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America’s Othello’s Unvarnished Truth!

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Colin Powell II
A young warrior fresh from the front

 Why the Republicans are howling

As I listen to the rising decibel level of Republican yelps after Colin Powell’s comments on Meet The Press last Sunday, I am once again reminded of the profundity of my granddaddy George’s wisdom; the kind of wisdom that comes from sharp observation of the ways of mules and men over many years.  “Boy” he said “If you throw stones in a pack of jackals only the ones who get hit will howl.”

Well, judging from the impassioned response from card carrying Republicans to a few remarks about the state of the Grand Obstructionist Party made by Colin Powell, a Republican icon, lots of people felt smacked down!

The intensity of the Republican response demonstrates the truth of Mr. Powell’s remarks.  And, ironically, he is speaking frankly to his fellow Republicans in an effort to stop them from committing political suicide. Composed of soulless opportunists, clueless ignoramuses, unrepentant racists, obsequious black quislings and mindless right-wing ideologues, the Republican Party is dangerously out of touch with the expanding electorate and courting disaster.

Yet, even so, Republican responses to Mr. Powell’s comments are way over the top.  Everything from his qualifications for the high offices he has held to his loyalty to the Republican Party has now being called into question, and there seems to be no epithet to down and dirty to heap upon him.  He has been called everything but a child of God by his fellow Republicans!

To the objective observer it is obvious that all of this odious behavior is further evidence that the Republican Party is in a deep crisis that threatens to tear it apart.  They are lost in a masquerade and cannot bear to gaze upon their true image unmasked in the mirror Colin is holding before their faces.

The Chariman of Joint Chiefs

Colin powell map

Supreme Commander

There is no one in America with a more impressive record of service to this nation, whether in war or peace.  At one time he was combat officer minted in the ROTC program at the Harlem campus of City College; a general officer who became Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; a National Security Advisor to the President of the United States, and Secretary of State; Colin Powell has held top offices in the military and civilian sectors.  And he did it all as a Republican.

At the height of his prominence opinion polls showed that General Powell was the most trusted and respected man in public life.  And it is fairly obvious after the experience of Barack Obama that he could have been President had he run for the office.  I think he would have beaten George W. Bush for the Republican nomination and easily defeated Al Gore for the presidency.   And like Bush, Powell also holds an MBA.

There is much speculation as to why he never ran for the presidency, since he was so obviously qualified for the job and wildly popular with Americans of all colors and ethnicities.. The most convincing explanation I’ve heard is that Colin never ran for the nation’s highest office because Alma Powell, his wife of many years, was adamantly opposed to it.  Alma had suffered through his tours of duty on the front lines in Vietnam early in their marriage.

Although he came through that hazardous experience unscathed, she was convinced that some racist white American nut would surely assassinate her husband before allowing him to take up residence in the Oval Office.  And given the vicious character assassination directed at the former General by rightwing nuts as I write, she had a point.

Alma was not willing to suffer through that; she felt Colin had given enough of his life in service to this country and they deserved a break.  She did not wish to spend the balance of her days as the widow of a martyr.  Alas Alma was not alone in her fears that a run for the Oval Office by Colin would result in tragedy.

A group of prominent black Americans led by Hollywood entertainment mogul Quincy Jones and multi-millionaire businessman Bruce Llewellyn, Colin’s cousin, met with Powell and begged him not to run because they believed the racist rightwing propaganda machine would attempt to besmirch his character and muddy his legacy.

The members of this delegation felt that Powell was too important as a role model to black youth and a symbol of Afro-American possibility to risk it all in a presidential race that they evidently believed that he could not win.  It was a generational thing.  For instance, when Michele Obama was asked about the possibility of Barack being assassinated after he decided to run for the presidency she said: “Barack is a black man living in Chicago; he can get shot just going to the gas station.”

I thought Colin Powell should have run and I believed he would have won. He was a strong supporter of Affirmative Action; was hesitant to deploy American military forces; supported the New Deal safety net; respected the rights of organized labor and felt there is an important role for government in developing the nation’s economy just like General Dwight Eisenhower.

And most importantly, he was a pragmatist rather than an ideologue, and could have worked with politicians across party lines in order to get things done.  All of which are opposed by his fellow Republicans.  Hence he has long been a square peg in a round hole, a misfit in the Grand Obstructionist Party.

