“All These Stones”

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Demonstrators protest against U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, outside the Trump Tower building in midtown Manhattan in New York March 19, 2016. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Speaking Truth to Power at Trump Tower!   Righteous Anger over the election of a Hater
 When some were speaking about the temple, how it was adorned with beautiful stones and gifts dedicated to God, he said, 6“As for these things that you see, the days will come when not one stone will be left upon another; all will be thrown down.” 7They asked him, “Teacher, when will this be, and what will be the sign that this is about to take place?” 8And he said, “Beware that you are not led astray; for many will come in my name and say, ‘I am he!’ and, ‘The time is near!’ Do not go after them. 9“When you hear of wars and insurrections, do not be terrified; for these things must take place first, but the end will not follow immediately.” 10Then he said to them, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; 11there will be great earthquakes, and in various places famines and plagues; and there will be dreadful portents and great signs from heaven. 12“But before all this occurs, they will arrest you and persecute you; they will hand you over to synagogues and prisons, and you will be brought before kings and governors because of my name. 13This will give you an opportunity to testify. 14So make up your minds not to prepare your defense in advance; 15for I will give you words and a wisdom that none of your opponents will be able to withstand or contradict. 16You will be betrayed even by parents and brothers, by relatives and friends; and they will put some of you to death. 17You will be hated by all because of my name. 18But not a hair of your head will perish. 19By your endurance you will gain your souls. NRSV Luke 21:5-19
Sermon TSP 26th Sunday After Pentecost Year C – 13 November 2016   21718

 A Canadian Divine Reflects on the US Elections

What a week it’s been! Maybe you saw the picture in social media, of a Church Sign in Massachusetts – it read, Jesus is coming; hopefully before the election.”    I spent Monday to Thursday with clergy from all across Canada at a preaching conference. Our guest professor was from Georgia, and when she saw that we Canadians were just as anxious as she was, we all huddled together to watch the election that left the world in such shock and disbelief. Since then, I’ve been trying to keep up with the commentaries, trying to make sense of what happened – what it means when a business-oriented person with no political experience takes over the highest, most powerful political position in the world. Add to that the rhetoric of hate, racism, exclusion and misogyny, and the fact that he doesn’t even seem to care that statements he denies can be proven instantly with blatantly incriminating footage, and we’re left with a lot of confused and frightened people.

So what do we do about this? You’ve heard me say that it’s not up to me to tell people who to vote for or which political party is better. My role as a spiritual leader is to be clear about what Jesus taught us was important as we make our decisions. But when someone speaks a vile rhetoric of fear and hate and exclusion into the world, I’m going to say something. I have to.

Now, we don’t know how this will play out, and we know that there’s a lot going on under the surface in terms of what people were resisting in this election, but here’s something to think about. People are deeply concerned because values they thought were universal are now in question. People are afraid that racism and exclusion and treating women without respect, have been“normalized” during this campaign. Since the election, there are reports about little children telling their Muslim classmates that they’ll soon be deported. And crude jokes that objectify women have been circulating at an alarmingly increased rate. I’ve read articles from the U.K., Canada and Europe expressing concern about these trends spreading out from the United States.

People are asking, “What can we do to resist this?” Well, here’s a start…maybe our reaction should be to dig deep within ourselves, and figure out who we really are, and what values are most important to us. You know, we’ve been fairly sheltered in North America, particularly those of us with white privilege. We can spout a rhetoric that’s politically correct, because it costs us nothing. But it looks like now is the time to put ourselves on the line to stand up for what is most important.

If we truly value racial equality – it we really believe women should be treated with respect – if we’re honestly offended when we hear someone talking about deporting innocent citizens, then it’s time to shake off our protected comfort zones and speak up – to live into what we say we believe. We generally assume that people want to be kind, to respect others, to be honest and to care about vulnerable people. But now we have an opportunity to sharpen our awareness of how we want to live…an opportunity to be more intentional about living with grace and respect: A chance to speak up when we see signs of this “normalization” of treating others poorly.

A priest from this area wrote an open letter to her adult sons on social media, and many of us followed her example. She wrote that open misogyny, hatred, fear, racism, and bold faced lying have taken the reins of power in our neighbours to the south, proving that any one of us, any nation, can lay aside kindness, honesty, love and mercy the moment they feel their privilege is threatened. She went on to say that she herself would look within to find the grace to preach love and to try to live it, but that she had great hope that her sons and their generation, who were raised to be tolerant, to be excited by diversity and difference, would lead us into a future where love and mercy would remain paramount as they reshape our world.

What I’m getting at here is a suggestion that while riots may or may not be the answer, I don’t think that being quiet or ignoring the facts is an alternative for those of us who follow Christ. At a time like this, we’re called to speak our truth and model it clearly for all to see. Something I’ve been thrilled to see in response to the deluge of hate and fear, is the bold voice of love – a voice that has faith in strength and integrity that exists in the hearts of most people. Trusting that God’s power working in us can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine. And as is so often the case, today’s gospel helps us to see how to respond when what’s important is threatened.

Jesus is responding to people who are admiring the great beauty of the Temple. He warns them that at any moment, the Temple could be razed to the ground – and all those huge stones that made the mighty walls will be reduced to a pile of rubble.  He predicts great upheaval and betrayal. What’s Luke getting at here?  Luke is trying to make a statement about the impermanence and uncertainty of human achievement.

The people are marvelling at the Temple’s glory, but Jesus pulls their attention away from its beauty and structure, hoping that they’ll focus on something that’s much more important…..their faith, and how it shows up in their lives. Just before this story, Jesus had drawn their attention to a poor widow putting her two coins into the treasury. Nobody would have ever noticed her amidst the grandeur of the Temple, and the respected leaders parading with their prayers and great offerings, until Jesus pointed out that she was an example for all of them – it was her heart that was sincere.

We can have the most beautiful place of worship in the world, and still get it all wrong. What’s more important than the building is what we learn while we’re inside, and how we take it into our lives and into the world. That’s what the people said in Mississippi when the church of a Black congregation was burned and vandalized by political haters….they said you can burn down our church building, but you can’t take away our faith. God’s transformation of their lives was not something that could be destroyed.

