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Gay Marriage: Greatest Threat to Family in US History?

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 New York City Council President Christine Quinn and Partner Marry

 Not by a Long Shot…but The Founding Fathers Were!

The recent marriage of City Council president Christine Quinn to her long time domestic partner, Kim Catullo Esquire, was by all accounts a glittering affair.  There were well-wishers all around from the select crowd of prominent New Yorkers who attended the private ceremony in Manhattan.  But not everybody was happy for the newly-weds.

It has become an article of faith among the Bible and Constitution quoting ideologues on the Republican right that extending the benefits of marriage to homosexual couples is tantamount to a “war” on that venerable institution, and this poses the greatest danger to traditional family life in American history.

But like most of what these numbskulls, self-styled Amercan Exceptionalists all – believe about the history of the United States, this is a fiction.  Although stated with the passion and bluster of self-righteous preachment,  the assertions of these holier than thou air-head bigots should be placed right beside Sarah Palin’s claim that Paul Revere’s famous ride through the New England countryside was intended to “warn the British;” Michelle Bachman’s impassioned pronouncement that “The founding fathers wouldn’t rest until they had eradicated slavery,” or Mississippi Governor Haley Barber’s claim that it was his generation of white Republicans that got rid of de Jure segregation in the South.

Haley even said he doesn’t remember race relations being that bad when he was growing up in Mississippi in the 1960’s!  However Mitt Romney’s declaration that he believes marriage is between “one man and one woman” demands explication.  For instance when did Mitt begin to believe this?  Does he believe that his grandfather – who gave up his US citizenship and moved to Mexico so he could keep the five wives sanctioned by his Mormon theology, was wrong?

Since The Mittster is a compulsive liar, who even lies about things that can be easily disproved by prior statements that are video-taped; everything he says must be viewed with a jaundiced eye.  As for the general claims of the Republicans cited above: It’s all bunk!   So is their claim that Gay Marriage is the greatest assault on family life in American history.

The truth is that the greatest assault on family life – the kind with one man and one woman the gay bashers claim to revere – was conducted by the Founding Fathers; the pious architects of the US Constitution and especially the author of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson, the leading intellectual of the American Enlightenment – who sired seven children by his slave concubine Sally Hemmings; the mulatto half-sister of his white wife, whose was sired by her father and his black slave mistress.

 Thomas Jefferson

Child Molester and Rapist?

Furthermore Tom even kept his slave and free children under the same roof.  Hence when Republican Governor Arnold Swartznegger knocked up his maid and kept a secret family among the darker servant class, he was following in the great American tradition of such prominent politicians as Thomas Jefferson and that hero of Southern Republicans Strom Thurmond, who represented South Carolina in the Senate for half a century.

These white hetero-sexual males, who we teach our children to revere in public schools, professed to be followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ; yet they constructed a system of government that promoted an all-out assault on the sanctity of marriage and systematically destroyed family life that continued for 250 years and beyond – first in law and then in custom.

And they perpetrated this monumental crime against millions of their countrymen who had committed no offense against society. No white mass murderer has received such an inhumane sentence.  Yet we are now told by opponents of gay marriage that the document which sanctioned this atrocity was written by the hand of God!  Tis blasphemy I say.

Under the system of slavery in the United States, which was a well-established institution in every section of the new nation by the time the Constitution was drafted in the summer of 1787; Afro-Americans were regarded as live stock under the law.  This meant that my ancestors could be bought, sold and bred like any of their farm animals.

And the masters had what the great British novelist Charles Dickens, who visited the Slave States, called the “right to rape.”  The master also had the right to sell the children of Afro-Americans as if they were piglets or puppies – and they did so if the price was right.  This was a system that all but one of the Founding Fathers, John Adams, participated in and profited from.   And he was a lawyer for slave holders.

Hence it is an undeniable fact that it is not homo-sexual marriage that represents the greatest assault on the family in American history – for they are preserving and expanding the family – something President Obama understands instinctively because for most of this country’s history it would have been illegal for his parents to marry because of their race.

Alas, the perfidious act of family destruction belongs to the August Founding Father’s of a slave holding republic – a historical oxymoron – who made destroying and denying family formation among their fellow human beings government policy!

Dr. Gerald Horne, America’s premiere historian, explores this glaring contradiction brilliantly in his new book “Negro Comrades of the Crown,” which carefully documents how Afro-Americans found far greater freedom as British subjects than as inhabitants of the so-called “free” republic of the United States.