For years I believed that Powell was in some sort of bizarre denial.  Although many progressive black people were Republicans when he was a boy – given that the southern branch of the Democratic party called “Dixiecrats” was the bailiwick of the most racist reactionary rednecks in the nation, the avowed enemies of black progress who supported a legal racial caste system that served as the model for the Nazi Nuremburg laws directed against German Jews –  by the 1980’s when Colin became a power in Republican politics the GOP had become the home of those same southern racist!

The reason iconic southern segregationists, who had built their reputations on the oppression of Afro-Americans, switched party’s was because the Democrats had become the party that passed the great Civil Rights bills that destroyed the de jure racial caste system in the US – American apartheid aka “The southern way of life.”

Hence the question might reasonably be asked: What did Powell expect?  He was a black member of a party that had adopted a “Southern Strategy” designed to appeal to the racial resentments of white southerners over the victories of the Civil Rights movement.  This strategy prompted white southern politicians cum hardcore racist reactionaries like Strom Thurmond, Jessie Helms, Trent Lott, et al to switch political parties..  How is it possible that Powell did not understand this?

The sad truth is that Colin became the protégée of certain members of the national security establishment, who recognized his talents and placed it above his color, and Mr. Powell entered into a Faustian Bargain with the Republican establishment.  Furthermore, the consciousness of himself as a black man probably didn’t really dawn on him until he was at City College.

This is because in the Jamaican society that shaped his parents Colin was considered a “brown” rather than a “black” man.  And while this distinction meant nothing in the US because the only distinction that really mattered was whether you were white on “Negro” – a socially constructed rainbow “race” whose complexions ran from “Light bright damned near white” to ebony black – in the triple color caste system of Jamaica  the distinction between “black” and “brown” could determine your life chances.

But the Party has changed since Powell’s glory days; first with the rise of neo-cons and now the Tea Party, and now there’s the Devil to pay.  Unwilling to sit silently by like that South Carolina Sambo Timmy Scott, or co-sign the dangerous far right mumbo jumbo of nuts like disgraced Army Colonel and recently defeated Republican congressman Alan West, Powell spoke out about some inconvenient truths that has made him a pariah in his own party.

Everything Colin Powell said is beyond question.  After giving a ringing endorsement to Chuck Hagel’s appointment as Secretary of Defense, a position which is anathema to the right-wing ideologues in the GOP, Powell charged the Republicans with blatant race baiting by major party leaders like ex-governors Sarah Palin and John Sunnu.  And he presented compelling evidence to support his charge.  He said an element of the party just didn’t like minorities.

Powell accused the party of trying to suppress the votes of minorities.  He said the Party was having an “identity problem” he observed that “the country has changed” and if the party does not change with the demographics “they are in trouble.”  That’s putting it mildly, which is characteristic of the precise measured way he speaks about important issues.

It would have been no exaggeration to say that the Republicans are on the path to permanent minority status that will never win another national election unless they change with the times and accommodate themselves to the new political realities.

When Colin Powell was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of the military I always thought of him as a kind of American Othello.  Like Shakespeare’s great black General Othello the Moor, General Powell was the supreme military commander in a nation dominated by white people.  His civilian superiors were all white as was his military subordinates.   Placing him in the same racially charged environment that Shakespeare placed his character in….the result was a tragedy.

General Powell had heard racist things said about him to his face, and he was the subject of intrigues and resentments from white villains and fools driven by envy, avarice and blind ambition – morally deformed cretins who wished him harm and anxiously awaited his fall from grace as they actively plotted to bring it about.

Forsooth, Colin Powel’s Grand Obstructionist Party, in whose interests he yet labors, is full of such treacherous characters: and they wish him ill even as they conspire against our President…to whom he has pledged fealty.

Perchance he shall escape the foul fate mad dogs like Dirty Dick Cheney and McDaddy McCain wish for him.  But brother man had better watch his back.  Maybe his ritual crucifixion – those of coarser sensibilities are calling it a lynching – is the price he must now pay for making a deal with the devil, bartering his racial soul for power and glory.Perhaps he now wonders if they were fools gold.

The answer to this riddle begs a wiser mind than I possess – hence I’m not saying this is the general’s dilemma…but it could be.  After all, like his literary ancestor Othello, all he did was tell the round unvarnished truth.

