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Christmastime In Baghdad

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It’s Crying Time

Iraqi Christians have Shed Many Tears Since The Fall Of Sadam

Of the myriad ironies and unexpected consequences resulting from the American invasion of Iraq, the devastation of the Christian community in that predominately Muslim nation ranks near the top.  Fueled by a combination of self-righteousness and abysmal ignorance, the American strategists who planned the invasion believed they could also shape the peace to an American design.  But there have been many surprises; among the most tragic is the plight of Iraqi Christians.  It was also the easiest to predict.

In a nation where the two major Muslim communities have been unable to resolve their theological disputes in 1800 years, it was the height of arrogance for Americans to think that they could maintain the peace between Muslims and Christians once the prevailing system of authority was undermined and the chaos of war engulfed the nation.  Since life becomes cheap in wartime – with mass slaughter everywhere – it becomes harder to suppress the forces of internecine violence.

The Christian community began to come under attack as early as 2003, right after the American Invasion, when Sadam Hussein’s rigidly enforced peace between various Religious factions fell apart.  But the latest atrocity occurred on October 31, when Sunni Muslim fanatics burst into a Baghdad church during services and massacred 68 worshippers, wounding several others.  The blood thirsty fanatics in Al Qaeda proudly took credit for this mass slaughter, and even pursued the Christians to their homes and attacked them with bombs!

Al Qaeda has published the addresses of Christians on the internet so that any freelance Muslim fanatic can attack them at will.  Furthermore they have given added incentive to the Muslim’s – mostly Sunni’s affiliated with Al Qaeda – to attack and kill Christians by unjustly painting them as secret agents of western imperialism, and therefore traitors to the Iraqi nation as well as enemies of Islam.  That’s why many Iraqi Christians are abandoning the country altogether – some are moving to the US and Europe, and others are relocating into the northern part of the country into Kurdish territory.

Their mere presence among the Kurds might well energize the Kurdish Secessionist movement.  For although the Kurds are Muslims they are not Jihadist, in fact they have managed to keep religion out of their politics, and their brand of Islam is far more progressive than among the Arab Iraqi’s.

In fact they view the Arabs as backward and dangerous fanatics. That’s why the Christians are flocking there as I write.  All of this raises some inconvenient and down right ugly questions about the consequences, and therefore the wisdom, of the American invasion of Iraq.  And it supplies further evidence for those who argue that the invasion is that biggest foreign policy blunder in American history!

Of course, I opposed the invasion from Jump Street!  I am not one of the “Johnny Come latelys” among the punditocracy who are now speaking out about the wrongheadedness of the war in Iraq.  My argument against this ill fated military adventure was based on a solid analysis of the Bush administration’s claims, against the facts of history and the political realities of the Islamic world.  Published as “The Iraq Attack: Bush’s March Of Folly,” it can be read on this blog as “The Prophetic Commentary On Iraq.”

Read it and you will find that my analysis of the complex issues of war, religion, history and politics led me to conclusions that have now been verified by history.  There was no alchemy here, just serious study and rigorous analysis free of the distortions of ideology or misguided patriotism.

What is now obvious, though none in the corporate media will dare say it upon pain of dismissal – is that by any objective measure of the quality of life, for the average Iraqi things were better under Sadam Hussein; especially for Christians…who are finding life impossible without him.


Playthell Benjamin

December 27, 2010

Harlem, New York