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Is Ron Paul a Racist Texas Cracker?

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                    The Quack Who Would Be King

 Is Libertarianism a Cloak for Racism?

The revelation that Congressman Ron Paul once published News Letters filled with racist invective – even counseling whites how to murder black youths and get away with it – is sending shock waves of surprise and disgust across the nation.  And the reckless anti-Semitism of some of the diatribes he published seals his fate as a failed presidential aspirant. Like everybody else it caught me by surprise, yet I was not as shocked as many.

I have always suspected that some of the views expressed by Libertarians under the guise of limiting government were racist.  One of the main reasons for my ambivalence was that there were blacks who subscribed to libertarian views…most notably “The Sage of South Central,” who is a lawyer and built a career in major media based on these views.

Larry Elder: “The Sage of South Central?”

Leader of the Right-Wing Coon Platoon

All the talk from people like Ron Paul about the Supreme Court having wrongly decided the Brown v Board of Education case, and his insistence that the 1964 Omnibus Civil Rights Bill is unconstitutional, roused my suspicion.  It was easy for people to dismiss the racist implications of these comments because the eccentric Texas Congressman spouts a lot of mindless anti-government prattle. His obsession with the Federal Reserve System and his pledge to dismantle government regulatory agencies, like the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, are so crazy it is easy to just dismiss him as a quack rather than a racist.

However as one who grew up under American apartheid – segregation was the term of art – I am naturally suspicious of anybody who presents arguments against the governmental actions employed to end it.  Although Ron Paul denies that he is a racist, or that his views are influenced by an allegiance to racist ideology, if his views had been adopted by the Congress and Supreme Court the consequences for black Americans would have been such that in reality it wouldn’t matter if he is a racist or not; alas the apartheid system of white privilege and black oppression would have remained intact.  Thus whether or not he was acting out of racist motives would be a distinction without a difference in real life.

Coming from anyone the idea that the centuries old system of white supremacy would have simply disappeared on its own due to “market forces” would be folly; but for someone like Ron Paul, who grew up under that system, it is a sign of a deluded if not deranged personality.  In other words, I suspected that Paul was either a fool, madman, or a lying racist charlatan.  I have come to believe that he is a bit of all these things.

His ideas about the role of government are those of a madman, a deluded iconoclast on a mission, especially his proposal to dismantle the Energy Department which controls our nuclear arsenal and regulates civilian atomic energy companies.  He has also pledged to scrap the EPA which protects us from industrial pollution of our air and water among myriad other vital functions.

And evidence has now surfaced leaves no doubt that the old quack is also a virulent racist!  Alas he is leading the Republican pack in the first  primary race in Iowa.  It will be interesting to see how Ron Paul’s young acolytes will respond to the revelations that, although they have been a subject of controversy in the Texas media since 1994, Ron Paul used to publish scurrilous racist propaganda.

How many of these Activist are bewitched by Paul

Learning through struggle 

This is no picayune matter.  The question that continues to agitate me is: How did the major media sleep on this for so long?  Consider some of the sentiments published in Ron Paul’s newsletters, which were published under various brands:  Ron Paul’s Political Report, Ron Paul’s Freedom Report and the Ron Paul Survival Report. After studying Paul’s News Letters the London Guardian, one of the great newspapers of the world, reported that they “compared African Americans to zoo animals, warned of a coming race war, and generally promoted racist, anti-Semitic, and fringe militia views.”

However when Paul was questioned about the contents of his publications by veteran CNN reporter Gloria Borgia recently he got huffy and said “”Why don’t you go back and look at what I said yesterday on CNN and what I’ve said for 20 something years. 22 years ago?” He told Gloria Borger in reference to the racist diatribes: “I didn’t write them, I disavow them. That’s it.”

When Ms. Borgia persisted in asking questions as to how he could not have known that these articles were being published in his newsletters, especially since he had made a million dollars off them in 1993, Paul insisted that these racist tirades were written by other writers whose identities he can’t recall. Then the Texas Congressman really got pissed off, lost his famous cool, and stormed off the set during the interview!

