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Rush Limbaugh on Stormy Daniels

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There’s no Shame in this Girl’s Game

“She Didn’t Make Me Horny!”

Rush and his Boo

While surfing through the wonderful world of You Tube in search of interviews with Stormy Daniels, a red-hot mama and shameless hussy who may yet cause Dirty Donald’s presidency to crumble, I stumbled upon a segment of the Rush Limbaugh show titled “What I think of Stormy Daniels.   While I have long since turned a deaf ear to Rush’s rants, cause its usually SOS i.e. same old shit, I though it might be amusing to hear what the star talking head on “Trump News” had to say. 

From the outset he tells us that Stormy didn’t make him horny.  I was taken back and thought it a strange confession; especially since Rush strikes me as the kind of lecherous old horn dog that would to bang a bear if he could get it up, they bound her claws, muzzled her mouth and somebody held her head.  Alas, knowing the Rotund Rush  is a forked tongued charlatan, whom every woman I know considers an unappetizing tub of lard, I seriously doubted that he would kick stormy out of the bed.

Rush’s confession made me wonder what his wife looked like, so I googled her.  The first thing that caught my eye was an article titled Rush Limbaugh: Sick Secrets Of $470 Million Divorce: Wife’s keeping a stable of studs!”  And it was published in his President’s favorite newspaper, the National Enquirer, a scurrilous scandal sheet Trump once publicly inquired in wonder as to why they had not won a Pulitzer Prize.  Dumb Donnie was sure it was the result of a conspiracy among the purveyors of “fake News” like the “failing” New York Times and the Washington Post.

Normally I avoid exposing myself to the Enquirer; not because it isn’t sometimes amusing, an entertaining break from contemplating unpleasant realities, it’s just that I have better employment for my time trying to keep up with the hurly burley cascade of events and write thoughtful erudite commentary on the most important them.  But after hearing Rush trash the journalistic integrity of US News and World Report, by referring to the publication as a “failing” outfit that published “fake news,” I figured that publications like the Enquirer would down with him, they had his back.  Not so!

With such a provocative headline I couldn’t resist perusing the article, and I confess that I am always down to hear some dirt on Rushbo because he is such a dirty MOFO and soulless fraud.  So, I dived into the risqué expose and I was not disappointed.  The Enquirer claims “Rush Limbaugh’s fourth wife is cheating on him with hunky young athletes and setting the stage for a big bucks divorce that could humiliate the right-wing Icon.” The Enquirer claims that family members told them that “Kathryn – a 40 year old blond stunner – is two timing the media motormouth with a married man…She’s taken Rush’s plane to meet men – and even cheated while visiting her cancer stricken dad in Massachusetts.”  

The article goes on in that fashion, painting Rush as a fat tired old man that can’t satisfy the voracious sexual appetite of his hot young wife, who was always in it for the money, just like people say about Melania.  Although how much Rush and Donnie’s wives have in common is open to question, the fact that Rush and Donnie share the same “Trick” mentality is obvious. Both of these men rely on money and status to attract women.  As several of the women who had affairs with Trump testified, Doophus Donald offered them cash after a roll in the hay, which confused and angered them because of what it implied regarding his view of them.

Rush Limbaugh may be nauseating but he ain’t stupid, he knows the only way he is gonna cop a lay is to pay for it.  And it is widely rumored about that Rush was in such a hurry to hook this hottie and fetter her freedom her with the manacles of matrimony that he married her without a prenup!  Say what?

Whether any of this is true or not alas, it serves Rush’s rotund rump right, for he has been a champion of fake news.  If it is true, so much the better, perhaps the wily wife will take the boisterous, bumptious, belligerent blowhard to the cleaners; which is a good place for a down and dirty dog.  Alas, viewed from this perspective, Rush’s unsolicited confession that he didn’t get it up, remaining cool calm and collected while watching Stormy on 60 minutes, takes on a different dimension.

Since the program was not about whether Stormy made Rush horny, but whether she banged The Donald, methinks the bodacious buffoon doth protests too loudly.  The question, where rush is concerned, is whether his hot wife makes him horny and can he rise to the occasion when called upon.  A custom document from a recent trip to the Dominican  Republic shows that Rush had a generous supply of Viagra, but his wife was not a part of his all-male travelling party.* And since it is rumored abroad that randy young Cocksmen have “leapt betwixt his sheets and is doing his office,” as Iyago was told about lusty Moor Othello, Rushbo should spend all his spare time watching over his own yard.  And since wifey is rumored to have a yen for athletes, there is always the chance there is a lusty generously endowed blackamoor hiding in the woodpile!

Since Rush’s penis envy for black athletes is well known, he shares the agony of Iyago who confessed: “The very thought of which is maddening.”   As for Stormy’s credibility, which Rush has trashed, the tawdry tales she told about Dirty Donald’s deeds comes across as far more credible than Rush’s claim that she doesn’t make him horny.  If I was a bettin man, enticed by games of chance, I’d bet my bottom dollar Rush would pay for Stormy to rain golden showers upon his bulbous hog head faster than Hopalong Cassidy could draw his guns.

** The custom’s Document
Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York

Is Rush an American Goebbels?

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          Dr. Joseph Goebbels       

Rush and Joey: Birds of a feather?

On Race, Radio and the Politics of Hate

Although many people will be inclined to regard my claim in Tuesday’s commentary that Rush Limbaugh is the lineal descendent of Dr. Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of propaganda for the Nazi Third Reich, as overblown hype, the comparison is not that far out at all.  Of course I am not talking about blood ties, although Limbaugh does sound quite German.

The kinship between Dr. Goebbels and Rush Limbaugh lay in the role they play in society. And the means by which they sow the seeds of hatred against targeted groups through disinformation campaigns based on lies and false propaganda, broadcast over the radio as truth.

Dr. Goebbels’s objective was to create mass hysteria among Germans that would allow him to direct their frustrations, anger and hostilities toward particular groups for political purposes.  And he was clear in his method: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it,” said Reich Minister Goebbels.  This is also an accurate description of Rush Limbaugh’s method.

Limbaugh, like Adolph Hitler, was a neer-do-well who was basically a bust in media until he stumbled across the angry white guy format; where he casts himself in the role of spokesman for the aggrieved working/lower class white male who feels that the great white race is in decline due to the nefarious activities of parasitic minorities and subversive forces like feminist and socialists who are pushing a once great nation toward decadence.

In Germany during the economically depressed 1930’s this was also Dr. Goebbels’ audience. And his targets were the Jews, homosexuals, Gypsies, non- Aryan immigrants, and Communist.  In contemporary America – which is also in a sustained economic crisis – Rush Limbaugh’s targets are black people, Hispanics, Feminists, Communists, homosexuals and non-white immigrants.

They both hate liberals: “We want to replace liberal thinking” said Dr. Goebbels.” And Rush Limbaugh’s attacks on liberals is unceasing…it is raison d’etre for his radio show.  Goebbels’ propaganda was crafted to support the Nazi Party; the party of angry resentful “Nordic” Christians.  Limbaugh’s propaganda is designed to support the Republicans – the Grand Obstructionist Party, who built their majority on white racial resentments.  Both Goebbels and Limbaugh enjoy a wide appeal among evangelical Protestants.  And just like Goebbels, Rush seems to be trying his best to provoke a race war.

I first gained insight into how the radio was used to spark the German holocaust when I was an editorial page columnist at the New York Daily News during the mid-1990’s, and the world renowned travel writer Arthur Frommer resigned from a radio show he was hosting on a WOR  because they had hired Bob Grant as an on-air host.  Bob Grant had just been kicked off the air at WABC – White Apartheid Broadcast Company, the present home of Rush Limbaugh – as the result of pressure from the public about Grant’s use of his radio platform to promote racist propaganda.

Grant was an admitted eugenicist, and he was spewing theories that had led to genocide against European Jews by the German Nazi’s   just a few decades earlier.  While Bob Grant is probably too ignorant to know it, he was mouthing the ideas of another New Yorker with whom he shared a surname; Madison Grant, a New York attorney and president of the Zoological Society.