This is certainly a challenging story for us right now. The question of the importance of our house of worship is a complex one. Recently, I’ve had occasion to go downtown to our Cathedral a few times. And you know, when you walk toward it, the bells calling you in from way down the street, there’s something quite beautiful you feel as you go inside. This is our Diocesan Mecca. Our Jerusalem. This is the great Cathedral that has gathered us together in Christ’s name for decades.

The ceilings are high and the surroundings are glorious. The choir is heavenly and the organ is majestic. It’s wonderful. And it’s emotional. It hits us on a very real, visceral, human level. And I think of our family from St. Paul Lorne Park, and the grief that is still very real about losing the place where God touched you, met you, challenged you – where there were weddings and funerals and baptisms and celebrations over the years — beautiful memories that go deep, but now that building is no longer home. Buildings do matter.

And I think of the Trinity people who have the same deep connections right here, in this space, all that history, all the prayers whispered in this space, and now we’re in the process of changing things, and it feels uncertain. Buildings do matter. I for one, am thrilled at the wisdom of your vestry vote that said that getting to the bottom of the structural issues causing flooding is to come first in our priorities. I think your wisdom in this will pay off big time. And the changes to the worship space are also practical, in fixing a spongy floor, and bringing us up to full accessibility with a code ramp, which the Diocese and the Province both insist on. I believe you’ve been faithful stewards of these resources coming to us. We’re not going for fancy – we’re going for solid. Thank God for that.

But in all of this, I am aware that our worship spaces mean just as much to us as they did to those people centuries ago, who travelled miles whenever they could, to get to Jerusalem’s beautiful Temple. We can’t help but become attached to our places of worship. They mean something to us. Our prayers are in them, our stories are in them, our faith journeys have been formed in them. And I think Jesus gets that. I think he sees it. He knows what it’s like to make that trip to Jerusalem to worship in the Temple…to see the scrolls be taken out and read to the people of God.

And yet, Jesus tells us that buildings are not forever, but our faith is. Jesus knows that our life of faith must go beyond our temples and synagogues and holy places. He knows that there will come a time for all of us when we will be called on to give an accounting of our faith outside of these walls. A time like the present. So we have to ask ourselves, without this building, what’s left? How would our faith and trust in God survive the loss of this structure?

My friends, we are called to be good stewards of our buildings and the money we use to maintain them. But we are also called to be good stewards of the Great Story of Salvation and Liberation that we tell within these walls. We are called to bear witness to the world about what matters the most. Even in apocalyptic times, when things get rough, when money runs short, when governments fall apart or challenge our peace. What is Jesus’ answer to how we respond to these apocalyptic events? Testify, he says! Tell the world what you have found in following me.

Now, I’m not talking about standing on a soapbox and screaming about Jesus from the street corners. I run away from people like that. I’m talking about living an authentic life out there that shows who we really are and models what we believe. Tell that person who feels unworthy that they matter to God, that they are precious to God, even when the world sets them aside. Tell that local politician that you’re counting on them to care for the marginalized. I think we church people always live in this tension between the faithful and responsible care of our buildings, and the faithful sharing of what we call the Good News.

Our faith is not confined to a building or defined by it. We will do our best to care of it, but Jesus says, when things get tough, tell your stories of salvation. Tell what these years of gathering here around word and table have done for you – how they’ve changed your life. When a nearby government seems to threaten what’s important to you, testify! Tell your children and your neighbours that you believe in love and mercy and truth and grace, and that no influence from any womanizer, liar or racist, will ever change that.

My friends, the world is full of the grace and love of God. The people of God down through the centuries, even in the hardest of times, have been called to speak up against oppression – to stand strong for justice. And today Luke asks us, where, and on what, is our gaze fixed? If our eyes are locked on temporary things, we might miss seeing those beautiful things that will last. If we only see grandeur and splendour, we may miss finding the beauty in the lost soul nearby. And if we blindly tolerate or ignore the negative rhetoric out there right now, we might miss our chance to affirm all that is life-giving, all that is worthy and true.

What the world needs right now, is people who dare to humbly say out loud what we’ve learned within these walls – to speak boldly about peace overcoming violence, about truth overcoming lies, about love overcoming hate, about care for others overcoming greed. My friends, it’s time to share who we are and how we’ve been transformed by love. It’s time to testifyHallelujah!


Reverend Susanne Sharon
Episcopal Diocese of Toronto, Canada
November 1, 2016


On Racism, Facebook and Me!

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The Racist Bitch that Insulted our first Lady
 How Does Facebook decide which comments are Unacceptable?

Today Facebook removed a post of mine and blocked access to my account for three days because they say my post violated community standards!  Well, I protested this action and requested that they tell us what action they took against the West Virginia officials who posted this offensive racist attack on our First Lady., and what is their policy regarding white racist posts on Facebook?

I think that Facebook SHOULD police offensive comments on their site, along with quickly detecting and removing bogus “news” sites.    And if I had just attacked these women out of nowhere, if they had committed no offense against anyone on FB, I think their action against me would be justified.  But under these circumstances I think FB’s response was excessive.  Pammy called FLOTUS a “gorilla” and I called her a Dog!  Sounds like a restrained response to me; she really begged  for a much stronger response.  If Facebook  wanted to remove my post so be it, but I feel that they should have simply explained their action and ask me not to repost it with the “offensive” comments.  THAT’S IT!

The cover photo above is a picture of the racist West Virginia official that posted the racist comment along with the comment.  Check them out, read my Facebook post below, then look at the photos at the bottom of the FB post and decide if you think my response is JUSTIFIED!



SAY WHAT? This washed out BOOGA BEAR PAMELA RAMSEY, Director of some Non-Profit outfit in West Virginia called the “Clay County Development Corporation” – had the unmitigated gall to disparage the looks of our gorgeous First Lady? NO SHE DIDN’T!!!!!!!!! Does this silly white trash peckerwood cracker – and that stupid plain Jane Mayor Beverly Whaley who looks like Olive Oil in the Popeye comics and has been KICKED OUT OF OFFICE – EVER look in the mirror? This in-bred, pie faced, country-ass jaggerbat looks like Andy Panda on crystal meth!!!!!

