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Where Have All The Altar Boys Gone?

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The Holy Father?


One would be hard put to find a more poignant example of blatant hypocrisy and shameless amorality than the deafening silence or tepid commentary offered up by the self-righteous posse of verbose right-wing Catholic commentators and bloviators who line their pockets with coin preaching morality to the rest of us.

As revelations of the widespread rape of children by Catholic Priests, and the ongoing cover-up from the local dioceses to the Vatican, threatens to engulf and severely tarnish – if not bring down – the Pope, these avatars of the chattering classes have been distinguished by their silence about crimes that I think should carry the death penalty.

Suddenly, they who have issued such scathing denunciations against the preachments of the Reverend Doctor Jeremiah Wright, or Muslim minister Louis Farrakhan – who were, for the most part, denouncing real crimes of white Americans against people of color – now display none of that righteous outrage when addressing the actual sins of the Catholic Church.

Where are the thunderous screeds of Patrick Buchanan, the snide derision of Bill O’Reiley, The pretentious prattle of Peggy Noonan, or the pugnacious invective of Sean Hannity?  Their silence is so out of character that we must call them out for the opportunist charlatans that they are.

A Motor Mouth Fraud!

For weeks on end back during the presidential election we were bombarded with the endless repetition of a small excerpt of a sermon by Reverend Jeremiah Wright regarding how America was inviting the wrath of god by its unjust policies against non-white people at home and abroad.  I wrote an analysis of the Reverend’s actual sermon and found it to be for the most part true – see “On Paranoia, Politics and Religion” – and Professor Bernard Bell has written a learned and comprehensive treatise on the long tradition of the American Jeremiad of which Rev. Wright’s sermon is simply the latest addition.  (see The Reverend Wright and President Obama.

 Pat Buchanan

To listen to the rants of these Irish wags you would have thought the Reverend had committed an unforgivable crime: Like raping a child under his spiritual guidance and gotten away with it!  However we have heard hardly a peep out of this crowd concerning the latest revelations about the Priest who molested 200 deaf boys, many of them during confessionals!

In spite of complaints from their parents, the DA refused to prosecute him for these horrendous crimes due to the unholy influence of the church.  And the present Pope not only advised the previous Pope John Paul – whose record on the rape of children by priests was abominable – not to defrock the pedophile priest, but allowed him to be installed as headmaster of the school!

Furthermore, when the Vatican was recently questioned about this outrage by the press, they issued the following statement “The church is not a multi-national company where the chief executive is expected to take responsibility…the Pope is not personally directing the actions of individual priests.”

In fact, the Catholic Church is a dictatorship where the Pope has absolute power.  His judgment is considered infallible and his pronouncement on any matter is repeated as sacred dogma beyond dispute. Furthermore the Vatican is considered a sovereign government which cannot be compelled to answer questions in lawsuits about this matter.  Hence they are hiding behind a legal fiction and stonewalling on this tragic issue, which allows priests to cover up their crimes against children with impunity.

In the Papacy we see the naked truth of Lord Acton’s axiom: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Now, that’s really something to talk about!  Yet, aside from the obecene apologies for the Papacy emanating from Pious Pompous Peggy, we have heard hardly a peep from the diabolical Irish talkers who befoul our airways with rancid rhetoric 24/7.  Which forces everyone concerned with truth, justice and the welfare of children to ask: “Where have all the self-righteous Irish altar boys gone?

Pious, Pompous, Peggy


 A Shameless Apologist for the Papacy!



Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York 

March 31, 2010