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Traitor, Narcissist or Fool?

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Getting their Heads Together?

On Devious Deluded Donald and the Russians

Watching Donald Trump stroll across the White House grounds, after deplaning from the presidential helicopter, I was puzzled about his state of mind.  He seemed slightly giddy about the contents of a 37-page indictment against 13 Russians for having violated American laws; interfering in the 2016 Presidential election to insure the victory of the Trump campaign and the defeat of Hillary Clinton. The indictment, which had just been announced by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office and can be read online, spells out the criminal violations defendants are charged with:

U.S. law bans foreign nationals from making certain expenditures or financial disbursements for the purpose of influencing federal elections. U.S. law also bars agents of any foreign entity from engaging in political activities within the United States without first registering with the Attorney General. And U.S. law requires certain foreign nationals seeking entry to the United States to obtain a visa by providing truthful and accurate information to the government.

Since these indictments prove that the Special Counsel is conducting a real investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election – which Trump has repeatedly call a “witch hunt” and “Democratic ruse” to explain their lost of an election “they should have won” – it is hard to fathom the reason for his glee.  Now that the Russian intervention is an Established fact in the public domain, the world will be waiting to see how the American president responds to this cyber-attack on our democratic process from Russia.

Although there is no specific allegation of Russian government involvement, intelligence experts familiar with Russian covert intelligence methods like Malcolm Nance – author of the prescient book “The Plot to Hack America”–  overwhelmingly agree that an operation of this magnitude could not have happened without Putin’s approval. Mueller’s indictment richly details the extent of the Russian efforts and names Putin’s pal, Yezgeny Peigozin, as a central figure in the Russian disinformation campaign.

A shady character who went from a petty criminal and ex-con selling hot dogs on the street, to a super-rich Oligarch after the fall of the Russian communist system, the indictment fingers him as the money man that financed the activities of the INTERNET RESEARCH AGENCY LLC, the major organization that flooded the internet with disinformation that “had a strategic goal to sow discord in the U.S. political system, including the 2016 U.S. presidential election.”

The indictment further alleges “Defendants posted derogatory information about a number of candidates, and by early to mid-2016, Defendants” operations included supporting the presidential campaign of the -candidate Donald J. Trump (“Trump Campaign”) and disparaging Hillary Clinton.”  Yezgeny is so close the Russian leader he is known as “Putin’s Chef.”  Hence the chance that he acted without Putin’s approval are about equal to a popsicle’s chances of survival in a pizza oven.

All this puts Trump on the spot, as he is pressured to enact the anti-Russian sanctions that has passed both houses of Congress by a wide margin. Or come up with a plausible explanation for his refusal.  It is a sign of the panic that has beset Trump’s advisors that they are running around parroting the President’s view that the indictments have exonerated him, his campaign staff, and them from the charge of “collusion.”  It is a measure of the accidental president’s depravity that the only thing about these indictments that appear to interest him is that he is not charged with anything, and he claims the Russian activities had “no effect on the outcome of the election.”

The fact that the Russians tried to subvert our elections has failed to provoke any serious response from Trump, let alone sanctions.  According to former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman, who was a member of the Watergate Committee that voted to impeach President Nixon, Trump’s inaction and apparent indifference to the Russian Cyber-attack on our democratic process is more than ample grounds for impeachment, whether his campaign “colluded” or not, because he has violated his oath “to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.”

Alas, while Trump has yet to offer a single word of condemnation against his pal Putin, he has leveled plenty of criticism and invective at the loyal Americans in law enforcement who are investigating the Russian attack.   Devious Donald has even gone to the extraordinary length of conflating the Mueller investigation of his campaign with the school shootings in Florida. Astonishingly, Trump has the unmitigated gall to blame the failure of the FBI to stop the school shooting on the claim that they were expending all their assets investigating him!   However, this statement reveals both an ignorance of Florida law, and how the FBI works.  First, Cruz had a legally acquired weapon and therefore had violated no laws before the shootings.  Secondly, we do not have preventive detention laws in the US, so what could the FBI have done?

There were already numerous reports to local law enforcement agencies, but nothing was done; yet this is their responsibility.  Trump, a political ignoramus who does not exhibit any observable curiosity about the art and science of governing, fails to understand that the FBI is divided into two operational sections.  One section deals with criminal matters the other with national security.  Hence those agents tasked with Russian election tampering have nothing to do with the agents who would investigate the school shooter.

But then, the truth is a relative thing for this president, who believes in “alternative facts.” And seems to only care about covering his ass.  Alas, one does not need specialized training to recognize the symptoms of “Malignant Narcissism” and “Paranoia,” with which a host of distinguished Psychiatrist and psychologists have diagnosed Trump. Hence while it remains to be determined if Trump is a traitor, he is unquestionably a narcissist and a fool!  His tweets in response to the indictments reveal a disorganized and delusional mind at best.  I think it is past time that we give the opinions of professional shrinks their due.  Amid great criticism they have embraced their “duty to warn” the rest of us about the dangers posed by such a deluded instable leader, who holds the fate of the earth in his hands as commander of the US nuclear arsenal.  We should act on the Doctors’ advice and demand that Congress impeach Devious Donald before it’s too late.



Playthell Benjamin
Harlem, New York,
February 16, 2016


Is President Trump a Racial Hygienists?

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Fanatical whites adoring their Savior

On Making America White Again

It was nauseating to witness Donald Trump, surrounded by grinning handkerchief head black quislings, read a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King. The bumbling fashion in which he read the text made it clear that he was not familiar with the facts, nor was it coming from the heart.   Like so much about Trump, it came across as phony.   That was certainly how it struck Congressman John Lewis, who walked with Dr. King in the heat of the Civil Rights battle and was brutally beaten by racist redneck cops on the Edmund Pettis bridge, during the voter registration drive in Lowndes County, Alabama.