 The Lion in Winter


Old Soldiers Never Die!

( Double Click to see Powell’s TV Interview)


Playthell G, Benjamin

Harlem, New York

Janurary 15, 2013

Playing the Race Card!

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Crazy Johnny!  A recently minted white man spouting racist drivel

 On Race, Romney and the Republican Party

       While MittRomney’s chief surrogate Crazy John Sununu – an effete clueless old fart with an attitude – fires racist innuendos aimed at President Obama, as the election draws near, the Republicans reveal their true character as the party of angry white racist and greedy Wall Street Bankers.

This is a bizarre political formation; a party that defends the interests of the plutocrats while it’s mass base is composed of poor whites.  It is the Party of Abraham Lincoln, and was roundly hated by whites but loved by black people, when I was a boy growing up in Florida.

Afro-Americans loved the “Grand Old Party” for the simple reason that they opposed the Dixiecrats – the southern branch of the Democratic Party that was populated by unapologetic white racist who favored maintaining a legal racial caste system based on white supremacy.  But in the half century since I quit Florida, the Democrats have become the hated Party of the white majority while the Republicans are flourishing.

This radical transformation of political allegiance was sparked by the critical role Democrats played in passing Civil Rights legislation that destroyed the evil but legal caste system.  President Lyndon Johnson, who signed the Civil rights legislation into law, told his Press Secretary Bill Moyers after signing the 1965 Voting Rights Act that radically changed the political landscape of the south, the Democrats would lose the region to the Republicans for a generation.  He was right, but it has lasted longer than a generation.

Although the old de-jure racial caste system has been destroyed, and millions of whites would give a year off their lives to be able to hang out with Jay Z and Beyonce or Lebron James, and millions more would jump at the chance to spend an evening with the elegant and brilliant Black First Family in the White House, alas deep-seated racist feelings and resentment over black success linger among poor, working class, and especially elderly whites all over America.

These people long for a world has all but disappeared.  And they view the election of Barack Obama to the presidency as irrefutable evidence that the world they grew up in is gone with the wind.  That’s why we hear their pathetic and irrational cry about “taking our country back.” The rabid racists who cannot reconcile themselves to this unprecedented development in American politics that put a member of America’s traditionally untouchable caste in the Oval Office, a great leap forward, may number over half the white population.

Since the princes and powers of the Grand Obstructionist Party know they must attract a good percentage of this untutored mob in order to win national elections, they have been increasing hostile, disrespectful and openly racist toward the President, shamelessly employing age old racial stereotypes that are deeply embedded in the collective consciousness of white Americans.

Within the last two days John Sununu, whose status as a white man would have been an iffy proposition in Florida back in the day, has basically called the president a lazy coon who is too stupid to carry out the duties of the Presidency.  Rush Limbaugh – the philosopher king of the ignorant, racist, powerless white mob that comprise the Republican base – said yesterday that the President is unqualified because he has never had to earn anything in his life – unlike like Mitt and George Bush for instance.

And former speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich, a decadent old redneck cracker sophist posing as a political sage, said Barack is not a real President because he doesn’t do what a president is supposed to do.

This is the electoral strategy of the Grand Obstructionists Party, endorsed by the Mormon Bishop who leads them, at the dawning of the 21st century.  They have revived the strategy of playing to white racial resentments originally called the “Southern Strategy” that made the Republicans the favored party of the South and put both Nixon and Reagan in the White House.

In 1900 Dr. WEB DuBois predicted the color line would be the central problem of the 20th century and his prediction proved prophetic.  More than a hundred years later that line has been largely erased and become somewhat invisible; yet color prejudice remains a problem in the USA, and the Grand Obstructionist Party is making the most of it.


Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

September 5, 2012

Gop Reveals True Identity in Carolina

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                        Newt Inciting Scared Sad Sack Southern Whites

 Playing to white Fears and Resentments

In their efforts to win the votes of white Carolinians the Republicans are revealing their true identities: soulless opportunists who are willing to play to the worst instincts of their base in order to win votes.  In South Carolina this means shamelessly playing the race card, stoking the fears and hatreds of white Republicans regarding Afro-Americans and Hispanic immigrants.

