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Death of a Salesman!

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                   Herman Cain waves farewell to his supporters


Black Walnut really was Just the Flavor of the Month

When Herman Cain announced his withdrawal from the Republican presidential race it came as no surprise to most sane Americans; the guy was actually dumber than Sarah Palin on political matters!  And the principal contribution of the Alaskan Barbarian to American discourse is to make ignorance fashionable.  A Cain presidency was always an impossible dream even in his own eyes; that’s why he had no contingency plans to deflect or counteract charges that were sure to surface from the train of injured and aggrieved white women he had buried in his skeleton closet. What could this colored dude have been thinking?

I believe that Herman Cain is basically a salesman, and evidently a good one too, who is convinced that he can sell ice cubes to Eskimos.  As such he is imbued with what sociologist call “the eternal optimism of the hustler.” That’s why he continued to seem upbeat to the end.  A close reading of the lyrics to his swan song will reveal that he plans to continue to influence Republican presidential politics from his political grave.  Hence it seems that we have not seen the end of Herm, even though everybody now knows he is a worm.

While wiser heads in the Grand Obstructionist Party would rather “Sugar Cain” just disappear – after all he is an embarrassment to a party which continually scolds the rest of us with pious prattle about moral rectitude – Newt ‘The Poot” Gingrich is already assumed a lips to posterior position in the hope that the Atlanta Lothario will endorse him and urge his acolytes to follow his example…which could be curtains for Mitt, who really thought he was da shit!

Odd Man Out?

 The Mittster

Newt is a straight up ho: ain’t no shame in that peckerwood’s game!  It may very well turn out that, whatever his virtues, and despite the fact that he has been running non-stop for president for eight years, Mitt the Stiff might get steam rolled and obliterated by Newt’s momentum if he gets a ringing endorsement from his fellow Georgia boy.  However there is danger here for Newt; as too close identification with Sugar Cain will surely conjure up  “The Poot’s” own foul history of adultery, betrayal and unlawful carnal knowledge of his female staff.

Once that conversation starts it won’t be long before enterprising reporters and malicious dirty tricksters began pointing to the testimony of a male staffer who swears he saw Newt getting some head from a female staffer parked in her driveway, while her children was walking past the car.

This was at the same time that Newt was calling for the impeachment of Bill Clinton for lying about getting a Lewinsky in the Oval office!  Seems the good ol southern boys can’t keep their peckers in their pants!  It’s all so ludicrous, especially when we consider that Anthony Weiner, a stalwart Democratic warrior for the liberal agenda and powerful ally of the President, was driven from office just for flashing his weenie in cyberspace…and he never even got his weenie wet!

Newt The Poot: A Pompous Fraud

Shameless Sophist and Amoral Whore 

If it were not for the aggrieved women who spoke out about Cain’s voluptuous and sinful carnal life, he might have continued to fly under the radar and maintain his self-righteous pose as a saved Christian.  But once it became clear that that Bro-man was living double…his ebony ass was in a world of trouble!  Especially when it came out that the objects of his lust were alabaster blonds of the type that populate the wet dreams of NAZI’s.

However I continue to marvel at the fact that so many southern whites continued to support “Herm The worm” even after a posse of white women made scandalous charges of sexual harassment against him.  And this was the real deal; not just the verbal abuse Uncle Clarence Thomas was charged with; this joker was grabbing hands full of vanilla nookie without permission and trying to force women to polish his pipe in exchange for a job!  When Sugar Cain was growing up in Georgia, that kind of charge would have gotten him an invitation to a neck tie party which he would not have survived!

The way those Southern peckerwoods rallied around the Sugar Cain, while calling these blond “White Ladies” a bunch of lying whores is almost as amazing to me – a black male who grew up in the apartheid south and was the same age and weight as Emmitt Till, and well remember his gruesome crucifixion for merely whistling at a white woman –  as the election of Barack Obama to the presidency!  If you had asked me about the probability of either event four years ago I would have called it even Steven!

Even though he is an ignorant sleaze ball Cain, who didn’t know squat about politics, could still have gone a long way in this race.  He may be a good businessman capable of running a successful pizza parlor, but he constantly exposed himself as a political ignoramus who is definitely not ready for prime time.

Listening to him in interviews, I heard nothing that convinced me this political ignoramus could be a successful Mayor of Atlanta; hence the assumption that this fuzzy headed fool could be President of the United States is ludicrous on its face.  In fact, Rachel Maddow’s research staff showed that his major slogans including “999” came from cartoons!  But even so, this shameless charlatan took the signature quotation in his farewell speech from the Pokémon movie!