However, like many fallen political stars, Paul’s contemptuous behavior towards the mainstream press has only served to attract other nosey reporters who are poking around trying to see what else he is attempting to hide.  And they have unearthed a real can of worms.  For instance, USA Today’s Jackie Kucinich, recently dug up Paul’s response to questions about the racist tirades in his newsletters in an interview with the Dallas Morning News in 1996.

Kucinich points out that occasion the devious doctor admitted that he knew of the racist tirades and even offered an explanation.  But he jumped out of the frying pan into the fire when he argued that the following statement was based on objective research that came from research compiled elsewhere.  “Given the inefficiencies of what DC laughingly calls the criminal justice system,” the newsletter argued,  “I think we can safely assume that 95% of the black males in that City are semi-criminal or entirely criminal.”

What kind of America would it be for black men if this deranged old racist cracker became President?  As one reads the succession of pathologically racist statements that flow from publications bearing his name they take on the character of vicious parody worthy of a black/face minstrel show for Ku Klux Klansmen.

If Paul’s views were put into a movie it would be a 21st century version of “Birth of a Nation,” D. W. Griffiths 1915 racist parody of Reconstruction era politicians and that denigrates of black males in general.  It is a movie that rivals Leni Riefenstahl’s path-breaking Nazi propaganda film “Triumph of the Will,” which won the hearts and minds of Germans for Hitler, in its celebration of the Klan and justification of terrorism and racist murders of black people.  The growth of the Ku Klux Klan increased dramatically as a result of Birth of a Nation; especially after President Woodrow Wilson, who was a former Princeton history Professor, declare the movie to be factually true and called it “history writ in lightening.”

The scene in Birth of a Nation where Afro-American Congressmen are eating chickens and watermelons while Congress was in session presages Paul’s statement that the LA riots, which were a response to the police brutalizing of Rodney King that the entire world watched with horror on television, only ended “When it came time to pick up their welfare checks.”

In another diatribe he accuses Dr. Martin Luther King of “seducing underage boys and girls.” He characterizes the late great Texas Congresswoman Barbara Jordon – one of the most eloquent and brilliant members of Congress, and by far Paul’s superior as a legislator – as “”Barbara Morondon…an archetypical half-educated victimologist.”  This kind of racist invective goes on ad nauseum in Paul’s publications.

The question for black Americans is: If this is what the deranged doctor thinks about our best and brightest, what tha fuck does he think about the rest of us?  Since we can pretty much deduce the answer to that question, in spite of phony apologia from his white supporters and black Tea Party quislings, the question is what kind of white folks does he appeal to?  Who are his constituents?

In a classic apology for Paul’s racist screed  written by Michael Brendan Dougherty, the politics editor at Business Insider, and published in the Atlantic Magazine, we get a look at who Paul’s constituents are.  “As crazy as it sounds,” Dougherty writes, “Ron Paul’s newsletter writers may not have been sincerely racist at all. They actually thought appearing to be racist was a good political strategy in the 1990s. “

Dougherty goes on to explain that this racist appeal was part of a strategy to reach poor uneducated whites they called, “Outreach to Rednecks,” because they were looking for a way to “to insert their libertarian theories into the middle of the nation’s political passions.”  Hence Ron Paul deliberately cultivated racial hatred for political advantage; he is the most despicable kind of racial provocateur.

Now we are told that the ditzy doctor has abandoned his racist strategy, however some of his followers obviously didn’t get the message.  As I write, an avowed Ron Paul acolyte and California Tea Party zealot from Carson City California, Jules Manson, is calling for the murder of President Obama and his “monkey children.”  He even posted the call on Facebook before the company took it down; yet as of this writing he still has the site.  I hope the Secret Service busts his dumb deranged cracker ass!!!

Jules Manson

 The would be assassin, Murder mouthing the President

This incident reminds us that despite the presence of some prominently displayed blacks like Allen West and Herman Cain, many of their white Tea Party compatriots view them as lackeys and lawn jockeys.  When you look at the racist imagery they have created to depict President Obama, who is brighter than these two mugs put together, it is inconceivable that they envision Cain and Alan as other than fools and buffoons.

Congressman Allen West
 A Shameless Quisling and Self Hatin Sambo!

