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Is Rush an American Goebbels?

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          Dr. Joseph Goebbels       

Rush and Joey: Birds of a feather?

On Race, Radio and the Politics of Hate

Although many people will be inclined to regard my claim in Tuesday’s commentary that Rush Limbaugh is the lineal descendent of Dr. Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of propaganda for the Nazi Third Reich, as overblown hype, the comparison is not that far out at all.  Of course I am not talking about blood ties, although Limbaugh does sound quite German.

The kinship between Dr. Goebbels and Rush Limbaugh lay in the role they play in society. And the means by which they sow the seeds of hatred against targeted groups through disinformation campaigns based on lies and false propaganda, broadcast over the radio as truth.

Dr. Goebbels’s objective was to create mass hysteria among Germans that would allow him to direct their frustrations, anger and hostilities toward particular groups for political purposes.  And he was clear in his method: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it,” said Reich Minister Goebbels.  This is also an accurate description of Rush Limbaugh’s method.

Limbaugh, like Adolph Hitler, was a neer-do-well who was basically a bust in media until he stumbled across the angry white guy format; where he casts himself in the role of spokesman for the aggrieved working/lower class white male who feels that the great white race is in decline due to the nefarious activities of parasitic minorities and subversive forces like feminist and socialists who are pushing a once great nation toward decadence.

In Germany during the economically depressed 1930’s this was also Dr. Goebbels’ audience. And his targets were the Jews, homosexuals, Gypsies, non- Aryan immigrants, and Communist.  In contemporary America – which is also in a sustained economic crisis – Rush Limbaugh’s targets are black people, Hispanics, Feminists, Communists, homosexuals and non-white immigrants.

They both hate liberals: “We want to replace liberal thinking” said Dr. Goebbels.” And Rush Limbaugh’s attacks on liberals is unceasing…it is raison d’etre for his radio show.  Goebbels’ propaganda was crafted to support the Nazi Party; the party of angry resentful “Nordic” Christians.  Limbaugh’s propaganda is designed to support the Republicans – the Grand Obstructionist Party, who built their majority on white racial resentments.  Both Goebbels and Limbaugh enjoy a wide appeal among evangelical Protestants.  And just like Goebbels, Rush seems to be trying his best to provoke a race war.

I first gained insight into how the radio was used to spark the German holocaust when I was an editorial page columnist at the New York Daily News during the mid-1990’s, and the world renowned travel writer Arthur Frommer resigned from a radio show he was hosting on a WOR  because they had hired Bob Grant as an on-air host.  Bob Grant had just been kicked off the air at WABC – White Apartheid Broadcast Company, the present home of Rush Limbaugh – as the result of pressure from the public about Grant’s use of his radio platform to promote racist propaganda.

Grant was an admitted eugenicist, and he was spewing theories that had led to genocide against European Jews by the German Nazi’s   just a few decades earlier.  While Bob Grant is probably too ignorant to know it, he was mouthing the ideas of another New Yorker with whom he shared a surname; Madison Grant, a New York attorney and president of the Zoological Society.

In 1917 Madison published a Eugenicist Manifesto titled “The Passing of the Great Race,” about which Hitler’s gushed to Grant in a recently discovered letter from Der Fuerer in Grant’s papers “your book is my bible!”  Hitler was so impressed he lifted his entire theory on races spouted in Mein Kempt from Grant’s text.

While Bob Grant may or may not been aware of his legacy, Arthur Frommer was crystal clear on the role that racist propaganda broadcast over the radio played in the German Holocaust. When I interviewed him in his home one evening he explained how as a recent graduate of Yale Law school, he was assigned to a task force that went into Germany right after the Nazi surrender with the mission of determining how a barely literate Austrian corporal could convince the most intellectually advanced nation in the world to revert to barbarism and murder six million of its citizens.

At the end of their investigation Mr. Frommer told me they concluded that the most important factor in selling the German people on a policy of genocide was the way Dr. Goebbels used national radio broadcasts to promote racist anti-Jewish propaganda.