When asked by reporter Katy Tur if he thought Trump’s remarks praising Dr. King was sincere, Congressman Lewis said no; pointing out that you cannot make racist statements one day and praise Dr. King’s legacy the next, yet expect to be taken seriously.  He said that he will not attend the upcoming State of the Union Address, because he does not consider Trump’s election to be legit, given the role played by Russian intelligence agencies in sabotaging Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The racist statement Lewis was referencing, was Trump’s declaration that the US should not welcome immigrants from “shit-hole” nations like Haiti and African countries.  Trump said he would prefer more immigrants from “Norway” instead.   There was no shame in Mighty whitey’s game.  Aside from the fact that Trump’s comments about Haitians and Nigerians during a discussion of immigration policy in the Oval Office, exposed his abysmal ignorance about black people once more, they also conjured up memories of some of the most racist episodes of the last century.

It is obvious that Trump knows nothing about the role played in the American War of Independence by Les Chasseurs Volontaires de Saint Domingue, ten companies of Haitian soldiers numbering 500 each, who fought heroically in the battle of Savanna during 1779.  They were repaid a few years later with racist American opposition to their own heroic revolution against their French oppressors, despite the fact the Haitian Revolution was based upon the same ideals as the US and French Revolutions: “Liberty, Brotherhood and equality.”  As CLR James, says: “It was one the three great bourgeois revolutions of the 18th century” that helped shape the modern world.

Savanna Monument to Haitian Heroes of 1779

Lest  We Forget?

 It is equally clear that Trump does not understand the contributions Nigerian immigrants are now making to the US.  As a community Nigerian-Americans are model citizens.  They earn college degrees at a rate 10% higher than native born Americans. According to the Houston Chronical of January 12, “Nigerian immigrants have the highest levels of education in this city and the nation, surpassing whites and Asians, according to Census data bolstered by an analysis of 13 annual Houston-area surveys conducted by Rice University.”

These figures are reflected in the three Nigerians in my building: an international lawyer, a medical doctor and a mechanical engineer who has worked for Con-Edison, keeping the lights on in Trump Tower for the last 15 years.  I could cite many outstanding Nigerians contributing to the US in a variety of fields if I had the space.

Alas, none of this matters to Donald Trump, because his concern is keeping America white and, given his choice of Norwegians as the ideal immigrant: The whiter the better!  In this attitude Trump has taken us back 100 years to the ideas of another white New Yorker, Madison Grant.  A Columbia University graduate, Grant really did have the Ivy League education Trump bogusly brags about.  The President of the New York Zoological Society, and a leading voice in the racist Eugenics Movement – which advocated selective breeding to improve the human species – Grant published a 1917 book titled The Passing of the Great Race. 

This book was written as a warning against the Superior Teutonic “race,” whose ideal prototype was the blue-eyed blond, represented in America by the “conquering Anglo-Saxon,” intermixing with the “lesser races.” And here Grant was talking about European “races,” such as Greeks and Italians, whom he labeled “men from failed civilizations.”

In Grant’s view, the ancient civilization of Greece and Rome was built by blond haired Teutons, and it was their bad judgement in breeding with the darker races that brought on the decay and collapse of their civilization. There was a special warning against Jews.  Africans and other subhuman “colored races” were strictly off limits.

One way to prevent this dreaded intermixing with inferior racial stock was by controlling their presence in the American population through immigration policy.  However, Grant was elaborating on the ideas of another rich New Yorker, Teddy Roosevelt, who cultivated the role of Anglo Saxon superman to the hilt; even buying a ranch in Wyoming where he was said to have led posses against outlaws in the late 19th century.

This image was enhanced after he led the “Rough Riders” in the battle of San Juan Hill in Santiago Cuba during the Spanish American War.  Roosevelt felt that the paramount objective of reproductive practices was to prevent overly fertile “lesser breeds” from outbreeding the superior Anglo Saxons.  He was quite open in his views on the superiority of Anglo Saxons and felt that the decimation of American Indians and the conquest of the Philippines were acts of God.

These ideas would inform the passage of the racist National Origins Act of 1924, which set quotas on immigrants based on the countries from which they came.  The Act provided that be visas be issued to 2% of each ethnic group based on the 1890 Census, which would insure that Anglo Saxon’s would forever remain the majority.  One big fan of this law was Adolph Hitler, who praised it in Mein Kempf:

“There is today one state in which at least weak beginnings toward a better conception [of immigration] are noticeable. Of course, it is not our model German Republic, but [the US], in which an effort is made to consult reason at least partially. By refusing immigrants on principle…by simply excluding certain races from naturalisation,”

Hitler was also a big fan of Madison Grant’s “Passing of the Great Race,” from which he lifted his Teutonic master race theory.  We know this because historians have uncovered a letter Hitler wrote to Madison Grant, in which the Nazi leader thanked him profusely and gushed: “Your book is my bible!”  It was these all-American ideas that informed and inspired the Nazi “racial hygienists” to exterminate six million of their Jewish countrymen by industrializing mass murder, and launching a World War which resulted in 50 million deaths.

This is the tradition Donald Trump has so passionately embraced, a set of racist ideas that resulted in the enslavement of Africans and their descendants for 250 years, and the extermination of Indigenous Native Americans resulting in the greatest land theft in history!  Of course, Dumb Donnie Dimwit is too ignorant of history to know any of this – and based on his racist behavior many thoughtful observers believe it wouldn’t matter if he did – he is propagating these ideas nevertheless.

Ignorance is no excuse in any case.  After all, he ran for the presidency, he was not drafted. That he should attempt to associate himself with the prophetic legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, an Apostle of Peace and justice, with the aid of genuflecting Sambos, is beyond shameful: It is blasphemy!


Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

January 29, 2018

A Made in America Autocrat!

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Dirty Donnie and the Brow Nosers
Senators Shamelessly Genuflect Before the Great Leader

It was nauseating watching the Republicans singing the praises of Fat Donald, assuming an embarrassing lips to posterior posture, while slapping themselves on the back for robbing the poor and showering the rich with even more money…making it rain bigtime for the super-rich plutocrats who own them, the billionaire donors who paid for the campaigns that put these pols in office. They are the new masters of Republican politics created by the Citizens United Decision of the US Supreme Court.

It was sad enough when we saw members of the cabinet cravenly kissing Trump’s rump in public, but this could be largely explained by the fact that their fate depends upon pleasing a vindictive president with a mercurial combustible temperament.  Yet for anyone who reveres the US Constitution, or just can’t stand suck ups, it was especially galling to witness members of the US Senate, a co-equal branch of government, the self-declared “greatest deliberative body in the world,” behave like lackeys in the Court of Ming the Merciless.

It was as if each Senator tried to outdo the other in crafting the most worshipful panegyric to the Great Leader.  They seemed terrified of the ever- present possibility of ritual crucifixion by the tweeting twit on Twitter, which could result in political death.  All one need to do in transcribing their remarks is substitute the salutation “Mr. President” with “Heil Hitler!” or “O Great Leader!” in order to recognize the dimensions of the crisis our democracy is presently facing from Donald Trump’s presidency. Sadly, congressional members of the GOP – Grand Opportunists Party – have entered into a Faustian bargain with an instable accidental President who the shrinks say is suffering from “Malignant Narcissism and Paranoia.” And who can say what the consequences will be?

The scene after the tax heist was, well, frightening, especially when one realizes that autocrats have been elected in other democratic societies to the enduring sorrow of its citizens. Most famously Weimar Germany, which was one of the freest and open democratic societies in the world, with a citizenry far better educated than the US electorate just now, when Hitler was elected. The foundations for a liberal enlightened German society such as Weimar had developed in Germany several decades before.

When the young Afro-American scholar WEB DuBois studied at the University of Berlin in the late 19th century, working on a PhD in economics, it was widely considered the world’s finest university. By the second decade of the 20th century Germany was publishing more books a year than any other country, which is evidence of widespread literacy.   And it was a leader in technology and Industry.

This was a society that had engaged in a protracted intergenerational debate about whether the soldier and statesman, or poet and philosopher represented the highest expression of citizenship. Whereas the billionaire business man is the most admired figure in America even if they are odious, stupid, amoral cretins.  Which does much to explain the ascendancy of Trump.

The Weimar Republic, which emerged in the aftermath of military defeat in the First World War spanning the years 1919-1933, represented a new expression of Democracy following the abdication of Wilhelm II, the last German Kaiser.  Weimar was a far freer and socially advanced society than the US was at the time. Weimar Germans were much more enlightened on race and gender issues, recreational use of drugs, and support for the arts. Afro-American Jazz music and dance – with its ethos of modernity and freedom performed at the “velocity of celebration” as Albert Murray called it – was in vogue, as is poignantly portrayed in the movie Swing Kids.

This tolerant open-minded milieu, where social life is played out to a jazz sound track, is meticulously recreated in the brilliant Novel “Clifford’s Blues; by John A. Williams.  And it is given rigorous scholarly treatment in The Jazz Republic: Music, Race and American Culture in Weimar Germany, by Johnathan O. Whipplinger.   To speak of Weimar says Whipplinger,

“is to evoke images not only of political radicalism and avant-garde artistic experiment but also jazz. More to the point, the Weimar Republic was, in a central way, Germany’s own “jazz age.”


But as Edwin Black shows in his seminal book, “Hitler’s Debt to America,” white America’s Master Race theories, racist laws against black people and attitudes about euthanasia advocated by the US Eugenics movement were all adopted by the Third Reich that crushed the Weimar democracy. Alas, the twin disasters that befell Germany after World War I due to the war reparations imposed by the 1919 Versailles Treaty and the Wall street Crash of 1929, sparking a world -wide depression that created a sense of hopelessness among Germans, set the stage for the rise of Hitler.

Although white Americans love to portray Nazis as subhuman monsters who are the antithesis of themselves, after interviewing some of the top leaders placed on trial for war crimes at Nurnburg, the insightful Jewish philosopher Hanna Arendt disagreed, she found them quite ordinary people, and coined the term “the banality of evil” to describe their behavior. Dr. Arendt outraged many Americans, and Jews everywhere, by concluding there was nothing uniquely evil about the Germans.

The problem, she concluded, was blind submission to authority and predicted that there are people we all know who are capable of running concentration camps if ordered to do so by our government.  It is evident that there are many such personality types among Trump’s followers, and like those who blindly followed Hitler, they cite emotional despair caused by economic anxieties as the reason for their allegiance.

Americans have been protected from the rise of an autocrat by our Constitution, which gives Congress the power to check the excesses of the President through legislation or impeachment.  But what happens if the Congress fails to use that power?  This is the question now being raised by serious people as Trump threatens to fire Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor investigating whether members of the Trump campaign team collaborated with the Russians to steal the presidential election, which Trump has repeatedly called a hoax.

After Trump launched threats against128 foreign countries that voted against the US on Jerusalem, former CIA Director Robert O. Brennan remarked: “Trump expects blind loyalty and subservience from everyone—qualities usually found in narcissistic, vengeful autocrats.”  One of the main characteristics of autocratic regimes are fawning flunkies who say things like the once proud Republican Senators were  Trump after the tax heist. Longtime Utah Senator Orin Hatch, said Trump might well be “The greatest president in history!”