I wouldn’t bang her with The Donald’s little pecker if she put a gun to my head!!!!!! And her comment about class tells us that she has NONE! Based on her comment she appears to be a retard like most of those dumb pecks in Appalachia who voted for Trump, believing this megalomanaical New York rich boy is their friend and savior…DUH??? Trump wouldn’t piss on these suckers if their asses were on fire!

Pammy girl says she finds it “refreshing” to have a “Classy and dignified First Lady back in the White House.” News flash stupid Redneck: Melania Trump is EURO-TRASH! Like you she is WHITE TRASH…. but with money. Just like her husband!!! Melania Trump is a college Drop-out and a soft porn Model whose claim to fame is that she bagged a lecherous rich man old enough to be her daddy!

When I see her sitting next to Trump’s daughter Ivanka, I am reminded of Trump’s conversation on air with Howard Stern when they laughingly agreed that Ivanka was “A NICE PIECE OF ASS!!!” I am also reminded of how Trump said he “would date” Ivanka if he were not a “married man” and then belatedly noted that she was also his daughter! (I AIN’T MAKIN THIS STUFF UP FOLKS…IT’S ON THE PUBLIC RECORD!) Thus I am forced to wonder if Melania is the personification of “The Donald’s” incestuous fantasies!!!!!

In any case Michelle Obama is a GREAT LADY by any standard. She is a splendid wife and mother – her daughter was just admitted to Harvard – she is a lawyer who graduated from two of the world’s best Universities, Princeton and Harvard, she was once Barack’s boss in the legal profession while he was a student at Harvard Law! Michelle Obama is a stunningly beautiful, powerful woman in mind and body, who would look GREAT in a potato sack….A WALKING ADVERTISEMENT FOR FITNESS AND HEALTH THAT GIVES HER CREDIBILITY AS A SPOKESPERSON ON THE SUBJECT!



Mayor Beverly Whaling


No Beauty Queen here: She reminds me of “Olive Oil” in the Popeye Comics

Michelle…..Oh Well!


 Yes….People all over the world LOVE HER!
 She has been a Magnificent Representative for the US


 The Epitome of Elegance, Grace and Serene Dignity
After plagiarizing her Speech Melania professed great Admiration for FLOTUS
And After Meeting Michelle Melania said she was great!


Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
November 16, 2016

What Afro-Americans Stand to Lose…..

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A Chip off the Old Block! Donnie Dimwit and his sexist, racist, Dad Funky Freddie

……if Devious Donnie becomes President!

As Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for the US presidency, watched his favorability ratings plunge while the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s continue to rise, his handlers decided that if he is going to win the most powerful office in the world he would have to dramatically reach out to minority voters.  This explains the dramatic changes in strategy adopted by his campaign; which is manifested in his sharp turnabout on the promise to deport 11 million illegal aliens – a position he vociferously proclaimed as a cornerstone of his platform but is now running from it like the Zika virus.  It also fuels his belated attempt to court the Afro-American vote by finally admitting that President Obama was born in the United States after leading a five year “Birther”  movement that attempted to deny he is an American citizen.                                                                                                                                                           Clumsily spouting some hastily assembled and flawed statistics compiled by his speech writers, uncharacteristically read from a teleprompter, in which he blamed Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for all the ills that inflict inner-city black communities, Donnie Dimwit shouted out to black folks: “Take a chance on me; what have you got to lose!”  Since Donnie has repeatedly revealed himself to be a devious dummy in the political arena, a man with no experience in public service and manifestly devoid of moral conviction, whose allegiance is determined by expedience in matters of principle, it is hard to know if he has any real understanding of how silly he sounds…or if he thinks black people are stupid.

After all, Trump correctly assumes that his core white audience is stupid, and he evidently thinks all black people are stupid too…it’s called hubris.  It is so obvious that longtime Republican stalwart General Colin Powell says “Trump talks to us as if we are idiots” and called The Donald “a national disgrace!”  General Powell went on to declare: “There is nothing that Trump can say” that will convince the majority of Afro-Americans to vote for him.  My feelings exactly, and as I write his 4% favorability rating testifies to the truth of Powell’s prediction.

On the face of it we can easily identify several critical areas where Trump’s attitudes and beliefs will lead to actions which will greatly injure the life’s chances and arrest the progress of Afro-Americans should he become President.  Among these are: Supreme Court Appointments; enforcement of voting rights laws and the restoration of the “pre-clearance”clause; indifference to police murders of black men and red lighting unconstitutional stops and searches; support for institutional racism in corporate America regarding the hiring and promotion of Afro-Americans regardless of credentials; historic tax cuts for the rich while lavishing even more money on the obscenely wasteful military budget – which will  deplete funds for desperately needed public sector jobs rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure while saving his family four billion dollars – initiating a thoughtless trade wars with China and Mexico that will send the price of many manufactured goods soaring; denial of climate change which contributes to increasing incidents of unprecedented natural disasters like the devastating hurricanes along the Atlantic coast, floods in the mid-west and wild fires across the far west, and emboldening armed white racists who believe he is on their side by selecting the racist verbal arsonist Stephen K. Bannon as the “Chief Executive” of his campaign.

Contrary to the beliefs of most of his followers, Trump could wreck the US economy just as two other millionaire Republican Businessmen who became US President did: Herbert Hoover and George W. Bush.  The latter President even held an MBA from Harvard – America’s premiere business school. Hence Trump’s argument that success in business has prepared him to run the American government and manage the economy with great efficiency is just so much pompous bullshit. The fact is that businessmen deal with micro-economic problems while a President must make macro-economic decisions that are better left to top economists who formulate policies on order to achieve the president’s economic goals.

