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Nowhere to Run…Nowhere to Hide…

Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Behold the Pale Horse of Plague

Living in the Shadow of Death…

The Whole is in trouble
…and the Danger one is everywhere!

Living in New York today, one experiences a nagging feeling of life on the edge of catastrophe, like the proverbial sinner who is hanging over hell’s fire by an eyelash, with their foot on a banna peel. As I write, my city is Ground Zero for the Corona virus plague, and I am witnessing scenes reminiscent of the Civil War, as the US military erect field hospitals in Central Park and the massive Javitz Center, while dead bodies are being stacked in refrigerated trailer trucks outside of hospitals as the death tool rises daily and city morgues are full. Yet for health care professionals this plague is worse than war, because they too are under assault by the virus; which is not restrained by the Red Cross that protects medical facilities under the rules of warfare.

Unable to get the protective gear they desperately need, despite the fact the one in every four cases in the US are in New York, health care workers are getting sick and dying in front of their helpless colleagues. Just going to work now days is like volunteering for a suicide mission; they are the true heroes of this moment and are worthy of all our praises and respect. Without them life in America today would be an unimaginable horror. That’s why New Yorkers are cheering and singing songs to them as the go to and fro taking care of their soul rending business.

Listening to a nurse describe working conditions in her hospital on television this morning, a seasoned journalist burst into tears! Hundreds of cops are infected at the same time that hundreds of convicts are being released from prison, and it is too disturbing to contemplate the fate of firemen – whose work requires them to live in very close quarters. The state unemployment bureau has been overwhelmed and it looks like benefits will not be paid quickly. Thus hunger will soon become a reality for some New Yorkers, who were doing fine before the plague engulfed New York while Agent Orange, the Moscow candidate who accidentally became President, fiddled. Some of the predictions that are being made by various experts increasingly sound like a psychedelic version of hell…

As we witness the prolonged talks on the Plague from Bill De Blassio, Mayor of New York City, and Mario Cuomo, Governor of New York State, those with a sense of history conjure up memories of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s legendary “Fire Side Chats,” in which the Democratic President soothed the nation’s anxieties and calmed the fears of Americans by his cool, calm, although candid, talks about the nation’s problems in a time of crisis and put forth plans to solve them.

FDR’s performance of the duties of his high office as leader of the American people was a Tour de Force, as he masterfully took the helm and guided the ship of state through turbulent waters troubled by World War and the worst global depression in history. Alas, Deranged Donald Dimwit, who presently befouls the Oval Office, is no FDR. Rather than take command and confidently guide the ship of state through the troubled waters that poses a clear and present danger to the fate of our nation, Duplicitous Donald is behaving like Captain Kleeg, in Mutiny On the Bounty. Kleegs incompetence, delusion, narcissism, and paranoia forced the crew to remove him from power and take command of the ship! Democrats in the US Congress voted to impeach the incompetent buffoon in the House of Representatives, where they are the majority, but the Republican controlled Senate, in a shamelessly corrupt cover-up, refused to convict him on the evidence; which by any objective standard of guilt, was overwhelming!

Hence, due to this moral corruption, the Republicans in Congress, at the insistence of their supporters, who are all fanatical members of Dirty Donald’s personality cult, the “Trumpanzees,” adopted amoral political expedience as their guiding principle. And now we are all payin a devastating price for the Senate’s dastardly dereliction of Duty. Despite Devious Don’s attempts to re-write the history of his myriad blunders in regard to the present plague, openly declaring himself free of “any responsibility” for the disaster that has befallen the nation, Trump’s decisions have played a major part in enabling the plague to spread.

From dismantling the government agency tasked with identifying pandemics and devising policies to defeat them, to ignoring the advice of scientists and medical professionals who warned him of the severity of the Corono-virus months before he finally decided to act, Dirty Don bears a huge responsibility for the deadly plague. The fact that he flatly refuses to accept any responsibility is a clear manifestation of his mental maladies: Malignant Narcissism and Paranoia, and how they endanger our national security. We see it in his absurd attacks on professional journalists – who dare to present the Sunshine King with gloomy or unpleasant facts that contradict his rosy narrative – his compulsive lying, and inability to show any real empathy with the victims of the virus.

When Donnie Dimwit was first presented with the facts about this infectious virus – which he seems to think he can make disappear by calling it “The Chinese Virus,” or at lest shift any blame away from him – he dismissed the gravity of the problem and openly ridiculed the press for presenting unpleasant facts to the public warning that the Federal government, which means him, was failing to take the necessary measures to contain the spread of the plague. As I write, Devious Don tha Con is shamelessly telling outright lies to the American people to try and cover up his tsunami of errors that has led us into this colossal mess. But the Boston

I am watching a clip from yesterdays Republican Follies, featuring Don tha Con, and he is blatantly misusing statistics in an effort to prove that the US is the most efficient nation in the world at containing the virus. What it actually proves is the old adage: “Statistics don’t lie…but liars can use statistics!” Speaking to the world at his televised press conference, he claims: We have tested over a million people, the best in the world by far!” But that is a false conclusion alas. It is based upon his use of the overall number of test given, rather than the per capita number which tells the real story. In fact, several countries are way ahead of the US based on percentage of their population tested. Many epidemiologists argue that the reason Germany has a lower infection rate than most countries is that they started early and got out ahead of the problem.

One of the most puzzling aspects of Trump’s Corona-virus policy is his response to New York – his home town where he was born, raised and found fame and fortune by virtue of his daddy’s big bucks and contrived media hype – but is now the most infected Hot Spot in the world. He has appeared at times deaf or indifferent to the incessant and increasingly desperate pleas of Governor Cuomo, begging for supplies that are critical to the continued ability of our hospital system to treat patients who will surely die if left untreated.