This kind of sycophantic praise does not inspire confidence that the Republican controlled Congress will checkmate the power of a President who wishes to turn the FBI into his personal Gestapo and unleash them on his political adversaries; despises the free press; the independent judiciary and congressional opposition.  All the institutions that guard our democracy. In view of this reality, the thoughtful observer is compelled to wonder if the difference between Trump, Hitler and Kim Jung UN, has less to do with philosophy than opportunity.


Playthell G. Benjamin
January 6, 2018
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Donnie Dimwit and the Indians!

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It was like a bad Comedy Skit

Navajo War Heroes Insulted by Draft Dodging Coward!

Recently Donald J. Trump held a White House ceremony honoring Native American “code speakers,” world war II heroes that helped this nation win the War against the formidable “Empire of the Rising Sun,” because they conveyed messages in their native language and Japanese intelligence could not translate them. According to military leaders, these soldier- were a critical secret weapon in the American war effort. These men are genuine American heroes, and it is a stain upon the character of the US that they should have been used as props for Trump’s petty political attacks against a sitting US Senator.  When Trump turned to the Indian honorees after insulting Senator Warren while offering silly compliments to them…he was greeted with silence and the coldest stone-faced stare I have ever seen from a living person.

Alas the pompous, narcissistic, abysmally ignorant, racist, compulsive liar that presently stinks up the White House and debases his office on a daily basis – White trash with money largely elected by white trash without money who see in him the personification of their most cherished values – failed to see that he was also insulting the Navajo veterans when called Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas.” Implying that she is that she is a liar when she claims her Native American heritage.

But since Trump has been flagged over 200 times for lying by Washington Post fact checkers, everything he claims should be viewed with a jaundiced eye as a matter of course.  Hence, I decided to investigate the Republican charge that Senator Warren – one of the finest minds in the US Senate and a leading advocate for the poor and powerless – lives in a five million dollar “mansion” and faked a Native American heritage to get a professorship at Harvard Law School.

The facts show that there is no truth to these claims. Senator Warren bases her kinship to the Cherokee nation on stories her mother told her.  And given the tragic history of Native Americans that oral tradition, based on family lore passed down over generations, is often the only way they have been able to maintain their identity and trace kinship ties.  Hence attacks upon the Senator’s veracity questions her character and impugns her integrity despite the absence of any evidence upon which to base their slanderous claims. This begs the question: Why do Republicans, from the top down, persists in reciting these charges as if they were Gospel?

This is especially troubling when the truth is so readily at hand; it is a special species of hubris that was first expressed in Trump’s claim: “I could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and get away with it!”  The latest expression of this brazen hubris is Devious Donnie’s apparent belief that he can just straight up lie to his acolytes with no shame in his game and get away with it….and so far so good.

When Newsweek, one of our great journalistic enterprises employing some of the best journalist in the world, looked into the “mansion” claim they concluded:

“Public real estate records suggest Warren’s house is not by any means what one might imagine a mansion to be, boasting a modest four bedrooms and three to three-and-a-half baths. Warren’s home last sold in 1995 for less than $500,000, and market estimates currently vary quite a bit for its potential resale value.”

From the Right-Wing Propaganda Machine
Appealing to the worst in White America

The charge that Senator Warren got her job at Harvard unfairly by claiming a bogus Native American heritage, also crumbles under the slightest scrutiny. Based on documents examined by the Boston Globe, Senator Warren wrote “No” when she was asked if she wanted to be considered for a program for minority students on her admissions application at Rutgers University.  And when she was asked her racial identity while applying for a job at the University of Texas, Warren described herself as “White!”

Furthermore, Charles Fried, who was chairman of the committee that recommended the appointment of Elizabeth Warren to the Harvard Law Faculty during 1995, told the Boston Herald that Senator Warren’s ethnic identity was not a factor.  “It simply played no role in the appointments process.  It was not mentioned.”  In a separate interview Fried, who was a solicitor General under Ronald Reagan, says “I can state categorically that the subject of her Native American ancestry never once was mentioned.”

Furthermore, Warren said that she did not apply for the job at Harvard Law, she was recruited.  Anybody who knows anything about the academic marketplace know that’s how it happens at the top.  All the evidence shows that the charges against Senator Warren are slanderous lies knowingly repeated ad nauseum as Republican talking points. With an air of disappointment and surprise, the Senator told MSNBC:

“This was supposed to be an event to honor heroes, people who put it all on the line for our country, and people who because of their incredible work saved the lives of countless Americans and our allies.  It is deeply unfortunate that the President of the United States cannot even make it through a ceremony honoring these heroes without having to throw out a racial slur.”

Native American groups and scholars have been quick to offer protests over Trump’s ignorant slurring of Native American Indians by calling Senator Warren Pocahontas, a figure which many Native Americans consider a symbol of contempt for their people and culture.   And they have no doubt that Donald Trump intends it as such.  Geographer Andrew Curley, a citizen of the Navajo Nation and postdoctoral fellow at the University of North Carolina, who specializes in the study of “Indigenous Sovereignty,” aka the independence of Indian nations in relations with the US government, was candid in his views regarding Trump and Native Americans.

Dr. Curley said in a Newsweek interview: “Pocahontas is used as a racial slur in the United States all the time.  I grew up with these kinds of remarks.  It’s not the name itself but the way it’s used.  Trump is using it to attack Senator Warren and belittle Native Americans at the same time.   I take it as a personal insult.”  Curley says he considers the name in the same category of insult as the Washington football team’s use of the name “Redskins.”

