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The Fall Of Turd Blossom

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Karl Rove Busted!

 Bush’s Brain is Dead!

After engineering the election of George Bush, a Texas Republican dunderhead with little knowledge about the world, to the presidency of the United States over the far more capable Al Gore, political strategist Karl Rove was acclaimed a political genius and dubbed “Bush’s Brain.”  Although Bush’s pet name for his puppetmesiter is “Turd blossom.”

And when he did it again, after Bush had presided over the 9/11 attack – the worse national security failure in American history, and then attacked the wrong country – Rove took on the aura of a political oracle whose political advice was infallible, and Republicans regarded his pronouncements with the reverence with which the Catholic faithful receive the encyclicals of the Pope.  That’s why they are all shell shocked after President Obama’s crushing defeat of Mitt The Twit.

Turd Blossom’s  dramatic fall from the pedestal on which he had pompously perched began when he was commenting on the election returns on FOX News – that flagship of that incubator of Republican fantasies David Frum, a former Bush speech writer and genuine intellectual, calls “The Republican entertainment complex.” After FOX’s own numbers men called Ohio for President Obama, which gave him the election, Rove had a conniption and went into fumbling fit of denial.

Reflecting the tension between those who consider themselves “journalist” and the Republican propagandists who provide the commentary, the anchor woman, Megyn Kelly,  got up and walked back the room where the election results were being tallied and asked them to respond to Rove’s concerns.  They were steadfast in their conclusions.

This prompted her to ask Rove live on television if his calculations were real or  “just math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better.”  It was the most embarrassing moment I have ever witnessed of a major commentator on television in real time.  One can see why Rove went into shock and denial because he had just blown 300 million dollars on the election through his two super PACS American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS. 

Not only did Romney lose with two million fewer votes than John McCain garnered, but all but one of the Senate candidates supported by Rove also lost!  The Democrats retained the White House, added to their majority in the Senate and increased their numbers in the House. This colossal Republican defeat has reduced Rove to a figure of ridicule and contempt in and out of the Grand Obstructionist Party.

The venerable rightwing war horse Richard Viguerie predicted that Turd blossom “would never be hired to run or consult on a national campaign again.”  And the racist Blow hard Republican Buffon Donald Trump tweeted “congrats to Karl rove on blowing 400 million this cycle.  Every race Crossroads GPS ran ads in the Republicans lost.  What a waste of money.”

The Donald Was Really Pissed!
Yet his insane Racist Antics Help Bring the GOP Down!

Joe Scarboro lamented that the reason the Republicans were so shocked by their defeat was because the Republican media commentariat “lied to us!”  Indeed, the analysis of the various pre-election polls released today by Nate Silver – the numbers crunching wizard at the New York Times who called it all right – shows that the most inaccurate predictions came from two of the most prestigious albeit Republican leaning pollsters: Rasmussen and Gallup, who were off by 4 and 5 points respectively

The attacks cited above are but a sampling of the invective his fellow Republicans are heaping on the head of Turd. And other Republican prognosticators who had predicted a Romney victory – Newt Gingrich, Dirty Dick Morris, Michael Steele, et al – are publicly confessing the error of their ways.

However the most brutal public flagellations are coming from the television comedians.  There are certainly too man to cover here, but the Saturday Night Live Skit deserves honorable mention, but  Dave Letterman bit took first prize with me.  Assuming the dramatis personae of a Koch brother speaking to Rove, he says “Hey Tubby, how much will it take to but this election” as he shells out money.

Dave cautions us not to be surprised if we hear that the Koch brothers  jumped Rove and kicked his ass! The bloodletting in the Grand Obstructionist Party has just begun.  I shall watch from my front row seat with the jaded blood lust of spectators in the Roman Coliseum where Gladiators fought to the death, and everybody will get a thumb’s down!   I pray that Turd Blossom die the death of a pole cat and stink his way to hell!!!!!


Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

November 12, 2012

Are we Losing our Democracy to a Plutocracy?

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     Mitt’s in the middle with dollars hanging from his coat

 Notes From the Class War

All one need do is look at the line-up of corporate titans who are backing Mitt Romney, then consider how the Supreme Court decision in the United Citizen case has overturned election finance laws and opened the door for unlimited corporate spending in support of candidates they favor, to recognize that our American democracy as envisioned by the Founding Fathers is on life support.  Thomas Jefferson, the most prescient of the Founding Fathers, correctly recognized the critical importance of an informed electorate to the proper functioning of our Democratic system.

The whole idea of popular democracy and Republican government – as opposed to Monarchies or oligarchies where power is based on blood lines or wealth and military power – is that all power is in the hands of the people through the exercise of the ballot.

Hence with the military firmly under civilian control, an informed citizenry armed with the ballot, an independent judiciary refereeing the competing claims of the executive and legislative branches of government, and a free press standing watch over them all reporting to the citizens; the architects of America’s Constitution thought they had created a system that would prevent the development of tyrannical elites in the military or civilian sectors of the nation.

However thoughtful people have always recognized that tyranny is a danger that must be constantly opposed; that each generation must be vigilant in defense of democracy.  And many American leaders, including Republican and Democratic Presidents, have recognized massive concentrations of wealth in the upper classes as a danger to democracy.

The only way to prevent the tyranny of a super-rich minority is through government regulation of their activities: the government is tasked with protecting the public interests and the capitalist class is committed to increasing the wealth of its investors – which is often not in the public interests.

Hence the capitalist class hates regulation, as well as powerful unions that force them to bargain with their workers collectively, or face strikes that could cripple their business activities and reduce their profits.  They also abhor paying taxes.  Thus they are committed to electing politicians that are beholden to private i.e. corporate interests rather than the public interests; a parliament of whores that can be trusted to do their bidding.  In the coming election we have two presidential candidates that present a stark contrast between representatives of public and private interests.

While over 50% of President Obama’s contributors donate $2000 or less, Mitt Romney is being bankrolled by people like the Koch Brothers, and the CEO’s of corporate giants like Target, K-Mart, Intel, General Electric, Dell computers, CVS Pharmacy, Home Depot, Countrywide Financial, Occidental Petroleum, and may other giant corporations along with numerous sports franchises.

Since in the United States mass media has the power to determine political outcomes that were only enjoyed by all powerful militaries in earlier periods of history; the candidate who has the power of mass media at his command will have the best chance to win – and that’s a matter of money!

Given the epidemic of ignorance and apathy that infects of millions of Americans – which was prominently on display in the “Miss USA” pagent where four contestants couldn’t name the vice President of the country –  people whose heads are empty media markets that can be filled with smartly crafted lies electronically beamed into them; there is a clear danger of Karl Rove aka “Turd Blossom,” the evil spinmiester that gave us George II and Dirty Dick Cheney, might just succeed in buying this election for Mitt.

                                                           Turd Blossom

Running Dog of the Plutocrats

If Karl Rove, does succeed in his grand plan to buy this election it will mark the end of democracy – the rule of the people – and the triumph of plutocracy: a tyranny of economic royalist.  The “One Percent” will have triumphed; while Occupy Wall Street fiddles – unable to even identify the enemy let alone mount an effective strategy to defeat them.  These people are the richest economic elite in history, yet they oppose the minimum wage, public education, and are pledged to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act.  Make no mistake: These are cold blooded killers of the American dream!


Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

June 4, 2012