In 1917 Madison published a Eugenicist Manifesto titled “The Passing of the Great Race,” about which Hitler’s gushed to Grant in a recently discovered letter from Der Fuerer in Grant’s papers “your book is my bible!”  Hitler was so impressed he lifted his entire theory on races spouted in Mein Kempt from Grant’s text.

While Bob Grant may or may not been aware of his legacy, Arthur Frommer was crystal clear on the role that racist propaganda broadcast over the radio played in the German Holocaust. When I interviewed him in his home one evening he explained how as a recent graduate of Yale Law school, he was assigned to a task force that went into Germany right after the Nazi surrender with the mission of determining how a barely literate Austrian corporal could convince the most intellectually advanced nation in the world to revert to barbarism and murder six million of its citizens.

At the end of their investigation Mr. Frommer told me they concluded that the most important factor in selling the German people on a policy of genocide was the way Dr. Goebbels used national radio broadcasts to promote racist anti-Jewish propaganda.

That’s why Auther Fromer, a uniquely principled man about whom I wrote a comentary in the New York Daily News titled “Arthur Frommer: A Hero For Our Times.” walked away from a quarter of a million dollar a year gig rather than appear on the same station with Bob Grant.  “When I listened to the stuff Grant was saying he reminded me of an American version of Goebbels,” Frommer said.  I have actually him on tape saying this.  Well, Rush Limbaugh is a Bob Grant clone on steroids, and although he has learned fron Grant’s mistakes and avoids using open racial epithets…he is far more dangerous!

The Verbal Arsonists at Work

The Rotund Rushbo

Trying his best to provoke a race war in America


 Playthell George Benjamin

Harlem, New York

July 19, 2012

Cuttin the Fool in Public!

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                     Insane in the Brain?


Is Rush Limbaugh’s Jealousy of President Obama driving him Crazy?

While there is no paucity of ready diagnosis for America’s maladies, I continue to believe the most dangerous threat to the health of our society is the epidemic of ignorance sweeping the country. Like Thomas Jefferson I am convinced that the ignorance of the electorate – Boobus Americanus in H.L. Mencken’s coinage– could prove terminal to our participatory democracy. There is no better example of this plague than the slavish attention lavished on Rush Limbaugh, the self-appointed and widely celebrated Philosopher Kingof the untutored, racist, white mob, and Grand Pubah of the Republican Party.

By some estimates 30 million Americans tune in to hear Rush unravel the bewildering complexities of the world; his omnipotence is such that they actually call themselves “Ditto Heads.”  This means the rubber stamp everything Rush says.  There’s no shame in their game.   Whatever Rotund Rush says, like the Pope, takes on the gravitas of dogma.

The Problem is that Rush Limbaugh is a verbose airhead who can barely distinguish his rectum from a hole in the ground; a gluttonous bloated buffoon with the instincts of a con man and the ethics of mass murderer.   His audience is composed of the same type of people who formed the foundation of the NAZI movement, Evangelical white Christian Nationalists.

He thrives among an audience composed of angry, disillusioned, white folks who average 67 years of age and feel the world has turned upside down. In the jumble that followed the collapse of the de jure – i.e. legal racial caste system they have lost their divinely appointed place in the American pigmentocracy that ordained white over black all the time forevermore. A black man in the White House means their worst nightmare has come true.

Rush is a verbal arsonist feeding the flames of their rage; a phony coporate shill inciting to act against their best interests and vote for Republican plutocrats – like Mitt Romney – who despise them. The fact that President Obama is their best friend in terms of his policy choices and humane vision is of no consequence.  They are victims of their racial myths.   And after listening to Rush Limbaugh’s racist diatribes they are quite prepared to cut off their noses to spite their faces.

In terms of his style and intentions Rush is the lineal descendent of Dr. Joseph Goebbles, the Minister of Propaganda of the Third Reich – a point I shall have much more to say about in a future commentary.  For the moment I’ll suffice it to say that, like Dr. Goebbles, Rush Limbaugh daily spouts dangerous nonsense that the racist untutored mob routinely confuses with wisdom and truth.   Sometimes he incites violence with his reckless inflammatory rhetoric.  Since I have written about this elsewhere I shan’t belabor it here. (Search Rush Limbaugh on this blog?

To listen at Rush Limbaugh’s recent rabid rant about how Barack Obama’s Ivy League education created contempt for traditional American values, one would never suspect that Mitt Romney, both President Bushes, and all of the right wing members of the Supreme Court that Rush adores, also graduated from Ivy League schools. And that Mitt has more Harvard degrees than Barack.

But considering that Rush flunked out of Northeast Missouri State, and according to his mother he flunked everything, we can assume that the Rotund Rushbo has no clue what goes on at an Ivy League University, nor what it requires to gain admission let alone graduate from one.  Rush Limbaugh is a poorly educated, unread, uncouth, hysteric.  Based on what he has said about his act in interviews, Rush also strikes me as a complete phoney who is in it for the fame and fortune.

Alas, despite his on-air bravado, in deep in his heart and mind Rush knows he’s still the big fat wallflower he was in high-school; an overpaid clown who is little more than an entertaining side show like “Frances the Talking Mule.” The truth is that this colored guy with the funny name; beautiful brilliant wife; spot on kids; who is also the most powerful man in the world, is everything Rush would love to be: right down to his svelte athletic physique, handsome visage and smooth pecan tan complexion. This combination of penis envy, and feelings of intellectual inferiority is driving him nuts, especially since he looks like Porky Pig on crack having a bad day.

That’s why Rush is losing his mind in public as millions watch.  When these profound feelings of personal inadequacy combine with drug abuse and delusions of grandeur, we’ve got a combustible human powder keg spouting madness on the public airways.   The fact that ABC keeps a man on the air who is clearly psychotic and seems to be trying his best to incite some lunatic to  assassinate the President of the United States, or do harm to his family, which would lead to widespread disorder and possibly a race war, is evidence that Karl Marx was right on the money regarding corporate ethics.

“A true capitalist will sell the hangman the rope to hang him with if he believes he can make a profit!” Marx predicted.  Hence the executives at ABC, obsessed with expanding the bottom line, are willing to allow a volatile, racist, morally deformed, cretin to come on the air ranting and raving and disturbing the peace; providing him a powerful platform to denigrate the highest office in our land, just because they can make money.

Alas, Rush Limbaugh may be cutting the fool in public, but WABC – the White Apartheid Broadcast Company – is guilty of something far worse: Gambling the fate of our nation and collective soul for fool’s gold.  That choice may make them a hefty profit….but it won’t get them into the kingdom of heaven!

Porky Pig On Crack?

A pompous, Pie Face, Pootbutt!

Chilly B Knowledge

The Most Powerful Mamn in the World

He’s Heads and Shoulders above the Competition!

Barack is everything Rush Limbaugh would love to be!!!!!!


Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
July 17, 2012

On Conservatism and Racism

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           Buckley and Reagan: Icons of American Conservatism

 Conservatives Deny their Racist Roots

 The Racism-Conservatism Link: What Love in Utah and West in Florida need to know about why there are so few of them.   My colleagues in our Embassy in Montevideo Embassy gave me that year’s “William F. Buckley Award for Eloquence in Policy Advocacy.” They thought that was an honor for me and were surprised and dismayed when I declined to accept that ‘recognition’ and cited racism of the person for whom the award was named as my reason.

I proposed they re-name the award for Carlton B. Goodlett or James Baldwin. “Who?” was the collective response from this group of forty Foreign Service and military officers. At that moment, I remembered very keenly from my Orange Park school days many of the loftily disparaging, intellectually disguised things Buckley had written about African-Americans.

We all (I hope to include West and Love) know Buckley founded the National Review and was considered the guiding light of intellectual ‘conservatism’. This magazine’s early positions regarding race and the legacy of its founder and guiding spirit were critical to the rise of public face of postwar right-wing interests.