That such an incompetent poseur – who is a bit of a real life cartoon – could ever have been a leading candidate in the presidential campaign of a major American political party is a sad commentary on the shameful ignorance of the American electorate.  And the fact that big time Republican money men like the billionaire Koch brothers supported him shows how debased our political culture has become, as well as how little they care about the public interests.  All rich Republicans  care about is keeping the money they have and making more!

Left to their own devices I am convinced these people would privatize much of the public sector and create a caste society based on economic status that would be as effective as the old caste society based on race that characterizes all but the last 57 years of American history – it was finally dismantled in law, if not in practice,  by the Omnibus 1964 Civil Rights Act.  Herman Cain is a shill for the most avaricious and socially backward segment of the plutocracy.  He even called himself “A Koch brother from another mother!”  One would be hard put to find a more despicable intellectual quisling than this soulless charlatan who is a traitor to both the race and class from which he hails.

There are many reasons why the American electorate should kick such a man to the curb, and stomp him if he falls to be sure he does not rise again.  But I see no credible evidence that race was a major factor in his demise.  In fact, I think Cain’s experience as a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination proves Dr. Basil Wilson’s thesis that class has trumped race in American politics for the first time in our history.

One could have made that argument with the election of Barack Obama, except that the rise of the “Tea Party Patriots” that changed the complexion of Congress and arrested the progress of President Obama’s agenda, was based on blatant racist appeals that were so virulent and shameless they reminded me of the racist white backlash that followed the election of the first black Americans to congress following the Civil War. But since many of the people who were frothing at the mouth in their passionate opposition to Barack ended up supporting Herman Cain, it is reasonable to assume that ideology had as much to do with this as race.

It’s not just that Barack is black – old “Black Walnut” is of a much deeper dye – but he was an ‘uppity” black who was always the smartest guy in the room and he knew it!!!  Plus he doesn’t even have a proper nigger name that we can recognize they agonized.  Southern whites figured if we got to have a nigger in the White House, then by God let’s put one of our boys in there who knows his place and does our bidding.  Let’s git us a real white folks nigger who will tell the world how good we been to him, and if the rest of them lazy trifilin coons  aint got a job or ain’t rich “They should blame themself!”  Herm the Worm was tailor made for the role.

Yet in the end he turned out to embody the worst stereotypes about black men – they are stupid,  oversexed and cannot be trusted around white women.  It is safe to conclude here was a prince who turned out to be a frog; a ding dong daddy who sacrificed his political potential to his passion for vanilla poon.  In the end Sugar Cain proved just another sleazy salesman who thought his pitch could fool all the people all the time, but only a handful of clueless fanatics and his silly wife were willing to buy what he is selling.  This goose is cooked!  The jig is up; that’s why he is getting out the game.

The worm couldn’t Stand the Heat

So he quit the Game!



Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

December 5, 2011

Will The Great White Hope…

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Mitt Romney and Chris Christie: A Republican dream team?

……Choose the Overweight White Dope!

It is a measure of the desperation the Republican establishment is feeling just now that they believe their salvation lies in a Mitt Romney Chris Christie ticket; that these two deeply flawed politicians represent a dream team which can defeat President Obama in the coming elections.  Especially since each passing day reveals new evidence that Mitt, the top of the ticket, is a political chameleon.

He was a job cutting corporate raider in the private sector, a failure as a job creator as Governor; against taxing the financial sector when he was a businessman; yet raised taxes on the financial industry as Governor, was pro-choice in reproductive issues and now oppose it, and he is running away from his greatest political achievement in creating the health care system in Massachusettes.

Since Mitt Romney’s campaign appearances are about as exciting as a game of croquet at an old folk’s home, the establishment Republicans look with great anticipation to Governor Christie entering the race to offset the dynamism of President Obama.  It has become an article of faith that Christie can add pizazz to a Republican ticket headed by Mitt the Stiff, since the governor won’t run himself.

They are anxious to hitch their fortune to this Rising star because they believe he is doing such a terrific job in New Jersey, and he exudes a pugnacious tough guy swagger that appeals to angry white dudes bewildered by their inability to get ahead in this stagnant economy.  However Christie’s performance as governor is viewed very differently by working people in his state; especially my sister Melba and her neighbor Joe the Fireman.  Both of them were public sector workers; Melba is a retired educator who served the parents and students of New Jersey for most of her adult life.

It is bad enough that she must listen to this impassioned charlatan denigrate teachers as if they were public enemies rather than vital public servants, but she is also worried about what Christie might do to further decimate the public schools and other essential public services.  As a highly educated homeowner and former Union organizer, Melba knew better than to vote for Christie; she was not at all impressed by his tough talking swagger.

Not so for her neighbor Joe, a blue collar Irish guy who is a second generation fireman.  He voted for Christie against my sister’s unvarnished advice.  Not long after Christie took office Joe was forced into early retirement.  For guys like Joe, his job is more than a gig: It is a mission.  It is his reason for living.