That’s why Auther Fromer, a uniquely principled man about whom I wrote a comentary in the New York Daily News titled “Arthur Frommer: A Hero For Our Times.” walked away from a quarter of a million dollar a year gig rather than appear on the same station with Bob Grant.  “When I listened to the stuff Grant was saying he reminded me of an American version of Goebbels,” Frommer said.  I have actually him on tape saying this.  Well, Rush Limbaugh is a Bob Grant clone on steroids, and although he has learned fron Grant’s mistakes and avoids using open racial epithets…he is far more dangerous!

The Verbal Arsonists at Work

The Rotund Rushbo

Trying his best to provoke a race war in America


 Playthell George Benjamin

Harlem, New York

July 19, 2012

Cuttin the Fool in Public!

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                     Insane in the Brain?


Is Rush Limbaugh’s Jealousy of President Obama driving him Crazy?

While there is no paucity of ready diagnosis for America’s maladies, I continue to believe the most dangerous threat to the health of our society is the epidemic of ignorance sweeping the country. Like Thomas Jefferson I am convinced that the ignorance of the electorate – Boobus Americanus in H.L. Mencken’s coinage– could prove terminal to our participatory democracy. There is no better example of this plague than the slavish attention lavished on Rush Limbaugh, the self-appointed and widely celebrated Philosopher Kingof the untutored, racist, white mob, and Grand Pubah of the Republican Party.

By some estimates 30 million Americans tune in to hear Rush unravel the bewildering complexities of the world; his omnipotence is such that they actually call themselves “Ditto Heads.”  This means the rubber stamp everything Rush says.  There’s no shame in their game.   Whatever Rotund Rush says, like the Pope, takes on the gravitas of dogma.

The Problem is that Rush Limbaugh is a verbose airhead who can barely distinguish his rectum from a hole in the ground; a gluttonous bloated buffoon with the instincts of a con man and the ethics of mass murderer.   His audience is composed of the same type of people who formed the foundation of the NAZI movement, Evangelical white Christian Nationalists.

He thrives among an audience composed of angry, disillusioned, white folks who average 67 years of age and feel the world has turned upside down. In the jumble that followed the collapse of the de jure – i.e. legal racial caste system they have lost their divinely appointed place in the American pigmentocracy that ordained white over black all the time forevermore. A black man in the White House means their worst nightmare has come true.

Rush is a verbal arsonist feeding the flames of their rage; a phony coporate shill inciting to act against their best interests and vote for Republican plutocrats – like Mitt Romney – who despise them. The fact that President Obama is their best friend in terms of his policy choices and humane vision is of no consequence.  They are victims of their racial myths.   And after listening to Rush Limbaugh’s racist diatribes they are quite prepared to cut off their noses to spite their faces.

In terms of his style and intentions Rush is the lineal descendent of Dr. Joseph Goebbles, the Minister of Propaganda of the Third Reich – a point I shall have much more to say about in a future commentary.  For the moment I’ll suffice it to say that, like Dr. Goebbles, Rush Limbaugh daily spouts dangerous nonsense that the racist untutored mob routinely confuses with wisdom and truth.   Sometimes he incites violence with his reckless inflammatory rhetoric.  Since I have written about this elsewhere I shan’t belabor it here. (Search Rush Limbaugh on this blog?

To listen at Rush Limbaugh’s recent rabid rant about how Barack Obama’s Ivy League education created contempt for traditional American values, one would never suspect that Mitt Romney, both President Bushes, and all of the right wing members of the Supreme Court that Rush adores, also graduated from Ivy League schools. And that Mitt has more Harvard degrees than Barack.

But considering that Rush flunked out of Northeast Missouri State, and according to his mother he flunked everything, we can assume that the Rotund Rushbo has no clue what goes on at an Ivy League University, nor what it requires to gain admission let alone graduate from one.  Rush Limbaugh is a poorly educated, unread, uncouth, hysteric.  Based on what he has said about his act in interviews, Rush also strikes me as a complete phoney who is in it for the fame and fortune.

Alas, despite his on-air bravado, in deep in his heart and mind Rush knows he’s still the big fat wallflower he was in high-school; an overpaid clown who is little more than an entertaining side show like “Frances the Talking Mule.” The truth is that this colored guy with the funny name; beautiful brilliant wife; spot on kids; who is also the most powerful man in the world, is everything Rush would love to be: right down to his svelte athletic physique, handsome visage and smooth pecan tan complexion. This combination of penis envy, and feelings of intellectual inferiority is driving him nuts, especially since he looks like Porky Pig on crack having a bad day.