We should heed the warnings of 370 world class economists, including some Nobel Laureates, who have issued a statement arguing that Trump’s stated economic plan will lead the world to ruin!  It is instructive to note that in the last economic crash during the Bush presidency Afro-Americans lost over 60% of all the wealth we had accumulated since the end of slavery!  When all of these factors are taken into account it is clear that a Trump presidency could wreck Afro-American aspirations and set us back immeasurably.  It could take us a century to recover…if ever!

And that’s not the end of the catastrophes we would face.   Consider the consequences of a Supreme Court with a Republican majority, three of whose Justices were appointed by Donald Trump.  Ignorant of constitutional history and the role of the high Court in interpreting that foundational document from which are bequeathed our rights as citizens, and upon which the laws of the land are based, appointments to the court by Trump would likely be determined by whim, intuition and ideology. And I think pretty much in that order.

Trump has already told us that the late Justice Antonin Scalia would serve as the model for his jurists.  A conservative Catholic, Scalia opposed a woman’s right to an abortion. And he is on record stating that the legal protections provided by the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which was a remedy for the long denial of the right of Afro-Americans to vote despite the fact that it is a fundamental right of citizenship, amounted to an unfair  “racial entitlement.”  He also voted with the majority in the Court in the Citizens United Case, which struck down the McCain – Feingold Bipartisan Finance Reform Act that limited the amounts of money which could be poured into elections by third parties to support a candidate.

This was a major victory for those intent upon destroying our representative participatory democracy, a system where presidential candidates are elected by the majority of citizens, and replacing it with a plutocracy, where elections are bought by the super-rich 1%.  The reason that laws regulating campaign financing in the first place was become big corporations were outright buying state legislatures and making politicians on all levels beholden to their largess.  It does not require a great political theorist to see that this practice is antithetical to the ideal of participatory democracy: government by the people.

Antonin Scalia: Racist Thug on the High Court


May this odiferous polecat stink his way to hell!

Scalia also supported the right of Americans to own military assault weapons, although the historical justification for this 18th century Constitutional Amendment no longer exists.  At the time the US had no standing army to speak of and the danger of invasion from European powers was a real possibility.  Furthermore, since the right to bear arms was restricted to free men, who were mostly white, it was also a protection against revolts by African slaves and subjugated Native Americans whose land the European colonial settlers were stealing.

And of special importance to Afro-Americans Scalia was opposed to Affirmative Action remedies; he even resorted to questioning the intellectual capacity of black Americans in his opposition to Affirmative Action in college admissions…this despite the magnificent achievements of black professionals who entered college under Affirmative Action programs.  It has been a startling success; a gift that just keeps on giving!

Given the historical relationship between the advancement of black people in American civilization and decisions of the Supreme Court, a Republican majority dominated by Trump appointees poses a historic catastrophe for Afro-Americans. White Americans love to brag about their “constitutional rights,” but few people understand that the precise interpretation of those rights have varied widely over time, especially for Afro-Americans.  This is because the Constitution means whatever the majority of the Supreme Court Justices says it means at the time.  Two cases decided by the High Court are sufficient to provide compelling evidence for my claim: Plessy v Ferguson 1896, and Brown V the Board of Education 1954.

To fully appreciate the importance of these cases in the history of race relations in the US, a brief review of that review is essential.  In 1847 Roger B. Taney, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, wrote this opinion in the Dread Scott Decision: “Black men have no rights that white men are bound to respect.”  This decision left Afro-American without any legal protection in the country of their birth, a country whose creation they had fought and died for during the war of independence from England just 71 years earlier.  This paradox was due to the strange fact that the white settlers had fought a war based on the idea that all persons had a right to “life. Liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” yet maintained African slavery.

This is the first time in the history of the world that a “revolution” was fought to maintain slavery as the brilliant historian, Dr. Gerald Horne,  has shown in his recent book “The Counter-Revolution of 1776.” This is the most compelling example of American Exceptionalism, albeit one that is completely ignored by those who talk the loudest on the subject.

In order to correct this legal atrocity after the nation fought a Civil War that ended slavery in the US, the radical Reconstruction Era Congress passed seven Civil Rights bills and added the 13th 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution and impeached President Johnson, who ascended to the presidency after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  President Andy Johnson appealed to the same demographic elements that our wannabe President Donald Trump appeals to. The most important of these Reconstruction Era laws in terms of defining the status of Afro-Americans in post-slavery America is the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, which guarantees equality in all spheres of American life.

However these rights were dramatically abridged by the opinion of the Supreme Court in the Plessy v Ferguson case of 1896, which legalized racial segregation and supplied the basis for the de jure racial caste system that established white supremacy in the US.  An extended discussion of the complexities of the Plessy decision is beyond the scope of this essay, so I will sum it up the essential point.  The Plessy v Ferguson Decision is popularly known in constitutional law as the  “Separate but Equal” decision, because the court ruled that facilities for blacks people could be maintained separately by law so long as they were equal to those for whites.

This was a disastrous legal fiction that led to a socio/political catastrophe for Afro-Americans because while the facilities and opportunities for blacks were separate they were never equal….throughout the south in particular facilities were often atrocious!  Yet the phonemon of systematic racial discrimination against black people in the USA was not by any means confined to the South.

The distinction in legal terns is that southern apartheid was required by law i.e. de jure segregation, and in the North it was de facto, more a matter of deeply engrained custom than a legal mandate cofified in the law.   I can provide first hand testimony on this system because I grew up under the American Apartheid system, spending winters in the South and summers in the North.

The differences in the laws represented a distinction without a difference to the victims of racism and white supremacy residing in the North or south. Recently MSNBC’s Dr. Rachel Maddow interviewed the rental agancy for Donald Trump’s apartment complexes in Brooklyn and Queens, who recounded how when he presnted Fred Trump with two applications from Afro-American professional women who had superior qualifications to many of the white tenants Fredie said: “You know I don’t rent to NIGGERS!!!  And tore the applications up.  He recalls a teenaged Donald at his father’s side in enthusiastic agreement with his daddy’s decision.  All that we black folk need to know is that “The Donald” says :”My daddy was the smartest man I knwo…I learned everything from him.”

