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Stop Whining Annie…

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An arrogant, Over privileged, Stepford Wife

 ….Just Show Us Yo Tax Returns!

If, as we are told, Ann Romney is Mitt’s secret weapon, this joker is in big trouble.  As questions swirl around his tax returns, which are now routinely referred to as Mitts “Secret” tax returns, Miss Ann responds to questions from reporters about being more transparent with their tax returns over the years by becoming petulant and unhinged.

Miss Ann is a very bad actor and therefore cannot disguise her contempt for those beneath her social status who are impertinent enough to insist that she answer questions about what she and Mitt chooses to do with their money- which they have been hiding in a lot of suspicious places.  So what if the press is the eyes and ears of the people, and the reporters are just doing their jobs?

Miss Ann postures like a dowager speaking to servants as she announces in no uncertain terms that they are not telling us another word about their wealth and how it is taxed.  Yet she seems to be totally unaware of how she is coming across to those viewers who have even half a functioning brain.

For despite her haughty attitude, she looks frightened and confused; like a deer caught in the headlights of a tractor trailer bearing down on her.  When the camera zooms in close, the look of anxiety on Miss Ann’s face would make a good spot in the airline commercials that asks “Wanna get away?”

In two major television interviews she has gone from bad to worse when asked about releasing additional tax returns.  On one occasion she said to Robin Roberts, a veteran Afro-American reporter: “We have told you people enough about what we have and how we live.”  And in a later interview on NBC’s Rock Center she said emphatically that there would be no more tax returns because they will just be used by their enemies to pick them apart.  “We have paid everything the law requires of us,” she announced.

When the interviewer asked did she think the public had a right to know how much taxes they paid, since after all her husband was running for President; and would soon be debating tax policy with President Obama, Miss Ann fairly spat out her incredulous reply.  “Haven’t you seen what they are doing to us?” She asked.

Then she defiantly declared that the only thing releasing more tax returns would do is “give them more ammunition to use against us.” With an air of stony resolve, Miss Ann announced on national television that “There will be no more returns!”   My Harvard trained tax attorney, who spent 20 years working for the IRS, tells me they are definitely hiding something…. and it is almost certainly immoral and unethical.  The only question is if it’s illegal.

Despite her fumbling attempts to make nice, this is a cold blooded bitch.  I can easily hear her say of the struggling poor, the people who need the food supplement programs her husband vows to slash: “Let them eat cake!”  Miss Ann strikes me as being as clueless as Marie Antoinette; whose attitude caused her to literally lose her head.  And she seems as callous as “Hard Hearted Hanna” a dirty bitch in Savanna, who was observed standing on dry land, pouring water on the head of a drowning man!  Mitt’s weapon is not only secret….it’s deadly.

The Sport of Plutocrats

Miss Ann and her dancing beast



Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
August 17, 2012

Blood On Her Hands!

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   Out Damned spot!  Out!!

 Notes On the Slaughter of Innocent Sikhs

While the spinelessness of politicians in refusing to call for serious gun control in the face of escalating gun violence is understandable, since they must get reelected and their constituents are racist morons– the cowardice and relative indifference to the issue of gun control on the part of the press is disgraceful, a crying shame!  After each of these massacres by crazed gunman suffering from delusions of grandeur, we are quickly told that now is not the appropriate time to discuss gun control legislation because we will risk politicizing a human tragedy.

Yet in a nation with a casualty rate from gun violence on our streets that dramatically exceeds the casualty rates on the front lines in Afghanistan and Iraq at 34 deaths a day; if now is not the time then when?  The Republican flaks for the National Rifle Association, from whom many have taken money and fear their retribution, always offer the same alibi for the gun merchants – the death dealers: Guns don’t kill people, other people do.”

But if we take them at their word it begs the question of the role Republican anti-Muslim fanatics and their shills at FOX NEWS and WABC radio, who have been manufacturing anti-Islamic hysteria, played in provoking the mass slaughter of Sikhs.  The recent rhetoric of Michelle Bachman amounts to blood libel against Muslim citizens in the US that’s comparable to the blood libel against Jews in Europe that inspired countless pogroms – racially inspired attacks – in the Russian Pale, and led to the Nazi Holocaust. The fact nobody except this writer is drawing the obvious parallels between what Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck does on right-wing talk radio today, and what Joeseph Goebbles did during the Third Reich, is scandalous!

Consider the following remarks by US Congresswoman Michelle Bachman: “It appears that there has been deep penetration in the halls of our United States government by the Muslim Brotherhood.  It appears that there are individuals who are associated with the Muslim Brotherhood who have positions, very sensitive positions, in our Department of Justice, our Department of Homeland Security, potentially even in the National Intelligence Agency.”

Batty Bachman has made these charges in a letter to the departments of State, Justice, Defense, etc. And she has even targeted Huma Abedine, an aide to the Secretary of State and wife of former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, who is Jewish, and her fellow Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellis – the first Muslim elected to the US House of Representatives – as agents of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt.  Ellis has challenged Bachman to present the evidence for her reckless charges, but she has yet to respond.

These outlandish charges have been echoed with a vengeance by verbal arsonists in right wing radio led by fascistic clowns like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.  So extreme is their rhetoric Bachman was denounced by fellow Republicans John McCain on the Senate floor and the House Weeper John Boehner said it was “dangerous!”

