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An Open Letter to Daaim Shabazz!

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Black African enslaved by Arabs In Mauritania Right Now!

Yo Shabazz, you are not only a shameless apologist for the racism of the Arabs, you are also quite silly. Do you suppose that you can get around the fact that black Christians have a rich tradition of critiquing racism in Christianity and Back Muslims have none beyond Farrakhan’s statement that I am aware of – you obviously know of none either or you would surely produce them here. Now on the African continent the situation is different. African Muslims are beginning to speak out about it, and in the Sudan there has been a raging battle with the Arab enslavers. There are videos of armed African women fighting their Muslim rapists and enslaves with AK 47’s, and they tell their story to anyone who cares to know. Why don’t you know this Shabazz? It is because you are a black holocaust denier!!!!!!

The great Senegalese film maker -Ousmane Sembene has examined the destructive role of Islam in Africa. But there is none so blind as he who refuses to see! I know that once you have built your world vision on a fallacy it’s hard to change – especially if it is an all embracing dogma like Islam…or Marxism for that matter!  Now, as to my authoritative tone: have you read my resume? Have you read my Mission statement? Better still have you read the 245 essays I have posted on the Commentaries. If so, you will find the widest range of erudite commentary written by any pundit in the nation over the last two years since I launched the blog. There is no one who can match the intellectual range of these commentaries. Furthermore if you read the letter nominating me for the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary – my second nomination by the way, and in two different genres of writing, which is practically unheard of! – you will see that one of the main things they remark about is the intellectual breadth of my work…and the even handedness of it!  Both of my Pulitzer Prize nominations are right there on my blog!  Along with some of my other awards! I always call it like it is and even give the Devil his due.

I know this sounds immodest but you asked for it. The reason you don’t know these things is because unlike some folks I never talk about my history unless something prompts it…like now!!  Plus I have many essays that are in print and do not appear online; some have been included in important anthologies.  Many were published in the leading news journals in the English speaking world!  And two of my award winng feature stories were slected for study at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism: Yo Kwame!  That’s like having your business deal studied at the Harvard Business School!  I know that will impress you since you make it a point to let everybody know that you went o Harvard!  This is why I speak with authority Shabazz!  When you have a resume like mine you too can speak with authority too! The question here is not why I speak with authority…the evidence is there for all to see…the real question is why is an obviously light weight Neo-Uncle Tom ( cause you are shamelessly tomming for the Arabs! No foot shuffling Uncle Tom for American white folks had a damn thing on you!) getting up in my face talking the kind of muddled, silly, prattle you are spouting here? However for the record, not even Uncle Tom willfully apologized for the enslavers of his people. Hence I supposed that in your case I have slandered Uncle Tom!!

Slavery among Europeans occurred from the 16th to the 19th century, and everybody knows about it! That’s why I feel no need to discuss it here.  And the reason that everybody knows is because of the work of white and black Christian scholars – there is a treasure trove of great scholarly work on the subject of white European and American slavery. The first volume of the Harvard’s distinguished “New World Historical Studies” is “The suppression of the African Slave Trade, by Dr. WEB DuBois. It is a devastating critique of white American Christians; where is the critique of the enslavement of black Africans by Arabs that continues even as I write?   Among the Arabs the enslavement of blacks began in the 8th century and continues until today!!!!! Look at the records of the British abolition society Iabolish –  incidently the British used warships to suppress the African slave trade in the 19th century – and you will see a ton of evidence about slavery in the Islamic world today…but you want to talk about Europeans who got out of the business over a century and a half before?

What do you take the people on this page to be….. fools?  You don’t even know that it is far better to be thought a fool than open yo mouth and remove all doubt!! I was talking and teaching – since I was a founder of the first full fledged degree granting department of African American Studies in the world! – before you started coming out of the yard by yourself!!   We are celebrating our 40th anniversary year this year!!!!   When the WEB DuBois Department, at UMass Amherst was founded Professor Henry Louis Gates, the Director of the DuBois Institute at Harvard, was a sophomore at Yale.  It just so happens that I have a very long record of radical struggle and institution building which is far too expensive to began to state it here, and is only partially listed on my blog – which I call ” A thumbnail sketch.” But know this: even by the standards of a romance novel my life has been a fascinating affair…you should live so!

I am going to post a much more extensive biographical essay online so that I won’t have to discuss this with precocious Johnny-come-latelys like you again. Professor Bernard Bell, the world’s leading authority on the Afro-American novel, is writing a book about the founding of the first full fledged degree granting Black Studies Department at UMass.  I suppose you will be green with envy when you read what he has to say about my role in it.  And I had some extraordinary colleagues who worked with me in that effort.  Bernard Bell was on the committee that hired me, which also included Dr. William J. Wilson, Professor of Social Policy at Harvard.  I was 27, a college dropout, and hadn’t written a line.  But I had read every serious text in African and Afro-american history then in print…and I could recall everything I ever read in detail.  My nickname among my colleagues was “Univac!”  After the great mainframe computer that dominated the field of computer science at the time.   One of my girlfriends was a brilliant mathematician who helped write the language for it.  Need I say more about where my “air of authority” comes from…. Are you a masochist or something?