However nowhere is the adage “politics make strange bedfellows” more dramatically demonstrated than in the mix match crew that form Ron Paul’s constituency.  Aside from the racist and weirdoes, there is a growing contingent of idealistic young people, many of them college students.  They are mostly attracted to his anti-Fed mumbo jumbo and his foreign policy declarations.  The strange character of Ron Paul’s acolytes reflects the bizarre nature of his ideas.

Like a broken clock that’s right twice a day, Paul gets it right on some foreign policy questions.  His insistence that the attack on 9/11 was the result of American foreign policy in the Middle-East is undeniably true; as is his insistence that the growing Iran hysteria is based on dangerous lies that could well land us into another major war in the Middle East that will prove even more costly than the wars we are now ending!

It is this honesty, amid a hail of lies, deceptions, evasions and denial of reality that characterize the views of his Republican adversaries, that has won Paul a following among politically naïve, historically illiterate, idealistic young people.  However they are destined for heartbreak because Ron Paul’s pretentions to the Oval Office are doomed to failure.  As well they should.

His ideas about government are dangerous and silly, and his fantasies about race are odious and a menace to the stability of this Republic.  Futhermore he fiendishly taps into some very old Christian prejudices that have led to mass murder when he accuses “the Jews” of bombing the World Trade Center!   I’ll bet that’s where the mindles anti-Semitism spouted by some of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators comes from.   For these reasons, even if   Ron Paul should come up with a good idea, most people will dismiss it out of hand because he has convinced them that he is a pugnacious buffoon spouting madness.  I say good goddam riddance!  The last thing we need is a racist Texas Cracker in the White House.

Who Knew?

 They sent in the clowns!


Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

December 23, 2011


There is No Alternative to President Obama and the Democrats!

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 He has brought about monumental changes for the American People


On Egotist and Fools Errands

There are rumors abroad that Dr. Cornell West AKA “Professor Longhair” and his sidekick Tavis Smylie, a verbose bald heated charlatan, are planning a demonstration to urge people not to support the reelection of President Obama.   Say what?  The last thing we need is another idiot movement among the hapless left to start some sort of Third Party, or even talk about running somebody against President Obama!

Both of these are self-defeating strategies, and I regard such talk as nothing more than a retreat into fantasy by a confused and impotent left that refuses to face the real problem in American politics: A Republican Party that hates the working class and is openly contemptuous of the public interests…yet millions of white workers voted to put them back in charge of the House of Representatives where all revenue bills must originate. This has not only brought the massive plans for reshaping American society to a halt, but has put him into a position where for the first time in American history the US will default on its debts!

Thomas Jefferson, whom I regard as the most thoughtful of the revolutionary Founding Fathers, put our problem succinctly in a prescient observation offered up two centuries ago.  “A democracy cannot work with an ignorant electorate,” he argued. “They will elect and return the worse people to power.”  Yet West and the confederacy of well credentialed dunces who egg him on like a deranged Greek chorus, think our problem is President Obama?

Try as I might, I cannot fathom a syllogism that explains how a reasonable person can arrive at such a conclusion.  How a Princeton Professor, who is actually smart enough to belong to that august assemblage of outstanding scholars, could arrive at this conclusion.  The Grand Obstructionist Party is wreaking havoc on the nation and they attack the President?

Because of their scorched earth policy the President is faced with signing a bill that cuts trillions of dollars from the federal budget with no tax increase for the rich, or face the first default by the United States government!  That’s the choice folks; I’d like to know what any of you all knowing readers would do.  But I warn you: If you do not answer that question at the top of your argument I shall immediately dismiss you as a fool or a charlatan!

Among the fanatics in the House are deranged whackos, like Michelle Bachman, who have threatened to bring impeachment proceedings against the President if he invokes section IV of the 14th Amendment to guarantee the nation’s debt, and thereby avoid the catastrophe of default. I think the reason that the loud mouths on the left who are dogging the President don’t want to discuss this is because they know that they bear some responsibility for the Republicans retaking the House only two years after they wrecked the economy!!!

Instead of doing the only thing that makes any sense in terms of realpolitique, support the President – who is the most progressive politician that has any chance of being elected in America today and return the House to the Democrats – the ‘wise guys” on the left help to confuse and demoralize people to the extent that they decided to sit out the election.