Distinguished Jewish Rabbis and the venerable Anti-Defamation League have called for Bachman and her Congressional partners in crime to cease and desist in the witch hunt against American Muslims. They can see the danger in this because they have so often been the victims of it.   But Batty Bachman isn’t listening to the Jews; she is not interested in what they think really, because  she is speaking to the protestant fanatics who call themselves “Christian Zionists.”

The latest mass murderer, Wade Michael Page, is an ex-soldier who has been fingered by the authoritative Southern Poverty Law Center as a white racist fanatic, and can be seen online bedecked with neo-Nazi symbols.  Like all of these shooters Page is a lost soul; he had even been kicked out of the army for being a habitual drunk and not allowed to re-enlist.  He had pretty much run out of options in terms of upward mobility.

Hence Page was one of those poor uneducated white males struggling on the margins of society, going nowhere, and driven mad by the fact that many non-whites are doing better than him.  It was particularly galling that non-white foreigners are getting on better than he was in realizing the American dream of affluence.  The ultimate example of which is the fancy talking black guy in the White House with an “un-American” name and many Republicans say is a foreign interloper who bullshitted his way into the Oval Office with lies and deceptions!

Since Page was dumb enough to believe an absurd scenario like that, he is the kind of permanently pissed off white boy who feels that white men are just standing by while the ‘niggers” and “spics” and “chinks” and “towel heads” are taking over everything.  He is horrified that pretty soon his white skin will mean nothing as the majority of Americans will be non-white.  Since Page has been a member of racist metal bands with names like “End Apathy” and “Definite Hate” we can gain entre to his inner life by analyzing the lyrics to his songs.

The words to his song “Submission” testify to his rage and confusion: “Trust is a prelude to betrayal/ Honesty gives way to deception / Compassion is weakness.”  In his state of confusion and impotence, this wanna-be “Mighty/Whitey” went berserk, picked up a gun, and murdered a group of innocent people worshiping in their temple.  Neighbors, former friends and acquaintances all say that he was always talking about a coming race war, and he was disgusted that the White Power “Warriors” are all blow and no go…just a bunch of tough talking pussies!

So Page decided to set an example and take action. The critical lesson here is that white male frustration and powerlessness represents a combustible social problem in our society; which if not addressed is going to lead to more mass slaughter with guns committed by white boys without the talent or education to compete in this society; nobodies trying to be somebody by committing spectacular murders against innocent people!

When we add their paranoid feelings of victimization by a federal government controlled by Zionist Jews – Which they call ZOG, “Zionist Occupied Government,” – in league with their Nigger puppets pretending to be in charge, and now Muslim Jihadist are infiltrating the highest levels of the ZOG, what’s a poor white man to do?  As crazy as this sounds to the rest of us…for these tragic misfits this is the real world.

After all the anti-Muslim rhetoric from Republicans in Congress, it is no wonder that this sad sack white boy, a genuine American failure who longed to do something important, probably thought he was committing  a heroic act by slaughtering the “towel heads” who are infiltrating our government.  Hence although Mikey Page may have pulled the trigger in the Sikh Massacre in Wisconsin, mistaking them for Muslims, Congresswoman Michelle Bachman also has plenty of blood on her hands for inciting anti-Muslim hysteria and celebration of guns that gave license to the deranged gunmen.

Just like the Alaskan Barbarian, Sarah Palin, placing a bull’s eye on Congresswoman Gabby Gifford’s profile might well have provoked the attack on her by a gun wielding madman. They should both be indicted for inciting homicide!  Mad Mickey Bachman may escape punishment in our courts for her scurrilous role as the catalyst for this slaughter, but she will not escape the judgment of history…as she wanders through life like Lady McBeth, crying out damn spot!  While the blood of innocents leave an indelible stain on her character and reputation.

End Apathy: Nazi Rock

The Mass Murderer is on the Right!



Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

August 7, 2012

Murder She Wrote!

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MaMa Grizzly: The Chief Murder Mouth!

Some Reflections On The Tucson Massacre

The mass murder of six American citizens, including a federal judge and a nine year old girl, in an attempt to assassinate Democratic Congressman Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona, brings to light once again the volatile forces percolating just beneath the surface of a seemingly calm and stable American society.  Yet for those who have been paying attention to the level of antagonistic anti-government rhetoric dished out daily by the talking heads in right-wing media – which is routinely referred to as “hate” media by those who operate in the mainstream – this horrible slaughter comes as no surprise.  You cannot murder mouth government officials, especially the things the verbal arsonist say about Democrats, and not expect something like this to happen.

In the aftermath of this slaughter Republicans can be seen shedding crocodile tears everywhere on television, expressing shock and confusion that something like this could happen.  But I have been warning about the probability of this kind of tragedy since President Obama took office, given the incendiary rhetoric of the Republicans and their Tea Party shills.  When you have elected officials like Congresswoman Michel Bachman talking about she wants her constituents “armed and dangerous” it is easy for a zealot or lunatic to take them seriously.

