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Allen Counter_MandelaPresident Nelson Mandela Recieves Renowned Scientist Dr. Allen Counter

An American Original…Scientist, Race Man and Bon Vivant

I have a friend on Facebook who likes to say that the guy in the famous Don Equis beer commercial who is advertised as “The Most Interesting Man in the World” is a Fraud! Cedrick McCliester insists that yours truly is “The most interesting man in the world.” Although I am deeply flattered by the claim, and my life has been an exciting adventure even by the standards of a romance novel, I beg to differ with Brother Cedrick and nominate another in my stead.

I believe that my former student and longtime friend, Dr. S. Allen Counter, is the most interesting man in the world. I have known several certifiable geniuses in my life time: Wynton Marsalis, John Coltrane and Allen Counter among them. And the most interesting among the geniuses is Dr. Counter. A professor of Nuero-Science at Harvard and a Professor of Medicine at the world famous Mass General Hospital, Dr. Counter is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Nobel/Korolinska institute in Stockholm Sweden, where the much coveted Nobel Prizes in medicine and biology are awarded. Many believe that Dr. Counter could become the first black scientist to win the Nobel Prize.

Dr. Counter  has published scores of original research papers in the leading scientific journals in his field and they have been simultaneously translated into all the major languages of the world. Dr. Counter is also the first black member of the world renowned New York Explorer’s Club, whose members include some of the greatest explorers in history!

Dr. Counter has led important expeditions to the North Pole – following in the footsteps of Matthew Henson, the Afro-American explorer that dicovered the North Pole who is now the second Afro-American enshrined in the New York Explorers Club by virtue of Dr. Counter’s efforts – and the Amazon Jungles, where he met and studied the Saramacans, a community of escaped African slaves who had lived deep in these jungles for centuries. A tall handsome ex-football player of high style who once considered becoming a professional actor before deciding to seek a career as a scientist, in his youth he was a chick magnet that attracted a wide array of gifted, powerful and beautiful women from all walks of life.

Dr. Counter and Oprah Winfrey




Dr. Counter, Super Model Naomi Campbell
Actors/Producters Debbie Allen amd Sister Felicia Rachad

Allen counter_Debbie allen_Felecia rashad

Hangin with the Doctor!
Dr. Counter and the Crown Princess of Sweden
Allen Counter and Swedish Crown Princess
Commoners and Royalty alike are Beguiled by  his Charms
The Doctor Escorts  Miss Sweden to the Ball


The Knight Squires the first Black Miss Sweden in High Society

Both a man’s man and a lady’s man, Dr. Counter began what has become one of the most consequental and best lived lives ever in dire poverty down in Boyington Beach Florida, in a black community largely composed of fruit pickers and servants to the mansions of the Super Rich WASP elite in Palm Beach. His academic climb began with a scholarship to Tennessee State, a historicall black college in Nashville, which he attended with the encouragement and aid of a devoted black teacher in his all-black high school. Growing up in the segregated American south where racial discrimination and inequality were legal, his is one of the most heroic and inspiring stories of American achievement in the 20th century!

If, as many thoughtful obsrevers have argued, the “rags to riches” story is the quintessentially representative anecdote of American civiliation Dr. Counter personifies it.  Although there is an embarrasment of riches to choose from, this anecdote will suffice.  After his appointment to the Harvard faculty he went home to visit his grandmother, who had largely raised him while his parents were working.  His visit was heralded on the front page of the local newspaper where it was proudly pointed out that he was the first Floridian of any race to be appointed to a professorship in science at Harvard.

He was not in town for a day before his grandmother recieved a call from the rich old peckerwood who had employed her as a servant, and had known “Count,” as he is afectionately known to his friends, when he was a boy.  “Is that our little Allen they are raising such a fuss about in the newspaper.”  “It sho is” she responed with evident pride.  At which point the old Peck sheepishly asked if she could persuade him to come to dinner at his home because he would like his grand sons to meet him, because perhaps his example could inspire them to some higher aspiration than “taking dope and recklessly riding around the Bay on jet skis!”   When Count left racist apartheid Florida to go off to college less than a decade ago, such an invitation was unimaginable.  Hence, after all is said and done, great success really is the best revenge.

Dr. Counter and President Obama


In Sweden for the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony honoring POTUS
Dr. Counter honoring Densel Washington 

Allen Counter - DenzelandAllen

Presenting an Award as President of Harvard Foundation
The Swedish Ambassdor to New England!

Allen Counter and Crown Prince of Sweden

“The Count and The Prince”

Artic Explorer

Allen countergreenland

Resting with is dogs
Arriving aboard a Nuclear Submarine

Allen Counter- USS Annapolis Atomic Sub_Commander _ Michael Brunner

Dr. Counter Plants an American Flag and Momento  honoring Matthew Henson
Winning Pothumous Recognition for Matthew Henson

Allen counter_audreymebane

Presenting the National Geographic Award to Henson’s Great Neice
Dr. Counter lecturing at Harvard

allen counter -lecturing on the human brain at Harvard

Unraveling the Mysteries of the Human Brain

Never forgetting the needs of communities like the one from which he came, he thinks that President Obama’s Affordable Health ACT is a good first step toward what ought to be free healthcare for everyone under a single payer system.  Dr. Counter, who is alo a licensed practicing doctor that treats patients, thinks medical care for profit is a crime against humanity. He also thinks that Dr. Ben Carson is merely a talented technician not a great scientific thinker – like the difference between a virtuoso pianist and a great composer – a clueless artist badly in need of a brain transplant to help him understand the complexities of American politics.

The videos below provide scenes from the magnificent life of Dr. S. Allen Counter, Professor of  Neuro-biology and medicine at Harvard and Mass General Hospital; Research Fellow and Visiting Professor at the Nobel Khorolinska in Sweden; great explorer; cutting edge researcher on the human brain; Pesident of the influential Harvard Foundation – where he sponsors the annual “Kumba Christmas” ceremonies put on by the Afro-American students – Author, ethnologist, filmaker;  engaged intellectual, scientific activist on behalf of the poor and powerles,  and charming personality.

All of these elements combine in him to produce the most interesting man in the world.  As you have observed from the photographs, Dr. Counter is a heroic figure that attracts stars from from all quarters, drawing them to him like a Super Nova.  He is the tallest tree in our American forest, a man who really has walked with presidents and kings yet retained the common touch….the most interesting man in the world!


Scenes from a fantastic life


Exposing Lead Poisioning from Industrial Pollution in Central America

Narrated by Debbie Allen

On The Kumba Choir

Each year Dr. Counter Presents them in a special Christmas performance


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August 2016