Now as he putters around the house aimlessly, Joe shares Melba’s view of Christie.  And Melba thinks a Christie presidency would be slightly less disastrous than a new outbreak of the Bubonic Plague!  This is the guy the Republicans are betting can give Mr. Chameleon a winning edge against the President?  Well…good luck with dat.  I’m putting my money on Chilly B!

The Chi Town Kid’s Got Game!

And he keeps his eyes on the prize


Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

October 17, 2011

Mitt is Not Only A Bore…He’s a Fraud!

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Destroying Jobs at Bain Capital


Is Mitt Romney the Answer?

There will be much speculation about what brought on the Texas bumbler Slick Rick’s demise, but I think putting his dumb verbose wife out front with her annoying Texas cracker drawl, explaining how Ricky was not properly prepared for the previous debates but he was really boning up for the next one, and solemnly promised he would do better, was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

From all appearances Ricky has waited too late to seek the aid of tutors, for he has been exposed to the world as an empty vessel; as one observer put it: “Rickey is a Texas cowboy who is all hat and no cattle!”  And like Humpty Dumpty after his great fall: all the Texas cattlemen and all the Texas Oil Men can’t put Ricky’s campaign back together again!

As Rick Perry’s star dramatically falls, threatening to crash and burn, Mitt Romney is on the rise. And when we look at the steady decline of the other contenders, Mitt emerges as the frontrunner by default. Although this does not insure that he will win the race to become the Republican candidate for the Oval Office, as I write he is the leader of the pack.  So the question facing the American electorate is whether Mitt has the answer to the protracted unemployment crisis that is gripping the country like an incurable disease?

Since he is building his campaign on the claim that his executive experience running companies in the private sector taught him how to devise  policies in government that will lead to a boom in job creation, this is a reasonable question to ask.  Mitt has even taken to scornfully dismissing his adversaries in the race as economic know nothings who have never managed a corner store.  The trouble with Mitt’s argument is that, unlike Herman Cain for instance, he has never run a corner store – or any store – either.

According to Eric A. Kriss, who was Mitt’s partner in Bain Capital where the Mittster made his enormous fortune, “Mitt ran a private equity firm, not a cement company.  He was not a business man in the sense of running a company.  He was a great presenter, a great spokesman and a great salesman.”  In fact Mitt was a corporate raider and job destroyer as Bain Capital bought and sold companies as if they were pig skins.  And as governor of Massachusetts his state was 47th of 50 states in Job creation!   Hence, contrary to his campaign claims: The Mittster is a flop as a job creator: He is all blow and no go on the economic front!!!

Furthermore this stiff, plastic, poseur is in the strange position of having to run away from his major achievement in establishing a health care system in Massachusetts when he was governor of the state.  The present Governor, Duval Patrick, says almost all citizens of the state are covered under this plan; it is the best in the nation. Yet here we see the ludicrous spectacle of Mitt running against Texas Governor Rick Perry for the Republican Presidential nomination, but is afraid to claim his achievement against a guy who presides over the state with the worst health  care coverage in the nation!

Mitt is also running away from his record as governor of the Bay State when he collected millions in taxes from his former corporate buddies by closing loopholes they previously enjoyed in order to eradicate budget deficits!   Both of these policies are examples of good government that any politician should be proud of, but because President Obama is pursing similar policies the Mittster is running away from his past achievements like foxes from a forest fire!

That’s why he is widely regarded as a fraud by many in the Republican Party – Dr. Rachel Maddow presented abundant evidence that Mitt is despised by people at all levels of the GOP – and is the object of open derision by the Tea Party types who make up a majority of the Republican base.  These yahoos regard Mitt the Stiff as a 24 karat phony and will tell anybody who asks!

The base is a major determinant in who wins the Republican nomination, and when the widespread perception that the Mittster is a fraud is coupled with the fact that many Evangelical Christians will not vote for a Mormon – their largest denomination, the southern Baptist, have called Mormonism “a cult” and their ministers are openly campaigning against him on religious grounds – there is a good chance that he could be knocked off by one of his two closest rivals.

However the Texas Governor exposes himself as a big numbskull every time he opens his mouth, which increases the possibility that Herman Cain could steal the nomination! Yet it is fairly easy to predict that Cain will be smoked  in the general election against President Obama! That’s why thePlutocrats, Mitt’s cronies, are desperately seeking an alternative.

They know that like a broken clock that’s right twice every day, the untutored mob that comprises the Republican base is right about Mitt.  Not only does he provide no solutions to the crippling problems that have the American working and middle classes in a death grip: he is being increasingly exposed as an unmitigated fraud!!

The Mittster: A Plastic Prick!

A 24 Karat Phony with no solutions!


Playthell Benjamin

Harlem New York

October 10, 2011