Not only did they not work to help elect Democrats as they had two years earlier when they made history…many of these nincompoops didn’t even vote!  Thereby assuring a Republican victory and the predictable horror show that followed!   Now the know nothing blabbermouths on the Left, led by the likes of Professor Longhair and his Greek Chorus, are at it again!

This is god damned foolishness…and if there is anyone who thinks it is anything but damn foolishness I dare you to tell us what it is!!!!!!    Cornell West really ought to sit down and shut tha fuck up!!!!!   He has yet to apologize for his role in electing Bush, yet has the unmitigated chutzpah to present himself as a reliable political theorist in the present crisis.

I have posted a piece the Commentaries I wrote ten years ago when Cornell was advising people to vote for Ralph Nader instead of Al Gore – see “On choosing the Lesser Evil”  on this blog.  The danger I warned of then came to pass. George bush was elected and everything went to shit!!!!!   Since I have written on the sins of the Bushmen ad nauseum, I shall not debate them again here.

Anyone who needs instruction on the Presidents outstanding achievements should read “Civilization or Savagery” on this blog.  Since we are still suffering from the decision of the left supporting Nader however, I felt compelled to write this commentary because I’m beginning to hear whispers of this kind of POLITICAL IDIOCY again!  And I shall stay on the asses of the verbose and reckless charlatans who are spouting it!

In an attempt to explain the embarrassing and perplexing actions of Dr. West, some people are speculating that West and Smylie are being paid by corporate interests to attack the President.  I tell them they are paranoid; that Dr. West would never party to such a scurrilous deal.  I argue that West is not an evil quisling but a deluded megalo-maniac!  But I quickly point out that this is a distinction without a difference, because fess Longhair couldn’t be of more assistance to the Tea Party agenda if he were a paid agent!

Is This Nigga Crazy?


Fess Longhair: High Brow Rapper


Playthell Benjamin

Harlem New York

July 31, 2011

Man on a Tight Rope!

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Headed for a Shutdown?

John Boehner is a caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea.  He knows that should the intransigence of the Republican majority in the house cause a shutdown of the government on Friday it will be widely viewed as evidence that the majority leader can’t control his caucus.   He can also take no comfort from his knowledge of the fate that befell Newt Gingrich, the last Republican leader who caused a shutdown of the Federal Government and virtually assured the reelection of Bill Clinton.  Beyond these unpleasant facts there is the very real possibility that the majority of the electorate will finally conclude that the Republicans simply cannot govern because they hate government. That is certainly my position; I have been arguing this for some time. Hence I believe that, being the sober political horse trader that he is in his heart of hearts, Speaker Boehner wants to make a deal as desperately as a drowning man wants a lifeline.

Alas, as I have noted elsewhere, the Republicans struck a Faustian bargain with the Tea Party fanatics in order to gain a majority in congress; now the monster they created has come back to devour them.  That certainly seemed to be the case when Speaker Boehner emerged from the white House meeting with the President today and started talking like he had lost his mind.  Surely the Devil made him do it!   That’s the only other thing I can think of that would make him flirt with the disastrous option of shutting down the national government because they can’t have their way.  After all, that’s how spoiled kids behave when they stomp down sand castles because they didn’t get what they wanted.  We have a right to expect something different and something more from our statesmen.

The position of the Grand Obstructionist Party is that although they control neither the Senate nor the White House, they are still going to impose their will through their ability to obstruct the government from doing the people’s business.  Dr. Rachel Maddow on MSNBC – whose nightly program is a treasure trove of vital information that citizens must know in order to make intelligent decisions – showed a wide variety of Right Wing Republicans telling their constituents in no uncertain terms that they plan to shut down the government if the Democratic Senate and the White House do not acquiesce to their draconian cuts.  For people who are always going around quoting the Constitution, the Republicans appear not to understand, or accept, that our government was designed to require compromise and consensus – a point the militant professional left does not appear to understand either.