Suffice it to say that the ideology which supplied the intellectual and philosophical underpinnings of the system of white supremacy in the US was adopted by Adolph Hitler and became the basis for his “Master Race” thesis – a thesis that donald Trump has enthusiastically embraced on video tape, where he can be seen declaring that his success in life is “due to my German blood.”  Hence this is no picayune matter; it is further evidence of the American Provenance of German Nazi ideology.  In fact we have it from an unimpeachable source, Adolph Hitler himself, who wrote a letter to the influential American racist Madison Grant – a native New Yorker like Donald – thanking him for publishing his 1917 book “The Passing of the Great Race,” in which he declares the blond Teutonic’s a master race.  “Your book is my Bible!” Hitler rejoiced!

Hence when the folks around Trump pine for the good old days and vow “to take our country back,” and “Make America Great Again” – a fascist slogan Herr Drumft borrowed from the Italian Fascist Benito Mussolini – we should be aware what they are talking about….their hopes and dreams.  Donald Trump has promised them that he will appoint Supreme Court justices that will turn back the clock.  Like the turn of the 20th century, the dawning of the 21st century has many “native” white Americans feeling vulnerable: both as a result of immigration and black progress.  In the 19th century African Americans witnessed the end of chattel slavery after waging a mighty struggle along with white allies that threw the country into a bloody and destructive Civil War. But the reconcilliation between whites in the north and south – the blue and the grey – let to a precipitous decline in the legal status of Afro-Americans in the US.

In the 20th century African Americans and their progressive white allies brought down “Segregation,” the evil and oppressive racial caste system in the American South born if the Plessy Decision – and most heavily practiced in the former slave holding states of the Confederacy. Now we have emerged in 21st Century America holding positions at the very top of American society.   This is true in the corporate world, the military and government. The ultimate symbol of black success is a black family in the White House!

There is an entire generation of white kids who have spent critical developmental years living under the leadership of a black president.  They have watched him lead at home and represent the nation on the world stage.  How they perceived this depends on who their parents are.  If their parents were highly educated and not mentally impaired by racist pathology then they saw Barack and Michelle Obama as the smartest, hippest, sharpest couple that has ever occupied the White House, a source of national pride from whom they can take inspiration.

But if their parents were “poorly educated” white racist who were enraged by the sight of “niggers” in the White House, then you grew up mad that this secret Kenyan born incompetent Arab terrorist managed to con his way into the Oval Office.  This would make them the perfect candidate for Donald Trump, whose incessant crusade against the President employed and popularized these very arguments!  Right after Obama’s victory Trump even said that Barack should not be “allowed to take office.” And conducted a five year crusade to discredit his presidency by denying that he was even an American…this second generation descendent of German immigrants!

It is no wonder that Trump supports laws that the federal Court says were “surgically” designed to prevent Afro-Americans from voting.  He fully understands their racist nature and appreciates how they can help him win.   However the ball is in the Court of black America and we can determine the outcome of this election: All we have to do is turn out for Hilary Clinton in the same numbers that we turned out for Barack in Ohio and Florida and it’s a done deal!

Those Afro-Americans who support Trump are damaged people, lost souls who have made a deal with the Devil, a classic Faustian Bargain where one barter’s one soul for worldly gains like money, prestige and power. – It’s an old story with no lack of poster boys: Judas Iscariot and Benedict Arnold immediately come to mind.  They are traitors to our ancestors and our children…they dishonor the past and betray the future!  For what, after all, what do Afro-Americans have to lose by a trump victory: Our Wealth; Our health; Our homes; Our Dignity; Our lives!  In short, everything that means anything to any self-respecting community. That’s what we have to lose!!!

Omohosa: Race Traitor Numero Uno!


Donnie couldn’t recruit a Navajo…So he Settled for a Nigga Ho!!!


Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
November 7, Pre-election Night

The Gospel or Blasphemy?  

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Donald Trump: God’s Flawed Instrument?

 On The Pulpit and Politics: Negotiating the Fine Line

During the last election here in Canada, I often stated from the pulpit that it was not my place to take a party line and tell people how to vote. Rather, as a spiritual leader, it was my job to remind the congregation of the basic tenets that should form our world view, our decisions and our actions as Christ-followers. In other words, if Christianity is based on what Jesus walked around showing us, then we should choose our political candidates in terms of who’s supporting those tenets.

So what are the things that were most important to the one we say that we follow? It’s quite simple, really; caring generously for the vulnerable, the weak, the poor, the sick, the anxious, the mentally ill, the victims of natural disasters, war, famine, political prisoners and children, peace rather than violence, and the radical inclusion of all people of all races and cultures. Jesus taught us to live as if everyone else in the world is just as important as we are. Quite simply, everyone belongs – every created being deserves to have life’s basic needs met, and they deserve dignity and respect.

But what is an authentic relationship between religion and politics? In the early part of the fourth century, the Emperor Constantine made a ruling for tolerance of Christianity, a moment in history which many have considered a disaster for Christianity. Religion and politics got into bed together in a relationship that would become complex and corrupt. The Church gained power on the playing field, at a great cost to its basic teachings. Just watch The Borgias to get an entertaining look at how that worked. But all through the centuries, there were always Christians who spoke up from the edges of society against both systems to call for a return to the heart of Christianity. The monastic communities set themselves apart from society in order to remain true to their faith, and to be a voice calling out to mainstream Christian leaders and to the political leaders, constantly challenging them to remember the vulnerable.

Over the centuries, the Church has gradually lost its public status and power, as we’re now living in an age we call “post-Christendom”. This is partly a very good thing, when one thinks of some of the atrocities carried out in the name of God and the Church, not to mention the way in which some (not all by any means) Christian missionaries have bullied various cultures, thinking they were civilizing them.

But this loss of power has not stopped certain evangelical leaders from publicly endorsing conservative political candidates who make a lot of noise about being Christians; regardless of what they stand for. During George W. Bush’s time, Christian author Jim Wallis wrote God’s Politics (2006) wherein he challenged evangelicals for blindly jumping on the Bush train simply because he claimed to be a Christian, when his policies were so far removed from basic Christian teaching that it was hard to make the connection.