The most nauseating spectacle in the Republican rush to wash their hands of any responsibility for this mass slaughter is the statement issued by the Alaskan Barbarian Sarah Palin.  For a woman who has described herself as “a pit bull with lipstick,” which is a synonym for a evil vicious bitch, her apology appears about as authentic as a wooden nickel.  From the moment of her entrance on the national scene Palin made the sorts of hysterical charges that riled up the right –wing nut cases.  She even put out political ads with depicting political opponents in gun sights – including Congresswoman Gabrielle

One need only look at Palin’s rally in Strongville Ohio, which was held during her presidential campaign with McCain, to see that her rhetorical style and reckless charges could incite mob violence against Democrats.   At that time she was trying to convince voters that Barack Obama was in collusion with terrorists.  The rally can be seen on You Tube, and there are interviews with people after the rally.  What these enraged air-heads had to say was chilling.  Since their heads were empty, a pervasive characteristic among the Tea Party crowd, they believed whatever Palin had told them.  They said they believed that Barack Obama was colluding with terrorist and was not an American citizen.

It was clear that Sarah had no sense of decency or responsibility. She was clearly willing to create social chaos if it could win elections.  Since they lost the election this Malevolent shrew has become even more reckless in her charges.  It was Sarah Palin who said that the President’s health care program included “death panels” for the elderly!  And she put out political ads with political opponents in rifle sights.  And when Republican zealots showed up at Town Hall meetings to discuss health care brandishing guns, all of the Republicans, especially the Tea Party types, argued that they were just exercising their Constitutional rights!  They said the same thing when these same kooks showed up at Presidential appearances with guns.

Sharon Angle of Nevada, who nearly beat Senate Majority leader Harry Reed, openly talked about citizens resorting to “Second Amendment” solutions if they fail to have their way at the polls.  No one in the Republican Party denounced such talk.  They had their mind on taking control of Congress and they were prepared to make a deal with the Devil to do it.

Listening to spineless clowns like Jim Boehner in the House and vulgar opportunist in the Senate like John McCain, crying crocodile tears and professing their shock and sorrow makes me want to puke!!  They are all responsible for this and the other murders committed by people like Richard Popolowski who murder three cops in Pittsburg because he was enraged over his paranoid belief that President Obama was going to take away white peoples guns so blacks could enslave them, or the lunatic who murdered Dr. Benjamin Tiller outside his church because he performed abortions.

Bill O’Rielly, a pompous megalomaniacal verbal arsonist who not only named Dr. Benjamin Tiller “Tiller The Baby Killer” but also gave the doctors address out over the air repeatedly, was directly responsible for the Doctors murder!  Yet like privileged white boys throughout the history of our country, this verbose asshole got away with inciting murder!  The greed for profit on the part of FOX Television, and political advantage on the right has caused the Republicans to encourage fanatical elements in the US population so long as they could direct their hostility and paranoia toward the Democrats.

That’s why Republican cries of outrage over the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords rings hollow and feels like hypocrisy!  I don’t believe a word of it!  I believe that after stirring up a shit storm of violet rhetoric, the Republicans are scrambling to find a safe place to hide when the shit hits the fan!

Double click to see Sarah incite Strongsville Rally

Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

January 10, 2011



On Repackaging Condosleeza Rice

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Still the Wicked Witch of the West!


Old Wine In A New Bottle?

Evidently Condoleeza Rice is banking on the anti-intellectual anti-historical tendencies of the American people in her transparent attempt to repackage her image for posterity in her new book “Extraordinary Ordinary People.”  In many ways hers is a story that makes white and black Americans feel good vibes about themselves and our country.  A black girl from the segregated south who couldn’t eat in a restaurant of her choice, or use a public toilet that was available to any stinking white hobo, two of whose girlfriends were murdered by a bomb in church, yet rose to the highest levels of power in the US government and elite academia.

She is the embodiment of the American dream.    At first glance she also appears to be the personification of the “Talented Tenth” envisioned by DR. W.E. B. DuBois. However upon closer inspection she is actually a perversion of the ideal advanced by Dubois.  His Talented Tenth would be dedicated Pan-Africanists who serve the black masses, at home and abroad, in their struggle to advance in a white racist imperialist world order bent on ruthlessly exploiting them for their profit.  Condosleeza is an unabashed defender of the racist imperialist forces that Dr. DuBois spent his life opposing.

In 1958, when he was well into his eighties, he wrote a book entitled “In Battle For Peace,” in which he lamented the grotesqueries that many members of the Talented Tenth had become.  He said that they were beginning to ape all of the worst aspects of their privileged white counterparts. Codosleeza is a model of the type of soulless opportunist that the Doctor was bemoaning.  For she is an unrepentant servant of the most racist reactionary, imperialist forces among the American ruling class.  In the last of Dr. DuBois’ three autobiographies – which was written around this time published but published posthumously – he observed “Negroes are finally becoming Americans,” but wondered “What are Americans becoming?”  Viewed from the perspective of Condosleeza’s history that was a very good question.

In her brazen effort to reinvent herself before our eyes and metamorphose from the Wicked Witch of the West to Little Miss Muffet, Condosleeza succeeded famously with Tavis Smylie, who assumed a lips to posterior posture all through his interview when the former Secretary of State appeared on his show Wednesday night to peddle her book. He who has been so merciless in his critique of President Obama fawned endlessly over this bumptious lackey for the plutocrats.  Watching them chit chat with   smiley faces I was reminded of the old adage: Pheasants of similar plumage generally congregate in close proximity, or to put it plainly “birds of a feather flock together.”  In fact, Tavis seemed much more interested in letting his viewers know that he and the famous Professor are old chums whose relationship goes back a ways, than getting down to the nitty gritty of her criminal career in the Bush government.