The fact is that you have offered no critique of my piece “Racism and the Arabs,” which is fact based, says it all.  What you have offered instead is the equivalent of a public scream of pain that accompanies the death of illusions!  And, and while it may provide you some relief from the factual fire I have lit under yo butt, it is no substitute for a substantive critique!  What you have done Shabazz is shamelessly Tom for the Arabs. It may interest you to know that the main complaint I heard from the black Africans who had escaped from Arab slaver right now is “Our black American Muslim brothers will not hear our pleas: They are all pro-Arab!”  You Shabazz are exibit A! Now go away silly boy and come back with a serious critique of my piece…including the video clips…one of which features the brilliant John Hendrick Clarke. Until you do that I am going to ignore you!!!!!!!!   By the way, is the extent of your written opinions comfined to  this awkward graffiti  you scribble here on facebook?  Where might I read some of your analytical essays treating this topic? Or any topic? 

You can find me in print discussing everything from the color symbolism in the plays and sonnets of Shakespeare, to the Roots of German fascism in the romanticism found in the Music’Festival/Dramas of Ricard Wagner: the greatest of the composers in the marvelous age of romanticism in European Art music.  You can also find thoughtful treatises on Jazz, which I call “The Quintessential American Art.”  You can even read my anthologized fiction and get a real inside look at how black gangsters were affected by the black power movement in the late sixties and early seventies – which is the raison d’ etre for my appearance on “American Gangster,” the excellent documentary series on the African-American underworld produced by the award winning cultural critic Nelson George.  You can also experience vicariously the exquisite joys of a ménage a trios with two beautiful women!  But of course, being an uptight puritan that would shock yo drawers off!  But I am a cosmopolite and free thinker; I feel like I’ve been around the world and spoke to everybody twice!

 However for the other readers of this track please read my multi-media essay at Put the title “Racism and the Arabs in the search engine. Read it, check out the video clips at the end of the essay and decide who you want to believe: Shabazz or your lying eyes!  If you check it out you will see what a silly little Uncle Tom holocaust denier our friend Shabazz really is!!!!   If you want to really get deep into the matter go to the website I-Abolish and check them out.  And if you want some heavy historic grounding in this subject read _ “The Other Diaspora,” by Paul Segal. It is a brilliant scholarly history of the Muslim Arab slave trade in Africa. Then you will see what a shameless apologist Shabazz is for the enslavement of his people!

Yo Shabazz, the mere fact that you exchanged the name of one group of slave masters for another shows just how confused you are. When I decided to change my name – which social scientists who study mass transformative movements understand to be “a commitment ritual” signifying a change of world view – I took a West African name: “Adetunji Adaniji…that was in 1963…how old were you then?  The indisputable evidence that you are hopelessly confused is that you don’t even know better than to pick a fight with your intellectual superior on face book…where everybody can witness you get yo butt whipped!.

It ought to be obvious, even to somebody as clueless as you, that when you are in a hole you should stop digging! I am giving you fair warning: you can’t win cause of the shape you in…and I can’t lose because of the science I use!  I am droppin science and you are engaging in special pleading! It is a term of art employed by historians to describe arguments that are based on emotion and wishful thinking but is not supported by the facts!!!! If you continue to challenge me I shall rock yo world!  Not only will your intellectual reputation end up in shambles, but your mental stability too!!!!!  So go away junior and pick on somebody in your class!  I agree with Ismael Reed – the most inventive novelist of his generation, whom the Nation magazine called “the greatest American Satirist since Mark Twain, and the distinguished literary critic Leslie Fiedler rightly dubbed:”A highbrow ironist” – “Writin is fightin!”  And nobody but a careless fool would match a featherweight with a heavy weight!  Now go away junior and work on yo game!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please view this video of African women waging armed struggle against Islamic Arabs and Afro-Arabs in the Sudan! 

This is what Shabazz and all of the black Muslim apologist for the Arabs are denying!


This is the post by Daaim shabazz that I am replying to.  It was posted on the site

Malcolm X: A life of Reinvention.

Mr. Benjamin… I hate to tell you this, but you are blinded by your own prejudice. I hear them just about every day. I already mentioned that there is racism in Islam (just as there is in any social system), but you want me to point you t…o critiques? For what? You are an “old head” and set in your thinking. I have read your writings and it is amazing how you flaunt your “authority” around. No humility at all in the tone of your writings. You then protect white enslavers by saying Arabs enslaved Africans longer. What kind of backward thinking is that? Do you know the history of what happened to us during the Middle Passage. No… the Arabs didn’t do that and we lost about 10-100 million Africans. Yes… both histories are abhorrent, but do not build a refuge for whites who committing one of the worst human atrocities known to man. Anyway, that is not the issue here. The issue is your lack of understanding of what motivates people to accept a faith. That is their choice, but to say someone accepts a belief because of naive escapism is imputable to your own arrogance. You are no expert in this area and do not pretend to be, nor are you an expert on Malcolm X.