Mainstream ‘conservatism’s’ supposed renunciation of racism depended in large part on a little-examined notion that having defended white supremacy in the South in the 1950s, Buckley later apologized for that position. His fans across the socio-political spectrum cite that (non) apology. It’s part and parcel of a contention that racism and conservatism are not ineluctably connected.

The newly enlightened Buckley was renouncing a position entirely different from the one he’d actually advanced in the 1950s.  Writing in 1957 in defense of jury nullification of federal voting laws, Buckley insisted that whites in the South were “entitled to take such measures as are necessary to prevail, politically and culturally, where they do not prevail numerically,” because the white race was “for the time being, the advanced race.” In 2004, asked whether he’d ever taken a position he now regretted, he said: “Yes. I once believed we could evolve our way up from Jim Crow. I was wrong: federal intervention was necessary.”

Where in ’57 he’d asserted a right even of a minority of whites to impose racial segregation by literally any means necessary, including breaking federal law, in ’04 Buckley expressed regret for supposedly having believed only that segregation would wither away without federal intervention. Stupid the man was not. He gets credited today with honesty about his past and with having, in his own way, “evolved up.” “Modern conservatives,” think they get to ignore the realities of their movement’s origins and continuing racist makeup.

Buckley did evolve, just not in the way his fans like to imagine. His effort to construct working-class white Southern racists as an advanced race was brief. (Given Buckley’s ideas of what advanced races like to do — sail, listen to Bach, defend high culture against barbarity — it’s not surprising if they disappointed him.) Remember in 1965, at the famous Oxford Union debate with the more erudite, clear-thinking and articulate James Baldwin, Buckley foolishly chose to fight a rearguard action on civil-rights legislation, and took a new position.

Claiming now that “everybody already agreed that race prejudice is evil,” he accused the civil-rights movement of “no longer seeking equality but the actual regression of the white race.” He announced that if it “ever came to race war,” he was “prepared to fight it on the beaches, in the hills, in the mountains.”

Then Buckley even tried to joke that what he really objected to was “any uneducated Southerner, black or white, being allowed to vote.” That’s less a turnabout on equal rights for blacks than a retreat to a more logically consistent, Yale-bred snobbism, and the joke was serious: that same year, barely cloaked racist “commentator” James J. Kilpatrick put forth in the National Review an argument mixing states-rights populism with ruling-class prerogative, warning that “federalism would be destroyed unless states were free to impose voting qualifications, and that such qualifications must discriminate equally, not racially.”

Needless to say, the greatest mind produced in the USA- James Baldwin- tore Buckley a new rear end. Baldwin’s analysis and synthesis of Buckely’s nonsense deeply impressed the Oxford Union crowd and the BBC television audience. The Oxford Union voted overwhelmingly in favor of Baldwin’s erudition, logic and exposition. Buckley tried to smile away his shame and comeuppance. (In later years after moving to London, I made a priority trek to the site of Baldwin’s destruction of the conservative icon.

I had to see and pay my respects at the altar where Baldwin had laid Buckley to rest a decade earlier. A decade after London, I had to greatest of all experiences when my wife and I had James Baldwin as a dinner guest with eight of our friends in Madrid).  Race long remained a defining conservative issue for the National Review. In the 1970s the magazine persistently defended apartheid South Africa on the same basis that it had once defended Jim Crow.

James Baldwin: Novelist, Essayist and Dr. King Modern Prophet
A Witness and Drum Major for Justice!

The problem isn’t that old Bill Buckley gets a pass. If conservatives today really mean to mark out an American conservative ethos with no remaining ties to racism, wouldn’t they need to reckon, far more seriously and realistically than they seem prepared to do, with the painful legacy of the postwar right when it comes to what was then called racial integration? With the Cold War, integration was the hot issue of the day — and that was the day when the right wing was taking over the Republican Party under Richard Nixon’s “Southern Strategy.”

Nelson Rockefeller was a fire-and-brimstone Cold Warrior but hyper-liberal on race; he was just the type the Buckleyites were knocking out of ‘conservative’ and Republican party leadership. Ties between ‘conservatism’ and straight-up, hardcore, undisguised disgust at the presence of African Americans in any position other than servile were once so tight that for some of us with long enough memories it is annoyingly bizarre even to have to review them. And the deeper one digs into the history of race and the right wing, the trickier things get.

There’s another remark of Buckley’s that gets him routinely credited with acknowledging, in old age, postwar conservatives’ error on race and personally recanting it: a comment he made during an interview (with Judy Woodruff) in 2006 regarding his imbecilic opposition to the 1964 Civil Rights Act. “The effect of that bill should have been welcomed by us,” Buckley told Woodruff.

He framed his old objection to the act in terms of William Rehnquist’s supposedly having persuaded him and Barry Goldwater, when developing positions for the Goldwater’s 1964 presidential campaign, to view opposition to the act as an inescapable conclusion of the supposed strict constitutionalism on which Goldwater was running, a position that Buckley told Woodruff he’d since come to regret for its “constitutional formalism.”

Buckley’s 2006 frame is a false one. Advancing states-rights and anti-judicial-review arguments against civil-rights laws was nothing new to Buckley in ’63-’64, and his arguments certainly didn’t depend on any “formalist” urging from Rehnquist. By the time of the Goldwater campaign, nearly 10 years of unrelenting objection to every form of civil-rights legislation had appeared in the National Review, weirdly blending the (supposedly race-neutral) “strict-constitutional” argument with Buckleyite claims for the right of cultures deemed superior by Buckleyites to violate the Constitution.

The ‘conservative’ icon continued to push the view that even a minority of whites has a right — nay, a duty! — to take measures necessary to prevail against a majority of blacks. Goldwater and running-dog Rehnquist appealed to majority and states’ rights in resisting federal enforcement of removal of racial segregation laws. Buckley’s view, to Goldwater-Rehnquist, revealed too much. It allowed the discerning public to see clearly that “states’ rights” was the code phrase for white supremacy. I understood that in junior high school. It still is.

Rehnquist actually advised Buckley during the 1964 platform discussions to tone down, to get with the program of pushing the rights of majorities in local communities over those of the federal judiciary and legislature, the right-wing party line regarding segregation: “The effect of that bill should have been welcomed by us.”

More likely the cagey old bastard meant conservatives should have welcomed the effect of the Civil Rights Act on white voters in the South. They of course did respond to its passage by flocking to the Republican Party, just as Nixon wished, an effect explicitly “welcomed” at the time by Buckley, and by others who would soon be leveraging that effect for the election.

What do well-educated, rich white men have in common with southern and rural Midwestern whites? Nothing, but color. It is clear they are using race as a wedge issue to establish numerical hegemony and maintain leadership over this untutored lot. Their policies in no way benefit their party base.

Their economic interests differ in every particular, but try explaining that to a Haley Barbour Mississippian. It would be interesting, however, to see educated ‘conservatives’ (oxymoron?) engaging in intellectual honesty by digging into and acknowledging their history. We can’t wait for that.

Former Mississippi Governor Hailey Barbour

The face of the Republican South

Double Click on link below to see the Baldwin -Buckley Oxford Dbate


By: Bernard Fennell

Foriegn Service Officer – Retired

Blue Springs Missouri

April 27, 2012

My How The Mighty Are Falling!

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                      The Rotund Rushbo: Racist, Sexist, Verbal Arsonists

 An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh

Yo Rush!

Now you have finally done it; you done really screwed up Dog!  It was bound to happen, because for all your verbosity you are basically a fool; an overpaid clown whom the Republicans use to attract the angry untutored white mob!  You are the bait to stir a feeding frenzy among little fish who are finding it harder to survive once the sharks have eaten.

What you don’t understand is that all the while they were exploiting your gift for bamboozling the hoi peloi, the Republican elite thought you a buffoon, a talented chimp, white trash with a gift for rousing the rabble.  Do you really believe that George Will, Charles Krauthammer, the late William F. Buckley Jr., Mitt the Stiff, or the Wall Street crowd look forward to spending a social evening with you Rush?  These people look upon you like toilet paper; useful, even indispensable in its place, but no one wants to keep it around after it’s been used!