Lest We Forget

Real Love =Hero Worship


It is instructive about the purpose of the professor’s new book that it does not address her eight years at the pinnacle of political power in the US as the chief Bushwoman; instead she retreats to the safe haven of her formative years.  There are parts of this book that even tugs at my heart strings, because they paint a portrait of a black community that I remember well – but some contemporary black intellectuals raised in the socially disorganized and chaotic post-industrial northern cities claim never existed alas.    Michael Eric Dyson once accused me of “engaging in utopian reveries” when I reflected on the community where I grew up in Florida, or in the black Philadelphia community that produced Bill Cosby for that matter.  This is why Dr. Dyson does not understand the source of Bill Cosby’s anger – although I agree his fundamental critique of Cosby’s criticisms.  Yet my memories of these black communities are all too real, and the fact that a man in the know like Dr. Dyson, who is a student of Afro-American culture, cannot even imagine it is a measure of how far we have fallen from that halcyon era.

The black southern society that Condolezza recalls was a community where most kids had real parents, not confused teenagers who haven’t a clue about raising a child.  And people greeted each other with courtly manners.  It was commonplace to see regular working class black men tip their hats to black ladies when they met them on the streets of St. Augustine Florida, and greet them with genteel salutations such as “Good morning Miss Catherine,” or “Good Evening Mrs. Jones,” spoken in their best diction and intonations.    By comparison, the way many young men of all races and classes relate to young women in America today borders on the uncouth at best and the barbarous at worst!

Then it was the white racists who routinely referred to black women as “bitches and whores” now young black men do it on records.  Not even the worst white racist did that!  Back in the day, whites may have hated us but we respected ourselves, because we were listening to wise elders rather than rich ignorant adolescents.  The black southern community Condi so fondly recalls in this poignant remembrance of a bygone era, benefitted from the unintended consequences of segregation that forced the most intellectually talented strivers and dreamers among Afro-Americans into the public schools as teachers and administrators.  All other avenues for utilizing their talent and aspirations were closed due to their skin color.

Dr. Rice’s parents belonged to this class. And the uberwoman she has become in terms of her personal accomplishments is a tribute to their skill and dedication as parents and teachers. What this class of African Americans accomplished, in terms of producing strong, self-confident, high achieving black men and women in a racist society that was officially dedicated to making us believe we were nothing is astonishing and worthy of sustained applause.

After all, they produced Martin Luther King, Thurgood Marshall, General Daniel “Chappie” James, Harvard biologist Dr. S. Allen Counter, Wynton Marsalis, Zora Neal Hurston, Jessye Norman, Ralph Ellison, The Astronaut and Director of NASA, Coretta King, Oprah Winfrey, and many many more.  The Price family of Mississippi produced the greatest Oprah Diva of her time Leontyne, as well as a General in the US Army who mentored Colin Powell, George Price, and many more.    These are some of the most outstanding people in America history.

However this leadership class also had to master tricknology and duplicity in order to survive in a social order where any offense to a white countryman – even if they were a stinking depraved derelict – could spell immediate disaster for an Afro-American….no matter what their socio-economic status.  Condi, as her right wing white boosters call her, certainly mastered that aspect of her class’ survival strategy.    This explains her crass opportunism in aligning with right-wing reactionaries in the Republican Party – which built its national majority by orchestrating the resentments of white racist.

Listening to Condi respond to questions on Morning Joe, the day after her appearance with Tavis, it is clear that she intends to try and rewrite the history of the Bush Administration and her role in the National Security and foreign policy disasters of those years. However she is highly complicit in the blunders and crimes of the Bushman.  My suspicions about these avatars of the lunatic right, whose ranks are filled with vile racists, led me to conclude early on that somehow the “Negroes” in the bush Administration were going to end up holding the bag for their screw ups.  Condi, however, made it easy.

I have carefully studied the sequence of events that occurred at the top levels of the National Security team before the attack of 9/11, and it is easy to see why some people who don’t understand how the air defense of the USA operates could conclude that the Bushman were complicit it the terror attack.  As cuckoo for coco pops as this theory is, there are a lot of otherwise intelligent people who believe it!

Here in New York there were many regularly scheduled meetings to discuss the “evidence” for this conclusion that went on for years after the attack.  WBAI, the station with which I have been associated off and on for most of the last twenty years, have interviewed many people who argue this point of view.  And the so-called “documentary” Loose Change, which purports to prove that the Bushmen did it, has been very popular with our listeners – some of whom have never met a conspiracy theory they didn’t like.   Suffice it to say that I would not hestitate to bet the family jewels that it didn’t happen that way…indeed it couldn’t happen!

I have an advantage over my adversaries who argue the affirmative however, because their arguments are based on a near total ignorance of the system of air defense tasked with protecting North America from a sneak attack.  I on the other hand once held a Top Secret Security Clearance in the United States Strategic Air Command, where I learned all bout such things; thus unlike the pugnacious, paranoid, numbskulls who passionately embrace the theory that Bush bombed America, I actually know what I am talking about.  But that is a battle I do not wish to fight here…again.  Especially since I almost had to pull my razor on a dude while waiting to go on camera in a television studio to discuss the 9/11 attack recently.  When he started talking that nonsense I called him “an idiot beyond instruction,” and he became so exercised by my pronouncement that he threatened me with bodily harm.