That’s why Rush is losing his mind in public as millions watch.  When these profound feelings of personal inadequacy combine with drug abuse and delusions of grandeur, we’ve got a combustible human powder keg spouting madness on the public airways.   The fact that ABC keeps a man on the air who is clearly psychotic and seems to be trying his best to incite some lunatic to  assassinate the President of the United States, or do harm to his family, which would lead to widespread disorder and possibly a race war, is evidence that Karl Marx was right on the money regarding corporate ethics.

“A true capitalist will sell the hangman the rope to hang him with if he believes he can make a profit!” Marx predicted.  Hence the executives at ABC, obsessed with expanding the bottom line, are willing to allow a volatile, racist, morally deformed, cretin to come on the air ranting and raving and disturbing the peace; providing him a powerful platform to denigrate the highest office in our land, just because they can make money.

Alas, Rush Limbaugh may be cutting the fool in public, but WABC – the White Apartheid Broadcast Company – is guilty of something far worse: Gambling the fate of our nation and collective soul for fool’s gold.  That choice may make them a hefty profit….but it won’t get them into the kingdom of heaven!

Porky Pig On Crack?

A pompous, Pie Face, Pootbutt!

Chilly B Knowledge

The Most Powerful Mamn in the World

He’s Heads and Shoulders above the Competition!

Barack is everything Rush Limbaugh would love to be!!!!!!


Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
July 17, 2012

My How The Mighty Are Falling!

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                      The Rotund Rushbo: Racist, Sexist, Verbal Arsonists

 An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh

Yo Rush!

Now you have finally done it; you done really screwed up Dog!  It was bound to happen, because for all your verbosity you are basically a fool; an overpaid clown whom the Republicans use to attract the angry untutored white mob!  You are the bait to stir a feeding frenzy among little fish who are finding it harder to survive once the sharks have eaten.

What you don’t understand is that all the while they were exploiting your gift for bamboozling the hoi peloi, the Republican elite thought you a buffoon, a talented chimp, white trash with a gift for rousing the rabble.  Do you really believe that George Will, Charles Krauthammer, the late William F. Buckley Jr., Mitt the Stiff, or the Wall Street crowd look forward to spending a social evening with you Rush?  These people look upon you like toilet paper; useful, even indispensable in its place, but no one wants to keep it around after it’s been used!

Fortunately, your sponsors in the business of peddling commodities are amoral hucksters, concerned only about the bottom line because their standard of living depends upon it.  Hence they will kick yo butt to the curb faster than the Cisco Kid could draw his guns if major sponsors continue to desert you.  And the newly energized women’s movement is on the march to insure that more sponsors will stampede away from you.

The fleeing sponsors have more than doubled in two days.  It’s up to 28 now.  You have become toxic Rush.  The people who promote you, paid you grand theft dough, and generally assumed a lips to posterior stance when you are in the house, don’t really love you Rush.  Rumor has it they don’t even like you!

Most go about the job of promoting you like a circus performer who is forced to hold her nose and kiss a pig….because the show must go on.  Some are even ashamed to admit any connection with you in polite company.   You, in turn, are expected to earn your keep by serving up the rabble for Republicans at the polls and bring in the advertising dollars.

For years now you have exhibited an open hostility to the aspirations of women, who have only been seeking the full exercise of their rights as American citizens.  This latest episode is not the worst slander you have directed against women, you routinely refer to their organizations as “Femi-nazis.”

Til now you were able to mask your hostility toward women in general by disguising your misogyny as political rhetoric.   But when you viciously attacked Sandra Fluke, an innocent  law student, calling her a whore and slut because she defended President Obama’s health plan, which pays for contraceptives, you not only pissed women off across the political spectrum, but all the fathers of daughters…like me.

Hence while all of the gutless wonders and political chameleons who are contesting for the Republican presidential nomination have suddenly lost their voices, I would like to offer my unvarnished opinion of your scurrilous attack on Ms. Sandra Fluke, who shares a first name with my senior daughter – a truly pious churchwoman who works with teenage girls and understands the critical importance of contraceptives being readily available to them.