Dr. Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz, Professor Emeritus, at California State University, has written that the Pocahontas story “borders on child pornography, given that the historical Pocahontas was a child when she met John Smith” in her 2016 book, “All the Real Indians Died Off: And 20 Other Myths about Native Americans.”   And as I write Russell Begaye, President of the Navajo Nation, who was in attendance at the ceremony honoring the ‘Code talkers,” is speaking on this question on MSNBC and he says Trump’s name calling marred the occasion.

Begaye issued a statement that said in part: “In this day and age, all tribal nations still battle insensitive references to our people. The prejudice that Native American people face is an unfortunate historical legacy,” When asked about the president’s objective in hurling a racist slur at Senator Warren during the ceremony, Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee responded with the same old BS: “What most people find offensive is Senator Warren lying about her heritage to advance her career.”

The fact that this is an easily disproven lie, yet the President’s spokesperson declares it as truth before the world, suggests that Joseph Goebbels’ strategy of the “Big Lie” has been fully adopted by the Trump administration; especially when viewed in light of Devious Donnie’s constant attacks on the free press. Yet this not the first time Dumb Donald has challenged the authenticity of Native Americans identity.

Dirty Donnie once went to court in New York in an attempt to discredit a group of Indians because he coveted their right to open gambling casinos on their reservations, while gambling remained illegal in New York City. In May 4, 1993 New York Times article, we are told: “Donald J. Trump, who owns three casinos in Atlantic City, has sued the Federal Government, maintaining that allowing Indian tribes to open casinos discriminates against him.”  Trump even went so far as to publicly declare “They don’t look like Indians to me!”  As if he had a clue.  The NYT article closes with a quote the sums up DD’s vicious racist avarice succinctly:

In an interview with The Associated Press, George Schneider, a lawyer representing 2,000 Ramapoughs in northern New Jersey and New York, said of Mr. Trump: “This guy is unbelievable. His father hands him a multimillion-dollar empire. The Native American Indians are lucky if they can give their children food, clothing and a roof over their head.”


However, the most egregious offense the honorees endured at this ceremony honoring Native American heroes for their courageous and invaluable service in the US Marine Corps, was the fact that it was staged right in front of a portrait of Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States who held captive black people as slaves, and was one of the most notorious Indian killers in US history!  In the revelatory text “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee,” which is based on the US government’s stenographic records of negotiations with Native American leaders and documents white American treachery, Jackson is referred to as “Sharp Knife” by the Indians, while he is celebrated by white Americans as “The Great Democratizer,” a champion of the common man.

Nothing demonstrates the vast difference in the competing narratives through which white and non-white Americans view US history than the way Andrew Jackson is remembered.  Black people see him as a cruel racist and native American commentators have described him as a genocidal killer.  Jackson first revealed his murderous proclivities when he was ordered to seize Creek and Cherokee lands by President Thomas Jefferson – a Virginia slave holder who personifies the Schizoid national character resulting from the contradiction between America’s boisterous celebration of individual liberty and equality, and the oppressive murderous polices the European settler/colonialists practiced against Africans and Indians.

General Jackson ordered his soldiers to kill Indian men, women and children in an attempt to exterminate them.  In the process he stole 23 million acres of Creek land in southeastern Georgia and central Alabama on behalf of the US government, upon which white settlers established slave plantations employing African labor.  And when he became President, Jackson signed the “Indian Removal Act” on May 28, 1830.

This law required the remaining Indian tribes which had not been decimated by the violence of white settlers to relocate west of the Mississippi River.  Those who refused to leave their homes such as the Cherokee, were forcibly removed by the US military on a forced march that has become know to history as the notorious “Trail of Tears.” Several thousand Cherokees died on this horrendous trek, but it is a largely forgotten incident in the official American Saga.  It is instructive that “Old Hickory” is Donnie Dimwit’s Hero!

Old Sharp Knife

Mass Murderer!

That’s why some observers think the ceremony honoring Native American military heroes was purposely staged with the portrait of Jackson “The Indian Killer” prominently displayed in the background. I disagree, I don’t think DD had a clue.  I agree with the long-time Republican pundit George Will, who observed: “The problem with Donald Trump is that he doesn’t know what it is to know something.”  Hence, I believe that Donnie Dimwit is a buffoon, charlatan and know nothing, and his latest disgrace of his office is due as much to stupidity as venality, since he routinely displays generous portions of both.



Playthell G. Benjamin
Commentaries On The Times
Harlem, New York
December, 2017

Sweet Home Alabama!

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Senator Elect Doug Jones and Supporters

Bamas Reject Racist, Sexist, Reactionary Politics

The look of resignation on the faces of the crowd gathered at the Campaign headquarters of Roy Moore when they heard of Doug Jones’ victory last night, conjured up images of what citizens of Montgomery – then the capitol of the southern confederacy – must have looked like when they heard that their beloved General Robert E. Lee had surrendered to General U.S. Grant.   They looked as if their world had come to an end, another grand cause lost.  One need only survey the ubiquitous grey heads in this crowd of deluded geezers to see that they represented Alabama’s past and the election results represent the hope of a different and better future.

Nowhere is this dichotomy in generational views demonstrated more dramatically than in the men the Democrats and Republicans put forth as candidates for the United States Senate.  Roy Moore represents the worst of the dismal southern past: A bible thumping, scripture quoting, racist, sexist, homophobic old hypocrite, Moore was the hope of the backward-looking Alabamians who pine for the days when being white meant you were somebody special even if you were an ugly, stupid, po ass redneck.

Moore’s beliefs and behavior, while outrageous and even unlawful – as in the charges of pedophilia – made him the hero of this crowd who seem to want to fight the Civil War all over again.   For instance, this is a guy who has been twice kicked off the judicial bench in Alabama because he refused to follow the law when it conflicted with his dogmatic religious beliefs.  Moore has said he thinks homosexual behavior is criminal and therefore homosexual marriage an abomination. And in response to his mouthing the Trumpist slogan “Make America Great Again,” a black reporter asked him when did he think America was great in the past.