The reason some people are so convinced of this conspiracy is because the level of incompetence on the part of the Bushmen is almost impossible to believe.  We know from the first hand testimony of Richard Clarke, who was then the reigning anti-terrorism Czar, that he had personally warned Condolezza Rice and others that he had intelligence to the effect that Osama bin Laden was planning to crash Jumbo Jets into American skyscrapers.  The acting FBI Director also had reports from his field agents that there were some Middle Eastern men taking flying lessons on Jumbo Jets, but even though they paid the full fee of thirty five thousand dollars they weren’t interested in learning how to take off or land.    They only wanted to learn how to turn the jets around in flight!

But Dr. Rice and the bushmen were unmoved by this information.  On three separate occasions Clarke begged Condi to call a joint meeting of all of the nation’s intelligence agencies and have them compare information they had gathered involving a possible attack by Al Qaeda. Condi finally waved him away with a declaration that no camel driver in the Afghanistan desert could pull off such an attack.  Then she returned to preparing her strategy for developing the “Star Wars” anti-ballistic missile system around Russia.   It evidently made no difference to Dr. Rice – an intrepid cold warrior – that this was a policy designed to contain the Soviet Union when the Reaganites first proposed it…but in the meantime the Soviet Union had disappeared from the earth.

On 9/11 Dr. Rice was scheduled to give a major speech on the progress of Star Wars, but Osama bin Laden threw a monkey wrench in that plan.  The sad truth is that had Condi followed the advice of Richard Clarke, who was a holdover from the Clinton Administration and thus was the most knowledgeable person in the Administration on the Islamic Jihadists, the 9/11 tragedy probably wouldn’t have happened!    As the National Security Advisor to the president it was her responsibility to convene the joint meeting of intelligence agencies to evaluate all evidence regarding the possibility of an attack on the US, but she was asleep at the wheel!

The result was that the same “Middle Eastern Men” who were taking the flying lessons, preparing for their assault right out in the open, were the same guys who drove the planes into the buildings on 9/11!  That’s why some people find it impossible to believe that the Bush Administration was not involved in planning the attack. This level of ineptness is simply not believable to them.  Condi presided over it all, and no amount of revisionist propaganda can alter this fact.

Hence Dr. Rice has the blood of many thousand innocent souls on her hands, both here and abroad, since the 9/11 attack supplied the Neo-con cabal around”Dirty Dick” Cheney with the rationale they had been seeking to launch an attack on Iraq – a nation that had nothing to do with the attack on the US.  Yet even now, after all the lies they told to get us into a three trillion dollar war of choice, the former Secretary Of State still defends that criminal invasion.

Like Lady Macbeth pacing about crying “Out Damn Spot!” she cannot wish those blood stains away.   She may be able to shimmy around those ugly facts with this self-serving reverie on her innocent youth, but facts are stubborn things, and as the poet said “Truth crushed to earth will rise again!”    The historians will surely have their way with her in time; they shall diligently comb the archives and ferret out the tell tale evidence that will expose the full extent of Condosleeza’s dirty deeds – the murders she wrote.  Hence Sista Gurl can run… but she can’t hide!




Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

October 2010

On Crissy O’Donnel: The Latest GOP Whacko!

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 The Wannabe Republican Senator who’s Dumber Than Palin 


As the primary elections grew closer political wise guys in the Republican Party despaired over the possibility of Christine O’Donnell winning the nomination as the Republican candidate for the US Senate from Delaware.  So great was their horror at this possibility that Party leaders openly criticized her. Karl Rove, who was dubbed “Bush’s Brain” due to his much celebrated “genius” at devising election strategies, called her “nutty,” and questioned her personal integrity on national television.

Aside from being on public record uttering a host of bizarre beliefs – such as her charge that government funded scientist are cloning mice with fully developed human intelligence – O’Donnell appears to be a neer-do-well who refused to pay her student loans; had an IRS lien for unpaid taxes; her house was foreclosed by the bank and she is suspected of illegally living off campaign contributions. But these proved to be rich men’s concerns; during interviews with O’Donnell’s working class supporters they said “She’s just like us; we are struggling with the same problems.”  Alarmed by the growing possibility of O’Donnell winning the primary, Rove panicked and unambiguously warned Republican voters that she was unqualified to sit in the US Senate and could not win the general election. 

But Crissy pressed on and what seemed like a sure shot Republican conquest of vice President Biden’s old Senate seat suddenly evaporated – she won! After badly upsetting the Establishment’s candidate, Mike Castle, a former Congressman who had never lost and election in Delaware, O’Donnell is fast becoming the newest Tea Party giant killer.  In fact, she was given a hero’s reception from the kooky crowd attending the “Values Voters Summit” in Washington – where top GOP leaders are cobbling together oxymoronic phrases in speeches that attempt to turn their plutocratic economic dogma into a moral philosophy with the stamp of divine providence – and Karl Rove appears to be eating his words as I write.