And now, my neighbours to the South, you have Trump. And so far, the evangelical right has flocked to the Trump Tower to genuflect in awe and wonder. The constant flow of information about how he has stiffed many of his own workers, is currently involved in over 3,500 lawsuits (some involving accusations of sexual assault) the many lies in which he’s been caught red-handed – none of this seems to deter them from blindly following the one who will punish women for having abortions, and keep to their conservative agenda.

But today I was encouraged by an article in the famous magazine of the Bible Belt called Christianity Today (October 10, 2016) wherein Executive Editor Andy Crouch, in response to the lewd tape of Trump in an Access Hollywood bus, hit evangelical America with a bang in his article, Speak Truth to Trump. (See link below) Crouch says, “Evangelicals, of all people, should not be silent about Donald Trump’s blatant immorality.” Crouch was surprised at how long it took evangelicals to use the “…same critical judgment when it [came] to the Republican nominee…” that they’d used on Hillary Clinton.

He went on to describe the ways in which Trump was a blatant example of the kind of lifestyle the Bible warns us about; “…sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires, and greed, which is idolatry” (Colossians 3:5). Crouch ended with a challenge for every evangelical, warning of the folly of allying themselves “…with someone who violates all that is sacred to us.” Trump’s hope for the continuing support of the evangelicals is clearly compromised since this latest display of lewd behavior.

I’m not an evangelical in the general identifying sense of the word – I’m a mainline Anglican. I would not express things in a way that would please Christianity Today. But I applaud Andy Couch for having the courage to ask the vast membership of the Bible Belt to think clearly and critically about what kind of leadership they want, and to take care in their decisions for this election.

As a spiritual leader, I will never tell people what party they should support, or who they should vote for. But I would be falling down on the job if I failed to join those desert fathers and monastic communities in reminding both the church and the political arena of what the Christ followers are looking for in a political leader – someone who will commit to caring for the weakest members of our society – someone who will work for peace instead of war – someone who will take a stand for justice – someone who will agree that everyone belongs, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion or economic position.

What good is it if we gather on Sunday to hear these teachings and sing about them, if they don’t influence the decisions and actions we undertake? If Jesus modeled radical inclusion, justice and peace, then that’s what we should seek in candidates at election time.

Rev. Susanne
October 16, 2016
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An Open Letter to a Black Friend

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at-bills-place-104Samaad and Playthell chillin at Bill’s Place in Harlem

Listen Up Black America!

Recently an Afro-American friend told me he was not going to vote in the coming Presidential election.  It was a shocking revelation coming from the thoughtful and intelligent he had otherwise demonstrated himself to be.   The reasons he gave for his decision seemed to be reasonable at first glance, but when subjected to rigorous critique they reveal themselves to be transparent sophistry – which is to say they crumble when confronted with political reality.  While his argument was full of suitable examples to prove my point, I will point out just a couple that I think are sufficient to expose the foolishness of his decision not to vote.  For instance he argued “! I see a woman who DESPERATELY needs the Black vote.”  And he buttresses this point with the following: “But she has not made any promises or a single concession in her platform to address the ACUTE needs of African Americans.”   And based on this he concludes: ” I would say undoubtedly that the PRACTICAL AND SENSIBLE thing to do is vote for Hillary UNLESS you simply cannot bring yourself too, I personally cannot!!”   This is my response below.

Dear Friend

Your position represents the worst sort of self-righteous, self-defeating, pious piffle! As a political analysis it is madness. What we must understand my friend is that we are a MINORITY in the US – if you want to have the advantage of living in a country with a black majority I’m afraid you will have to move to the Caribbean or Africa, although you must have noticed that vast numbers of citizens of those countries are desperately trying to get here. Thus as a minority we cannot achieve ANYTHING politically on our own. Furthermore, in a country where millions of whites are also facing desperate economic conditions why do you think they would support an agenda aimed solely at black folks?

You obviously have not asked yourself this question. Do you know that the demographic with the fastest rising mortality rate – from drug abuse, alcoholism, suicide, etc – is the WHITE working and lower middle classes! And you think these people want to hear about an agenda that is designed to address only black problems? We are beyond that:NOBODY CAN WIN THE AMERICAN PRESIDENCY RUNNING ON SUCH A PLATFORM!!!!

Anybody running for president must advocate programs that address the needs of all Americans, and we need to think more in terms of CLASS rather than race!!!! The so-called black “progressives” who always wanted president Obama to engage the Republicans in an argument about race failed to understand that this was also what the Republicans wanted because once an issue becomes racialized we ARE GOING TO LOSE! One does not have to be a profound thinker to recognize this: IT IS A MATTER OF SIMPLE ARITHMETIC!!!

Hence we must fight for things like single payer medical insurance, free college tuition and full employment. Beyond these, in the face of the growing robotization of the economy we need to fight for a living wage with benefits for everyone who cannot find work. All of these things will benefit Afro-Americans as much -if not more – than any other community! We must also fight for laws to check climate change and nuclear disarmament. Some black people talk as if we live on another planet so the fate of this one is of no concern to us. The term that I use that you can’t quite remember is :POLITICS IS THE ART OF THE POSSIBLE!!!

You need to sit in a corner and recite it until it is burned into your brain because without understanding this concept you will be like Jack the Bear: “Makin tracks but getting NOWHERE! You talk like the generals who are planning for the LAST WAR not the next war. The worst thing that Hillary Clinton could do is come out strongly with a specifically “black agenda” when Trump is aiming his message at a white working class electorate who is already scared, outraged, abysmally ignorant, and convinced they have been screwed at the expense of “minorities.” So my question to you is are you interested in defeating Trump or just letting off steam in a public temper tantrum?