Roy Moore: Fake Cowboy and Fake Christian

This Poseur Can’t Ride Worth Shit!

To wit the clueless old Neo-Confederate sympathizer cited the Antebellum south during “slavery times,” as the old folks who had endured the horrors of slavery used to say when I was a boy in Florida.  Moore actually said: “Of course we had slavery back then, but our families were united.”  Yet a basic feature of US slavery was the destruction of black families, who were the property of plantation owners with no more rights than live-stock.  This was made plain in the Dred Scott Decision of 1857, in which Justice Rodger B. Taney wrote “Black men have no rights that white men are bound to respect.”

That someone running for the US Senate could say such an outrageous thing at the dawning of the 21st century, and not cause an uproar from the US population, is further evidence that the Master Narrative of American civilization still relies more on self-serving white supremacist propaganda than the peer reviewed scholarly evidence presented by professional historians.  The fact is that Moore has added a grievous insult to the grotesque injuries Afro-Americans have suffered from the experience of chattel slavery in the US.

It was a massive crime against humanity that was legally practiced under American law for over two centuries, and spawned a legal caste system that insured the continuance of white supremacy in America for a century after slavery was ended in Civil War, the most destructive war in history up to that time.  It was only after the Supreme Court reversed Plessy V Ferguson in the Brown v Board of ED decision of 1954, followed by the Omnibus Civil rights Bill of 1964, that the legal oppression of Afro-Americans based on race – the criminalization of their skin color – ended.

This is such a shameful history that it is no wonder the official myth makers of white America want to play it down or try and pretend it never happened; as some southern states are doing by leaving the question of slavery out of their public-school textbooks in discussing the cause of the Civil War.  They prefer, instead, to talk about “States Rights” and “the northern invasion.”  The propagation of these fictive lies in the place of historical truth is the reason that we are still fighting over the public display of monuments honoring the Confederacy as I write – although it is akin to flying Nazi flags and building monuments to the Third Reich in Germany.

Roy Moore represents this shameful past, and Doug Jones represents a hopeful future where people of all races and sexual orientations can live together under the equal protection of the law.  Jones was elected by a coalition that has the potential to bring about progressive change everywhere in the US: minorities, women, progressive white men, and the LGBT community.  However due to the disparate interests of the various factions this is a combustible coalition that could blow up if identity politics become an issue.

This election provided ideal conditions for a winning alliance to form.  As the successful prosecutor of the white Ku Klux Klan terrorists who bombed a black church in Birmingham Alabama, murdering four lovely bright young girls attending Sunday School, Doug Jones is a hero to many Afro-Americans.  To choose him over a reactionary racist like Moore was a piece of cake.

What I find harder to explain is why so many white commentators find it surprising that Black Alabamians turned out to the polls in nearly the same numbers as they voted for Barack Obama.  I would have been surprised if the turnout had been otherwise.  Afro-American support for Jones was critical, according to Dave Wasserman, an editor at the authoritative Cook Political Report. who posted some of the numbers on Twitter.

For instance, in Selma, the Seat of Dallas County where a bloody struggle for voting rights took place during the 1960’s, 74% of black voters turned out.  And in Perry County, where Dr. King recruited participants for the Poor People’s Campaign, the turnout was 78%.  Their votes check mated the white rural vote for Roy Moore.  And 90% of all black voters cast their ballots for Doug Jones; in some counties their percentage of the vote exceeded their percentage of the population.

The fact that Roy Moore is an accused pedophile by several credible women, and he was strongly supported by the Groper-In-Chief in the Oval Office, caused him to lose many women voters, and his blatant homophobia turned the gay community against him.  His disregard for the Constitution’s prohibition against government promotion of religion alienated those who wish to maintain a secular society and prefer judges that follow the law. Since Doug Jones embodies all the virtues that Roy Moore lacks, the advantage accrued to him in this election.

This is demonstrated by the dramatic turnarounds in some counties.  For instance, Trump won the Tuscaloosa area – where the University of Alabama is located – by 20%, but Jones won it by 16% which is a 36% turnaround. In Lee County, where Auburn University is located the turnaround is even more dramatic.  Trump won the county by 23% but Jones won by 17%, which is a turnaround of 40%.

But the biggest looser in this election is Steve Bannon, the pompous poot-butt frantic frump, who has declared war on the Republican establishment and was the chief strategist for the Moore campaign.  Some Republicans in Congress have had enough, and are rethinking the Faustian Bargain they made with the iconoclastic charlatan.  Congressman Peter King of New York probably spoke for a lot of his colleagues when he asked: “How did this guy who looks like a dischelved drunk become the face of the Republican Party?”

The numbers from Lee County are especially interesting because Charles Barkley, who campaigned vigorously on behalf of Jones, was a basketball star at Auburn.  And in a state with no professional sports teams, being a major college star is a really big deal…especially if they go on to a Hall of Fame Career in Professional sports. Hence, I believe the role Charles Barkley, a native of Alabama, played in swaying the election to Doug Jones is underplayed, especially when one considers the critical role of the black vote.

Charles Barkley

Homeboy says: “Lets Stop Lookin Like Fools!”

In any case, it is to Alabama’s enduring shame that the election was so close.  Compared to the deeply flawed character of Roy Moore, Doug Jones is a white knight in shining armor.  Hence choosing Jones should have been a no-brainer.  Delusional old fool that he is, I suspect Roy Moore thinks galloping up to the polls on horseback makes him look heroic.   If a short fat guy like Napoleon Bonaparte looks heroic on a horse why not me he might well have asked himself.  Alas, as a life-long horse lover and rider, I was appalled by his brutal ineptness in handling his horse – yanking on the reins with two hands under western style tack and bouncing about like a sack of potatoes.  Hence, despite myriad reasons not to vote for this charlatan, this should have easily cost him the equestrian vote.