Historically South Carolina has been one of the worst states in terms of race relations.  The harshness of the system of white supremacy in this state goes back to colonial times when the African population substantially outnumbered the whites.  At one point in the 18th century the ration was three to one.

This required severe measures to keep the black population under control, which was codified in the law.   The society that emerged in South Carolina was so dependent upon oppressed and exploited black labor, first as slaves then as peons that South Carolina started the Civil War in order to maintain their slave system.

However black enslavement was not just an economic system, as professor Eugene Genovese has shown in “The Political Economy of Slavery,” it was the basis of antebellum southern society.  That’s why the patterns of race relations formed through two and a half centuries persisted for a century after slavery under the system of Segregation, which included denial of Civil Rights and widespread tenant farming or crop lien systems.

This amounted to a de jure racial caste system, enforced by legal and extra-legal police state tactics and systematic terror perpetrated by home grown terrorist organizations like the Ku Klux Klan; whose members often included officers from the local police department.  This was the South Carolina where I often visited relatives during summers as a boy.

It was solidly Democratic and it’s most famous politicians Ben Tillman and Strom Thurman – redneck crackers to the bone – were fire eating racists.  In 1948 Strom Thurman led a “Dixiecrat” revolt in the Democratic Party, when they added a civil rights plank in the party platform at the insistence of Minnesota delegate Hubert H. Humphrey.  However this very same South Carolina Redneck died a stauch member of the Republican Party!

When Lyndon Johnson pushed the Civil Rights Act through Congress and signed it into law in 1964, and then signed the Voting Rights Act into law the next year, the white south abandoned the Democrats en mass with the success of Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” that systematically exploited white fears and resentments at the dramatic successes of the Civil Rights Movement.

The Republicans used this white angst to cultivate hatred and distrust for the Federal government, which they exploit in their efforts to scrap government regulation of business and lower taxes; measures which are favored by the plutocrats in the Republican establishment. Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows!

This explains why dumb rednecks, “po as snakes without a pit to hiss in,” as my grandfather used to say, have struck a Faustian bargain with the Plutocrats and are supporting a brazen “One Percenter” like Mitt Romney, and a rotund compulsive liar, shameless hypocrite and serial philandered like Newt Gingrich; who has grown fat off the government teat while denouncing the President for extending food stamps to the impoverished masses.  People whose desperate economic condition was created by Republican economic policies that Newt supported!

With Perry dropping out, Ron Paul lost in space, and events moving so fast Sick Rick Santorum has to run just to say where he’s at;  it looks like the choice has boiled down to these two souless, morrally deformed, contepmtible montebanks.  These power hungry amoral scoundrels are prepared to play to the worst fears of this confused and racist crowd in order to win their vote.  But they could be digging their own graves with their reckless verbal arson, which respects neither truth nor civility, and Barack will bury them in the general election….unless Boobus Americanus proves even dumber than I think!

The Front Runners


Face of a serial Killer!



Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

Janurary 21, 2012

Is Ron Paul a Racist Texas Cracker?

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                    The Quack Who Would Be King

 Is Libertarianism a Cloak for Racism?

The revelation that Congressman Ron Paul once published News Letters filled with racist invective – even counseling whites how to murder black youths and get away with it – is sending shock waves of surprise and disgust across the nation.  And the reckless anti-Semitism of some of the diatribes he published seals his fate as a failed presidential aspirant. Like everybody else it caught me by surprise, yet I was not as shocked as many.

I have always suspected that some of the views expressed by Libertarians under the guise of limiting government were racist.  One of the main reasons for my ambivalence was that there were blacks who subscribed to libertarian views…most notably “The Sage of South Central,” who is a lawyer and built a career in major media based on these views.

Larry Elder: “The Sage of South Central?”

Leader of the Right-Wing Coon Platoon

All the talk from people like Ron Paul about the Supreme Court having wrongly decided the Brown v Board of Education case, and his insistence that the 1964 Omnibus Civil Rights Bill is unconstitutional, roused my suspicion.  It was easy for people to dismiss the racist implications of these comments because the eccentric Texas Congressman spouts a lot of mindless anti-government prattle. His obsession with the Federal Reserve System and his pledge to dismantle government regulatory agencies, like the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, are so crazy it is easy to just dismiss him as a quack rather than a racist.

