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Easter Sunday In New York City!

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Parishioners of

Harlem’s Abyssinia Baptist Curch

Bouyed By The Words Of Rev. Butts

Remembering Easter

New York

Is the place to be

Come Easter Sunday

From uptown in Harlem

To Broadway and Greenwich Village

Since it was not possible to be everywhere

I decided to start uptown

In Harlem

For it was on Easter Sunday

When I was thirteen

That I first visited Harlem

The first thing I saw when I emerged from the A train

Was a man in a pea green suit

And green suede shoes

And a beautiful brown lady in pink

I wish I could have preserved that moment

That’s why I have decided to preserve some magic moments

From the Easter of 2010

And I discovered

The Easter spirit is far more alive in Harlem

Than downtown on Fifth Avenue

So it’s a good thing I perched outside Abyssinia Baptist Church

Where The Reverend Doctor Butts holds forth

And the parishioners

Routinely dress like members of the Ebony Fashion Fair

So I knew they would be really fly

On Easter Sunday morning


A  Pretty Pink Bonnet

And All The Rest Too!

A Vision In White

Head Sculpture!


Spiritually Fortified



A Brown Fox!


This is How You Fill Up A Dress!

A Bootilicious Babe

Walking Away In Style!


Old School Cool

Elegant Natty Dreads

Stylin and Profilin

The Brother’s Represent!

Bearing A Gift Of Easter Lilies

Solid As A Rock!

The Deacons

Guardians Of The Faith!

The Men Of Abyssinian

Standing The Test Of Time!

Nobody Knows The Troubles I’ve Seen

Man On The Go

Plotting His Next Move

High Fly

Like a roach on a porch…to smooth to move!

Cool Papa Do!

Chilly Willie

Big Boy & Shorty George

Watching The Girls Go By


A Gentleman Of Style

Deacon C. Vernon Mason…

Surveys The Crowd

Clean As The Board Of Health!

A Paragon Of Male Elegance

Old School Player!

On The Good Foot

A Sophisticated Savage

Groomed and Decorated For The Easter Parade

Building A Solid Foundation For The Future

A Young Man Of Vision

Keep On Pushing!Don’t Yhall  Git Weary Chillun


Down Town

Avenue Of The Swells

A Fifth Avenue Dame!


A Fifth Avenue Dandy!

In Central Park

On The Cusp Of Spring

A Beautiful Easter Bonnet!

With All The Frills Upon It

A High Fashion Diva

A Ballerina In The Park

In A Contemplative Mood

The  Sitting Ballerina Dazzles A Fan

As She Reflects On the Meaning Of Life With Documentarian David Rich

Poised For Action

She Moves When Someone Feeds The Bucket

And Then She Goes Through

A Repertoire Of Movements

She Blew Us Candy Kisses

Struck Grand Poses

And  Assumed Elegant Stances

From Any Angel

She Is Marvelous!

And Gracious Too


Even Little Girls

Wear Easter Bonnets

And Decorate Themselves Like

Easter Eggs!