Steve Bannon: The Frantic Funky Frump

Wondering WTF Went Wrong!



Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
December 2017











I was Right About Trump and Hitler!

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“Only I can Save America!”

A Vanity Fair Writer Revealed Trump was Hitler Fan

While watching MSNBC’s Morning Joe I heard Tina Brown – the British import from the London tabloid world who became wildly successful as the Senior Editor of Vanity Fair – recalled an article she published on Donald Trump where the writer,  Marie Brenner,  quoted his first wife Ivana who said the Trump kept a collection of Hitler’s speeches titled “My Order” by his bedside! This revelation hit me like a lightning bolt because it supplied further evidence for my argument that the two men have much in common regarding their vision of the strong leader, as well as their approach to leadership.

Although I recognized the hazards of comparing any American politician to Hitler, the similarities between the character, personality flaws and political style of Donald Trump and Herr Hitler was so striking that I felt compelled to write about it.  The things I analyzed in the two essays I wrote on the subject – “Is Donald Trump a Uniquely American Fascist?” and “Drumpf and Hitler: Bird’s of a Feather?”- were based upon my observation of the man in action.  I had no inside knowledge of what Donald Drumpf personally thought of Hitler, or if he was even aware of the traits they shared in common.

Furthermore, I didn’t consider it particularly germane to my analysis because I was concerned with exploring the authoritarian personality as a class of phenomenon.  And it turns out that Trump bears a striking resemblance to the European Fascist leaders that rose to power in the aftermath of World War I – namely Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler.  Trump even adopted the slogan of the Italian Fascist: “Make Italy Great Again!”  And he aroused the same kind volatile nationalistic passions in white Americans who feel powerless and displaced by the dramatic advancement of women and “alien” elements of the population that are less deserving than them: Muslims, Hispanics, Blacks, Jews, et al.

And they were joined by members of the elite who seek to use the charisma of Trump with the masses in order to defeat their adversaries on the left, seize control of the instruments of state power, and enact their own policy agenda.   Alas, just like the German elite, they mistakenly thought that once Trump was in power they could control him.  Instead Trump has gone his own way, trashing much of what the Republicans have long stood for. Like Hitler, Trump demands personal loyalty to him above party or the national constitution.

Generally, when comparisons between Hitler and an American politician is made, the analyst is dismissed with observations like “there are no jack booted, goose stepping storm troopers marching down Pennsylvania Avenue and the nation’s Capital is not awash in giant Swastika’s.”  But these things are superficial, a matter of national character. And as I point out in my essay Trump is a uniquely American fascist.   Still, he had only tepid criticism when home grown white Neo-Nazi’s held a mass night march through the streets of Charlottesville Virginia, bearing raised torches and shouting: “Blood and Soil!” Which is a slogan borrowed directly from the German Nazi’s.

When they were not shouting “Blood and Soil” they were chanting “Jews will not replace us!” An idea also borrowed from the German Fascist but, based on his close associations with Jews it is a sentiment that Trump does not share.  However, one does not have to be anti-Semitic in order to qualify as a fascist. Mussolini was not an anti-Semite and according to the Jewish scholar Lenni Brenner in his pathbreaking book “Zionism in the Age of the Dictators, there were Jews among the founding members of the Italian Fascist party.

Like Hitler, Trump hates a free press that criticizes him and would destroy them if he could.  He also despises the independent judiciary and all other institutions that serve as checks on his power.  Furthermore, he is a racist, and believes his success in life is due to his German blood, which is a belief central to the identity of and justification for the Third Reich.

But what distinguishes the political style of both of Hitler and Drumpf is that they are given to hyperbolic language, extreme egotism in asserting their claim to leadership – only I can save the nation – a great reliance on charisma, the constant targeting of “enemies,” whether foreign or domestic, and constant denunciation of the previous government.  For Hitler it was the “October Criminals” who sold Germany out by signing the Versailles Treaty, which saddled German with a tremendous post-war debt for instigating World War I, and for Trump is was the “horrible” international trade deals negotiated by previous administrations and the “disastrous” Affordable Health Care Act, signed into law by President Obama, for whom Trump has an irrational envy and hatred.

The way Trump uses provocative oratory, loaded with nationalistic jingoism to incite mindless passion in his followers is reminiscent of the way Hitler built the Nazi movement.   “It is the spoken word not the written word that drives men to action!” Hitler pronounced.  And he well understood that projecting himself as an unbending strong man had great appeal to a group of lost and confused losers.

They become estatic when he talks of crushing “enemies” in other countries, even when he issues threats of nuclear destruction to an unoffending of North Korea because he disagrees with their policies for national defense.  They cheer such threats just as the German mobs cheered Hitler’s threats to destroy Russia…even through a nuclear attack on North Korea would surpass all of hitlers war crimes!   But Trump understands well the power of military bravado combined with nationalist rhetoric to incite a crowd.

These are lessons that could be well learned from Hitler’s speeches, especially the earlier ones that are collected in this book, “My New Order.” When asked about the book my s subsequent journalist who had read about it, Trump was curiously defensive. “If I had these speeches, and I am not saying that I do, I would never read them.”  Yeah right!

Neo-Nazi Trumpanzese Wilding in the Streets!