Fortunately, your sponsors in the business of peddling commodities are amoral hucksters, concerned only about the bottom line because their standard of living depends upon it.  Hence they will kick yo butt to the curb faster than the Cisco Kid could draw his guns if major sponsors continue to desert you.  And the newly energized women’s movement is on the march to insure that more sponsors will stampede away from you.

The fleeing sponsors have more than doubled in two days.  It’s up to 28 now.  You have become toxic Rush.  The people who promote you, paid you grand theft dough, and generally assumed a lips to posterior stance when you are in the house, don’t really love you Rush.  Rumor has it they don’t even like you!

Most go about the job of promoting you like a circus performer who is forced to hold her nose and kiss a pig….because the show must go on.  Some are even ashamed to admit any connection with you in polite company.   You, in turn, are expected to earn your keep by serving up the rabble for Republicans at the polls and bring in the advertising dollars.

For years now you have exhibited an open hostility to the aspirations of women, who have only been seeking the full exercise of their rights as American citizens.  This latest episode is not the worst slander you have directed against women, you routinely refer to their organizations as “Femi-nazis.”

Til now you were able to mask your hostility toward women in general by disguising your misogyny as political rhetoric.   But when you viciously attacked Sandra Fluke, an innocent  law student, calling her a whore and slut because she defended President Obama’s health plan, which pays for contraceptives, you not only pissed women off across the political spectrum, but all the fathers of daughters…like me.

Hence while all of the gutless wonders and political chameleons who are contesting for the Republican presidential nomination have suddenly lost their voices, I would like to offer my unvarnished opinion of your scurrilous attack on Ms. Sandra Fluke, who shares a first name with my senior daughter – a truly pious churchwoman who works with teenage girls and understands the critical importance of contraceptives being readily available to them.

Hence when you called this admirable young lady a slut and a whore, I imagined that she was my daughter and spoke up for her in my mind.  Here is exactly what I said Dog: “Fuck you Rush!  Fat dope fiend motherfucker!!!!!!  Kiss our ass!!!!!   Whores turn tricks on their dates, they take the money and fake the passion.  Which is pretty much what you do on the radio Rush!”

“You make millions faking concern for the problems of poor plebes you don’t really give a shit about!  And since I can’t imagine any woman allowing you into her conjugal bed without being very well paid, I’d like to offer a suggestion.  If you want to see some real whores Rush,: you should look first in the mirror…and then in yo bed!”


Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

March 6, 2012

Gomer Pyle Goes To Washington

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A country slick bunko artist playing the long rage con

An Open Letter to Mike Huckabee

What tha fuck Huck?  Do you really think we are dumb enough to believe that hokum you are spouting about how you misspoke when you said President Obama grew up in Kenya, and that that experience determines his political policies as President of the USA?   Do you actually think you can convince anyone who is not a moron, or close to it, that you really meant to say Indonesia?  It doesn’t surprise me if you actually believe you can pull this off because you spend most of your time talking to morons.

Didn’t yo mamma ever tell you that if you lie down with dogs you will get up with fleas?  What that means knuckle head is that if you spend all of your time consorting with charlatans, and preaching to imbeciles, it will eventually erode your capacity to construct logical arguments.  Hanging out with ignorant paranoid buffoons can so distort your perception of things you may begin to believe that you can fool all the people all the time!

As I watched you try to explain away your perfidious folly in television interviews two things came across my mind: first an image then the lines.  I kept thinking “I know I’ve seen this guy somewhere before.”  Then it hit me: you are a dead ringer for Gomer Pyle Huck, the hilarious hayseed with the golden voice.  I concluded that the main difference between you and Gomer is that he sings and you play bass guitar; Gomer was for real – what you see is what you get – and you are a phony baloney!  What the Italian wise guys call a “Fugazy!”  I know you think you are a real smart cookie; slick as cow shit, the way they say down in your neck of the woods.  But if you were half as smart as you think you are Huck, you would have better sense than to be telling us the kind of dumb shit you are telling us.  Either you are a shameless liar or you are a damned fool.

However you have a record of accomplishment that belies your attempt at naiveté.  Nobody who is as successful as you are could have made the kind of mistake that you are claiming.  Your entire thesis about President Obama’s world view was based upon the fact that President Obama hates the Anglo-Saxon dominated US because he hates the “British Imperialists.”  This hatred, according to you, was fueled by the fact that when young Barack was “growing up in Kenya” he heard his grandfather and father tell stories of how the “Mau Mau” – an African resistance movement – fought the hated the “British imperialists.”

Yet the same thing could be said of your grandfather if you go back far enough Huck!  Have you forgotten that the USA was born in a bloody revolution against British imperialist?  And the war of 1812, the last time foreign troops were on American soil, was also fought against the British imperialist.  You are parroting spurious prattle advanced by Denish De Sousa, that shameless little right-wing Coolie hack: a ubiquitous, obsequious, Gunga Din who will tell you Pukka Sahibs any kind of BS he thinks will buy your favor.  The joker even wrote a panegyric to that over praised air head Ronald Reagan.  Deni is a silver tongued bunko artist who plays you silly right-wing ideologues like a fiddle.  He knows how desperately you need a “Third World” colored man to defend the superiority of “western civilization.”  Incidentally, the founder of his country Mahatma Gandhi was an enemy of British imperialists too!  And if Deni Dimwit doesn’t support Gandhi’s struggle against the British he is an Indian version of Benedict Arnold!

Since you are genuinely ignorant of modern African history it is conceivable that don’t really know what you are talking about on this issue, yet there is no doubt that your argument rest on the fact that it was the British imperialist that you were referring to.  Otherwise your entire polemic makes no sense, since Indonesia is an Asian, not an African country and was colonized by the Dutch!   Hence we are left with two possibilities Huck: You are even dumber than you look, or you are lying yo ass off!  In the first instance you would be far too stupid to be President, like your girl Silly Sarah, or you are a BS artist who lack the integrity to hold that high office!

If you are willing to lie on television about a relatively picayune issue like this, how can you expect the nation to entrust you with the grand issues you will have to address as President.  As a voter I wouldn’t think of voting for such a person as you, even if we were in the same political party.  This is going to really hurt you with educated people, especially college grads looking for a leader of integrity who at least tries to tell the truth.   Is that why you are going for the white “non-college educated” demographic; the Joe The Plumber and Dumb Dora crowd?  Well that ground has been well prepared for you by the Alaskan Barbarian, whose main contribution to our political discourse is to make ignorance fashionable.  So if Silly Sarah doesn’t run you got them covered.

But beyond the fact that you insult our intelligence and play us cheap Huck, it is clear to anybody whose head is not stuck so far up their ass they can neither see nor hear, that you are also a racist.  You are are a resentful closet bigot just like most white southerners who flocked to the Republican Party after the Democrats became the party of “Civil Rights,” passing the 1964 Omnibus Civil Rights Bill that destroyed the de-jure apartheid system by which white supremacy was enforced;  Casting your beloved “southern way of life” in the dust bin of history…where it belongs!

You may be able to fool many of these silly white folks that you are a Teddy Bear, with your cuddly demeanor and cornpone southern charms, but I see you for what you are: an unreconstructed Neo-Confederate.  You are cut from the same sheet as Haley Barber, Trent Lott, Strom Thurmond, the new Governor of Virginia, and all the southern Republican Neo-Confederates who still refer to the Civil War as “the war of northern aggression” and deny that slavery had anything to do with that war.