Hence when you called this admirable young lady a slut and a whore, I imagined that she was my daughter and spoke up for her in my mind.  Here is exactly what I said Dog: “Fuck you Rush!  Fat dope fiend motherfucker!!!!!!  Kiss our ass!!!!!   Whores turn tricks on their dates, they take the money and fake the passion.  Which is pretty much what you do on the radio Rush!”

“You make millions faking concern for the problems of poor plebes you don’t really give a shit about!  And since I can’t imagine any woman allowing you into her conjugal bed without being very well paid, I’d like to offer a suggestion.  If you want to see some real whores Rush,: you should look first in the mirror…and then in yo bed!”


Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

March 6, 2012

On The Rising Tide of Violence from the Far Right

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 The Hutaree Milita: A bunch of deluded assholes


 Now is the time to take action!

During my recent foray into the deep southern states by car and bus I heard some disturbing stories from African Americans about an alarming rise in armed white supremacist activity.  Beneath the façade of gentility in race relations – where white folks who traditionally addressed all black men as “boy” and refused to address black women as “Miss’ or “Mrs.”  now routinely respond to questions or comments from black people with “yes sir” or “Yes mam,” lies a seething cauldron of white anger and resentment that threatens to erupt into violence at any moment.

In Florida I was told by working class black folks that they didn’t trust their white co-workers because they were always conspiring to get them into trouble by secretly sabotaging their work or making up lies about their performance on the job.   And there were certain back roads that I was warned about traversing during my hiking sessions on the outskirts of town because they were populated by racist rednecks.  And there were entire counties in Georgia that I was warned away from because of recent Ku Klux Klan activities.

While I was tempted to view such antics as nothing more that a burlesque show acted out by racist clowns in ridiculous costumes, impotent anachronisms of a bygone age, the local Afro-Americans took them very seriously and two of them showed me machine guns they had recently acquired and told me they kept them fully loaded lying on the floor of their cars when they drove through the county on the outskirts of Brunswick Georgia. 

Later on in my journey, I witnessed the arrests of militia members in Michigan on the television set in the Fayetteville North Carolina bus station. Everybody watched the report in astonishment, but one black lady, who appeared to be in her sixties and was old enough to remember the old south before the Civil rights movement, told me that armed white men who belonged to Militias or the Ku Klux Klan was conducting a reign of terror in Hinesville Georgia.  This was rather astonishing stuff considering that Fort Steward, a major Army Base, is located there.  

However the arrest of nine members of the Hutaree militia who were planning attacks on the police and government officials in Michigan highlights the problem with these armed white formations; some of whose members have shown up at president Obama’s speeches brandishing weapons.  If they are in states with lax gun laws they are allowed to own military assault weapons, and their incendiary hate speech is protected by the First Amendment.  Hence they must either commit a violent act, or be about to do so, before law enforcement can act.

Thus these white cretins remain a clear and present danger to an unsuspecting public, as their passions are incited daily by verbal arsonist like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.   It is high time the corporations broadcast them, or their sponsors and stock holders, put a muzzle on these racist fear mongers before more innocent Americans are slaughtered.    And it is long past time for a federal law prohibiting the possession of military weapons by civilians.                                                                                              


Another Open Letter To Rush Limbaugh

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The Philosopher king of the Untutored Mob


Yo Rushbo!

  I was sitting here at my table working on a book when I saw your rotund figure on television exclaiming that the President’s response to the unlawful arrest of Skip Gates – my friend and the most distinguished Academic in America – was “a black militant response!”  You also said that “agents of Barack Obama and Sonia Sotomayor” had attacked the poor white fireman in New Haven” and now white policeman are under attack from the “East Wing of the White House.”  Although I know you are a meglo-maniacal know nothing who will do most anything to boost your ratings and stay in the news, I was still shocked at this rancid incendiary rhetoric.

The more I hear from you the more several things become crystal clear: You are totally without any sense of decency or responsibility; you are not deeply committed to anything beyond gratification of your enormous appetites, which obviously dominate your life; You are embarrassingly ignorant and unread; you will say anything to keep your ratings up; you care nothing for the poor white saps who are so devoid of self esteem or real knowledge about the world that they self-identify as “Ditto Heads.”  Which means that they rubber stamp anything you say. 