The Country Club Republicans understand this well enough, but the Tea Party crowd is clueless. These militant airheads – who know as much about American history as Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman – consider compromise treason; and have taken fanatical hard line positions from which they refuse to budge.  They have even threatened not to raise the debt ceiling; this would be an unmitigated disaster!    If the US government defaults on its debt obligations the entire international finance system will collapse, creating a worldwide depression and ending economic recovery at home.

President Obama has presided over the myriad crises he inherited from eight years of Bush league rule with Solomonic wisdom, consummate political skill and compassion, but he has been opposed every step of the way by the Republicans, who employed some of the dirtiest tactics in the history of American politics.  Yet from the poll results it does not appear that millions of Americans have any idea what he has achieved on behalf of the nation.  This is explains how they could vote in a Republican controlled congress that made Texas Congressman John Doe Chairman of the Energy Committee that oversees the oil industry. This is the same man who called the $20 billion dollar clean-up fund President Obama demanded that BP establish to compensate those who were injured by the Gulf oil rig explosion, and the disastrous spill that resulted, “a Chicago style shakedown” and apologized to the management of British Petroleum.  It was such a shameless act of contempt for the public interests that the CEO of BP quickly disassociated himself from the Congressman’s comment!

Clearly the Congressional election results have emboldened the Republican ideologues on the radical right, who take this as a sign that they can get away with a frontal assault on the public interests under the guise of “getting big government off our backs.”  In spite of the persistent attacks on President Obama about his inability to solve the unemployment problem, the Republicans have not made job creation a major priority; beyond cutting taxes to wealthy individuals and giant multi-national corporations – measures that President Obama was forced to go along with or witness millions of economically desperate unemployed workers lose their benefits – they have offered no plans for job growth.  Their solution to everything is to cut taxes and let the magic of the “free market” do its thing; despite the fact that there is no evidence that this policy works, and none of the leading economist – including two Nobel Laureates -believe it will work.

On the other hand, what is incontestably true is that the measures proposed by Republicans will result in the lost of several hundred thousand jobs by people who are now gainfully employed performing vital work in the public sector.  Even a cursory glance at the proposed cuts to the federal budget offered up by the Grand Obstructionist Party will reveal that they are guided by ideological obsessions rather than economic imperatives.  There is no sound economic evidence that would suggests cutting government spending and throwing people out of work in a recession, where a low demand for goods and services is the root cause of economic stagnation, spurs economic recovery.  Yet when speaker Boehner was asked about the fate of fired workers he said if they lost their jobs “So be it!”

The most reliable model we have for dealing with this recession is that which brought us out of the Great Depression of the 1930’s.  This policy was called “Keynesian economics,” in recognition of the British economist John Maynard Keynes who was its author.  This policy holds that in an economic recession brought on by the recurrent crisis in capitalism the government must become the “employer of last resort.”  This policy kills two birds with one stone – unemployment and lack of demand – and gets money circulating within the domestic economic, which is essential to jump starting the economy.  Although this model has a record of success that is well known to historians and economists, the Republicans prefer the Laffer Curve, which holds that all financial breaks and subsidies should go to the wealthy because only they possess the wisdom to create jobs.

They gave this spurious ahistorical theory the name “Supply Side Economics,” which is just a high falutin term for the old “trickle down” theory of economics.  “Supply Side Economics” was introduced by Ronnie Reagan, a man once called “an amiable dunce” by the powerful Washington Lawyer and former cabinet member in the Carter Administration Clarke Clifford.  And as the Republican strategist and statistician Kevin Phillips, who helped elect Reagan, would later conclude: Reagan’s economic policies resulted in the most dramatic transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in American history! It also created the largest deficit in history!  Yet this nonsense persists in spite of the lack of any evidence that such policies will work – and the fate of the nation hangs in the balance!

There is every reason to believe the current budget that Republicans are proposing would produce the same results as the Reagan Administration at best; or the even more disastrous results of the recently departed Bushmen and lead to the impoverishment of even more Americans.  Furthermore the Republican budget – in which the principle interest of the Republicans is to use the Federal budget to nullify liberal policies that are now law – will seriously injure the public interests.  For instance they propose to eviscerate or eliminate Head Start, Planned Parenthood, the Environmental Protection Agency, Pell Grants to assist college students and National Public Radio.  Furthermore they want to repeal President Obama’s historic health care legislation by defunding it and also defund the enforcement of the new financial regulation laws.  The fact that the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has estimated that the President’s health care plan will save the government 130 billion over the next decade, and repeal will cost $230 billion, has been dismissed by the Republican shills for the filth rich, should be a wake-up call to everybody who cares about affordable health care.