In this Barnum and Bailey version of American history the Civil War was fought about “State’s Rights,” not the preservation of slavery.  Just like your attempts to avoid enforcing federal rulings on de-segregation, and other progressive issues like federally mandated health care, is miscast as a matter of state sovereignty.  You redneck ass holes are still trying to come to terms with the fact that yhall lost the war and the former slaves are free to be whatever they want to be.  And your worst nightmare, the thing that drove the racist fascistic apartheid system in the American south was the hysterical fear that an African would have his way with your white woman; a fear which the brilliant white southern female writer Lillian Smith – in whose honor a major literary prized is named – exposed as fear of payback southern white males suffer from in her revealing book “Killers Of the Dream.” Since you and I both grew up under that perverse system, we know she is telling the truth!

The truth is Huck, you, and all your demented Southern redneck Republican posse of a certain age, hate Barack Obama because his mother is a white woman – and a far prettier and accomplished one than yo mama or yo wife! – and his daddy is a black African of the “deepest dye” – as the early American scientist and surveyor of Washington D. C. Benjamin Banneker once described himself to Thomas Jefferson. In sum, Barack is your worst nightmare: The fruit of such a union has become President of the United States, a position you covet with all your heart and soul…and one you will never, ever, get!  Hence it just kills you, a “type A” Anglo-Saxon male who was raised to think yourself superior all men of color, that Barack Obama is the most powerful man in the world and you are a mere television clown!

That’s why you understand white racists so well Huck; yhall think alike!  And I believe that you are also acutely aware of the growing intensity of anti-black hatred in this country just now.  The Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery Alabama, the keenest observers of organized racial animosity in the South, has documented the dramatic rise in both racist white militias and incidents of anti-black discrimination.  According to their calculations: “The number of hate groups increased by 22 percent. The number of hate crimes stood at 1,753 in 2009, then jumped to 2,145 a year later. Many of the new groups are radical right wing groups. Their numbers grew to 1,000, the highest number reported since SPLC began counting such groups in the 1980s.”   According to the standards of the U.S. Department of Justice, “A hate crime is intended to hurt and intimidate because of race, color, religion, sexual orientation or disability. A hate crime is driven by prejudice.”

I’m sure that none of this comes as any surprise to you Huck.  Like everybody else, you have seen the racist signs liberally sprinkled throughout the crowd at Tea Party rallies.  Yhall pretend it’s all right to portray the President of the US as a bone-thru-the-nose-savage; just a few good old boys who want their country back letting off steam.  Yet if Barack Obama was a Jew and you held up signs showing him cast in the worst anti-Semitic stereotypes, there would be no question about either their odiousness or the danger they portend.

How Huckabee’s Tea Party Portrays Our President

Are these signs racist?

All the above explains how a man as smart as you could be out here on radio and television spouting the “birther” line; an argument that you know to be bullshit!  Although you know better, and have said as much in writing, you are willing to adopt the Tea Party line about Barack Obama having been born and raised in Kenya.  You shamefully encourage the belief that our President – a charming, brilliant, humane, hip, really cool husband and father, the personification of the American dream – is in reality a secret Muslim and alien other, who somehow conned the American people about who he really is and his intention to destroy America.

Your motive is transparent and unmistakable.  Everybody knows that Barack Obama had a far closer relationship to his mother’s family.  He spent formative years with his middle American grandparents from Kansas, and his uncle that fought the Nazi’s with General George Patton was far closer to Barack than his Kenyan father, whom he only met once or twice, or his Kenyan grandfather, whom he never met at all!  Yet you never mention them…I’d love to hear your explanation of how you came to believe that these good solid American white folks had less influence on Barack’s character than the Kenyans who he didn’t even know.  Unless you believe that African blood is omnipotent, like the “one drop rule” you southern white boys came up with, whassup with the Kenyan father yang? You are either a charlatan, a fool, or a bit of both Huck.  I believe the third possibility to be true

That’s why neither honor, duty nor love for your country restrains you from recklessly promoting the idea that President Obama is a deceptive miscreant who has usurped power and is running a Chicago style “gangster government” – as your fellow Tea Party star Michelle Bachman never tires of saying.  Is this what you really believe Huck?  Don’t shit me now… Cause like my main man Bubba Duck Jackson used to say: “Before I’d shit you I wouldn’t even fuck wit you!”  Now, if you have a different point of view Huck, if I have misrepresented your views in any way, then stand up and like a man and say it ain’t so…and in the name of Jesus, your professed Lord and savior, denounce these damned lies!   I double dare you like a dog!!!!!




Playthell Benjamin

February 10,  2011

Harlem, New York

On Eddie Long: BS Artist!

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  The Original Sin!

             Princeton Philosopher Dr. Harry G. Frank has written a book by the daring title “Bullshit!” He chose this title because it accurately addressed his subject: people who engage in bullshit.  In choosing his title he could well have used Bishop Eddie long as his role model, because from all appearances he is a bullshit artist par excellence.  I mean, it takes no small amount of talent to bullshit 25,000 parishioners into believing that you are an honorable messenger of Jesus Christ, when you are simultaneously engaged in the kind of scurrilous behavior that would shame the Devil!

 Let me be clear, I care not a whit about people’s sexual preferences so long as they are consenting adults.  Nor have not I pronounced the Bishop guilty on the charge of coercing sexual favors from the young men to whom he is supposed to be offering moral guidance, and teaching how to be responsible citizens.  I shall leave that determination to the courts.  But the fact that there are four different complainants make their charges hard to dismiss.  Should they prove true however it would only verify my suspicion that Long is false to his profession in more ways than one, and his moral failings are worse than I thought.  I knew he was guilty of duplicity, vanity and avarice.  This is plain enough to see for anyone who understands what it means for a black southern leader to identify himself as a “conservative Republican,” while  living like an ancient Persian Pasha at the expense of his hard working congregation.  Even if they are so blinded by his charisma they have become willing dupes.

 Inside the Bishop’s Crib


 The epitome of vulgar opulence

 Long’s lavish Lifestyle is as vulgar as his bogus theology; which has been labeled “The Prosperity Gospel.”  On the face of it this doctrine is a subversion of the teachings of Jesus Christ, which the Bishop claims to represent. Was it not Jesus who said it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of heaven?  Did he not chase the moneylenders from the temple?  From where I sit, it seems that the Bishop’s theology owes far more to Reverend Ike and Daddy Grace – who is rumored to be Ike’s father – than the preaching of Jesus.  When Rev. Ike says “The Absence of money is the root of all evil” the bishop says Amen!  When Rev. Ike says “The best way to help poor people is not to be one of them,” the Bishop cries “Let the church say Amen!”  The greed of these clerical worshippers of the false God Mammon is such, they appear to be willing to even make a deal with the devil in exchange for gold!

 It is this worship of wealth that has led Eddie Long into the arms of the Grand Obstructionist Party – which is a classic Faustian bargain. And it appears that he has lost his soul!  While I know that there are people who are actually too stupid to recognize the danger Southern Republicanism represents to the aspirations of African Americans, it would be scandalous for someone who has the trust of 25, 000 striving hard working black people not to understand what is at stake.  Maybe Eddie Long is just a simple minded hustler who knows not what he doeth, but given the way he dissed the great Civil Rights warrior and world famous performing artist Harry Belafonte at Coretta Scott Kings funeral he seems pretty savvy to me…and a shameless charlatan as well. 

At great risk to his career, Harry Belafonte supported King and his family during the darkest days of the movement; he walked with Martin in the shadow of death, yet Long refused Harry a podium after he was scheduled to speak because he was an outspoken critic of the horrendous and criminal invasion of Iraq – a position that Dr. king would have passionately embraced just as he came our against the Vietnam War – and long was afraid that he might say something to embarrass the Bushmen: George The First and George the Second.  And the fact that he was allowed to stay in his pulpit after that outrageous act speaks to the simple mindedness and moral confusion of his congregation. 

The most charitable explanation of their behavior is that they know little of their recent history and next to nothing about present political realities.  They walk by faith not by sight.  Hence, like most of the southern evangelical movement and the Tea Party poot-butts,  they are indifferent to facts and dwell in a fact free zone.  The alternative to this explanation is that the Bishop’s followers are willfully ignorant; in their mad rush to acquire the material trinkets of this consumerist society they are blinded by the glow from the Golden Calf before whom they genuflect. This is idolatry: A mortal sin!

