even this horrendous record does not exhaust the list of Abrams’ crimes. Ten years later, as a member of the PNAC cabal that seized control of US foreign policy after the 9/11 catastrophe, Abrams was an enthusiastic advocate for the invasion of Iraq. For an indepth analysis of the critical role neo-con policy wonks played in convincing George W. Bush see: “The Iraq War Was Spawned in a Think Tank” at, https://commentariesonthetimes.me/2011/05/06/the-iraq-war-was-spawned-in-a-think-tank/. Although this disastrous war cost the nation dearly in blood and treasure, and unleashed the dogs of chaos in the Middle East, Abrams and his PNAC goons remain unrepentant.
Abrams was also futzing around the White House lurking in the shadows when the Bushmen decided to launch and ill fated coup against Hugo Chavez, the elected leader of Venezuela. Although he remained in the background, Abrams’ Finger was all over this criminal enterprise. This is the man that Bolton has now selected to head the present US activity in Venezuela!

One need not be a prescient policy analyst in order to predict that the US will attempt to organize a coup in Venezuela in the near future. Many observers who are schooled in such matters believe that a coup is already underway. The signs are there and the blueprint is clear, for they have followed it before. The case of Salvador Allende comes to mind, where US induced economic instability led to social unrest, and the US government used that discontent to promote a coup led by the murderous fascist military strongman Agusto Pinochet, who literally murdered thousands of Allende supporters after causing the assassination of the country’s elected president and imposing a military police state on the populace.

Alas, I fear that we are witnessing a replay of that dreadful drama of subversion cloaked as democracy and carried out by economic sabotage and the murderous carnage of Civil War, which is certain to follow any coup in Venezuela. Fortunately, as I write, the opposion leader is opposed to America intervention…at least publicly. Given that support for President Maduro is down to 24% according to a recent Venezuelan poll, It is a propitious time for a US sponsored coup, and with a lazy ignorant president willing to concede policy decisions about Central America to his militaristic neo-con advisors….we shall see what unfolds.


NOTE: This is the first of a multi-part series. Future essays will take a closer look at the nature of the “Bolivarian Revolution” initiated by Hugo Chavez, it’s origins, aims, victories, and defeats. As well as speculations on what the future holds.

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