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Barack’s Secret Weapon!

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Michelle brings a Message of Faith, hope and Charity

 The Democrats Show True Diversity

IfAnn Romney is Mitt’s Secret Weapon, Michelle is Barack’s most powerful comrade in arms.  And if placed in head to head combat Miss Ann would be like a lone knight with bad eyesight, armed with a dull sword, riding a lame horse attacking a motorized regiment equipped with rifled cannon!   This is because Michelle is the real deal, a brilliant daughter of the working class up from the masses; Miss Ann is a privileged plutocrat whose feigned concern for the poor and working class is as fake as her bleached blond hair.

It was altogether fitting that the First Lady should be introduced by a middle class mom who has four children serving in the military. Politically it served two purposes. First it reminded people that our First Lady is a tireless worker on behalf of military families.  I can think of no first Lady who has so committed herself to this vital constituency.

The second message, and by far the most powerful, was what it tells us about who is actually fighting the wars that tough talking Republican chicken hawks start – while pulling every string to get deferments for themselves!  Dirty Dick Cheyney, the ultimate chicken hawk, who never saw a war he couldn’t profiteer off, got five deferments during the Vietnam war.

Tall, teasing brown, beautiful beyond the language of Chaucer, Shakespeare and the King James Bible to describe – even when employed by a seasoned wordsmith like me – Michelle Obama told some indisputable truths. The most important of which is that service to the people is the highest function of citizenship and is a far better qualification for a President than the ability to make money.

It is a tribute to her intelligence and diplomatic acumen that she never said this literally.  She demonstrated it by offering the example of her husband.  And in so doing she gave us a glimpse of her own sterling character, because it is obvious that she had her choice of men, rich or poor, wise man of fool.  There are men all over the world who look at this earth goddess and pine: “Would that the God’s had made me such a woman!”

Following a magnificent lineup of Americans who hail from modest circumstances – Including Lilly Ledbetter and San Antonio Mayor Castro – all of whom gave wonderful speeches, the First Lady’s speech went straight to the heart of the matter before the American people. By reminding the nation that Barack turned down high paying jobs with powerful law firms after he graduated from Harvard Law, in order to work with structurally employed people dealing with the fact that their jobs have disappeared.

Then she summed it up with the comment: “Barack does not measure success by how much money he makes…but how many people he can help!”  This underlined her central message: Service to the least of us, not the accumulation of personal wealth, is the mark of a great leader.  Indeed it is the standard set by Jesus Christ; who’s hallowed name the Republicans never cease to invoke – even as they repudiate his teachings by their deeds!  Shameless idolaters and blasphemers taking the Lord’s name in vain.

Last week the Republicans put up a fake show of diversity that was really a carefully orchestrated televised production designed to deceive the public, an optical illusion. And they were getting away with it so long as the camera’s stayed focused on the stage, where they paraded a multi-cultural, multi-racial, gender diverse succession of speakers.

But once the camera’s panned the audience, we saw the truth of the matter: the delegates were mostly old, white men – the most racist, sexist, culturally backward segment of the electorate.  And the Republican Party Platform reflects it.  The Democrat’s audience reflected the speakers – a true portrait of the gorgeous human mosaic that is the American people.

It was the real deal, no bait and switch or false advertising here, and their platform reflects it.  And there was no better choice to carry that message to the world than our marvelous First Lady – who along with the dynamic Massachusettes Governor Duval Patrick, who gave a real barn burner of a speech that put the Republicans on trial – is  the ultimate representative of the wisdom of investing in the public sector.

Governor Deval Patrick

He put the Republican Party on Trial


 Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

September 5, 2012