You are their philosopher king Rush.  And if there were enough of them, I’d bet my bottom dollar they would put you in charge of the country.  Thank goodness they are a small fraction of the American population, and they are obviously the dumbest.  It is hard to tell if this is tragedy or farce.  After all, Senator Al Franken was right about you: You are a big fat idiot!  Hence in you we find the tragic-comic absurdity of the jabbering jester as philosopher king

Yet every time I attempt to dismiss you as an inconsequential fool, I remember what the great American film maker Frank Capra says about how Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini looked like cartoon characters to military film makers at the onset of World War II.  Tasked with making ant-Axis propaganda films for the US Army, Capra said their work was complicated by the fact that Hitler looked like the great silent movie comic actor Charlie Chaplin, and Benito looked like he was having a fit, with all of his over the top dramatic gestures.  And we know how dangerous these two jokers turned out to be.  The problem was how do you get people to recognize the danger of two guys who looked and behaved like cartoon characters.

So I recognize the fact that because you look like W.C.Fields on dope, and talk like a professional fool, does not mean you aren’t  dangerous. Talk radio is a powerful medium because it comes right into your ear and you can listen while you are doing something else.  So people who drive around all day can listen to you.  Although frankly, anyone who would rather listen to you everyday rather than the musical fare radio offers – from Bach to the blues – probably suffers from some sort of intellectual deficit and is emotionally disturbed. 

These lost benighted souls turn to you for what amounts to therapy or catharsis alas, and you repay them with the equivalent of intellectual junk food, the kind of stuff that’s devoid of spiritual nutrition, ingredients that can enrich their lives and lift them to a higher plane.  Everything you do is designed to bring out the worse in them and cannot possibly lead them to viable solutions to their problems. Another thing we can assume about your audience given the time of day you are on the air: They are not the people who are running this country, and in all probability they don’t hold a job that requires serious attention at all.  Hence they are far from the brightest bulbs in the box.  Not many Ivy League grads there.

In fact Rush, they are the same kinds of people that Hitler and Mussolini appealed to. But the Nazi experience is most instructive in your case, because interestingly enough the Italian fascist movement was not anti-semitic in the beginning. In fact there is evidence that Mussolini thought Hitler was a nut on the Jewish question, after all, as the Jewish Historian Lenni Brenner has shown, there were Jews among the founding members of the Italian fascist movement.  Hence the centrality of racism to the Nazi project makes it resemble the American experience more than the Italian.  And for good reason: Most of the Nazi ideas about race came from here, as David Blaine has shown.

It is well know by serious students of the rise of the Third Reich in Germany that the most important vehicle for transporting the German nation from a leader in science, philosophy and art music to a nation of barbarians capable of murdering six million of their countrymen was the way Dr. Goebbles employed talk radio to incite the untutored mob by convincing them that all of their problems were caused by the Jews. 

The fact is that Germany’s problems at the time were mostly caused by the Armistice conditions set in the Versailles Treaty of 1919, under which the Germans were punished for starting World War I.  Just like the present economic crisis is the result of misbegotten Republican military adventures and economic incompetence.  But to listen to you, and your Republican partners in crime like Patty Buchanan,  one would think the problems of the white working class are caused by black and Hispanic people!

I confess that I am at a lost to understand what your end game is Rush.  Do you want to start a race war in America?  Well in spite of many similarities, this is not Weimar Germany.  For one thing a black man sits in the White house and there is a black man sitting in the Attorney General’s office who controls the federal police forces.  Hence if any of your brown shirt ditto heads attempt a beer hall putch they will be crushed by the strong arm of the state, just as Hitler was.  But unlike in Germany they will get no second act in America Today.  You came along too late Rush; the best you are going to accomplish with your version of Operation Helter Skelter is to incite some poor dumb rednecks to murder ala Charles Mansion.  You appeal to the most backward and unstable elements in white society, the genuine failures who are looking for a scapegoat to explain away the fact that they are white men without wealth or power in a land set up for them to make it.

It’s not surprising that you understand this lunatic fringe of losers, because in your heart you must say: “There but for the grace of God go I.”  For no one knows better than you that without the gift of gab and talent for buffoonery you would be one of their number; your history in broadcasting attest to this possibility.  You were on your way to failure in the broadcast industry when you stumbled upon the angry white guy routine and things turned around.  And I am convinced that it is the desire for money and adulation that motivates you.  And the struggles of the poor dumb peckerwoods that you fleece of their emotional energy and affections matter little to you except as a body count for Arbitron ratings.  That’s how your bread is buttered, and from the look of things we can surmise that you consume a mighty share of it.