All the programs that serve the working folks that the Republicans have put on the chopping block comprise a miniscule portion of the Federal government’s budget, especially when compared to the wasteful military budget.  This fact is well understood by all political factions; yet it is ignored by the warmongering Republican ideologues.  The Republican vision for America is a country where everything is privately owned, unorganized workers are held hostage to the whims, prejudices and quirks of their employers, and waging endless wars based on the flawed dangerous theory of “American Exceptionalism.”  This scenario may well be a wet dream for hawkish right wing Plutocrats, but for most Americans it portends a bleak future indeed.

Yet in the final analysis this is a disaster that Americans have made for themselves.  Looking at what the Republicans plan for the working people of this country – which is most of us when we can find a job – it ought to be clear to even fuzzy headed black intellectuals like some of those who met recently at the “Black Agenda” conference, that only President Obama and the Senate Democrats stand between the Republican ideologues and disaster for the broad masses of the American people.  It does not require exceptional intellect, extensive academic training, or a novelist’s imagination to envision what a nightmare life in America would be had John McCain and Sarah Palin – the Mack Man and Silly Sarah – won the White House and enjoyed a Congressional majority.  We need only take a look at the budget proposals of Congressman Ryan, a wild eyed fanatic from Wisconsin who Chairs the House Budget Committee and wants to cut six trillion dollars from the President’s budget – to get a glimpse of the twisted vision of the GOP’s contract on working Americans, as well as it’s assaults on all attempts to rescue our endangered natural environment.

Congressman Ryan: A wild eyed fanatic!

When compared to this gang it should be relatively easy to recognize that the American people have been given a great gift in President Obama – a smart, deeply humane, visionary, and remarkably productive politician.   That is why I routinely dismiss the persistent bitching and moaning from pampered bourgeois black academics, armchair revolutionaries with no experience in actual struggle, clueless white paternalists on the liberal left; militant Marxists and pseudo-Marxists, black nationalists suffering from rejection anxiety, and other do-nothing obscurantist with diarrhea of the mouth. If the whiney ineffective debating society on the Left fucks around with their heads stuck up their assholes believing that Barack Obama is the enemy, and let the Republicans take the White House and the Senate in 2014, it will really be crying time for the working classes.

Unfortunately, the old axiom “A people will eventually get the government they deserve” is proving true for the people of the US.  They keep voting in the Grand Obstructionist Party, no matter how bad they screw up. It’s as if they are a tribe of Rip Van Winkle’s, who have slept through the history of the last 40 years. The present Republican budget plan is clearly an assault on the public interests and the working classes – here I am talking about white collar workers too. The Republican contempt for the public interest is being clearly expressed in the policies they are trying to enact, and the Tea Party faction is so fanatical that Speaker Boehner looks like a man on a tight rope trying to manage the Republican caucus.  Clearly, anything can happen.   Although many white workers are crying about how things are working out for them now…judging by the way they voted a few months ago, it is fair to say: They asked for it!




Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

April 7, 2011

Big Time Bunko!

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A self Aggrandizing Bunko artist


Glenn Beck Plays the Long Range Con

Although the rotund Rushbo is great at self-aggrandizement, he could take some lessons from the new kid on the block – Glenn Beck – a consummate con-man who has set new standards in the art of bullshitting the public.  In a much hyped Washington rally with the nebulous objective of “Restoring America’s Honor”– held on the same date and venue of Dr. Martin Luther King’s great Speech at the historic March On Washington for Jobs and Freedom – this cubby little fellow with the squeaky voice, and shaky moral foundation, somehow managed to do the impossible: make vanity look like altruism in the eyes of his followers.  It was a con from beginning to end.

The con began when he claimed not to have been aware of the fact that he called his rally on the same date as the historic “March on Washington” nearly a half century ago, or that the venue he chose for his shallow diatribe was the very same venue where Dr. King presented the oration that has been voted the greatest speech in American history by a panel of distinguished scholars. My granddaddy George had a saying that expresses my feelings exactly: “That Boy’s a liar and the truth ain’t in him!”