It is amusing to watch the swelling internecine strife within the Republican Party between the establishment – the Country Club set – and the so-called “Tea Party Patriots;” a motley crew of misguided plebeians, deluded petit bourgeois strivers, religious fanatics, vulgar racist, armed maniacs who brandish weapons at public meetings, and assorted morons and buffoons. Having encouraged their supporters to despise government and hold public servants in contempt, the misguided mob who comprise the Republican base have become convinced that anybody can run the American government – the most complex bureaucratic organization in the world!   

Ironically, in this belief they most resemble V. I. Lenin, the Bolshevik leader of the communist revolution in Russia, who declared: “A cook can run the state!”  But, Of course, these Tea Party dunderheads are far too illiterate to have any inkling of this.  In fact, as I have argued repeatedly, the Grand Obstructionist Party count on the ignorance of their base; I am convinced that they figure it into their calculus for electoral victory.


Silly Sarah: Crissy’s Hero and Role Model!

 Hence it should surprise no one that a host of hysterics, ignoramuses and charlatans are running for high political office on the Republican ticket.  And Crissy McDonald, a Sarah Palin clone who attributes her victory to the Alaskan Barbarian’s endorsement, is just the latest example.  If things turn out as Rove predicts, her primary victory will be a blessing. But if Christine O’ Donnell is elected to the United States Senate – thus adding to the reactionary obstructionist right-wing Republican clique who are dedicated to defeating President Obama’s visionary programs to rescue the country from sliding into decadence – it will be a disaster for the American people, and further proof that our system of selecting competent leaders has become dangerously dysfunctional.



*Since I wrote this commentary Bill Mahr has released some tape of Christine O’Donnell’s appearances on his how.  Click the link below and see what a self-righteous idiot she is! 


Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

September, 2010


On Republican Women

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 Silly Sarah!


  Dumb! Dumb! And Dumber Still!

 Recently Bill O’Reily charged that critiques of Republican women by democrats are motivated by envy, because their women are hot and democrat women ain’t squat.  Of course, at the top of his list is Sarah Palin, who has been known to inspire wet dreams in certain Republican ideologues. Rush Limbaugh for instance, openly panted over her and declared her a “hot babe.” As a lifelong Democrat and pugnacious pundit I naturally felt compelled to respond to Mr. O’Reily’s hyperbole. 

From the moment she burst upon the national scene — bold, brazen, boisterous and wearing a silly smile – Sarah Palin sometimes reminded me of a plumper version of Ellie Mae Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies, and other times she seemed a reincarnation of Miss Kitty, the cat house madam from the old television series “Gun Smoke,” which was wildly popular during the 1950’s when I came of age.  She had the style of a sporting lady trying to turn a trick, they way she constantly batted her eyes and conjured fake smiles as she seduced her audiences.  The main difference between Silly sarah and Miss Kitty is the latter was a tart with a heart and the former seems to have ice water in her veins, circulated by a cast iron pump.  And after listening to her acceptance speech when John McCain chose her as his Vice Presidential running mate, she immediately replaced Danford C. Quayle as the dumbest person to ever hold that position! 

Although I had already dismissed John McCain as an unprincipled and dangerous opportunist whose soul was for sale if the proper Faustian bargain presented itself, his selection of Silly Sarah to occupy an office which would place her a heartbeat away from the presidency assured me that he would readily place the fate of the nation in peril if it served his thirst for power.  The more I listened to Sarah talk, the more unimpressed I became.  And by the time she uttered her last words I had dubbed her “The Alaskan Barbarian.” 

I thought Sarah’s selection not only imperiled the national security should McCain be elected President, but it was an insult to American women.   It was as if he had looked past the legions of brilliant and capable women in the US and chosen Lucy Ricardo to lead the nation from the Oval office should he meet an untimely demise. Given the fact that big John is a grizzled old fart who looks like he is hanging over hell’s fire by an eyelash, and could slip away at anytime, the possibility of having this empty headed, gun totin, moose hunting, motor mouth shrew in charge of the nation’s affairs was a real probability. The idea of Sarah conducting US diplomacy was harrowing, and the possibility of her gaining command of our vast nuclear arsenal was terrifying.

As we got to know her better Sarah proved to be even dumber that I’d first suspected.  While she was great at spinning back woods yarns about the joys of moose stew, and celebrating her white “part Eskimo” husband’s fishing and sledding skills, it quickly became all too obvious that she was totally unprepared for high office.  Her sole qualifications seemed to be that she was a tenacious basketball player at Wasilla High – earning the nick name “Sarah Barracuda” – who rose to become Mayor of her home town – which had a population smaller than that which I can see outside my window, and the governor of a state with a budget smaller than New York City.  

This failed beauty queen not only knew very little about the world outside of the frozen tundra of Alaska – she actually thought the fact that she could see Russia from Alaska on a clear day made her qualified to handle foreign affairs – but felt herself under attack when Katie Couric asked what publications she read.  And when she was asked to explain her position on the “Bush Doctrine” by Charlie Gibson on ABC News she thought it was a carefully laid trap designed to embarrass her with “gotcha” questions. The routine functions of the workaday press seemed like vicious assaults to this backwoods bumpkin, who was obviously accustomed to spouting all manner of fact free nonsense without challenge.