I fully understand that given the fact that you are a big fat idiot this conversation is way above your head – after all, your success with the untutored mob is a function of the fact that you are not much smarter than your listeners.  It is a classic case of the blind leading the blind.  Yet I feel compelled to pull your coat to a couple of things, and as with much of what I have said here this too is intended to enlighten a wider audience.   First off, even if skip Gates had shouted at the cops and told them to “get tha fuck outta here” after he showed them his Harvard I.D. and Drivers License they should have got tha fuck out! 

Cops are public servants not our masters.  The reason we have constitutional protections against “unreasonable search and seizure” is to protect American citizens against the arbitrary abuse of police powers exercised by the occupying British Redcoats during colonial times.  In fact all of our constitutional rights were created in response the tyrannical practices of the British crown!   But since you recently confused the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence I don’t expect you to understand any of this.  Still, ignorance of the constitution is no excuse.

 The second point I must make before ending this letter is: President Obama’s response to the Abuse of the police powers of the state in violating the soverign rights of a citizen was measuered and reasonable in the extreme.  A black militant would have said: “This is just another example of how racist peckerwood pigs behave when dealing with black people.  These pussies are being driven mad with penis envy – just like that fat dumb ass motherfucker Rush Limbaugh.  All of them racist crackers can kiss my ass!  As far as I’m concerned They are all a bunch of paleface blue eyed Devils just like the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us.  They are evil by nature so what can we expect.  But Allah is going to bring these evil  cracker mother fuckers to their knees soon, because we are living in the last days and time and Amerikka is going down just like Babylon!  In the mean time I urge my brothers and sister to buy guns just like the whiteys are doing… and if one of those pale ugly no-lip booty-less devils put their hands on you put their ass six feet under!!!”   that’s how black militants talk Rush. 

 In truth Barack Obama’s statement was measured and milquetoast; just like virtually all of the black commentators who are given prominence as spokesman on black issues on the tube.  If I didn’t have first hand knowledge of how black commentators are selected in white controlled media I would be scratching my head and wondering where they find these guys.  But let me be clear Rush, all though you are far too dumb to dig it: none of the people whom you and other right wing white hysterics call the far left of the Democratic party are what you say they are.  I am a life long Democrat – a Yellow Dog Democrat in fact – and I represent the far left of the Democratic party.  And I’m not nearly as nice as the people you continuously slander.  I hope you die the death of a polecat and stink your way to hell!  Now that’s how we roll.



Playthell Benjamin

Fall 2009

Is There No Decency Left at ABC?

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Rush-limbaugh - traitor

 “I agree with the Taliban: Obama doesn’t deserve the Prize!”

Says Rush Limbaugh: dope Fiend and Verbal Arsonists


 Does ABC Value Dollars Over  Patriotism?

 Announcing that he was on the same side as the Taliban a few hours after the world received the good news that President Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize, Rush Limbaugh asked if his listeners were surprised.  Well, if they were they didn’t take comedienne Wanda Sykes seriously; she pulled our coats to that back when she spoke at the White House Correspondents dinner.  With out pulling any punches Wanda called Rush out and accused him of treason, because his hopes for our President – i.e. the elected leader of the American nation – was the same as Al Qaeda’s.  The line received hearty applause from the audience of journalist because they were smart enough to appreciate the gravitas of the dead on critique masquerading as a joke.  Removing any ambiguity about the way she really feels about the radio clown, Wanda also said that she hoped Fatty Limbaugh’s kidneys failed!  A good possibility given the shape he’s in.

Some otherwise thoughtful people who are normally critics of the rotund Rushbo, such as  Keith Olberman, rushed to his defense,  evidently feeling the need to defend the fat fart who has mastered the art of character assassination and racial hate mongering.   I cheered her on in a long commentary about the Afro-American comedic tradition.  And besides, Rush Limbaugh deserved every bit of bile she dumped on him.  He is a sad, sick, man whose sense of morality – if you can discern any such thing in his hysterical rants – is twisted in bizarre ways.  President Obama stands for bringing the people of the world together, for feeding the hungry and healing the sick.   These are the same things that Jesus Christ stood for.  But what does Rush Limbaugh stand for?