However as one who grew up under American apartheid – segregation was the term of art – I am naturally suspicious of anybody who presents arguments against the governmental actions employed to end it.  Although Ron Paul denies that he is a racist, or that his views are influenced by an allegiance to racist ideology, if his views had been adopted by the Congress and Supreme Court the consequences for black Americans would have been such that in reality it wouldn’t matter if he is a racist or not; alas the apartheid system of white privilege and black oppression would have remained intact.  Thus whether or not he was acting out of racist motives would be a distinction without a difference in real life.

Coming from anyone the idea that the centuries old system of white supremacy would have simply disappeared on its own due to “market forces” would be folly; but for someone like Ron Paul, who grew up under that system, it is a sign of a deluded if not deranged personality.  In other words, I suspected that Paul was either a fool, madman, or a lying racist charlatan.  I have come to believe that he is a bit of all these things.

His ideas about the role of government are those of a madman, a deluded iconoclast on a mission, especially his proposal to dismantle the Energy Department which controls our nuclear arsenal and regulates civilian atomic energy companies.  He has also pledged to scrap the EPA which protects us from industrial pollution of our air and water among myriad other vital functions.

And evidence has now surfaced leaves no doubt that the old quack is also a virulent racist!  Alas he is leading the Republican pack in the first  primary race in Iowa.  It will be interesting to see how Ron Paul’s young acolytes will respond to the revelations that, although they have been a subject of controversy in the Texas media since 1994, Ron Paul used to publish scurrilous racist propaganda.

How many of these Activist are bewitched by Paul

Learning through struggle 

This is no picayune matter.  The question that continues to agitate me is: How did the major media sleep on this for so long?  Consider some of the sentiments published in Ron Paul’s newsletters, which were published under various brands:  Ron Paul’s Political Report, Ron Paul’s Freedom Report and the Ron Paul Survival Report. After studying Paul’s News Letters the London Guardian, one of the great newspapers of the world, reported that they “compared African Americans to zoo animals, warned of a coming race war, and generally promoted racist, anti-Semitic, and fringe militia views.”

However when Paul was questioned about the contents of his publications by veteran CNN reporter Gloria Borgia recently he got huffy and said “”Why don’t you go back and look at what I said yesterday on CNN and what I’ve said for 20 something years. 22 years ago?” He told Gloria Borger in reference to the racist diatribes: “I didn’t write them, I disavow them. That’s it.”

When Ms. Borgia persisted in asking questions as to how he could not have known that these articles were being published in his newsletters, especially since he had made a million dollars off them in 1993, Paul insisted that these racist tirades were written by other writers whose identities he can’t recall. Then the Texas Congressman really got pissed off, lost his famous cool, and stormed off the set during the interview!

However, like many fallen political stars, Paul’s contemptuous behavior towards the mainstream press has only served to attract other nosey reporters who are poking around trying to see what else he is attempting to hide.  And they have unearthed a real can of worms.  For instance, USA Today’s Jackie Kucinich, recently dug up Paul’s response to questions about the racist tirades in his newsletters in an interview with the Dallas Morning News in 1996.

Kucinich points out that occasion the devious doctor admitted that he knew of the racist tirades and even offered an explanation.  But he jumped out of the frying pan into the fire when he argued that the following statement was based on objective research that came from research compiled elsewhere.  “Given the inefficiencies of what DC laughingly calls the criminal justice system,” the newsletter argued,  “I think we can safely assume that 95% of the black males in that City are semi-criminal or entirely criminal.”

What kind of America would it be for black men if this deranged old racist cracker became President?  As one reads the succession of pathologically racist statements that flow from publications bearing his name they take on the character of vicious parody worthy of a black/face minstrel show for Ku Klux Klansmen.

If Paul’s views were put into a movie it would be a 21st century version of “Birth of a Nation,” D. W. Griffiths 1915 racist parody of Reconstruction era politicians and that denigrates of black males in general.  It is a movie that rivals Leni Riefenstahl’s path-breaking Nazi propaganda film “Triumph of the Will,” which won the hearts and minds of Germans for Hitler, in its celebration of the Klan and justification of terrorism and racist murders of black people.  The growth of the Ku Klux Klan increased dramatically as a result of Birth of a Nation; especially after President Woodrow Wilson, who was a former Princeton history Professor, declare the movie to be factually true and called it “history writ in lightening.”