Even an un-churched heathen like me can see that this is blasphemy.  However, as I write, a study has just been released showing that those who know most about religion are they who are least religious!  For instance, the study reveals that over half of the people who identify as Protestants don’t know who the founder of the Protestant church is, or what they were protesting.  And an equal number of Catholics don’t know what the wafers they ingest in the Eucharist means!  No wonder these religious Charlatans can get away with all manner of debauchery.



 The Bishop Embraces the Devil

Long’s action at Coretta’s funeral – in which her daughter preached – would have been an outrage in any case.  But the fact that George I voted against the Omnibus Civil Rights Bill of 1964, which freed black southerners from a system of legal inequality based on race, and enforced by white terrorists, a system Dr. Martin Luther King gave his life to change, and George II supported a legal philosophy designed to limit the exercise of those rights by African Americans, makes Long’s decision a case of soulless treason against the interest of Black Americans!  Yet there was the Bishop, all huggy kissy with George W. Bush, who was a near perfect representation of what the devil means in  twenty first century terms.  From the big Sambo smile on his ebony mug, it was clear that there’s no shame in this neo-con man’s game.

Although I thought his theology a sham, I barely paid any attention to Long before the funeral.  I had actually visited his church once when I was in Atlanta and a friend  took me by to show me his massive church complex.   It was a Saturday and I noticed all the activity in the Gym, where young men played pick-up basketball games while hip hop music blared from the speakers. My impression was that here was a safe haven for young black males from the dangerous streets of Atlanta, which sometimes seem as violent as the streets of Baghdad!  But if what these young men are saying is true these youths were anything but safe.

This is also true of the black community’s future if we continue to follow religious charlatans like Eddie Long.  To those who offer apologia for his actions, especially his love affair with reactionary Republicans, by praising his “good works” in the community, I say he is no different from dope dealers who give away free turkeys at Thanksgiving, or sponsor basketball teams for youths in communities where their activities have diminished the life’s chances of young people.  The Republican Party is committed to a policy agenda that will diminish the life chances of Black People in America.  This is fairly easy to demonstrate, and if there are those who think my judgment is too harsh I suggest they read my commentary, “Haley Barbour is a Lying Fat Redneck!”  And if that doesn’t convince you read the text I cite in the piece, “The Politics Of Rage,” which is the seminal text on how the Republicans exploited white racist resentments to win national elections.

Sadly, It may turn out that the most disgraceful thing about this entire sorted affair is the reaction of many in the Bishop’s flock to these allegations of sexual impropriety.  Aside from the fact that he has engaged in gay bashing, which would make him a hypocrite if the charges are true, he will also be an adulterer and a sodomite based upon the theology he preaches.  Yet he was given a standing ovation by his congregation after he spoke to them last Sunday.  One need only look the response of some “saved” Christians who have come to his defense in order to understand the twisted logic of these  fanatics.   Consider the comments of this writer, who identifies herself as Sandra B. on the Atlanta Post website.

 “ …why did you wait so long unless it is to gain in a materialistic way and bring dishonor on the body of Christ,” she asks of the alleged victims, “ by going to the world instead of going to the body of Christ, and allowing the men and women of God to handle this scandal of the church…to judge it according to the word of God, if the these persons, that have come forward are in the body of Christ, for the love of God, then the word says that, we do not go to the unsaved to judge the saved, the world will not judge the saints, but, the saints will judge the angels. Even though Saul persecuted David for no reason and tried to kill him, we should respond as David did ‘I will not touch God’s anointed.”  Ah, but, we are in the last days where man does not fear man nor God. I am praying for everyone involved and for the body of Christ.”

This comment reminds me of a story told by one of the men who sued the Catholic Diocese in Boston because he was molested for years as a child by a Priest in that Church.  When asked why he didn’t tell his parents – who were devout Irish Catholics in South Boston – he said he was afraid because when his friend told his mother the Priest was molesting him she hauled off and punched him in the mouth with her fist and called him a dirty liar!  A similar naïveté was echoed in some of Long’s parishioners after his Sunday sermon: “”We know and we love Bishop,” said Annie Cannon, a seven-year member of New Birth.”We love our place of worship. My son goes to school here. We do everything here.”  It is due to this level of ignorance and fanaticism that religious charlatans continue to thrive in spite of the constant revelations that hypocrisy, perversion and fraud abound in their ranks. 

It would seem that after the scandalous revelations of superstar evangelical preachers such as Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggart and Reverend Haggard, a fire eating gay basher who was outed by a male prostitute who saw him performing his anti-gay act on television and recognized him as one of his most enthusiastic customers, the Jesus freaks would wake up and become more sceptical.  But these lost souls searching for salvation in all the wrong places remain willing sheep, happily waiting to be fleeced.  This is why the force of law must intervene, especially where the welfare of children is concerned, for these unthinking fanatics cannot police themselves – and being a religous faker or fanatic does not exempt them from obeying the law.  While many will await the Bishop’s day in court to judge him, my friends who live in Atlanta have always insisted that the Bishop was a fraud.  And when he dissed Harry Belafonte, I concluded then and there, that he is a shameless charlatan who is full of BS.  And I don’t mean bible study!



Click on link above and  witness the collective madness that passes for a church service at New Hope Baptist Church.  Watch the master BS artist at work!


Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem,  New York

September 29, 2010

On Crissy O’Donnel: The Latest GOP Whacko!

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 The Wannabe Republican Senator who’s Dumber Than Palin 


As the primary elections grew closer political wise guys in the Republican Party despaired over the possibility of Christine O’Donnell winning the nomination as the Republican candidate for the US Senate from Delaware.  So great was their horror at this possibility that Party leaders openly criticized her. Karl Rove, who was dubbed “Bush’s Brain” due to his much celebrated “genius” at devising election strategies, called her “nutty,” and questioned her personal integrity on national television.

Aside from being on public record uttering a host of bizarre beliefs – such as her charge that government funded scientist are cloning mice with fully developed human intelligence – O’Donnell appears to be a neer-do-well who refused to pay her student loans; had an IRS lien for unpaid taxes; her house was foreclosed by the bank and she is suspected of illegally living off campaign contributions. But these proved to be rich men’s concerns; during interviews with O’Donnell’s working class supporters they said “She’s just like us; we are struggling with the same problems.”  Alarmed by the growing possibility of O’Donnell winning the primary, Rove panicked and unambiguously warned Republican voters that she was unqualified to sit in the US Senate and could not win the general election. 

But Crissy pressed on and what seemed like a sure shot Republican conquest of vice President Biden’s old Senate seat suddenly evaporated – she won! After badly upsetting the Establishment’s candidate, Mike Castle, a former Congressman who had never lost and election in Delaware, O’Donnell is fast becoming the newest Tea Party giant killer.  In fact, she was given a hero’s reception from the kooky crowd attending the “Values Voters Summit” in Washington – where top GOP leaders are cobbling together oxymoronic phrases in speeches that attempt to turn their plutocratic economic dogma into a moral philosophy with the stamp of divine providence – and Karl Rove appears to be eating his words as I write.

It is amusing to watch the swelling internecine strife within the Republican Party between the establishment – the Country Club set – and the so-called “Tea Party Patriots;” a motley crew of misguided plebeians, deluded petit bourgeois strivers, religious fanatics, vulgar racist, armed maniacs who brandish weapons at public meetings, and assorted morons and buffoons. Having encouraged their supporters to despise government and hold public servants in contempt, the misguided mob who comprise the Republican base have become convinced that anybody can run the American government – the most complex bureaucratic organization in the world!   

Ironically, in this belief they most resemble V. I. Lenin, the Bolshevik leader of the communist revolution in Russia, who declared: “A cook can run the state!”  But, Of course, these Tea Party dunderheads are far too illiterate to have any inkling of this.  In fact, as I have argued repeatedly, the Grand Obstructionist Party count on the ignorance of their base; I am convinced that they figure it into their calculus for electoral victory.