This is the question that people must begin to ask of the management of ABC, Limbaugh’s boss, because it begs the question of what they stand for.  From his daily rants we can see that Limbaugh stands for racism, sexism, corporate greed, and the enthusiastic promotion of dangerous nonsense. But most of all Rush Limbaugh is an egomaniacal hustler who cares first and foremost about his ratings, and after signing a $400 million contract they had better be high.  Therefore truth and civic responsibility be damned!  All that matters is selling advertising time for top dollar.  This is not a speculation on my part, Rush Limbaugh has repeatedly made it plain that these are the things that motivate him.  Just last week he spelled it out on the Today Show!  And anyone who understands that the raison d’etre for commercial broadcasting is to sell  advertising time at the highest price – i.e. it is market driven – means that ethical considerations often get short shrift.  Alas in pursuit of the almighty dollar, the management of ABC is prepared to allow Limbaugh and a handful of jerks like Sean Hannity, Dan Savage, et al create an atmosphere of hatred and hysteria that has already resulted in assault and murder – see my commentaries on this blog that address this issue – just because it boosts ratings and therefore increases the value of their advertising. 

 In other words: Is the American Broadcast company placing their personal profit above the stability of the nation?  I can envision no other answer but yes!   The irrefutable proof of ABC management’s cavalier disregard for the national security of our country, is their decision to allow a cabal of racist charlatan’s to amp up the white lunatic fringe – who are armed to the teeth and are increasingly showing up at public meetings brandishing weapons – with outrageous lies that these retards believe are facts.  It is only a matter of time before they manufacture another Kevin McVey! We have already been warned of this imminent possibility by the Department Of Homeland Security, for which the Republican politicos who benefit from this white rage demanded Secretary Janet Nepolitano apologize!  The fundamental question posed by this is: what are the standards for talk show hosts on ABC?  Are they simply allowed to come on-air and engage in character assassination against the President and other Democratic leaders who are trying to govern, to guide the country out of the bloody mess the Bushmen left us in?   In my view this is tantamount to falsely crying fire in a crowded theater. 

 The kind of attacks that Limbaugh and company are engaging in goes far beyond mere criticism of the President’s policies; it is the most vitriolic hatred that I have ever seen against a public official whose life is marked by great achievement and is an honorable man in every way.  As a professor of media studies I taught a course on “Minorities in Mass Media” and the historical record is abundantly clear on how mass media has been used to incite violence.   It is interesting to note that the first newspapers founded by minority groups – Hispanics, Afro-Americans, Asians, Native Americans, were all formed after the white owned and edited newspapers incited mob violence against them through false reportage and incendiary rhetoric in their editorials. And these were only newspapers.

 Today the racial arsonists have much more powerful media weapons that mere newspapers, radio and television have a much greater capacity to arouse the emotions of an audience, and when they are as ignorant and paranoid as much of WABC’s audience undoubtedly is, the management of ABC is playing Russian Roulette with the American people.  This begs another question: When will Limbaugh and company be satisfied?  After some fanatic they have souped up with their harangues takes a shot at the President, convinced that he is rescuing the country from this “crazy nigger communist fascist Hitler!”  

 I have been asking for years now: Is the management of WABC willing to promote hatred and conflict in our society so long as they can show a rise in revenue?  Such a cynical position is unworthy of a corporation that makes its living from the use of public airways.  And I for one think it is time for a citizen challenge to their broadcast license. For aside from their totally irresponsible management of on-air personalities, they are a transparently apartheid operation: only white folks are allowed  to control the mike!  Hence I will be approaching several law professors to see what the possibilities of such a challenge are, and if the civil rights laws regarding discrimination in hiring mean anything even with a black Attorney General at the Justice Department.  I am also investigate the possibility of organizing a selective patronage campaign against Rush’s sponsors. 

 One thing however is beyond question: Rush Limbaugh is a menace to American society, and  there is evidence that he is inspiring domestic terrorism.   Alas, one other thing is certain, whatever evil Rushbo does the American Broadcasting company is his enabler.  There is no question of First Amendment rights here either.  This oft cited Amendment by those who argue that Rush has a right to free speech, an untutored mob who know as much about the  constitution as a polar bear knows about playing the violin, does not apply here.  It is designed to constrain the government from employing the power of the state to suppress dissent, and I’m all for that.  But it has nothing to do with the power of ABC management to muzzle or silence Rush completely by firing his fat ignorant ass!  And I’m all for that too. 