You are far too emotional; success in politics requires a cool head and a calculating strategy based on the political realities of the moment. You say that Hillary is “desperately in need of the black vote” but the fact is whether Hillary wins or loses she will still be Hillary Clinton – a rich and famous white woman who remains a powerful presence in American politics and a speaker in demand world-wide for generous fees. BUT WE WILL BE FUCKED!!!!!!!!!!

So who needs whom the most? You seem to believe that it is a wise course of action to use our position to force her to adopt a losing strategy….which is damned foolishness. So calm down and THINK realistically; promote a strategy for victory instead of sabotaging our ally in this race!. I have no interest in dying for any cause…I want to live and WIN!!!!


Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
October 13, 2016


The Saint Louis Blues

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Starring: Hillary Clinton Droppin Science….
…and Donald Trump
___trump_31451956090Shameless Charlatan, Arrogant Ignoramus and Verbal Arsonist!

On the Second Presidential Debate: Hillary vs Donnie

This debate proved several things: Hillary Clinton is eminently qualified to be president; Trump is a shameless bullshit artist who cannot restrain his contempt for women even in a presidential debate; the commentators are intellectual light weights! I am listening to MSNBC, which has some of the smarter commentators in broadcast media, and the conversation is mostly mindless BLATHER!!!!!!!

Again it proves that if you are white in America you can be mediocre and still get over like a fat rat in cheese factory on a holiday! Already Trump’s camp is claiming victory. The amazing thing is that they are grading the candidate’s performance mostly on STYLE NOT SUBSTANCE! Hillary Clinton gave precise answers while Trump trafficked in lies and scandalous invective that dishonored the high office he seeks.  On the other hand Hillary avoided personal insult – far too much for my taste considering “The Donald’s” thuggish behavior: He demonstrated once again that despite his abundant coin he remains not a jot or tittle more than white trash with money!

I am not arguing that Hillary should have stooped to Donnie’s level – “get down in the gutter with him” as the old folks used to say when I was a boy.   But when he kept declaring “Bernie Saunders says you have bad judgement,” which he repeated about five times,  she should have replied: “Yes but Bernie – who is enthusiastically supporting my candidacy – also said on my worse day I will make a far better President than you on your best days! And your fellow Republicans, Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio, says anybody who has declared bankruptcy as often as you is no business genius and that you are in fact a con man. And unlike me and Bernie they are NOT supporting you!  So I’d remind Donald that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. But enough of the name calling, I’d rather engage in a substantive discussion of the issues; which my opponent understandably wishes to avoid since this is the area where he has the least to contribute.”

Then she should have kept on DROPPIN SCIENCE ON HIS IGNORANT ASS!!!!!

Finally, after much superficial prattle, the level of the discussion was dramatically elevated by the two black analyst: Eugene Robinson, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter and Associate Editor of the Washington Post, and MSNBC reporter/commentator Joy Reid – who was brilliant! But to reduce my assessment of the debate to its simplest terms: Hillary is hot and Trump ain’t squat!

Trump’s wife Melania looked like she would rather have been ANYWHERE but by his side! And why shouldn’t she, after the whole wide world has listened to her husband bragging about harassing another woman for pussy while she was sittin home pregnant with his child! I’b bet if she had a good pre-nup she would get in the wind faster than Hop-along- Cassidy could draw his guns! Melania’s expression and body language was perfect for the airline commercial that asks: “WANNA GET AWAY?”

Furthermore “Dirty Nose” Donnie’s surrogate Rudy Giuliani is a shameless charlatan! How dare he come on national television acting all high and mighty criticizing Bill Clinton when millions of New Yorkers – the present writer prominently among them – vividly remember that he DUMPED HIS WIFE Dona Hanover, a highly respected television journalist, for another woman who he even banged in Gracy Mansion when he was a married Mayor!

Rude Bwai Rudy’s own children said they would vote for Barack Obama when their daddy was briefly the leading candidate for President in the Republican Primary race. They issued a statement saying “Our father knows NOTHING about family values, everything we know about family values we learned from the our mother!”

Furthermore his constant touting of his experience as a federal prosecutor, which he claims gives him special expertise in determining the Hillary Clinton should be charged with federal crimes, yet during his tenure as Federal Attorney for the Southern District of New York he could not find a single case of racial discrimination…although it was so prevalent even Stevie Wonder could see it!

I was an Editorial Page columnist for the New York Daily News when Rudy was elected Mayor and I watched him as closely as the FBI watches terror suspects.   Hence I know whereof I speak.  He was the most racially divisive Mayor I have seen in the decades that I have been an observer of New York politics.  And he used his experience as a Federal Attorney to systematically destroy the records women and minorities would require as evidence in order to fire class action discrimination suits against the city agencies by ordering those agencies not to keep records of contracts they awarded by race and gender!

Reactionary Rudy was a disgrace to his office in more ways than one, and it is no surprise that chose a mobbed up sleazebag like Bernard Kerik to head the Department of Homeland Security.   It was the FBI investigation into Kerik’s fitness for this critical job that exposed his mob ties.  And this is the guy who wats to stand in judgement on Hillary Clinton’s character…this deeply flawed cretin…this goombah in a lawyer’s disguise?

Added to his myriad sins and odious transgressions, Rudy also dishonors his position as a member of the legal profession by pronouncing Hillary Clinton guilty of crimes in the absence of even an indictment, let alone a conviction, for a crime.  What happened to the presumption of innocence until a jury finds you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt?

This a a fundamental right guaranteed by the US Constitution!  While we should not be surprised that a verbose foul mouthed ignoramus like Donald Trump does not understand this – since he has previously demonstrated that he don’t know shit about the Constitution – it is inexcusable in a former US Attorney charged with upholding our constitutional rights.

Rudy Giuliani is a man without honor, a 21st century Dr. Faust who is all too willing to barter his soul with the Devil to remain in the limelight and retain the trappings of power.  If he had any sense of decency or shame Rudy would take his silly old pie-face racist ass and fiendish shit eatin grin, go sit down somewhere, then STFU!!!!!

Rudy Guiliani

Former New York City Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani gestures during his speech at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn., Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2008. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

Rabid Rudy a Shameless, Souless hypocrite!