Beck piggybacked off and exploited our soldiers sacrifices in the cheesiest way: by pretending to honor them while basking in their reflected glory.  That’s really playing to the cheap seats!  Everyone who cares about this issue knows that if Beck were really concerned about the vets he would be supporting our First Lady Michel Obama’s admirable efforts on behalf of military families.  

Although I am inclined to be contemptuous of this delusional far right confederacy of dunces – who routinely vote against their own interest, scoff at the public interests while protecting the privileges of the Plutocrats, and get their rocks off mis-quoting the Bible spouting nonsense as constitutional dogma – I ended up actually feeling sorry for many of them. They had journeyed to Washington earnestly seeking answers to the myriad crisis’ that plague their lives…but found only a pompous little poseur spouting hot air. 

I have previously described the Tea Party crowd as a motley collection of sad sacks, misfits, deluded white supremacists, misanthropes, vulgar opportunist, religeous fanatics and lost souls looking for hope in all the wrong places – with an obsequious self-loathing Negro lickspittle here and there.  Nothing that happened on Saturday changed that opinion. It goes without saying that Republican political opportunists are everywhere in the mix, stirring up the pot, trying to gain personal and party support.  We’ll see how that work’s out for them. 

Thus far it looks like the Grand Obstructionist Party has made a Faustian bargain with the Tea Party mob and the Devil has come to claim their souls.  Just look at how the Tea Party – directed by the lunatic right’s idea of a militant feminist intellectual, Sarah Palin – are knocking off the Republican establishment’s candidates, right and further right, with straight up space cadets. The most spectacular example of this is the apparent upset in the Republican primary in Alaska. 

As I write the Tea Party candidate, Joe Miller, is leading the sitting Republican Senator Lisa McCulsky by 1500 votes.  And you have to listen to what Mr. Miller believes to understand how Alaskans would have to be even dumber than I think – and since they voted Sarah Palin Governor, given what I’ve written about her, you can imagine how dumb I think they are! – to vote for this guy to represent them in the Senate.

The curious thing about Mr. Miller is that in spite of his excellent education he still talks as crazy as Palin, and they both talk like fools.  I will have more to say about Mr. Miller in a forthcoming commentary on the new radical constitutionalists in the south in the Republican Party.  But one observation will suffice here: Based on Miller’s public comments about the nature of Federalism and the evolution of the US Constitution, he is either an ignoramus or a charlatan.   Should he win this primary, and I hope to God he does, the Democrats stand a fabulous chance of winning a seat that has been held by the McCulsky family, who are yellow dog Republicans, for over thirty years!

Furthermore, I can envision no scenario where there will be enough morons in the state of Nevada to elect Sharon Engle, hence the Republicans will lose a Senate seat that the establishment’s candidate was predicted to win.  Notwithstanding how backwards and racist many white folks are in Kentucky – a state that, for most of it’s history, either enslaved black people or subjected them to legal caste oppression, which treated our skin color as a crime – I still cannot believe they will elect a cluless political Neanderthal like Rand Paul.

Paul is the best example why people with a broad liberal, i.e. humanist, education are better suited to the leadership of society than narrow minded technocrats, no matter how clever they are.  Although political science is a real discipline in the academy – and an important one too– the practice of politics and governing is a fine art!  And art is the province of the humanities!

If anything was clarified by this rally, it is that Glenn Beck’s real agenda is to replace Oprah as the #1 television talk show in America and become the biggest mogul in the media!  And he intends to use this disillusioned and untutored mob to achieve it. Looking like the little poot butt boy who never got the girl, who was smacked upside the head and had his lunch money taken by school yard bullies, Glennie Boy reminds me of a slimmer version the old character Jackie Gleason used to play: “The Poor Soul.”  Except in this episode the poor soul is getting his revenge against all who refused to recognize his uniqueness.  He’s having a horse laugh at all of our expense – and he’s laughing all the way to the bank! 