Silly Sarah: Crissy’s Hero and Role Model!

 Hence it should surprise no one that a host of hysterics, ignoramuses and charlatans are running for high political office on the Republican ticket.  And Crissy McDonald, a Sarah Palin clone who attributes her victory to the Alaskan Barbarian’s endorsement, is just the latest example.  If things turn out as Rove predicts, her primary victory will be a blessing. But if Christine O’ Donnell is elected to the United States Senate – thus adding to the reactionary obstructionist right-wing Republican clique who are dedicated to defeating President Obama’s visionary programs to rescue the country from sliding into decadence – it will be a disaster for the American people, and further proof that our system of selecting competent leaders has become dangerously dysfunctional.



*Since I wrote this commentary Bill Mahr has released some tape of Christine O’Donnell’s appearances on his how.  Click the link below and see what a self-righteous idiot she is! 


Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

September, 2010


On Pastor Jones and the Republicans!

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 Florida Fanatic Terry Jones


The case of Terry Jones, the Florida Fundamentalist Fanatic who has a threatened to burn the sacred texts of the Islamic world on the anniversary of the 9/11 attack by Al Qaeda, has presented this nation with an unprecedented crisis. Although he appears to be just a publicity  seeking  oddball, his present ploy has been nurtured and even inspired by the rancorous Republican rhetoric that has poisoned the atmosphere in this country and made it safe for freaks and fanatics to come out and play.  The finger pointing as to who is responsible for this mess, accompanied by public hand wringing about what to do now, is putting the beliefs of right-wing Constitution quoting super-patriots to a rigorous test, and exposing hysterical Republican charlatans as a danger to the national security of this country.

For instance, the right wing racist and verbal arsonist Patrick J. Buchanan, one of the most prominent pundits in the nation, has used this incident to once again declare the incompetence of President Obama to serve as commander-in-Chief of the nation’s armed forces, and ridiculed his reverence for the US Constitution and credentials as a Harvard trained Constitutional scholar. Once again he has scoffed at an Ivy League education as a liability.  Which is the last thing we need in a nation suffering that is presently suffering from a crisis of educational achievement.  And undermining our chief executive at this critical moment borders on treason!

The pressing problem for America is how to avoid conflict with over a billion Muslims in the world, who believe the Koran is the revelation of God’s divine plan for mankind; Four fifths of whom are not Arabs, do not live in the Middle East, and with whom we are not presently at war. Since most of these people live in countries where the government can do whatever they please, they cannot began to comprehend how the President of the most powerful Nation in the world – a country that is now waging two wars in Muslim countries in order to tell them how to conduct their societies – cannot stop one fool from desecrating the word of God. 

The first Amendment is incomprehensible to the masses of Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world, and the letter from the Indonesian President asking President Obama to stop the Koran burning suggests that their President doesn’t understand it either.  Hence to them the Koran burning is seen as an American attack on Islam. And judging by the rioting in Pakistan and Afghanistan before the act, it is reasonable to assume that this is the common view throughout the Muslim world.  And thus, as General Pratraeus has pointed out, the actions of this Florida fool will serve as a powerful recruiting tool for the Islamic Jihadists our soldiers are trying to defeat.

Only in a country where the population is over represented by the fat dumb and stupid could the Republicans and their media shills – Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and their imitators around the country – escape blame as the true cause of the present crisis.  Consider the position of venerable Republican strategist, former Speaker Of The House and presidential aspirant Newt Gingrich. 

In an attempt to project himself back into the epicenter of right wing politics, Newt has attacked the proposed Islamic community center in down town Manhattan; proffering the spurious argument that no Muslims should claim the right to build a Mosque where they choose in this country until Christians are permitted to build churches in Saudi Arabia!  Now this view is being echoed by pro-Zionist Jewish groups regarding the building of synagogues in Mecca, the holiest city of the Islamic faith.

Typical signs reflecting Newt’s Rhetoric


 Faces of the hysterical intutored mob!

 Nothing demonstrates the irresponsibility of the Grand Obstructionist Party more than this bit of blatant hypocrisy.  Gingrich holds a PhD in American history.  He does understand the First Amendment; hence he knows that the US government has no legal means with which to stop American citizens from building a house of worship on property they own. 

 Newt’s Progeny



Yet Newt is willing to cynically incite hatred against President Obama – whom the Republicans have managed to convince millions of Americans is a secret Muslim and undercover Jihad lover – and blind hatred against all Muslims – which produces Koran burners here at home and imperils the lives of our soldiers and civilians stationed in Muslim countries abroad. Especially since Pastor Terry Jones has now tied his decision to burn thousands of Korans to the demand that the Muslims not build their downtown mosque. 

There is a sad irony about the protest against this Muslim community center – which is neither a Mosque nor is it situated at Ground Zero, but five New York City blocks away –  is that it is being built by the Cordoba Initiative.   This organization was formed after the 9/11 attack to foster understanding and “build bridges” between the Christian and Muslim communities.  The name was taken from the Spanish city of Cordoba, because this was a place where Muslims, Christians and Jews lived in peace and harmony as neighbors.  Yet Newt, shameless Christian bigot unrepentant demogogue that he is, wrongly labled the choice of name a symbol of Muslim triumphalism!  

 The Great Mosque at Cordoba

Fired up by this kind of reckless rhetoric, misguided Christians picketed the site of the proposed center while the Iman, Fisal Abdul Rauf, was touring the Muslim on behalf of the US State Department trying to win hearts and minds for America by arguing the the US is not waging a war against Islam.  Well…good luck with that.  This is why Frank Rich, the ever insightful Sunday columnist with the New York Times, argues that FOX News has stabbed US troops in the back with their constant Muslim bashing!   People who think this kind of mindless grand standing is a good for our country – ala Sarah Palin, John Boehner and legions of Republican bigwigs – do not understand how radical movements work. 

But then, they understand little about how the the world works.   Yet facts are stubborn things, and they don’t go away because one id ignorant of their existence.  An unpleasant fact about the growth of transformative movements is that they  are stimulated by visible opposition to their aspirations.  Hence in the Muslim world, where American intentions are highly suspect – to say the least – all of this provocative rhetoric serves as fuel for a Jihadist movement which dipicts the US as “The Great Satan.   

This multi-national movement is world wide and growing.  And meglomaniacal buffoons like like Terry Jones, along with his Republican comrades-in-arms, are doing their level best to insure that we will be struck by terrorist again; once on their watch is evidently not enough.  This is precisely why Republicans cannot be trusted with the reins of state power, for their reckless rhetoric, incompetent stewartship of the public interests, and scurrilous anti-Muslim antics have become a clear and present danger to our national security!




Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

September 10, 2o10

Big Time Bunko!

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A self Aggrandizing Bunko artist


Glenn Beck Plays the Long Range Con

Although the rotund Rushbo is great at self-aggrandizement, he could take some lessons from the new kid on the block – Glenn Beck – a consummate con-man who has set new standards in the art of bullshitting the public.  In a much hyped Washington rally with the nebulous objective of “Restoring America’s Honor”– held on the same date and venue of Dr. Martin Luther King’s great Speech at the historic March On Washington for Jobs and Freedom – this cubby little fellow with the squeaky voice, and shaky moral foundation, somehow managed to do the impossible: make vanity look like altruism in the eyes of his followers.  It was a con from beginning to end.

The con began when he claimed not to have been aware of the fact that he called his rally on the same date as the historic “March on Washington” nearly a half century ago, or that the venue he chose for his shallow diatribe was the very same venue where Dr. King presented the oration that has been voted the greatest speech in American history by a panel of distinguished scholars. My granddaddy George had a saying that expresses my feelings exactly: “That Boy’s a liar and the truth ain’t in him!”