 Sarah’s selection to campaign for the second highest office in this great country was scandal enough in itself, but in order to justify their choice Republican Party spokesmen began to attack Barack Obama’s Ivy League education – which amounted to a celebration of ignorance!  They actually argued that Sarah Palin’s belated degree in journalism from Iowa State, fortified by her mother wit and so-called “executive experience” was better preparation for the Presidency than Barack’s education at Columbia University and Harvard Law, plus time spent dealing with international issues in the Senate.

 For a nation whose student’s placed at the bottom in international science and math competitions this was a disastrous development. The last thing we need is to stigmatize an Ivy League education; the one arena where our students are unquestionably being prepared to compete with the world’s best.  Yet once the GOP saw that this line of argument worked, as Sarah’s appearances attracted large and howling mobs from among the racist and untutored Republican “base” – check out her speech in Strongsville Ohio on You Tube – who felt that she was one of them, the GOP decided that that promoting mindless motor mouths was a good strategy. 

 Watching those sad, deluded, enraged and confused white racists who comprise the Republican base, and the far right mavericks in the “Tea Party” movement, go bonkers over Sarah the Grand Obstructionist Party decided to stick with her no matter what.  Hence when her unmarried teenage daughter popped up pregnant for a loquacious thug while Sarah was running around preaching abstinence to everyone else’s daughter and opposing the teaching of sex education in the schools, they gave her a pass and chose to praise her daughter for not having an abortion. 

 Everybody knows that had this been Barack Obama’s daughter we would have heard endless self-righteous preachment about the moral depravity of the black community from these shameless hypocrites.  Not even Sarah’s neglect of her new born infant – who is handicapped and thus needs the attention of his mother even more than the average infant – inspired criticism from the “family first” bible thumping Christian Right. 

 And everyone pretended not to notice that Sarah and her teenage daughter were having babies around the same time, which  is real low life trailer park trash stuff.  And when she quit her post as Governor of Alaska and walked away because she could make more money hustling on her celebrity, without the headaches of governing or dealing with several corruption investigations, she was not only forgiven by her acolytes among the Republican faithful, but the “Tea Party Patriots” – who bill themselves as a grass roots movement – gladly pay her up to $100, 000 a speech!

Thus no one symbolizes the militant ignorance, crass opportunism, amoral hypocrisy, contempt for the poor, vulgar materialism and avarice of the Republican Party better than Sarah Palin.  Yet because she is able to rouse the untutored rabble that the country club elite – the real princes and powers of the Republican Party – cannot reach but can’t win without, even the GOP intelligentsia hesitates to criticize her publicly.  Thus by default, Silly Sarah has become the model for female politicians in Republican politics.  Hence the string of hysterical ding bats who are increasingly defining the public face of the party.

 This explains the growing prominence of Congresswoman Michele Bachman from Minnesota, who as near as I can tell is even crazier than the Alaskan Barbarian.   This is a sitting United States Congress Woman who says she wants her constituents “armed and dangerous!”   And after this kind of treasonous talk she says the media should examine members of Congress to determine who holds “anti-American” views!   Since she went to college and holds advanced degrees in law, Ms. Bachman is either suffering from some species of paranoia or she is bull shitting the ignorant racist rabble that supports her.

 Mad Michelle


 A True Space Cadet!


If she is sane – which is not at all certain – surely the Congresswoman must know that her attitude and ideas are un-American. The American way, as spelled out in the US Constitution she purports to revere, calls for the holding of free and fair elections in which we select our leaders by secret ballot.  That’s precisely how President Obama and the Democrats came to power.  But rather than honor the constitutional process Megalomaniacal Michelle is calling for the overthrow of the government by armed force because she didn’t get her way. 

 As I write she is denouncing the President for attending the G-20 economic summit, accusing him of conspiring with foreigners to lead America into “a world economy;” because in her view this would lead to ”a world government,” which would  hitch the fate of the US with that of “Zimbabwe.” Either she is willfully cutting the fool to dupe her fans, or she is too stupid to understand that the Republicans have been the main promoters of globalization. 

 The Republican elite represent the investor class, and they will invest their money anywhere.  All they care about is the rate of return.  Never has Karl Marx’s observation that “the workers are nationalists, the bourgeoisie are internationalists” rung truer. The investor class routinely moves capital all over the globe, driven only by the profit motive, without consideration for the national interest.  That’s why I argue that either Ms. Bachman doesn’t have a clue how things work or she is perpetuating a fraud on her constituents.

 It is hard to know what’s what with this woman because she has a history of saying so many really stupid things. For instance she attributed the onset of the Great Depression to Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt signing the “Hoot Smalley Act.”  Aside from the fact that her theory of historical causation is nonsense, it was the Smoot Halley Act and it was signed by Republican President Herbert Hoover, who was in office when the Depression started! 

 Congresswoman Bachman has also declared global warming a fraud, arguing that carbon monoxide cannot be harmful “because its natural.”  She also warned that President Obama was secretly establishing communist type “re-education camps” for American youths.  And when she is not worrying about the President interning her children she agonizes about the “gays” seducing them.  And lest we forget, this is no fringe group fanatic but a Republican member of Congress! This woman is an embarrassment; I am ashamed that such a scatter brain blunder buss could actually sit in the greatest parliament in the world.  And what it tells us about the values and intelligence of her Minnesota constituents is frightening.