Although he is shamefully untutored in subjects like sociology, foreign affairs, political science and history – things you need to know something about in order to advance grand speculations about the direction our complex post-industrial society should take. Listening to his “speech” I fairly quickly came to two conclusions: Beck is a megalomaniacal numbskull, a deluded frog who fancies himself a prince. And his followers are the sad silly mob I thought they were!  

Taking some of the grand themes in American history, Beck rambled on ad-nauseum – confusing his metaphors, posturing false analogies, profaning sacred texts, boring us with hackneyed clichés, and trying his best to play us for fools. Since his audience was basically the same crowd that turned up at the Republican National Convention I have no doubt that his message – whatever it was – resonated with most of them.

I say this with some certainty because during the convention the reporters and producers at WBAI FM took to the streets with our tape recorders and interviewed them en masse.  We decided to just ask the pertinent questions and allow them to express themselves freely.  No editorial excoriating them, regardless of how scurrilous, could equal the indictment they gave of themselves. 

It is fair, I think, to conclude that this may well have been the dumbest group of people ever assembled any where in the world to choose a candidate who would govern a great nation.   Hence although Beck went over like a lead balloon with me, I could tell from the ecstatic stares and spacey smiles on their pasty faces that he was uplifting the spirits of many in this cluless mob.

Glennie was getting off on it too.  Buoyed by the good vibes emanating from the crowd, he actually started to believe he had skills as an orator – based on some of the things he said before the rally; perhaps he thought he was channeling Dr. King!  Such is the feeling of omnipotence that the roar of the crowd can inspire in little men with deep seated feelings of impotence and self loathing. 

This is what Whoopi Exposed about his character when he made the mistake of going on The View, after having lied about something or the other.  Whoopi looked Glennie straight in the eyes and called him a “Lying sack of spit!”  and Glennie bitched up on the spot!  He looked like he wanted to jump up and run because Whoopi acted like if he said the wrong thing she just might break her foot off in his posterior.




 Although I tend to stay away from pop-psychology, since there are others who are much better qualified to venture speculations about human character and personality. But the thoughtful observer, who understands something about how personalities are molded, need not have studied Dr. Freud to recognize that this is a little man who is having his big moment.  It is enough to have read Wilhelm Reich’s “Listen Little Man” and “The Mass Psychology of Fascism” in order to have a good idea what was going on here.

However I strongly suspect that Beck cares not a fig for the goals of the Tea party buffoons or the Republican Party hucksters.  And he has said as much; he has occasionally reminded people that he is an “entertainer” and his principal concern is the success of his show – Rush has said the same thing.  Although he has employed racist innuendo and slander to advance his agenda – which is the means by which the Republicans mobilized white resentment into a political movement that converted the south from solidly Democratic to solidly Republican – I don’t think Beck gives anymore of a good goddam about race than he does about politics.

 That’s why he declared that the rally was not about politics and expressly forbade political signs. And there were no establishment Republicans on the bill.  This also explains how Beck could allow Martin Luther King’s niece to speak without a vetted script.  And she shocked many of the rednecks in the crowd with her no holds barred denunciation of racism in America. The enthusiastic applause that greeted her introduction quickly subsided when she began to speak on an issue the Republican right is built upon denying.  As a speaker she was mediocre alas, and her overall message was muddled without a clear direction. 

Her attempt to reiterate Dr. King’s famous refrain:”I have a dream” was embarrassing. I could not escape the feeling that she is not very bright and that her main reason for appearing at this sad rally was self-promotion. After all, her cousins are certainly cashing in on the King Legacy, and her father, A.D. King, walked with his famous brother Martin….until he turned up dead in a swimming pool, with nasty rumors swirling around that he had gotten drunk, fallen in, and drowned. 

But in the matter of self promotion she was typical of all who spoke at this media contrived talkfest. However she is a rank amateur compared to the grand Meisterss of shameless self-promotion, Silly Sarah, whose great contribution to American political discourse thus far is to make ignorance fashionable.  The whole event, with very little teweaking,  was described perfectly by Shakespeare  in  Act 5, scene 5, 19–28  of MacBeth: They were but walking shadows, poor players, That struts and frets their hour upon the stage, And then is heard no more.  It was a tale told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”




Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

August 30, 2010