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Is Paul Ryan a Bullshit Artist?

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Yo Can’t take the heat Dog?

In Search of the Real Paul Ryan

Mitt Romney and Paulie Ryan are a perfect political tandem in more ways than one.  They share the same toxic ideas about politics and economics – which can be summed up as amoral social Darwinism, featuring unregulated financial markets, environmental degradation, racism and plutocracy – and they are both consummate liars.

They are constructing a campaign based on outright lies which will flood the airways in carefully crafted ads paid for by plutocrats who are free to spend as much as they please as a result of the Citizens United Decision, one of the High Court’s lowest moments.  Although their lies can be easily refuted, both men are assuming the majority of the electorate is either two stupid, racist or intellectually lazy to exert the effort.

Ryan presents himself as a deficit hawk; a fiscal policeman crunching the numbers and fighting for polices that address the budget deficit.  Yet he voted for every one of the budget busting polices during the eight years of the Bush Administration, including the massive tax refunds to the rich, which created massive deficits and wrecked the economy. And both remain committed to that basic strategy.

The only difference between the Romney/Ryan economic philosophy and the aproach of George Bush, as Bill Clinton pointed out, is that their philosophy is Bushism on steroids.   Since at the end of eight years Clinton bequeathed a balanced budget and impressive surplus to the nation – which Bush quickly squandered – he knows whereof he speaks.

Ryan has been a boisterous public critic of the President’s economic stimulus package that saved a teetering economy from collapsing into the abyss, telling everyone who had a television camera that the Stimulus did nothing to affect the unemployment rate.

Yet in the past few days the Boston Globe has retrieved letters written on Ryan’s Congressional stationary, and bearing his signature, in which he is requesting more stimulus money for his district in Wisconsin, and he claims that stimulus money had both saved jobs and created new ones.

Ryan is also lying about the consequences of his budget priorities on Medicare.  And he has been called a liar by the Harvard and MIT professors who designed both Romneycare and Obama care.  They say the only difference between the two plans is the number of zeros they were working with.  But this issue deserves its own discussion, and will be the subject of my next commentary.

However the part of his past that Ryan is trying his best to bury is his intellectual debt to the atheistic Russian Social Darwinist philosopher Ayan Rand.  The brilliant MSNBC host Laurence O’ Donnell aired a video tape last night recorded in 2008, where Ryan tells us that Rand is the source of his entire political philosophy; he says that she inspired him to enter politics to help realize her vision of society.  And he required all of his congressional Staff members to read and discuss Rand’s books “Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged.”

Then, with a devilish grin, O’Donnell produced rare footage of Ms. Rand in an interview with John Carson where she scoffs at the idea of God, said the family was not a necissisary institution, the Vietnam War was an absurd American Imperialism.  She is also on record calling Ronald Reagan a moron.

Added to all this, Catholic theologians and the Council of Bishops rebuked him for placing the teachings of Any Rand on the ideal society over the preaching of Jesus Christ!  That’s why he was on Fax with Brit Hume denouncing his fomer love for her “atheistic philosophy.” If Mitt is “Mr. Chameleon,” Ryan is trying his best to become “The Invisible Man.”


Playthell G. Benjamin

Commentator / Cultural Critic

Harlem, New York

August 17, 2012