        Sharron Angle


 Air Head From another Planet


Just when you think you have heard all the lunatic stories from these vicious airhead Republican broads along comes Sharon Angle from Nevada.  The first time I saw Sad Sack Sharon, she was literally running from a local reporter who was trying to question her on public positions she had taken while running in the Republican primary to become their candidate for the US Senate against Majority leader Harry Reed.  Of course she got the idea that the mainstream press is a dangerous enemy to be avoided due to the briefings she received from former Republican Congressman turned rightwing propagandist and “Tea Party” organizer Dick Armey.

Devious Dick had attempted to explain Rand Paul’s problems away by saying he should never have allowed himself to be interviewed by Dr. Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. But he did clueless Sharon a serious disservice by neglecting to tell her that the real reason for his problems is that he talks like a damn fool.  Had he told her this she might have changed her tune earlier, although she has said so many absurd things on the record I doubt that she could have successfully expunged the record.  But since she is about as deep as a dry river bed, keeping her away from serious reporters is still their best bet.

 As outrageous as it is for a candidate to attempt to run for the US Congress – and in Palin’s case the Vice Presidency – without ever granting an interview to a major news organization, it is becoming standard operating procedure for the dopes the Republicans are putting up as candidates for high office.  And when this kind of subterfuge comes from people who claim to love the US Constitution and revere our democratic electoral process it is the most shameless sort of hypocrisy – nothing is sacred to this crowd but wealth and power. 

Yet when you hear the kinds of things these people are saying, what they actually stand for, it’s no wonder that the Republicans want to hide them from the general public.  And none are more frightening than the Republican women.  That’s why right-wing propagandists like Rush and Billy would rather talk about their looks rather than their ideas.   Alas, Republican women like Liz Cheney, one of the smartest and most vicious in the pack, looks like Denny Dimwit so she’s the odd gal out.  And so is that anorexic witch Crazy Annie Coulter, although Charming Billy thinks she’s a fox!   Crazy Annie and her cut buddy, WABC air head Lurid Laura Ingram, are interesting specimens of the screaming reactionary Republican banshee, I shall not critique them here because I have done that elsewhere on this blog. Just look them up in the search engine.

Sharron Angle doesn’t qualify for Rush and Bill’s “Hot Babes” list either.  She is not only an old booga bear but also rip roaring mad to boot.  Among the things she was advocating before she lucked up and won the Nevada Republican primary for the Senate is abolishing the Environmental Protection Agency and the Internal Revenue Service.  She would also scrap the Social Security program and gamble the funds on the stock market. She is opposed to unemployment insurance because she believes unemployment benefits are too generous and promotes laziness in the working class!   It is no wonder she wants to prevent the general electorate from discovering these long and sincerely held views.

 By trying to hide people like Rand Paul and Sharron Angle, who appears to be the dumbest of the pack, the GOP and their Tea Party cohorts are attempting to perpetrate a fraud on the electorate by confining appearances of their whacko candidates to the far right media circuit.  Even as I write, Ms. Angle is trying to sue the campaign of Senator Harry Reed for reposting the political positions that she recently removed from her website. She is  scrambling to white wash her lunatic views now that she has discovered the rest of the country outside of the rightwing bubble views them as ridiculous.  It always seems to surprise them that Rush, Sean, Bill and Glenn don’t speak for most Americans.

Gun Freak: Pamela Gorman


 Republican candidate for Congress in Arizona




 Crazy Annie Coulter and her Main Man J. J. Walker


A Note on Bill and Other Slobbering Republican Lechers



 Bill O’Reily, the Irish Catholic motor mouth at FOX who does nothing but Spin in the “No Spin Zone,” including buying off a female subordinate who filed sexual harassment charges, is the last of the slobbering Republican lechers to Join Rush Limbaugh in charging Democrats with being jealous of the beauty of Republican women. Recently he made a list of the “hot babes” in the Republican ranks.  I think it is a sign of their contempt for women that they choose to make an issue of their looks rather than their intelligence – although given the unremitting stupidity of Republican women it is easy to see why. 

Bill has the mindset of a sexual harasser; the kind of predatory male boss who pays far more attention to women workers butts than their brains.  It is just one more example of their refusal to behave like responsible adults and relate to female colleagues as equals.  It is hard to tell whether it is stupidity or arrogance that compels a man who has already survived a sexual harassment scandal to offer such a sexist analysis.  For these are not beauty pageant contestants that we are considering here, but leaders of the most powerful nation in the world; a nation that is in a protracted crisis alas.

 Since he has made such an issue of this, and I am a Yellow Dog Democrat – which means that I would vote for a yellow dog before I’d cast my ballot for any Republican – I feel that I must respond to Billy Boy’s charges of Democrat envy lest I too be labeled a jealous hater.  Plus, on the real side, the player in me bristles at the thought of a doopus Big Bird looking square like Bill trying to chump me off.  So in my defense I’d like to submit my idea of a beautiful white woman – who also happens to be a world class brainac – which will make it plain why I am unimpressed by that white trash debutante Silly Sarah Palin, and the rest of those pasty faced Republican air heads that so impresses poot butts like Bill and Rush! 


Yo Bill and Rush: You need to raise Your Standards! 



Drop Dead Gorgeous and A PhD in Mathematics Too!




Playthell Benjamin

Harlem New York

July 8, 2010