Rush Limbaug and Glenn Beck Incite Mayhem and Murders!

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As The Death Toll Rises…

 Verbal Arsonists Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh Egg the Fanatics On

Rushbo! Public Enemy #1

 Is  Rush Limbaugh and his tribe of verbal arsonists inciting unstable people to murder?  I think the answer is a resounding yes!  What does Richard Popolowski, Stephen Von Brunn and Scott P. Roeder, the murderer of Dr. Tiller have in common? They were all motivated by the concerns that are the subject of over the top harangues by Right Wing radio hysterics 24/7. Popolowski ambushed and murdered three cops in Pittsburg with a military assault rifle as they answered a routine domestic disturbance call placed by his mother!  Subsequent investigations have revealed that Poppi thought President Obama was going to take his guns and oppress white men.  This is the kind of crazy inflammatory crap that Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh spout ad-nauseum.

 James W. Von Brunn, who murdered a black guard, Stephen Tyrone John’s, in  the Washington Holocaust museum is a long time racist/anti-Semitic anti-government fanatic, And Dr. Tiller, a gynecologist who performs abortions, was targeted by right-wing broadcasters, especially Bill O’Reilly, who routinely called him “Tiller The Baby killer” and even gave out the address of his clinic on the air.  Now we discover a murdered census taker in Kentucky, Bill Sparkman, who from all appearances was lynched, and has the word FED, for federal worker, inscribed on his chest! I believe  Sparkman’s murder was directly inspired by Glenn Beck’s incendiary attacks on the US Census!


A Murder Mouth Poot Butt!

And on a lesser scale, although quite horrifying, was the  vicious beat down of Tasha Hill a beautiful well spoken young black woman – who ironically is serving in the military – in Poulan Georgia by Troy Dale West, a burly redneck cracker male who viciously beat her while calling her a sack of black bitches…all because she admonished the man for virtually walking over her seven year old daughter as they both entered a store in Georgia.   This man was obviously walking Around seething with racist rage, a rage that is fueled and stoked each day by the hysterical diatribes spewed by Limbaugh and other right wing verbal arsonists who  appear to be trying their best to spark a race war in America.  And believe me: this is just the type of incident that could spark a race riot, because if I had been on the scene I would have tried my level beat to take that cracker’s head off!

In a seminar I taught at Long Island University on “Minorities and Mass Media,” we looked at the role of mass media in inciting racist rage that resulted in racist attacks on non-whites.  The horrible Atlanta pogrom of 1906, in which rampaging whites attacked and killed innocent black citizens on the streets for several days was sparked by incendiary diatribes and lies about black people in the news papers.  Radio is a much more personal and powerful media and, as Dr. Goebbles demonstrated in NAZI Germany, can move masses of people to irrational actions.  That’s the role Limbaugh and company are playing in American society right now – and their message is nationwide, immediate, and all the time.

Although none in the Obama Administration dare draw this connection lest they be accused of trampling on the First Amendment, opinion writers in the media certainly can connect the dots and hypothesize about whether there is an organic connection between the growing numbers of innocent people assaulted and killed by hyped up racist and anti-government fanatics, and the vitriolic lies spewed by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter etc.  And I for one, am wondering why they are not raising questions about an all too obvious connection!

Those who withhold criticism by arguing that these incendiary racist bolviators have a Constitutional right to say the things they say are missing the point.  To begin with the First Amendment is designed only to restrain the government from restricting speech, not private companies like WABC, nor does it restrict the press from critiquing the media – that’s why we have media critics!  Since all of this Anti-American garbage is coming from two companies, the execs could stop in tomorrow.

However from the look of things the suits at these companies FOX and WABC, who should be expected to exercise sound judgment and act in the public interests – since we have granted them the privilege of utilizing the public airways for their private purposes – are derelict in their responsibility to serve the common good, and their avarice parallels the heartless capitalist described by Karl Marx, who was so avaricious he would “sell the hangman the rope to hang him with if he thought he could turn a profit!”


Playthell Benjamin

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Harlem New York

September 24 2009