Predictably, the fact checkers gave Donnie Dimwit a sound drubbing the day after.  Politi-facts even gave him a “pants on fire “rating, which is their most severe grade – as in the old children’s ditty “Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!”  But during interviews with some of Trump’s hardcore followers conducted after the debate, some of Trump’s acolytes conceded that although he bombed in the debate – a refreshing concession to reality – they said they were still going to vote for him.  Herein lies the crux of our problem as a society at this moment in history. There was little serious discussion of policy, but when there was such as all too brief discussions of tax policy; Obamacare and Syria.

As I write it has come to my attention that claims are being made that an American Naval vessel, a destroyer class Man O war has been fired on by missiles from the tiny nation of Yeman, which is controlled by revolutionary Shiites aligned with Iran.  The report says they missed the massive ship…we should thank out lucky stars that Donald Trump is NOT the Commander-In-Chief just now!   This is a man who recently aid that US Naval Ships illegally traversing Iranian waters should have fired on Iranian patrol boats because the Iranian sailors made some rude gestures toward “out beautiful American ships.”  No shit; he actually said that!

It does not take a great strategic thinker to see that Herr Trumfp is a man that can be easily baited into starting a war.  Hence he must NEVER get into the Oval Office!  It takes a seasoned stateswoman to guide us through the perils of the contemporary world.  The assessment of the candidates by this writer was echoed today by the Editors of Foreign Policy Magazine, the canonical text on the subject.  They say that Trump is the most dangerous candidate for President ever nominated by a major political party, and Hillary Clinton is the best,  so there we have it.

Too bad the format of the debate, which was town hall style where the audience asked the questions, did not afford her an adequate opportunity to fully display her qualifications for Commander-IN-Chief.  And while I have some serious disagreements with Hillary’s foreign policy views – See: ‘The World According to Hillary” on this site – she displays Solomonic wisdom when compared to the scatterbrained view of the world envisioned by Donald Trump.

Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
October 10th, 2016



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donald-trump_0Herr Drumpf in a Manic Mood


There is no end to the myriad absurdities of the Trump Follies. Now Donnie Dimwit has the unmitigated gall to issue a statement expressing indignation at the speculation made by Dr. Howard Dean that he looked like a cocaine abuser during his debate with Hillary Clinton. Donnie’s campaign has issued an official statement accusing Dr. Dean of “crossing the line” of acceptable behavior. SAY WHAT???? If ever there was a clear case of the pot maligning the kettle: THIS IS IT!!!! Donald Trump has introduced a new level of rancorous discourse into presidential campaigning. He has not only “crossed” the line he has OBLITERATED IT!

Herr Drumft – our home grown fascist -is a typical bully; he can dish it out but he can’t take it. He is like the loud mouth bully who is quick to get in yo face sellin selling woff tickets but when you bitch slap him a little whiney cream puff steps out….like the character Terry Crews plays in that Ice Cube flick. Trump is not only a punk ass bully he could very well be a coke head too. Anybody who has ever been around people snorting lines of blow, or did some lines yourself knows they act just like Trump was behaving during the debate.

I speak as one who has investigated the effects of cocaine on the human brain both as a participant observer – a time honored anthropological methodology – and as an objective award winning reporter sifting through the scientific data on the issue of “recreational drug use” during the epidemic of cocaine abuse in New york during the 1990’s. See: This Bud’s For You” athttps://commentariesonthetimes.me/…/10/23/this-buds-for-you/

Hence from the point of view of a well-informed observer on the subject I think that Dr. Dean was right on the money in his description of Trump’s behavior and identifying it as the typical behavior of coke heads! He talks about the obvious sniffling, which in the absence of a serious cold is a dead giveaway for a “dirty nose.” But the behavioral traits pointed out by the Doctor are equally as telling: Delusions of grandeur, bombast and hubris. Donnie looked and acted just like some of the cokeheads I knew back in the day when I used to hang out with that crowd.

Furthermore, Trump fits the profile of one of the main categories of cocaine abusers: The go go business crowd! Blow was the drug of choice among the Wall Street gang, for a while even displacing alcohol, and it fueled the drive and ambitions of entrepreneurs with grandiose visions during the years when “The Donald” was becoming a big man among the affluent Manhattan swinging set.

He was a regular at Studio 54 during the 1970’s – back when Michael Jackson was black – a wild spot that was so popular with A-List celebrities that in order to enter mere commoners had to be chosen from the thongs of star gazers on the sidewalk clamoring to get in; a place where cocaine was consumed by the pound in bathroom stalls! And he loves models, MANY OF WHOM USED COKE TO KEEP THEIR WEIGHT DOWN AND TO GET UP FOR SHOOTS AFTER PARTYING ALL NIGHT!!!! So “The Donald” was immersed in a milieu in which snorting coke was common fare!

Scenes from Studio 54 back in the day








It was a cocaine Fueled Bachanaal!

Donnie Dimwit loves to brag about how he has never had a drink of an alcoholic beverage, and that he does not smoke. But in my experience, that’s just the type of personality that is likely to try cocaine especially if they want to be hip and is around people who are snorting lines. Back in the day cocaine was so expensive that it was mostly consumed by four categories of abusers: Gangsters and Players, Entertainers, rich freaks, and amped up businessmen who don’t know how to relax.

In a television report done on Trump’s lifestyle Ivana, his wife at the time, said “The Donald” never relaxes. In fact, they got a shot of him sitting by the pool in a suit and tie! That’s why he be up Tweeting dumb shit late at night that his surrogates must try to explain away the next day. Donnie Dimwit is a hot mess, a man driven by blind ambition and avarice, who also suffers from the maladies of megalomania and compulsive lying.

It is not at all difficult to believe that such a man – who according to his ghost writer for “The Art of the Deal” has an inferiority complex that makes him seek public adoration – has got a dirty nose. Hence “The Donald” doesn’t just look like a cocaine abuser to Dr. Dean….he looks like a coke head to me too, and I’ve known a few! We should DEMAND that his ass get DRUG TESTED!!!!



Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
September 28, 2016