Since we know from several fact checkers, the New York Times among them, that Trump is the biggest liar in American public life, I don’t believe a word of it. I think he is lying his silly as off!  In any case, Albert Einstein’s reply to the Rabbi’s that asked if he claimed to show how God made the universe in his work, to wit Einstein replied, well I know that he could have made it that way,” is equally applicable to Trump’s debt to Hitler’s speeches.   That’s why the Neo-Nazi types are so mesmeried by him!


Observe the Elements of Trump’s Style as Mass Orator Interacting with crowd

Watch the Crowds Cheer the “Great Leader.”


Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
November 18, 2017

Flirting with Disaster!

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A Megalomaniacal Paranoid with Nuclear Codes

The Danger Zone is Everywhere!

As I write Donald Dimwit is on his way to Asia, a region of the world where he seems intent upon provoking a nuclear war by constant insults against North Korea.  This rhetoric is backed up by conducting threatening military exercises in the ocean seas just off their coast and invading their air space with ominous American bombers.  It is a volatile situation that is a direct consequence of Americans having elected an incompetent, ignorant, verbose, belligerent, amoral, compulsive liar and buffoon to the Oval Office; the most powerful office in the world, and no one can confidently say what the final outcome of his tenure there will be.

I, however, am reminded of the lines from the wise old bluesman Percy Mayfield: “The whole world is in trouble and the danger zone is everywhere.”  These words ring especially true when a pugnacious dunce is the leader of a nuclear armed nation that views itself as both “exceptional” and a “global power.”   Such a self-definition predisposes the US to believe that any conflict anywhere in the world can pose a threat to American interests. And thus, we have the right to intervene with military forces to set things right.  North Korea, Iran, several countries on the African continent, and Venezuela are all in their sights.

These countries span the globe many miles from America’s shores, and all of them are small poor countries compared to the USA; yet we are told that they threaten our “national security.”  According to recent opinion polls, a majority of Americans now believe this hysterical nonsense, despite the fact that North Korean forces are 8,000 miles from the USA, but our military forces are stationed 30 miles from North Korea’s borders!

And although none of these countries have soldiers or military bases outside of their national boundaries, and the USA have bases around the world and soldiers on the ground in 176 countries, we are told that Iran and North Korea are the threats to global stability and world peace.

It is highly questionable whether Trump fully understands the geo-political issues that should guide our foreign policy, pompous ignoramus that he is.  But his political rhetoric regarding foreign affairs dose not inspire confidence.  The evidence to support this claim is so abundant, the careful observer will find an embarrassment of riches.  However, two examples will suffice.

When asked by reporters about the failure to appoint undersecretaries and other critical diplomatic personnel at the State Department, Donnie Dimwit looked into the cameras with an earnest expression and announced that it didn’t matter because in the end “I am the only one that really matters.”  This explains why he had no a undersecretary for East Asian Affairs nor an ambassador to South Korea as the situation deteriorates and the US drifts closer to a nuclear war with North Korea that would wipe out South Korea and Japan, and Australia could also receive a devastating blow.

In fact, the North Koreans have warned the Aussies of just such a possibility if the US attacks their homeland. Apparently oblivious to the fact that less diplomats generally means more soldiers, as well as the reasoning behind the Founders decision to place the military under civilian control, Trump has surrounded himself with generals in civilian cabinet positions.  And since his head is empty with a mind like a blank slate on questions of foreign relations, we are at the mercy of the generals in matters of war and peace.

Alas, based on his recent public statements and behavior, it is shockingly clear that Dumb Donnie Dimwit’s understanding of the powers of the president in civilian affairs is as confused as his understanding of his role as Commander-In-Chief.  It is also clear that the root of all his confusion is his shallow understanding of the Constitution, from whence his powers derive.  It is so obvious that one commentator suggested that his advisors should insist that he sit while they read and explain the Constitution since he shown no interest in reading it himself, or is unable to understand it if he has read it.

This suspicion arises from the fact that Trump continues to behave in ways that undermine constitutional norms and comes dangerously close to violating his oath to defend it; in the opinion of some lawyers and constitutional scholars he has already crossed the line.  Trump constantly attacks the very legitimacy the free press, calling them “fake news” in an open attempt to impugn their integrity, and has even threatened to use the Federal Communications Commission to take away the license of major networks because he does not like there reportage on his policies and criticism of him.

He even went so far as the publicly lament the fact that the press can “write whatever they want.” Donnie Dimwit appears to have no understanding that the reason the architects of the Constitution guaranteed the freedom of the press is precisely so that they could serve as a watchdog over those who govern us.  And for that reason the press must remain free from the intimidation and manipulation of politicians – on all levels.

Trump’s ignorance and contempt for the role of the free press in our political system is matched by his disdain for the independence of the judiciary.  He has had constant clashes with the Courts, even questioning the integrity of judges based on their race and ethnicity. His attitude toward Congress further suggests that he does not fully appreciate their role as a co-equal branch of government.  Taken as a whole these attitudes reflect a hostility toward all the institutions that are essential to our system of checks and balances spelled out in the Constitution.

Added to all this and perhaps most disturbing of all because it clearly exposes Trump’s authoritarian mindset and dictatorial tendencies, is his attitude toward the proper relationship between the president, the Department of Justice and the FBI.  In a candid outburst a few days ago – inspired by the indictments against three officials from Trump’s presidential campaign staff issued by Independent Counsel Robert Mueller – Trump lamented the fact that he is unable to order the DOJ and FBI to investigate and indict whoever he wants whenever he wants.  Those are the attitudes of fascists…Hitler and Mussilini both demanded the personal loyalty of the police and the army!

This conception of the powers of the presidency is what makes him so dangerous, and is a great part of the reason that a growing number of observers believe that Trump is headed for impeachment.  The sooner the better I say, because every day he remains the Commander-In-Chief of the US armed forces, and has access to the nuclear codes, we are flirting with disaster!


Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
November 5, 2017