This is as serious as it gets, yet there are long time observers of Demented Donald who believe that he is shorting New York on vital aid because he is pissed that Governor Cuomo has criticized his inept response to the spreading plague! Which is further evidence, if such be needed at this point, of Demented Donald’s mental illness. All the symptoms – compulsive lying, self-aggrandizement, delusions of Grandeur, the inability to feel genuine empathy for the misfortunes of others, and persistent feelings of persecution – are prominently on display for the world to see even as the US press plays down or ignores it.


There are rumors abroad that should Joe Biden arrive at the Democratic Convention lacking the required delegates to win on the first ballot, Governor Andrew Cuomo will be placed in contention for the nomination. I believe that would be a good move considering how the country is getting an opportunity to compare the leadership styles and abilities of the two men, who very much reflect their upbringing and life’s experience in the world of work.

Donald Jiveass Trump was raised by a father who was a money grubbing sexist bigot with a Darwinian view of the world and the business ethics of a pirate. And his son Dirty Donald followed in his foot steps, calling his wretched dad “the wisest man I ever met!” Governor Andrew Cumo is the son of Mario Cuomo, a silver tongued humane progressive public servant who was also governor of New York. Like fathers like sons! It’s an easy choice, even Denny Dimwit could figure out who is better equipped to be President.

As a result of Trump’s blunders and procrastination a bad situation has been made far worse. Life in New York just now is a lot like a protracted game of Russian Roulette. Alas, just going about the normal activities of daily life such as a trip to the grocery store; riding mass public transportation; catching a cab, taking a walk, sitting on a park bench, or taking an elevator in your apartment building, all seem like recklessly tempting fate in a macabre dance with the grim reaper.

It is a mind boggling experience unlike anything I have seen in almost 80 years on this planet, and lord knows I have seen some troubles. As I look out over the city from my crib on Sugar Hill, which affords me a view of several streets, bridges and highways, I have never seen things so quiet in the 40 years that I have gazed out upon this grand view. Inside, as I go about my daily routine of study and writing, all seems well, until I turn on the News at New York 1 and peep out the window.

The scenes from downtown Manhattan, one of the busiest spaces in the world crammed with visitors from around the globe 24/7, looks like scenes from the 1959 movie “The World, The Flesh and the Devil,” starring Harry Belafonte. It may have been the first post-apocalyptic movie. Made at the height of the Cold War, when nuclear holocaust seemed a clear and present danger, we were given a glimpse of what things could look like after an atomic disaster. Except this was not the result of dropping a nuclear bomb that blew everything up as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, rather it was a deadly radio-active atomic cloud that had been unleashed on humanity. So it just killed people and left buildings standing, much like some of the low blast high intensity radiation bombs that sinister weapons designers have come up with and are now part of the US nuclear arsenal.

Belafonte plays a man who had been trapped underground in a mining disaster in Pennsylvania, and he was the sole survivor. When he emerges from the mine he found all the people had disappeared. As there were no newspapers or broadcasters he does not understand what has happened, so he hops in a car and drives to New York City, where he is certain he will find people. What he found was an eerie empty City. That’s what downtown Manhattan looks like today.

Scenes from the Apocalypse

42 Street Near Times Square
On a Normal Day

The Lights are out in Broadways Great Theaters

And no one can say when the will be back on alas…

However it is not a good idea to binge on news reports just now, the way I usually do, because the constant predictions and reports of gloom and doom could throw you into a depression or induce panic attacks. You will be far better off listening to your favorite music, making love, watching good movies and reading books about happier times. Of course, it could prove fatal to ignore the news, so check in periodically to stay abreast of vital information. Just don’t concentrate on it 24/7.

As horrendous as it is, the destructiveness of this plague is not confined to health issues alas; it is also causing major economic disruptions that could prove quite devastating for our society. For instance the Federal Reserve has issued a forecast predicting a rise in unemployment rates as high as 33%, which exceed the unemployment rates during the Great Depression of the 1930’s by 8%! When we reflect upon havoc created during the Depression in the absence of a plague, we can only speculate on the trials and tribulations that await us. I do not wish to be alarmist, just tell the unvarnished truth in the belief that the truth is better than a lie…especially when your life may well depend upon getting your facts straight.

If there is a silver lining in the storm clouds enveloping us, it is that this plague has exposed the inadequacies of our predatory Darwinian economic system; where greed is glorified, and the unequal distribution of wealth is a sin, shame, and odious crime against humanity. And it has placed our profit based model for health care delivery on trial, where it has proved dangerously unequal to the challenges confronting us. Instead of being able to requisition the materials required to save our hospitals from collapse, states find themselves in a market where profit, not human need, is determining the price of the product…and its rising fast. And since we are the greatest capitalist nation on earth, a system whose raison d’eter is the accumulation of profit, imagine how absurd we would look to the Chinese trying to embarrass them about price gougeing.

Before the crono-virus crisis, the right to universal health care was treated as a philosophical issue. But now we know that during a major epidemic of infectuous viruses we are all at risk of sickness and death! Unless everyone is treated that need treatment. Perhaps after this trial by fire we will finally recognize that health care for all is not just the right and Christian thing to do, although it is surely what Jesus would have done; it is also a matter of national security and personal survival for all classes and races of Americans.

The Book of Revelations in the Bible speaks of the Four Horseman of The Apocalypse that will ravage the earth in the last days in time, clearly the Pale Horse of Plague is running wild, but since I am a secular humanist who believes in the agency of mankind in determining our fate, perhaps we can arrest the progress of the other destructive horseman and buy some time.  Let us hope…and for believers who are so inclined…PRAY for better days.

Playthell George Benjamin
Eyewitness to the Plague
Harlem,New York
April 3, 2021

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