Beck piggybacked off and exploited our soldiers sacrifices in the cheesiest way: by pretending to honor them while basking in their reflected glory.  That’s really playing to the cheap seats!  Everyone who cares about this issue knows that if Beck were really concerned about the vets he would be supporting our First Lady Michel Obama’s admirable efforts on behalf of military families.  

Although I am inclined to be contemptuous of this delusional far right confederacy of dunces – who routinely vote against their own interest, scoff at the public interests while protecting the privileges of the Plutocrats, and get their rocks off mis-quoting the Bible spouting nonsense as constitutional dogma – I ended up actually feeling sorry for many of them. They had journeyed to Washington earnestly seeking answers to the myriad crisis’ that plague their lives…but found only a pompous little poseur spouting hot air. 

I have previously described the Tea Party crowd as a motley collection of sad sacks, misfits, deluded white supremacists, misanthropes, vulgar opportunist, religeous fanatics and lost souls looking for hope in all the wrong places – with an obsequious self-loathing Negro lickspittle here and there.  Nothing that happened on Saturday changed that opinion. It goes without saying that Republican political opportunists are everywhere in the mix, stirring up the pot, trying to gain personal and party support.  We’ll see how that work’s out for them. 

Thus far it looks like the Grand Obstructionist Party has made a Faustian bargain with the Tea Party mob and the Devil has come to claim their souls.  Just look at how the Tea Party – directed by the lunatic right’s idea of a militant feminist intellectual, Sarah Palin – are knocking off the Republican establishment’s candidates, right and further right, with straight up space cadets. The most spectacular example of this is the apparent upset in the Republican primary in Alaska. 

As I write the Tea Party candidate, Joe Miller, is leading the sitting Republican Senator Lisa McCulsky by 1500 votes.  And you have to listen to what Mr. Miller believes to understand how Alaskans would have to be even dumber than I think – and since they voted Sarah Palin Governor, given what I’ve written about her, you can imagine how dumb I think they are! – to vote for this guy to represent them in the Senate.

The curious thing about Mr. Miller is that in spite of his excellent education he still talks as crazy as Palin, and they both talk like fools.  I will have more to say about Mr. Miller in a forthcoming commentary on the new radical constitutionalists in the south in the Republican Party.  But one observation will suffice here: Based on Miller’s public comments about the nature of Federalism and the evolution of the US Constitution, he is either an ignoramus or a charlatan.   Should he win this primary, and I hope to God he does, the Democrats stand a fabulous chance of winning a seat that has been held by the McCulsky family, who are yellow dog Republicans, for over thirty years!

Furthermore, I can envision no scenario where there will be enough morons in the state of Nevada to elect Sharon Engle, hence the Republicans will lose a Senate seat that the establishment’s candidate was predicted to win.  Notwithstanding how backwards and racist many white folks are in Kentucky – a state that, for most of it’s history, either enslaved black people or subjected them to legal caste oppression, which treated our skin color as a crime – I still cannot believe they will elect a cluless political Neanderthal like Rand Paul.

Paul is the best example why people with a broad liberal, i.e. humanist, education are better suited to the leadership of society than narrow minded technocrats, no matter how clever they are.  Although political science is a real discipline in the academy – and an important one too– the practice of politics and governing is a fine art!  And art is the province of the humanities!

If anything was clarified by this rally, it is that Glenn Beck’s real agenda is to replace Oprah as the #1 television talk show in America and become the biggest mogul in the media!  And he intends to use this disillusioned and untutored mob to achieve it. Looking like the little poot butt boy who never got the girl, who was smacked upside the head and had his lunch money taken by school yard bullies, Glennie Boy reminds me of a slimmer version the old character Jackie Gleason used to play: “The Poor Soul.”  Except in this episode the poor soul is getting his revenge against all who refused to recognize his uniqueness.  He’s having a horse laugh at all of our expense – and he’s laughing all the way to the bank! 

Although he is shamefully untutored in subjects like sociology, foreign affairs, political science and history – things you need to know something about in order to advance grand speculations about the direction our complex post-industrial society should take. Listening to his “speech” I fairly quickly came to two conclusions: Beck is a megalomaniacal numbskull, a deluded frog who fancies himself a prince. And his followers are the sad silly mob I thought they were!  

Taking some of the grand themes in American history, Beck rambled on ad-nauseum – confusing his metaphors, posturing false analogies, profaning sacred texts, boring us with hackneyed clichés, and trying his best to play us for fools. Since his audience was basically the same crowd that turned up at the Republican National Convention I have no doubt that his message – whatever it was – resonated with most of them.

I say this with some certainty because during the convention the reporters and producers at WBAI FM took to the streets with our tape recorders and interviewed them en masse.  We decided to just ask the pertinent questions and allow them to express themselves freely.  No editorial excoriating them, regardless of how scurrilous, could equal the indictment they gave of themselves. 

It is fair, I think, to conclude that this may well have been the dumbest group of people ever assembled any where in the world to choose a candidate who would govern a great nation.   Hence although Beck went over like a lead balloon with me, I could tell from the ecstatic stares and spacey smiles on their pasty faces that he was uplifting the spirits of many in this cluless mob.

Glennie was getting off on it too.  Buoyed by the good vibes emanating from the crowd, he actually started to believe he had skills as an orator – based on some of the things he said before the rally; perhaps he thought he was channeling Dr. King!  Such is the feeling of omnipotence that the roar of the crowd can inspire in little men with deep seated feelings of impotence and self loathing. 

This is what Whoopi Exposed about his character when he made the mistake of going on The View, after having lied about something or the other.  Whoopi looked Glennie straight in the eyes and called him a “Lying sack of spit!”  and Glennie bitched up on the spot!  He looked like he wanted to jump up and run because Whoopi acted like if he said the wrong thing she just might break her foot off in his posterior.




 Although I tend to stay away from pop-psychology, since there are others who are much better qualified to venture speculations about human character and personality. But the thoughtful observer, who understands something about how personalities are molded, need not have studied Dr. Freud to recognize that this is a little man who is having his big moment.  It is enough to have read Wilhelm Reich’s “Listen Little Man” and “The Mass Psychology of Fascism” in order to have a good idea what was going on here.

However I strongly suspect that Beck cares not a fig for the goals of the Tea party buffoons or the Republican Party hucksters.  And he has said as much; he has occasionally reminded people that he is an “entertainer” and his principal concern is the success of his show – Rush has said the same thing.  Although he has employed racist innuendo and slander to advance his agenda – which is the means by which the Republicans mobilized white resentment into a political movement that converted the south from solidly Democratic to solidly Republican – I don’t think Beck gives anymore of a good goddam about race than he does about politics.

 That’s why he declared that the rally was not about politics and expressly forbade political signs. And there were no establishment Republicans on the bill.  This also explains how Beck could allow Martin Luther King’s niece to speak without a vetted script.  And she shocked many of the rednecks in the crowd with her no holds barred denunciation of racism in America. The enthusiastic applause that greeted her introduction quickly subsided when she began to speak on an issue the Republican right is built upon denying.  As a speaker she was mediocre alas, and her overall message was muddled without a clear direction. 

Her attempt to reiterate Dr. King’s famous refrain:”I have a dream” was embarrassing. I could not escape the feeling that she is not very bright and that her main reason for appearing at this sad rally was self-promotion. After all, her cousins are certainly cashing in on the King Legacy, and her father, A.D. King, walked with his famous brother Martin….until he turned up dead in a swimming pool, with nasty rumors swirling around that he had gotten drunk, fallen in, and drowned. 

But in the matter of self promotion she was typical of all who spoke at this media contrived talkfest. However she is a rank amateur compared to the grand Meisterss of shameless self-promotion, Silly Sarah, whose great contribution to American political discourse thus far is to make ignorance fashionable.  The whole event, with very little teweaking,  was described perfectly by Shakespeare  in  Act 5, scene 5, 19–28  of MacBeth: They were but walking shadows, poor players, That struts and frets their hour upon the stage, And then is heard no more.  It was a tale told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”




Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

August 30, 2010