Dr. Horne’s conclusions echo those of Frederick Douglass, the most insightful commentator on American slavery, whose own mother was raped by her white master.  Douglass noted the irony of “fleeing Republican slavery for freedom under the British Monarchy.”  Professor Horne’s work also supplies added evidence in support of the conclusions reached by law Professors Ruth and Alfred Blumrosen, in their path-breaking revisionist history “Slave Nation.”

The Bloomrosens convincingly demonstrate that the Revolution against England was really motivated by the American colonists’ desire to preserve their inhumane slave system – a massive crime against humanity – from encroaching British abolitionism, after a Judge in England ruled in the 1772 “Somerset Case” that human slavery was too odious to justify under English common law.

Frederik Douglass
 His Mother was Raped by her White Master

In fact. In order to entice the Southerners to unite with them in a war of independence against the British Empire, Representatives of the Northern colonies pledged not to interfere with African slavery in the south.  This was codified in a law at the Continental Congress of 1774.  Here the New England lawyer and militant patriot, John Adams, was the deal broker.

Thus the main thing that brought the American colonies together in order to wage war with England was this guarantee that when the smoke finally cleared, the southerners would still have their black slaves.  That’s why masses of Afro-Americans fled to the British lines and many became soldiers who would fight against the white American colonists that were enslaving their kith and kin.

This is a radically different view from the master narrative of American civilization manufactured by the official mythmakers; which is based on the claim that the raison d’etre for the revolution was the expansion of human freedom.   Those who oppose gay marriage today are the spiritual heirs of the hypocrites of 1776, who endlessly praised the virtues of freedom and denounced tyranny, while going to war to defend slavery!  American Exceptionalism indeed.


Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

May 21, 2014

Forward Ever Backward Never!

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                       A Man of the People

            Barack Speaks out on Marriage Equality

When the Republican’s speak with horror about the consequences of a second Obama term, hysterically warning that this President is changing American society, I say Damned right!   But that fact does not alarm me; it makes my spirit dance!  For I have no doubt the changes that President Obama has wrought in the way we do things in America, are changes that are great for the majority of Americans and long overdue!

Speaking out in heart-felt testimony of support for the right of homosexual citizens to have the same rights to marriage – and all the economic and legal benefits it confers – as hetero-sexual citizens, is both highly moral and courageous.  For those gay Americans who seek domestic bliss within the bond of marriage… this is a great moment.

Alas, it remains to be seen if the president’s support of marriage equality will prove an asset or a liability politically.  In which case it raises the question why now?  Surely this declaration of presidential support would carry more weight politically if it were offered by a newly elected President with nothing to lose, because he cannot run for the office again.  But it will mean very little in terms of actually advancing the policy agenda of the Gay community if Mitt Romney wins the election and the Republicans keep the house and take the Senate too.

Those who speak confidently that the President’s declaration of support is a wise political decision, and that it won’t hurt his reelection chances, may be building their castles on sand.  This is a very emotional issue for millions of Americans – especially the deeply religious who, in the nature of things, can be swayed by irrational appeals.

The numbers that reflect where the electorate stands on this question are ambiguous.  While the polls show public opinion evenly divided, when put to an actual vote Marriage Equality measures have lost in all 32 attempts.  Hence I am not as confident as those who urged the president to come out of the closet now.   Just a few days ago the Amendment to North Carolina’s constitution, banning both Marriage Equality and Civil Unions between homosexual citizens, passed by 61%-39% a 20% margin.  Afro-Americans voted in favor of the bill 2-1!

This is President Obama’s key constituency, and when the Catholic Bishops weighs in on the issue it could hurt him in Hispanic communities; another key constituency.  And when they are joined by legions of racists and clueless airheads, anything can happen!

Yet the revelation that Mitt Romney – who has just restated his opposition to marriage equality – was a teenage bully who harassed and physically assaulted gay classmates in his exclusive prep school, which is coming out in the news as I write, should leave no doubt in the minds of voters that this flawed amoral charlatan, whose ethical allegiance is dictated by expedience, doesn’t have the right stuff to lead this nation.  He is a rich, arrogant, cynical bigot: A throughly odious fraud!

Whatever happens, we will have won a moral victory by the president speaking out for Marriage equality.  Some will find satisfaction in this no matter what the outcome of the election…but I tend to agree with the African political philosopher Kwame Nkrumah: “Seek ye first the political kingdom / and all else shall be added there unto.”

The Mittster

A Compulsive Liar and Bully


Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

May 10, 2012