The scene in Birth of a Nation where Afro-American Congressmen are eating chickens and watermelons while Congress was in session presages Paul’s statement that the LA riots, which were a response to the police brutalizing of Rodney King that the entire world watched with horror on television, only ended “When it came time to pick up their welfare checks.”

In another diatribe he accuses Dr. Martin Luther King of “seducing underage boys and girls.” He characterizes the late great Texas Congresswoman Barbara Jordon – one of the most eloquent and brilliant members of Congress, and by far Paul’s superior as a legislator – as “”Barbara Morondon…an archetypical half-educated victimologist.”  This kind of racist invective goes on ad nauseum in Paul’s publications.

The question for black Americans is: If this is what the deranged doctor thinks about our best and brightest, what tha fuck does he think about the rest of us?  Since we can pretty much deduce the answer to that question, in spite of phony apologia from his white supporters and black Tea Party quislings, the question is what kind of white folks does he appeal to?  Who are his constituents?

In a classic apology for Paul’s racist screed  written by Michael Brendan Dougherty, the politics editor at Business Insider, and published in the Atlantic Magazine, we get a look at who Paul’s constituents are.  “As crazy as it sounds,” Dougherty writes, “Ron Paul’s newsletter writers may not have been sincerely racist at all. They actually thought appearing to be racist was a good political strategy in the 1990s. “

Dougherty goes on to explain that this racist appeal was part of a strategy to reach poor uneducated whites they called, “Outreach to Rednecks,” because they were looking for a way to “to insert their libertarian theories into the middle of the nation’s political passions.”  Hence Ron Paul deliberately cultivated racial hatred for political advantage; he is the most despicable kind of racial provocateur.

Now we are told that the ditzy doctor has abandoned his racist strategy, however some of his followers obviously didn’t get the message.  As I write, an avowed Ron Paul acolyte and California Tea Party zealot from Carson City California, Jules Manson, is calling for the murder of President Obama and his “monkey children.”  He even posted the call on Facebook before the company took it down; yet as of this writing he still has the site.  I hope the Secret Service busts his dumb deranged cracker ass!!!

Jules Manson

 The would be assassin, Murder mouthing the President

This incident reminds us that despite the presence of some prominently displayed blacks like Allen West and Herman Cain, many of their white Tea Party compatriots view them as lackeys and lawn jockeys.  When you look at the racist imagery they have created to depict President Obama, who is brighter than these two mugs put together, it is inconceivable that they envision Cain and Alan as other than fools and buffoons.

Congressman Allen West
 A Shameless Quisling and Self Hatin Sambo!

However nowhere is the adage “politics make strange bedfellows” more dramatically demonstrated than in the mix match crew that form Ron Paul’s constituency.  Aside from the racist and weirdoes, there is a growing contingent of idealistic young people, many of them college students.  They are mostly attracted to his anti-Fed mumbo jumbo and his foreign policy declarations.  The strange character of Ron Paul’s acolytes reflects the bizarre nature of his ideas.

Like a broken clock that’s right twice a day, Paul gets it right on some foreign policy questions.  His insistence that the attack on 9/11 was the result of American foreign policy in the Middle-East is undeniably true; as is his insistence that the growing Iran hysteria is based on dangerous lies that could well land us into another major war in the Middle East that will prove even more costly than the wars we are now ending!

It is this honesty, amid a hail of lies, deceptions, evasions and denial of reality that characterize the views of his Republican adversaries, that has won Paul a following among politically naïve, historically illiterate, idealistic young people.  However they are destined for heartbreak because Ron Paul’s pretentions to the Oval Office are doomed to failure.  As well they should.

His ideas about government are dangerous and silly, and his fantasies about race are odious and a menace to the stability of this Republic.  Futhermore he fiendishly taps into some very old Christian prejudices that have led to mass murder when he accuses “the Jews” of bombing the World Trade Center!   I’ll bet that’s where the mindles anti-Semitism spouted by some of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators comes from.   For these reasons, even if   Ron Paul should come up with a good idea, most people will dismiss it out of hand because he has convinced them that he is a pugnacious buffoon spouting madness.  I say good goddam riddance!  The last thing we need is a racist Texas Cracker in the White House.

Who Knew?

 They sent in the clowns!


Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

December 23, 2011